This is how I feel with VRBO and their digital payment system that doesn’t work!

My chickens face is how I feel as the problem is still ongoing with the holiday booking company VRBO. So, here is an update: A human being finally contacted me and now I have a direct line of communication, so far so good eh? But with nearly two more weeks of back and forth emails and phone-calls, I am still no further forward and still have not had any payment released to me. It’s now getting very worrying if I’ll ever get my money out of them at all, and I have more bookings to come through them.

And the problem lies with their automated payment system that is outsourced to another company called Trust Wallet Systems. Their computer has decided that my company is ‘inactive’ and so their system will not allow the payments, but despite me supplying company paperwork which I had to get from my accountant, their system won’t allow the human to bypass the glitch. Each time the onus is on me to supply them with more information, upload the details countless times to their website. Send documents directly and still no one can resolve the problem. Each time it is shoved back to me, to resolve because I am the one in the wrong for their computer system not accepting my documents. There is nothing more I can do or provide. The crazy part is this new requirement where they have to do a ‘Know your customer’ every year, which means supplying all that bumph every time. A bid to stop money laundering and tax evasion. I had no problem before this, my company passed with flying colours last time.

Now, at the same time the other portal I use ‘Airbnb’ required the same info. I uploaded the required info which was the same as what VRBO needed (minus the accountant’s paperwork) and the following day my payments from them resumed. No problem at all. I prefer using Airbnb anyway, as their commission charges are cheaper, they don’t add on a percentage to me when they take the credit card booking from the client and their back end of the website that I use is far simpler and easier to navigate. I get a payment made after guests have arrived (they have a time period from arrival to make a complaint on the first day and if they don’t make one; the payment automatically gets sent). They also seem to have a better set up for communicating with them …although it’s been a while since I have had to, but when I did the problem was usually resolved quite quickly.

But on Thursday the VRBO human called Carlos who has been dealing with my case, stationed in Ireland at one of their HQ’s, although helpful, still hasn’t resolved the problem. It was thrown back to me, that the only way to receive my payments was to change over the settings and put my own name and bank number as a private independent as the beneficiary for future payments. Which for me complicates it dreadfully with the accounting and Portugal are very strict on invoices, tax numbers and everything else. It also then means I am taxed on that income privately and not the company…another complication. BUT I want to get paid as the debt has now grown to a staggering 15 grand! So, I caved and with his help went into the system over the weekend and uploaded all the details that needed to pay me outside of my company. Me and my accountant will have to find a way to rectify the numbers later on.

I received another ‘welcome’ automated email. And still nothing. No payments heading my way. So, earlier today I went back into the dashboard to see what the problem was. And low and behold all the outstanding monies have disappeared again in all the areas of pending payments, monies to be sent and revenue earnings. Yet again, July of last year is the last entry. I freaked out the last time it all got wiped! So, I have had to send off another email to Carlos the human, to get him to find out what the problem is this time. Is this any way to run a business? But as that company are so large, I am just a little fish and despite me telling him on our last conversation they will most likely lose me as client after this has been resolved, he parroted the usual company policy wording of “I hope we can change that view once we resolve this problem”. But the reality is that he won’t care, neither will his bosses and the corporate body that owns it all won’t even notice. My discontent as a customer means diddly squat.

And the frustrating part is this…if he can’t resolve this issue with the final solution they came up with, to get their digital outsourced payments to work, what happens after that? Will they send me a check in the mail or am I supposed to write it off? If I get my lawyer to sue them, how on earth and where and who does he go through, when I couldn’t get any further than an operator working from home in India or the Caribbean for months on end.

I am also left with a situation where I have guests arriving on Friday. As I pre-empted and had threatened that I would not be hosting another guest from them until I received payment, I contacted the guests two weeks ago and explained the situation. Naturally they were sympathetic but also anxious not to lose their holiday and booking with me. So, we agreed to cancel the booking through the site and I offer them a full refund, which I did. I sent them my bank details for them to make the payment directly to me once their refund had been paid out and they were happy with this new arrangement and happier that it was cheaper as there was no commission their end to be paid.And since then, I have heard nothing from them. No payment for the booking has come through and I’ve had no response to my email to them either. I’m left hanging again, because I couldn’t very well ask them for a small deposit up front to reserve and keep those dates, given that I made them nervous about their booking! I have no idea if they have received their money from VRBO although we both received an automated email from them notifying them and me of the cancellation and refund. As I have discovered the automated emails don’t mean anything at all! And I have no idea if I have clients arriving on Friday but will still have to prepare the house in case they do.

As I mentioned in my previous post ( back in the early days, there were many companies offering accommodation and owners just paid a yearly fee to advertise. I was in control of my business back then with minimal stress on the booking side as I took a deposit from the client to secure the dates and varying payment options to complete the booking before arriving. A strict cancellation policy and in the driving seat to negotiate that depending on reasons given. Payments were made directly to me, no third party got involved or made money off that process which is the norm now. The private holiday home side of the industry is totally different over booking a hotel or hostel in that usually people plan their holidays well in advance and as there is usually a minimum stay requirement – it is almost unheard of for someone to book a day or two or even a week in advance of their vacation time. (this year has been the exception to that, as the island has gone nuts with tourism this last couple of months as all Covid restrictions were lifted and after 2 years of house arrest people were desperate to go get some sunshine and normality back into their lives).

Now, with the way these Corporate bodies operate that have gobbled up all the independent companies I used in the past, they take the payment from the guest and hold onto it until after they have arrived or fulfilled their stay. They take a booking commission from both the guest and the owner, and the owner gets a double whammy with VRBO with another charge, 3% commission on the credit card transaction they take from the guest. They earn interest on that money held too. And despite the policies of cancellation they are bypassed when that company feels they can be, erring on the side of the guest. Penalties are given to the owner should the cancellation be made on that side with no leeway. And as owners our businesses suffered immensely when Covid came along as last minute cancellations came in even when it was still possible to travel. Even now, if a guest was to arrive tomorrow and they said they had Covid, they could cancel penalty free. I on the other hand would not be able to fill my accommodation to another client at such short notice. I would have already incurred costs with housekeeping and the gardener and a vacant space that accrues bills on it, used or not.

Which takes me back to a few years ago when two French ladies rented one of my apartments. It was during the winter, it had been booked for months and I had turned away other potential clients for the same dates. We had been in contact a few days before with the directions and check in times and they mentioned they had some lovely snow. On the day and at the time they were due to arrive there was no sign of them. I had no contact with them at all, until the evening when Airbnb rang to tell me they had asked for a full refund because they couldn’t get to the airport. The plane had taken off in the snow and had landed in Madeira. But I was told that they were demanding a full refund because they hadn’t made any allowances at their end for travelling to the airport in time to catch the flight. They were aggressive right from the start. I argued the point with the representative that it was not my problem as I am not responsible for their travel problems, I had gone to the expense of the apartment clean and preparation for their arrival and had waited as arranged. The flight was not cancelled and arrived on time. The problem was their end, not mine. Was anyone going to refund me the week of revenue lost at the last minute or the expense to prepare it? I couldn’t fill that week to anyone else, so I was left with nothing. I didn’t agree to a full refund and was forced to give them new dates…which still meant a lost week of revenue and more costs on preparation. When they arrived a few months later they were quite unpleasant, being forced to have the holiday anyway. Point being: Had they booked directly with me and not through a third party company, I would have had a deposit held against their booking…which would have compensated me partly for the lost booking and costs. A last minute cancellation or no show would have required them under the terms and conditions to pay in full! They then would have got their arses to the airport and come as planned!

And now we face a similar problem with airlines cancelling at the last minute right in the middle of the summer holidays. I have already had one client change their dates in August because of this, which was fine because I had new dates free as August is not as packed as July is. I still have not sold their week which is now free. Last week some guests were being told that their flights might get cancelled, they didn’t inform me of the situation or answer my messages and so I had no idea until the day that they would arrive, but thankfully they did. And whilst this is very upsetting to those who have booked their holidays, they do also get compensated for when an airline lets them down. AND the third party companies we use to get the bookings will also refund their accommodation costs with us under that situation. Hence why we don’t get paid until after the guest has arrived or had their complete stay. There is no compensation at our end and they can change the booking policy terms at whim. We swallow the losses and hope the next client has no problems with the flights!

Most people who are not in this business think it’s an easy way to make money out of a property, but it’s hard bloody work. You are on call 24 hours a day when clients are in situ and the cleaning, laundry, gardening and maintenance is constant whether guests are occupying or not. Utilities have to be paid even in an empty property when there is a bare patch of clientele, as seasons vary from month to month and not by the year in Madeira. I am forever changing insides of toilets as they don’t last very long, or fixing things that get broken or replacing items that wear out quickly. Sheets and towels are items that when looking tired are expensive and get tired very quickly! I have to supply a varying range of pillows as people are used to hotels that let you choose soft or hard, and two weeks ago I had a group in Funchal who couldn’t get the hob to work in the kitchen demanding I replace it saying it had gone wrong. I have gone though 3 hot water boilers in 5 years in one house and have to replace the sun loungers yearly as they don’t last as guests leave them out in the rain along with the cushions to the patio sets. I have to arrange my life around check ins and check outs which can be at any hour, and dash back and forth down the motorway to deal with it. On top of this we are taxed at a much higher rate for having the privilege of running this type of business and we also have to go through the bureaucracy required by the tourist board and immigration for every client that passes through our doors. It can be a thankless job when clients leave you with their washing up and overloading bins, or their child has drawn all over the white sofa. It can also be very rewarding when guests interact with you and then praise the accommodation and tell you they had a wonderful time and will come again. I am thankful that I get more of that than the other.

So, at the end of the day this problem with VRBO for me is really quite galling as to this end my guests had their holidays, I carried expenses in running costs and the work…and I haven’t yet been paid. VRBO are earning off my money all the time they hang on to it. Will I ever receive it? What do I do next if I don’t?

What will life be like when EVERYTHING money related goes digital?

I’ll keep you posted!

What future do we have? Are you suicidal yet?

VRBO talking to me about their debt with me.

Aren’t ‘they’ ramping it up a notch or four… I hear the news and this week think I am living in an alternate world where it has become something to take the piss out of. So my ears and eyes have been subjected to this:

  • SADS (Sudden Adult Death Syndrome) which has become the fashionable way to die, as clots, strokes and heart attacks are all due to climate change which is old news and now doctors are baffled as to why perfectly healthy young un’s are suddenly dropping dead. They all have one thing in common. Yet STILL no one is looking at the obvious.
  • Monkey Pox is having its name changed and will probably get a new pronoun as well, seeing as we are all being pushed toward being inclusive and able to identify as anything we want. Now, as Monkey Pox is offensive to a group of people in another country we must change its name. Funny how this bout of that virus never originated from the African depths that have no problem with it normally. MSM also forget to mention where it popped up all of a sudden, because of course that would raise too many suspicions and prove more of the conspiracy nutters to actually be sane. (for those that don’t know, two large LGBT events in Europe).
  • 10,000 cattle suddenly expired over night in the USA, and blamed on climate change, it was too hot for them, so they all keeled over at the same time and pegged it. Yet the temperature that night was exactly the same as it always has been for the last 15 years…funny that.
  • Then a few days later thousands of sheep also dropped dead over night. Didn’t get the low down on that one but I guess the blame is the same, conspiracy theories not allowed.
  • A massive coal train got derailed and spilled its contents all over the place that will take weeks to clear up and will cause more fuel shortages to add to the dichotomy. And a few more livestock and food storage warehouses suddenly burnt down too.
  • Australia are having blackouts and residents are told to keep the lights off for a couple of hours each night as they head into winter. Blamed on old refineries suddenly not coping with all the extra Australians wanting to power their homes.
  • Canadians have had their internet censored with a new law, that will deprive them of content if not deemed Canadian. They will be locked out of global content that Trudeau decides as unworthy and their content may be blocked from reaching our shores.
  • China’s economy is also taking a dump and when several people decided to venture to their nearest bank to take out their cash, their health passports turned red and they were refused access. Many haven’t had access to their own money for more than 6 months. Imagine that! And yet that will never happen to us as we enter a…
  • CBDC – (Central Banking Digital Currency) which is already set up and to launch apparently by mid next year. And ALL CASH WILL BE GONE. (Which is now very easy to imagine as our Governments have effectively made it worthless with printing trillions over the excuse of Covid and now the Russia/Ukraine conflict. A severe recession and Global Famine, as further ingredients to ramp up the chaos….Their answer to everyones woes by this point, if you haven’t yet got on with it and pegged it from the jab, those who are left will be begging for some sort of life after, and then take your pick on whatever futuristic dystopian film you’ve ever watched. It’s already here…we are just going through the transition phase.
  • And that’s if Russia hasn’t released its Nuclear Weapon called ‘Satan 11’ (I kid you not) that they apparently are threatening to launch and aim at the UK by the end of the year.
  • Meanwhile Blow job made two announcements this week. He signed a paper to end production and sales of combustible engines by the year 2030 in this bid to become ‘Net Zero’. Most people think of their cars. But what about the tractors that farm the land, that supply our food? And aeroplanes and travel, not just for holidays but to visit family and loved ones that live across the pond. The army and their artillery, ships that move supplies…the list is endless. And yet in 8 years we are supposed to find the reality that all that can be shifted over to a solar panel and a battery pack? Or are we going to be making yet more changes to our lives that WE didn’t agree with?
  • And his second announcement which came today was the new facility and DEAL he has done with pharmaceutical giant (which it wasn’t two years ago, but still) Moderna. Throwing more tax payers coffers at a new build somewhere in the UK to house an MRNA production centre so that we can actually say we produce something. Forget energy….we must have more vaccines that are grown on home soil and which will be a new scientific testing site for anyone who wants to be a guinea pig. I just keep thinking that by the time this place has been built will there be anyone left!
  • And then we have the new Polio mutterings of an outbreak, in which it was found in Londons’ sewage and made headline news on Sky News today. But no one is to worry yet, as the likelihood is that some foreigner came here having just been orally vaccinated with live virus, had a poo and it entered the water supply, but if it gets bad, everyone will need a new vaccine to protect them from this annoying vaccine escaped virus.
  • A new Bug factory is being built so that Brits and also in India, can ditch the meat for the new future protein source which will be made from locusts, cockroaches and Beetles.
  • And a patent to alter chickens genetic code has been applied for so that hens can be genetically modified to kill male offspring before they hatch. Assuming that the egg industry will still be allowed to continue as a protein source, hatcheries have the annoying job of culling off the male chicks before maturity as they have no financial purpose to the industry. So to save time and money it would be super helpful if the chickens are injected with a host of diseases into their DNA so that when they pop out a male egg it won’t be born. I can’t see anything going wrong with that! And once that is approved – as it probably will, where and what animal will they find it useful for next?
  • But the ultimate betrayal has to be to our children as Biden has gleefully been promoting the Covid jab from the 6 month olds and up. MHRA are about to allow the same in the UK. Everyone seems to have forgotten that Covid was downgraded to a Flu status in 2019, the average age of death from it was 82 and is now 86 and the vast majority of kids now have natural immunity. The thousands of jabbed kids to save one from hospital…the odds are so ‘out there’ and yet its being pushed so vehemently and there is still no long term data to know truly what the repercussions could be for them in the future. And then there are the GROWING number of cases of vaccine injuries…….but the government still says, it’s super safe and effective, and you will be a saint for saving granny.
  • Which brings me to the only one bit of good news this week, in that finally SOMEONE in the UK has been told they qualify for the Vaccine Injury payout from the Government. Not that the poultry sum of 120,000 quid will ever compensate the young lady who lost her young husband which denied them both of a future. And a dinosaur payment scheme that hasn’t changed in 15 years or accounted for inflation that will go nowhere with the rate at which things are rising anyway. But at least it has been acknowledged and my hope is that EVERYONE who took the clot shot gets their payment as well. After all it’s the very least any government can do for forcing, blackmailing, cajoling and hypnotising people into getting a medical procedure that is EXPERIMENTAL.

It has become really hard to imagine what the future is going to be like, when subjected to so much doom and gloom, that if you take notice – is a cascading of events that will ultimately become a lot worse. There is no stopping this, as the destruction is already on that path of no return. I get frustrated with people who just don’t see it. I really wonder if my tourists who have this year not rallied around the island as they have in years before this, but opted for staying around the pads I rent instead, sitting and watching the sunsets, eating alfresco and just lapping up the energy. I wonder if they need this last memory as they know that when they go back home, it might be the last one abroad they have. Do they switch off here, knowing that when they go back, they have the problem of heating their homes this coming winter or paying more money to put fuel in their cars…that maybe they know their days are numbered, so the holiday is the final reflection and escape they have before bracing the reality of things to come? Is there a ‘gut’ consensus that every human has (but most are not in tune with it)?

Or are they frivolous and naive to the world around them…99% of my guests are jabbed, I have yet to have a like minded discussion with one, that is on the same page as me.

Or….am I the odd one out? Am I wrong: worse still, am I just a conspiracy theorist, tin foil hat wearing crazy person?

I read yesterday a line that hit home; 1% of the population are critical thinkers , 9% think they can think and 90% of the rest would rather die than think.

But, where is the world heading now, when you can mutilate a 12 year old who decides they are the wrong gender and perform surgery to make them happy to be a different sex. In my day, I wanted a boys bike and got the chopper I dreamed of, but that didn’t make me want to become an actual boy. And now the Police in the UK are flouncing around in a fleet of rainbow painted squad cars to show their inclusivity to a small part of the population that feel the need to be accepted. Pop stars wear sparkly strap on’s at kids concerts and gang raping is now acceptable as you can’t colour code, or identify a peodophile by the fact that they are from another country. Telling a joke as a famous comedian on stage did this week, can get you ‘under an enquiry’ with the Police when a member of the audience gets offended and makes a complaint. You are not allowed to identify a person as coloured they must be called Black so as not to offend and ex-footballer Gary Linika (cant spell his damn name, but you know who I mean) has just come out as Black today. Boris is now jumping onto the bullying problem again.

I’m confused.

Not sexually, because I know exactly who I am. I have white skin and am not making myself feel victim to having that colour either. I am an adult and have a brain and also like the part of my life where I am in control of it. But for how long? I grew up in the 70’s and don’t have issues as to how I should think or feel about any part of that life I grew up in. Nor do I have any problem with anyone else who thinks differently to me because of their own experiences and challenges they faced when walking their own path of life. But shove the way I am supposed to think, feel, and behave down my throat, we then have a problem.

Because it now seems that everything is being shoved down our throats and we are being told like children on how to think, behave and feel. We are not allowed to offend anyone, for any reason, and if you are offended you are being told that you can tittle-tattle and then society will sort the injustice out for you, forging a new bug bear to add to the growing list of offensives. Whatever has happened to freedom of thought, point of view and in general being a normal functioning human being that is unique and different to everyone else? Why is that now all of a sudden a huge societal problem?

Why? We are being primed….psyoped into a new human conditioning that will delete our two genders and confuse the fuck out of everyone, creating more mental health issues and undermining any family value left in the society that we knew of from yesteryear. Gearing us up for genetic modification, where there will be no gender, not unlike the chicken patent that gets rid of the gender of zero financial benefit. I’m too old to be modified, but my Grandchildren aren’t.

And I am festering in my musings of the last two years where we had a pandemic and by accounts now the visual mask wearing insanity has been dropped for a few months, and despite that nothing has got any better, we haven’t recovered and gone back to normal like everyone wanted, its just got worse. We have been bombarded with Brexit prior to the plandemic and then conveniently the huge issue of climate change. All metered out one after the other allowing no one to catch a breath in-between. The excuse to now change everything and push it toward a new agenda/direction, whilst confusing and obfuscating everything else. The new normal isn’t here yet as round one was launched of the New Normal that we are heading into. I, like a lot of others don’t want to transition into where we are heading, we don’t feel that the inequality of the old system was that bad. We don’t agree with the mantra of ‘Build back better’, because what is clear about that is me and you won’t be any better off.

Did any of us get consulted in the new plans for the future that our governments have now told us they are working on to better our futures? It seems to me that they have taken the reins we elected them to have and are running away with them. Planning and spending our money on future visions that were not part of what we elected them for to start with. It is accelerating out of control, it has accelerated out of OUR control now.

Question is, where do you see a future for you and your family 6 months from now? My problem is, I can’t see beyond the next few weeks to make any long term plans, and that is a head fuck in itself.

So what will it take, to stand up to what is becoming an oppression to our values, our rights and our futures? Is the rest of the World still asleep, so that the 10% of us go insane whilst we watch the rest of humanity blindly walk into the devils pit?

I’m not religious, but sometimes the bible has those expressions that mirror the human dilemma. And I think it has got some stuff wrong. Such as ‘The meek will inherit the Earth’…..because if that is true, then we are all fucked. As we cannot rely on the overly submissive, quiet and the compliant to get us out of this mess and change the tyranny, totalitarian and dystopian path we are heading toward.

Readers, I hope you are prepping and hunkering down, for a long and deliberately drawn out war with more elsewhere brewing. Bringing your own values back into your home and leaving the bullshit on your doorstep where it belongs. Where pronouns and rainbows are the only things that remain on a computer screen, and family and close friends are the only inclusive energy you need, inside your own four walls of your castle. Stand fast and firm to all who want to enter it. Defend your honour and be who you are. No one. No government has the power to take that from you.

I will not support a cashless society…the stress of getting paid will put me in my coffin!

Spoiler Alert!!! This is one hell of a rant….

I am going to try very hard whilst I write this to refrain from using profanity, not raise my blood pressure to the point of giving me an embolism, despite the fact that I nearly had one earlier this afternoon. And to try and get this rant out as articulately as possible…which will be helped (hopefully) with a few glasses of wine. I need the wine or at least the alcohol content in it to calm my nerves and get this out.

Now, if you are awake or have been reading my Blogs, then the following paragraph is going to bore you shitless as I repeat an obvious tin foil hat statement (that by accounts in present day is rather looking like an “I/we told you so”. But there are still a huge amount of people ‘out there’ that have no clue or inclination as to what is going on and what we are facing in the future. So this is for my new readers (the few I gain with each post).

Without going into detail here, we are being threatened and promoted to go forward into a digital way of future life and part of this plan will be to eradicate cash. Already we are seeing many well known companies adopting the technology that is supposedly and sold to us (the peasants) to make our lives easier. Tescos are now looking at using facial recognition as a means to pay for your food and goods at their supermarkets. Apple Pay and digital wallets are already proving the popularity of this lazy, convenient way to purchase goods. Buying online, ordering food to be delivered to your door – online and paying for it – online. As we continue to support this, our need for cash will become obsolete eventually; as you will end up having to order your ambulance –online, to order the crane – online, to peel your fat arse off the sofa to get you into hospital for your monthly jab of Covid and monkeypox drugs or whatever the next pandemic BS they will create after that (with the prescription and booking of said drug addiction appointment made – online).

Which reminds me of a children’s movie that came out about 10 or more years ago called WALLIE. This cute little Bot roamed around on his own on heaps of trash left behind by filthy humans to fall in love with a wandering alien Bot. Somehow he ended up on a cruise ship in space surrounded by fat, lazy, privileged humans that flew around in back to the future style air armchairs, ordering anything they desired from the consul. That is the part of the movie that I remember…..and when I first saw it laughed at the insight of what the future human would be like. It was genius! It was also a very ugly portrayal of what the human potential could become. The horrific part is that some of us are already there, even if space travel isn’t available to us yet.

But this idea of a cashless society is being forced upon us, whether you realise its happening or notice the big changes that are making cash more inaccessible (such as bank branches rapidly closing and the push to have apps on the phone to deal with all your banking needs), because it is…and if you really pay attention we are in this in-between phase of it being phased out…and if you haven’t noticed, then pay attention to everything you do after reading this. The human element to solving your human problems is getting harder by the day.

My warming you up to my rant is my warning on how we are being phased into this digital framework and how cash is being surreptitiously erased from our lives. And already there are problems, big fucking problems, that will only get worse. And control is one part of the nuance of this new fashionable forward techno advanced society we are merging into.

And now I will (long windily get to the point)!

As many of you know I live on an island, I am in the hospitality business and have two very fine properties which I rent out for tourism. This is my foundation business as I do/did (until recently) a lot of other stuff. I have been in this trade for some 13 years and when I started out, it was a very human experience, and a business that was conducted on a model that has worked for hundreds of years. And it sounds old fashioned now as I will explain it.

I started out roughly at the same time that Airbnb launched their new business which was on Facebook when that was in its infancy. It was a really good idea and I joined and it took off. I was happy with the way their model worked as they were very much in support of the owner/host and offered a better rate to most of the other companies that were around. I used at that time, holiday rentals UK, Homelidays and a few lesser known names, which have now all joined one big company known as VRBO. I had a very bad 6 month stint with later on and will not touch that company with a barge pole, but the point being the other companies I dealt with were fair with their advertising costs and I was in control of my business.

And the control I had was that all these sites would bring me clients, because I would pay for an advert on a yearly basis. I could set up my own rental nightly rate, terms of conditions and deposit value and time line of payments…with the most important part of this being that I was directly dealing with the client and dealing with the money. Back then, if a client cancelled within 6 weeks before their arrival they lost the deposit, as back then people would book some 3 months in advance of their designated holiday slot. Back then I had zero cancellations.

But as these companies grew, so did their greed and so did their disappearance of allegiance to the people that gave them that business to start with. And the bigger companies came in and saw the global potential of huge profits and swooped up all those little companies. So now, dealing with those same names who are now owned by one big organisation, I still pay for one property for the annual advert and with the other I pay a higher rate on commission for the pay by client booking BUT I now don’t get any say with any policy on cancellations, receive no booking deposits and pay more in commission fees, I pay 3% and more on the credit card transaction the client pays for booking with me that automatically gets paid to the company, and I don’t receive payment until AFTER the guest has arrived! I have NO control over MY business and over the years I have been phased into and at the mercy of the big corporation that took over all the individual companies that had an ethic I agreed with. They now control me completely and I as a host have no power over a client who will complain at the slightest thing who will be issued an immediate refund, having had the goods already. Plus that booking company get paid both ways …but the supplier gets left in the mud. That’s me.

But thankfully this isn’t a problem all the time as I am a premium host with VRBO and a super host with airbnb, which in another world is BS as well as that is all based on your booking and enquiry performance which they can rate if you tow their line by replying to your enquiries within a certain time frame (assuming you live on a computer all day) if you miss that timeline deadline your points rating declines and your score goes down as a host. You then get penalised by this and your listing is moved further down the page.

What a great way to whack the pony that makes you money!

Quite simply we are being conditioned and threatened by the way, that if we dont respond to an enquiry in a given time frame, we are penalised and then pushed to the back of the queue. If we perform and earn the points, we are rewarded with a higher ranking metric that then means our advertisement is seen at a better level than the other monkeys like me who didn’t pull their finger out. And I pay them for the fucking advert and the commissions for every booking and the credit card fees of the client and I get paid last. I am now that person who is not in control and am governed by a company that dictates to me my own business…and if I faulted with their rules, I am penalised. There is something VERY WroNg WITH THIS. And yet this is exactly what everything will be like in the future.

They call it incentives.

They call it rewards.

They call the shots now.

We keep hearing of the Chinese system and yet for me, I see my business being pushed into that way already and has been for a few years. I have been forced into using a global corporate power to continue it, because they gobbled up all the independents and then trashed the very fabric of the way it worked, for a faceless entity that is computerised and modelled on scores and ranking. The human element has been removed.

So, maybe this is why I am so resistant to the BS of the last two years as I have been frustrated already before all of you over a move in a sample of what life is to become? And I am only just getting started with my rant in this field of business!

Right now VRBO owe me a staggering sum of 12,101.34 euros.

I have clients arriving next week worth just shy of 1000 euros for their booking. I am about to make their holiday turn into the disaster from hell as I’m going to cancel them if this is not resolved by tomorrow.

Can you believe that this problem has been ongoing for the last 6 months? I bet half of you are wondering why I continued to honour the bookings in the last 6 months and I’ll tell you why I did.

I am not in control, I have to abide by their ranking metrics and respond during a given time. I have been promised a resolution to the payment problems and told it takes 10-14 days to resolve with each request and complaint I’ve made. Madeira has suddenly gone nuts in bookings, all within a few weeks ahead. I have never in the 13 years of this business had last minute bookings on a short time frame. I believed the company would resolve the payment issue as I never had an issue over payment before now. I got busy, I had to fly back to Uk a few times in the last 6 months…life gets in the way. I am chasing them all the time. They never say hey, we’ve got your coffers building up into our account, how can we pay you!

And today the fuckety fuck fuck came with my what seems like the 100th call to them over this.

And if you want to beleive that getting rid of cash or relying on a payment system to work on the internet will make your life easier then you are a fool. If I drop dead tomorrow from a stress induced heart attack I hope you will all take part in a class action suit against every embodiment that advertises that this is the future and way to move forward with our lives. The VRBO debt to me is at the behest of the very technology they want to promote and have you entangled into because they say it is easier. FCUK that. It’s the complete opposite.

In December last year I received a complicated booking. The family that rented my house through VRBO booked it for half the amount of people that were staying in it. (another thing that customers have cottoned onto and can bypass with this is to book for a certain number of people and then pitch up with more). And this is a problem when you pitch a price based on a minimum person occupancy. So to simplify, if you want to book my 5 bedroom villa that overlooks the Funchal harbour, has a beautiful garden, view point and is detached……for two people to have that space is cheaper than if 5 people want that space. The price reflects the number of people in occupancy which accounts for the extra linens required and resources used, so it is a scaled pricing – which is the norm! This couple wanted double the number of occupants, but halved the number to book, bacuse they took it for a month and those people were coming at differing times. I could have been an arsehole and insisted on full payment, but I met them half way and let the booking go ahead. They, after their trip had the ordacity to ask for a partial refund after they stayed stating they had over paid because half of their tribe didn’t end up coming to stay there because of Covid. I still haven’t been paid by VRBO for that stay over the most sought after dates in the calendar of Christmas and New year.

Two weeks ago I had a similar situation with a booking of Spaniards, that when I offered to organise their taxi to collect them from the airport did it come out that there were more people coming than booked with the disgust at me for pointing out the surcharge for the extra person that they would be bringing with them. I had to rally around them when they arrived making up an extra room. They were rude and treated me like I was some subservient cleaning lady, but when they realised I was the owner they became less threatening. I was plagued with calls the following day when not one of their group could fathom out how to turn on the hob for their breakfast. I was about to get in the car and drive 35 km’s to go turn the fucking thing on for them when I got a message back saying they had sussed it. They had demanded I go there and replace the unit as they said it didn’t work and was broken.

We have a saying, when on holiday tourists leave their brains at home.

I digress. I have not been paid for their stay either or the previous guests that have stayed since December. It costs me money to host. I have laundry, lots of laundry, a gardener and help as I have two properties and sometimes people arrive on the same day in both places and I cant be in both places at the same time. So I have costs and lots of them to make this business run. Water, electctic and I pay a huge lump sum each year for insurance on both properties . I also have to pay a company each year to check and ensure that the fire extinguishers are legit along with the fire/smoke alarms and first aid kit comply with the laws…I pay a higher rate of property tax, water and electricity because it is a holiday rental. I have incurred 6 months of running costs for a business I run, but I haven’t been paid yet. And to add insult to injury this business woke up after 2 years of fuck all because of Covid crap and I am one of the few that has been able to jump back into it, as many didn’t this year which has further pressured the island with the lack of availably in all things…accommodation, car hire, restaurant staff etc etc etc.

So why, I bet you’re asking, why are you still doing this when you haven’t been paid? I use airbnb as well, so its swings and round abouts. I uploaded the same info to them and had no problem and the payments come through so the income from the other site has been carrying VRBO who hasn’t paid and has enabled me to continue, plus each person who works for VRBO that is seemingly most helpful and promises to resolve the issue buys them more fob off time. But let’s get back to VRBO. I’ve been chasing their arses for the last 6 months when I had to update my business details in January to their site according to new rules over a new thing called ‘Know your client’. Apparently this is a new law designed to eliminate any hint of money laundering or making money at all that isn’t declared. I read that these companies actually have no right within the law to require this information, however I have nothing to hide and tried to update the information they required. They already had it on record and this was meant to be an affirmation that I was who I said I was to continue with the payment schedule. But eerily the website developed some glitches. The pages wouldn’t load and for weeks both ends (host and guest) couldn’t write more than 2 sentences or the send button wouldn’t work. I went through the enormous task in January of ringing the UK number to go through their myriad of automated options, to either get cut off mid way through and have to repeat the process several times to actually get through. Then that person who I spoke to eventually is not in the Uk at all, but working from home in India using their headphones and laptop to tell me they have a case number and will forward it on the appropriate department. And this is pretty much how the last 6 months have gone by…. I call the Uk number and speak to an Indian person, get a new case number and a promise, then a week later I call again and speak to someone in America and get the same response and promise, Last week I have no idea what county that chap I spoke to was in, but it was a difficult call as his TV was in the back ground at such a loud volume that didn’t even drown out his kids. Earlier this week I was in America and today I was in St Lucia. Each time I call, they go into the system and into my dashboard and there is a different reason given that I haven’t uploaded some part of the information and each time I am screaming at them back, they have it all!


And then today, which will attribute to my death tonight (don’t buy it that I over drank on the wine), whilst on the phone today to the latest rep in St Lucia, I checked my account and was horrified that all the pending payments of the last 6 months had been wiped. After the long hold she had put me on, I told her to check my dashboard and she said, are you sure you are owed money? There are no pending payments in your account! So like that on their computer system, suddenly 12,000 euros has been scrubbed from my account and reset to last July.

I have no words…I feel sick.

I pleaded with this Carribean woman to give me a number of some one in authority, some one who worked in a building that housed a human being that worked for VRBO…and she couldn’t. All she could give me was another fucking case number and promise…and I got another fucking automated email that said contact VRBO as your account has been suspended and will no longer release payments. This is a forever loop of crap that has no end in sight and cannot be resolved. Because that is the system we have with VRBO but is in my view a mirror of what is to become more of in the future with everything else.

I’ve just lost 12 grand to a corporation that is so big it doesn’t even have an office……. and now go back to my rant on digital nomads, because that’s where this all falls apart. We are in that phasing out mode and NOW IS THE TIME to ReSIST. Because if we allow THIS to take over our old way of human business dealings and switch over to tech as we are now being herded toward, heart attacks won’t be feasible to being blamed on climate change (cos they can’t admit to the fucking jab being the cause of that epidemic or the dizziness of sudden adult death syndrome)…but I’ll have my heart attack now as 12 grand got wiped out of my account today and there is no human around that can look into this. And this is acceptable. Along with the vaccine injured, the kids that are being pushed to change gender along with the discussion that no one can describe what a woman is…POINT BEING….every single attribute of normality has been fucked with…..and there is no one to look to anymore. Ethics and Morals are gone. The human race is rotten to the core. I want no part of this new world order.

The woes of taking a holiday…to wear a mask or not – that is the question!

From empty airports last year to understaffed heaving airports this year, taking a trip is becoming another nightmare. I had to make a dash back to the UK a couple of weeks ago for an urgent family matter, with little time to plan and in the middle of my most busiest season of holiday rentals I’ve ever had, travel has opened up finally and thankfully not marred by testing, vaccine passports or any of that rubbish we had to go through last year. However, finding the information on what is now not required is a little sketchy. The last time I flew back to the UK was in November, and to get in required a passenger locator form and a negative test. The airline staff won’t let you board the plane without them. During 2020 and 2021 I travelled a lot and airline staff were like the Gestapo. Needless to say, being unvaccinated hasn’t stopped me from going anywhere unlike the number of guests I have had stay in my rentals who went and got the shot to be ensured that they could continue to travel!

Madeira had only just dropped the mask mandate a week or so before I left. The EU that same week announced that all airlines and airports in Europe had also dropped their mask mandates as well. Travel was well and truly open and to everybody. Some countries still require a test, but both Madeira and the UK do not, or the passenger locator form. But the day before I left, our dictator announced that masks were still required to be worn at the airport, as do taxi drivers and on public transport. So when I arrived there, and passed the massive signs telling you at the doors that masks were mandatory inside, I decided to flout their rules and walked into the airport without it. I was pleased to see that I was not the only one!

The check in queue was enormously long, I had arrived early to avoid it, like everyone else and observed the area around me, which had a mixture of masked, unmasked and partially masked passengers. When it was my turn to check in, the lady at the desk was gruff and rude and immediately told me off, demanding that I put on my mask right there and then as she bellowed the mandatory rule to wear it in there. I said ok, took my ticket and walked off toward departures muttering under my breath. Did she not understand that we are in Europe and the mandate in airports and airplanes had been dropped? I could not be bothered to argue and hold up the long queue behind me. I was still breathing airport air.

The queues into the hand baggage scanning area were long too and quite a few of the crowd were unmasked like me. The ones who complied didn’t seem at all bothered about the ones that didn’t nor take any extra precautions to socially distance. As I inched closer to the scanning area, there were a group of around five 20 somethings that were unmasked and as they began to empty their chattels into the trays a hefty looking uniformed bloke appeared and screamed at them to put on their masks. He refused to let them continue with their stuff as an argument broke out. One of the group put a mask on and tried to placate the others, with one of the women scrummaging her bag on the floor arguing with the officer whilst looking for hers. The man who declared he didn’t own one, was sent packing -back through security and into the main airport to go buy one, he was told he would not be travelling unless he did. The scene was embarrassing for them as they were treated like dirt by the staff and I was angry as hell that anyone had the right to speak to people the way that man did. It shook up the rest of the queue as now this display had scared the shit out of everyone else and all of a sudden everyone in the queue was adorning a mask!

I reluctantly pulled out my (mesh) one and wore it on my chin. And when I was picked to go to the same scanning line as the scalded group, I smiled at the officer and continued to proceed with dumping my computer and bits in the tray. It was quite comical as I had mine on, but not over my face and I noticed others copying me after I went through unscathed! And it stayed on my chin right up until I boarded the plane.

As I got on the plane, I noticed one steward wearing the nappy and another without, so I asked if we had to wear them on the flight. The stewardess beamed at me with a massive smile as she said this was a mask free flight, but feel free to wear it if you so desire. I saw about 3 people on that plane that did.

Returning home last week was also eventful from the moment I arrived at Gatwick. The airport was heaving, queues were long but no gestapo about ordering people to mask up. My flight was delayed due to staff shortages for the flight I was on and baggage handler problems. But getting onto the return flight back to Madeira was marred by the fact that this flight (same airline) was a mandatory mask flight with their excuse that as we were flying to Madeira where the law required mask wearing on Public transport, they were classed as Public transport. I got into an argument with the stewardess but had to cave in to wearing it on my chin again. And throughout that flight the majority of the passengers were like me, wearing them as chin hammocks and the staff didn’t bat an eyelash. It seems that as long as it was on our face, somewhere there at least, we were complying with the ridiculous rules!

Back on Madeira soil and the gestapo were once again on the tarmac as we exited the plane barking at people to wear them, even though we were outside. This entire subject of wearing them in the airport whether arriving or leaving is illogical to me, particularly when you can go about your business in public everywhere else with out one. And the people that insist on your compliance are nasty, rude and have become mini Hitlers with huge God complexes. I would love to know if they are fanatical about wearing theirs in public even where they don’t have to or if their narcissism of doing their job gives them a power rush.

My rental business has gone nuts these last couple of months as people are coming in their droves to Madeira for their holidays. I’m not complaining after 2 years of bugger all business and paying bills on empty properties for all that time. There have been problems to face this end with the flood of tourists as many are finding it impossible to hire a car or the prices 3 to 4 times what they were to hire before. Hotels and restaurants are crying out for new employees as they are hit by staff shortages. My taxi driver friends are looking knackered with the longer hours and increased business and the local news are showing popular tourist hot spots overwhelmed with traffic, coaches, queues with parking a major problem. Our famous levada walks known for spectacular scenery deep into the untouched areas of the island are also heaving with hikers making some of the trails more dangerous to pass on. And again I am not moaning about it, I am pleased to see this as we need our tourism and its good to see businesses opening back up and thriving with this sudden onslaught of trade.

But, for me, I am worried. I am worried that this is a bubble that will burst and when it does, we will fall back to where we were last year – or even worse. With fuel prices continually rising by the week, so are the costs in flights. Already the airlines are cancelling flights during their busiest time of the year as they blame staff shortages. Easy jet this week cancelled 120 of them through half term. I just had a message from a guest who is arriving next week from Holland warning me, that their flight might be cancelled and will keep me posted. If their flight is cancelled, they get their refund and I get the week blocked from my calendar with no chance of renting it to anyone else. I earn nothing and have no one to claim compensation from!

And as inflation rises, everywhere. When will it reach a point where going on holiday is unachievable because of the rising costs of energy, and food. As we get the summer buzz out of the way and the cooler months start to approach many will take stock of their finances as they brace the hurdle of getting through the winter. Not to mention the rumble that governments are already talking about Covid rearing its ugly head again as we head toward the colder months with the threat looming that action will have to be taken yet again to inhibit the spread of the virus that hasn’t gone away! But for the most part it seems that this is going to be a belter of a summer in business terms for tourism, as long as the airlines can hold it together. But by Autumn I personally think we will be heading toward a disaster when the shit will truly hit the fan. Once people have had their one or two weeks of freedom and experiencing that holiday vibe, returning home will come with a bigger thump of reality than it did before. The world is in a real crisis, so a bit of escapism for a brief week or two can be forgiven…but never take your eye off the ‘Global Elites’ because whilst everyone is concentrating on their tans, they are busy having their meetings conjuring up the next disaster to continue with the dismantling of the life we once knew and taking us into the next phase of the ‘new world order’.

Here we go again….another Pandemic? Monkey Pox is up for tender!

So I am just going to say it. How many of you are smelling Bullshit here?

Just a week ago a small story appeared on my Sky News app about 3 cases of Monkey Pox in the UK. The story was about two guys bringing it back from West Africa. No major concern as there is usually around 6 cases of it in the UK a year and it is a very mild viral disease. No need to panic as this one is not deadly and no more uncomfortable than a dose of chicken pox.

Yesterday, the cases had risen to 9 in the UK, two cases directly related, the others a mystery and then Portugal posted a news snippet about 20 suspected cases there. A similar story of two people coming back from West Africa.

Today, Sky news wrote about it again, telling the reader that this viral disease is usually transmitted by men who sleep with men. It originates from Nigeria. The article was so biased and poorly written that it wreaked of desperation to get words on a page designed to give alarm and then retract it down to no need to worry – with a caveat of no one should presume that this is a sexually transmitted disease among men! I got very angry at the lack of evidence in its claims that debunked its claims at the end of the article. I wanted to post the article here, but it has now been replaced with another less ridiculous choice of words. Sky News do this often…and usually at the beginning of something that becomes news worthy, I see these as lead tasters that gamble on the fear factor of the reader, who goes back to read again to get another version of the same story that is less offensive and fear mongering. And then a day or two later they do this all over again and up it a notch more. Let’s see if they do it with this.

And tonight there is a big rumble all over the net and twitter and again on the news about this mysterious sudden outbreak of Monkey Pox which on UK news said cases have popped up now in Spain and Portugal, Italy, Canada and USA.

And all I can think is…how bloody convenient.

And why?

At the end of this month a pre-treaty will be signed by the Uk and other countries (not sure if all 194 countries at this point) will effectively be a ‘try before you buy’ pact with WHO (World Health Organisation). This will give them powers that over ride all said countries in a pandemic situation. This gives them a one size fits all approach and complete control over any health situation that they decide on. They love the Chinese model and have congratulated them on their zero Covid stance….this is very worrying! Bill Gates is also one of their biggest financial contributors.

I read today that because of this outbreak, a small pox vaccine is being dusted off and taken off the storage shelf to be put into arms of those who are close to the infected Monkey pox sufferers as apparently its a similar virus and this will help. The last time it was used was back in the 70’s.

There is already a vaccine that is being fast tracked for this particular virus and Bill Gates had already predicted a Pox virus of some sort being the next global threat. This self made doctor of all viruses and predictor of pandemics is ahead of the game again.

I just read now, that Faucci delivered 100M dollars of NIAD funds to a company called Bavarian Nordic to create a Monkey Pox vaccine. The US Government apparently today purchased orders of 13 million Monkey Pox vaccines. And coincidently another Monkey Pox vaccine was approved by the FDA in 2019.

I’d never heard of Monkey Pox until earlier this week.

Let’s see where this one will lead…what hype and traction it will gain.

But for me, this stinks. I am actually disappointed that it isn’t Marburg yet!

Our Governments got ‘it’ so wrong…where is the anger? Why are YOU letting ‘them’ get away with it?

I really have no idea where I am going to start on this Blog post as there is so much to cover about what has come to light over the last couple of weeks. And my silence here has been because I am still trying to process what is going on and decide how I feel about it. And as I write this, I feel betrayed. I feel fucking angry too. But, the betrayal thing I suppose is more about disappointment, an incredulous amazement at the lack of anarchy …because with everything that has been thrown at us over the last couple of months/years, there absolutely should be some form of anarchy by now!

And for many reasons.

But let’s start with the biggest elephant in the room first! THE VACCINES!

This is the subject that no one is talking about in the MSM which is incredibly spurious considering the latest Pfizer data dump that got released earlier this week. If you read my Blog and also keep up to date with such serious matters then may be you too share my frustrations in that NO ONE is talking about this, no one is debating the data, no one is asking questions as to how this injectable became the magic juice that was to save the planet, having failed miserably in the trials. The data that was ordered by a judge to be released last month over being held back from public eyes for 75 years as requested by Pfizer…this data is now in the public domain, is shocking reading and stuff that nightmares are made of because our Governments went ahead with this experimental set of MRNA concoctions KNOWING that this stuff was far from safe, had a seriously low level of efficacy and needed several more years of controlled studies to really understand the new technology before releasing it to the market. Our Governments that coerced, blackmailed and out right LIED about this, to get it into everyone’s arms literally forced those who received it to become a lab rat. As for this thing called ‘informed consent’ that was bereft of important information, that had it been given properly….the uptake would have been practically non existent! If you were offered a drug that had not been through the rigorous trials that usually take from 8-15 years, was a brand new technology classed as ‘gene therapy’, all the animals died in the studies and the side effects were 8 and a half pages long..would you roll up your sleeve? OH WOOPS silly me, we did this already and a staggering portion of the population blindly participated in the experiment. Although some gave in to it under duress because the push and misinformation was so incredible, that blackmail worked to get people jabbed up. Sadly most still see Governments as saviours in a pandemic that conveniently ignores the statistical 99.98% survival rate because they look after us, they are supposed to look after us, they are elected by US to do just THAT. BUT….

They lied.

And because they did, the future of the human race is quite possibly teetering on the edge of distinction.

Read that above line again.

Am I over reacting? I fucking hope so. But, with the onslaught of data dumps that have been released to us by a judge that had the good human decent gene to actually compel this sharing, so that we could actually see what ‘the science‘ is all about, with its warts and all..should have by now created a pandemic of very angry vaccine recipients (from those that are still alive and well) and looking at some form of retribution from the makers and their Governments who out right lied over the ‘safe and effective’ injectable and its promise of putting the world back to normal.

For those of us who didn’t roll up our sleeves, we were labeled as the dirty disease infested spreaders that were selfish and were wrong to advocate for freedom of speech, body autonomy and personal choice. Yet, we are still alive. Fit and healthy. If we caught Covid, we had it mildly and once…..we are not worrying about strokes or heart attacks and sudden death…that will be a natural predisposition and explainable if it happens to one of us…yet there is an explosion of those very health problems that is now occurring in unprecedented numbers, over a very short window, among the previously healthy and is being normalised. And that is happening in the vaccinated.

The latest data dump from Pfizer has now circulated and been torn apart at the most inconvenient time when we are now seeing young children and sporadic cases of hepatitis popping up all over the world. Of course MSM are refusing to link this with the jabs, because some of the kids haven’t had the jab. So, we must not allow ourselves to apportion this new trend of a serious health threat among those infected children and link it to that. Yet the cases are exploding this year which is NOT NORMAL. Some of those kids were breast fed…their mothers were vaccinated. From what I have read….All those children have vaccinated parents.

Is there a link maybe?

And, untimely as it is, it corresponds to the latest Pfizer dump on Pregnant Women, who were excluded from the human trials of their new Covid Vaccine. In the 40+thousand volunteers of that human trial, there were a number of women who became pregnant during the trial and most were excluded. But for the ones that remained pregnant in that trial (and I am not quoting numbers as I don’t have the exact figures by my side(but from memory around 27)) but the point would still be the same if I had them on hand to quote… as only one of those women gave birth. All the rest lost their babies preterm. (in their animal trials prior to human trials, the animal study produced reproductive problems so Pfizer did not proceed to trialing pregnant mothers, the data that came from the incidentals was just that. So, there was no trial for the Covid Vaccine on pregnant women…yet Governments and their own health authorities decided the Covid jabs were safe and effective for pregnant women WITHOUT TRIAL DATA. The onslaught of coercion to get jabbed was then directed at them, and the mantra included pregnant women in the ‘it is SAFE and EFFECTIVE’ label, with no data or studies to back it up). Are you angry yet?

What also came out in this round of data was that Pfizer published their efficacy at combatting Covid 19 (or Sars Cov2) at some 12% and not the percentage that the rest of the world got told when rolling up their sleeves to save humanity. And that that efficacy waned within one week to a shocking 1%!

Its really hard not to get angry over this when the previous data dumps revealed a shocking list that was 8 pages long of ADE’s, that the spike protein that everyone who took a shot of is toxic, that this is gene therapy and will alter DNA and now those who are jabbed are walking around creating a permanent soup of stuff in their bodies that cannot be reversed. Let’s not mention the number of previously fit and healthy people with no prior health markers who have keeled over with heart attacks, strokes, blood clots or having their limbs cut off….just look at the athletes that in the last year have suddenly expired from their sport either checking out ‘permanently’ or retiring.

How many people do you know in your circle now have myocarditis, pericarditis, reawakened cancer, strokes, clots or can’t walk or just died suddenly? Last year we were all saying, we knew no one who had died of Covid, by Christmas everyone was dropping like flies with it (and thankfully not dying), now people are dropping like flies of some very serious health conditions they never had before and yet…it has nothing to do with the vaccines.

But let’s go back to the statement I made above about the threat to our humanity. Because if we are looking at future prospects – which is looking more likely at a forcibly extinct situation from a nuclear war (which I can’t help but feel is super convenient right now). We could be facing huge human losses at an alarming rate (that a nuclear war would take care of and cover up BTW)…Did our governments and Scientists get it all wrong?…their approach to something that turned out to be nothing more deadly than a yearly flu, and their over reaction to it has created an economic collapse of mammoth proportions that we are facing and will feel the negative affects of for years to come. And now this fuck up of catastrophic proportions can be shifted and blamed on a war nobody wants (except the inept leaders that ineptly dealt with this so called pandemic). Or was it deliberate?

Scientist, immunologist and international vaccine expert Gerte Vandem Bossche delivered a series of requests with Governments and health institutions to discuss and debate about vaccinating the population at the start of the pandemic. He was ignored and like many others who are qualified to deliver an alternative view point on ‘the science’ was refused a platform with those powers that decided for us how we would be steered through it. His stark warnings based on his research and extensive knowledge on viruses and vaccines were shut down and only people like us (the conspiracy theorists and tin foil hat wearers) were the only audience that would and could listen. He said right at the beginning that it was a massive mistake to vaccinate populations in the middle of a pandemic. It would destroy any realistic mission of reaching herd immunity and force the virus to continue to mutate instead of taking its natural course of fizzling out, as natural herd immunity would be achieved had we left it well alone. There have been pandemics all throughout the history of human existence and at no other time has there been a massive medical intervention like now to stop one. Humans have always survived. The human body has a wonderful immune system that learns and adapts when it faces new threats. In a pandemic it is usually the survival of the fittest until herd immunity kicks in. But with this one, we have messed around with nature and the natural evolution of this particular virus. An intervention too early may have been the biggest mistake to human kind the World has ever seen.

Vandem Bossche has surfaced again with another warning, his previous ones were bang on, so I take notice when he makes an appearance, which isn’t often. And he believes that we are far from over and done with the virus. With the arrival of the milder form of Omicron, it mutated to becoming more infectious than the previous variants such as Delta. Those who have been vaccinated are now finding that they can catch Covid more than once, because the jabs have altered the way in which T cell immunity and natural immunity have been over ridden. So, in layman’s terms their vaccinated bodies cannot respond in the same way when exposed to a new variant compared to someone who isn’t vaccinated, but caught the virus naturally. With each variant the pattern of this virus is getting more and more infectious. He believes that everyone has now been exposed to it. The unvaccinated are getting their natural boosters by being continually exposed and the immune system is doing exactly as it was designed by nature to deal with it. That doesn’t mean, we are not capable of getting symptoms again, but they would be minor or unnoticeable as the body fights off the invaders.

And because herd immunity hasn’t been reached because the vaccine does not stop transmission, or succumbing to the illness, the virus is going to continue to mutate and the danger now is that it will continue to become even more infectious and pick off those whose bodies cannot resist the newer strains because their immune systems have been altered and compromised by the vaccines. To get the Jizz of the science behind this it is better to listen to the interview yourself, where he explains it far better than I can. The link is here

If he is right about this, and I find no reason to disbelieve his theory, this could potentially turn into a catastrophic scenario where there will be huge human losses on a scale that has never happened in the entire history of human existence. And it could be sooner than we anticipate. And I think that the Fauci’s and Gate’s and all their buddies know exactly how this will pan out but will continue to spew out their misinformation, lies and mis-directions. Let’s not forget, our Governments are also complicit in this mass genocide…playing with peoples lives in the gamble of the biggest human experiment the World has ever seen. Which, if Bossche is right, will end up as the biggest human failure the World has ever seen.

Quite simply, my anger, disappointment and disbelief that more people aren’t standing up and screaming from the roof tops at the insane injustice of this all is driving me insane. Had I gone and lined up to get the jabs myself (which was never an option for me and never will be either) but let’s say I had, and then found out about the trials, discovered that I had not been properly informed to give my consent, caught Covid and now discovering that my body had been altered in such a way that I would not be protected from any future variants and I had a very high chance of now becoming seriously ill or worse dropping dead…I would be looking into buying a series of weapons and going on a rampage down at my local parliament building and taking out every single politician that advocated for the jabs. I would have nothing to lose, except the satisfaction of taking a few of those evil bastards out along with me.

I’m actually surprised no one has picked off a few of them already!

But there is some light to this and that is in those who have not been vaccinated. The odds are now firmly in their favour and will be the ones who have to carry the burden of the coming onslaught of human losses. They are the ones that will be moving into the future and hopefully one that has not been dictated to in the deprivation of freedoms, technocracy and Big Brother. Maybe this is the turning point in this worldly mess we are in, where we will win and those who have been planning on control will disappear into their bunkers for the rest of their miserable lives.

This barmy place that the World has suddenly become (or maybe it always was, but I never noticed until Covid hit), seems to be getting more unstable and at an alarming pace. I have never had to fear about my freedom like this before, or worry about the future like I am now. I have never felt so strongly over social injustices that we have been subjected to recently or cave in to threats and go along with the sheep because I am not used to being told what to do or how to behave. I have never worried about airing my point of view or ever been censored for having one like I have been in the last couple of years.

And I am angry that governments are now going to police the internet and decide what can be posted there and cancel anyone who they deem to represent misinformation. Who decides what is misinformation? Will my Blog get taken down, when the thought police decide that what I write is wrong and therefore a danger to everyone else? I feel like I am back at school and being monitored and educated as to how to become a fully functioning adult all over again, because now, we are not functioning or behaving how they would like us to. What happened to making a decision for yourself? To read other peoples perspectives on subjects, so that you the reader can decide for yourself what you beleive or don’t. Will they be banning and burning books as well, and rewriting history so that no one can ever be offended again?

And I am deeply concerned about the World Health Organisation with its new proposed Pandemic treaty that all our countries appear to be signing up for and agreeing to. Not one government that is entering into this has asked their people of their own countries if this is the right move for them to be a part of it. Our leaders are effectively handing over our freedoms to the WHO so that they will control and override those countries who are part of the treaty if they declare another health emergency or pandemic. This would mean that the WHO would take over control making decisions about our health and could force medical treatments and vaccines in the future. You didn’t sign up for this, but your government did and if they decide to tackle an emergency in Shanghai fashion in the future, no one has the power to stop it, nor do you have a choice on any medical treatment they decide to dish out. Your right to choose to take this current vaccine or not to for Covid – would be forced on you in the future. We will have lost more freedoms than we did this time around and body autonomy will cease to exist. This is a very grim prospect and I hope this treaty never sees the light of day. I almost wish the apocalypse would hurry up, so that it can’t.

As I am writing this I have realised that I am feeling powerless, and my frustrations stem from this. Writing my Blog is my therapy but it isn’t enough, because I want to see change. The injustice of others making decisions about our futures that we don’t agree with, is a frightening reality as we see more and more of how we once enjoyed our lives being picked apart. Democracy evaporating and being replaced with a together think tank of a forced community that has to abandon individualism for the greater good of everyone else, controlled and dictated to by our elected officials who have decided for us that things are going to change. Our children and grandchildren are being manipulated into this new inclusive future, where the ethics we live by now are being gradually phased out. Our younger generations are being desensitised, so they won’t retaliate in the future as they meld into the New World Order.

So, maybe a nuclear war will solve the problem. Then no one need worry about anything ever again. Or Bossches theory comes into play and throws the World into chaos. And if that doesn’t happen, then maybe the impending global famine will wipe out the need for the WHO to take over control. Whatever happens we need an apocalypse of some kind to wake people up, so that we can halt the process of where our leaders are trying to take us. If that happens, I hope the ones that pick up the peaces will take stock of all of the mistakes we have made in this life and build a better future that changes the direction we are heading in now……… That, to me, would be the light at the end of the tunnel. I hope I am a surviver to participate in building a freer, more spiritual and caring future where we can go back to our humble roots, and build happy societies that has no place for corrupt, sociopathic and wealthy individuals who are striving to govern and control our every move like they are today!


Are YOU allowed to get away with breaking THEIR laws?

Short post tonight..been out to dinner (which is now a rare occurrence, but friends (ex hubby’s cousin and wife made a last minute vacation and surprised me with..we are here, are you free!).

And a lot happened today in the news that was great fodder (or not for my dinner pals, but they have known me for years and yawn when I get into ranty mode)…because in my 30 minute car journey from the point of the island I live in to get to town to meet them, I had ‘Talk Radio’ on in the car. And as I reached Funchal, Blow job made a speech. Before I left, those wankery idiots that run the gluberment were screeching for his resignation, now that he, his wife and slippery Sunak had been issued fines for breaking lock down rules. Sturgeon and Starmer were demanding it……the chatter was to get a get together in the house of commons and issue a vote of no confidence and order the potato in a wig to leave. And although I was dancing around at lunchtime delighted by the news that he had been fined and now this was the final push that was going to get rid of this bumbling idiot that embarked on the most embarrassing kiss arsing visit to Ukraine the other the middle of a (what we are led to believe a war zone) in a blue suit complete with tie, taking photos and licking Zalensky’s arse. Watching that photo shoot, propaganda piece of shit was so amateur, that I cant take anyone seriously now who thinks he went there, promised to provide more lethal weapons for his cause and people think that is great. Not one of them are addressing the fact that there is a faction within that country who are operating outside of the humanitarian rules, using their own people as shields and deliberately sabotaging the situation.

But I digress, because no what matter what I think or how I judge or see in my own view about that, there is a point at which we must cantor what is true and what is right. And that is this: A leader of a country that set a precedence of rules and law for their country…and then totally disregarded it themselves.

We are taught and led by example.

But when a rule maker flouts their own rules and it is made public and further more caught out….then the honourable thing in this situation is to bow out. Go. Fuck off.

But instead of that, we get a statement that cut the program of a ‘he’s paid his fine’, he still didn’t think he broke his own law’ he was busy on his birthday, others made him break the law because they wanted to wish him a happy birthday, and he will still continue to commit to the plan to build back better and see Putin to his ruin.

I nearly crashed my car.

A few weeks ago I reached my 53rd birthday. `I have never in my life been interested in politics and I am ashamed that in the last 23 years of living in Madeira, I quite happily had my head in the sand and ignored all the World shit now I was on an island. I am aghast at my chosen ignorance for all those years and naivety, because as long as I made my world go round, I didn’t much care or notice how the world actually worked. And it wasn’t until Covid and the so many wrongs with that, that made me sit up and take notice and all of a sudden and then I had a rude awakening and a lot of catching up to do.

And part of that waking up is when you have lived 53 years of your life and for that most part taking decisions on a day to day on your own merit…after your parents who controlled that part until you left the nest. For a large part of us our parents are still there that are in the wings and will come when summoned, often seeing before you do that they are needed and will step in and help. For those that don’t have parents around, is that now what the government are there for, to ensure that society functions and within the realms there are certain entities that provide help, support and credit to those who need it?

But 51 years into my life suddenly the government (in Madeira as well) became our parents and it didn’t matter what age you were…we were told to behave like children, we were shut down, curfewed, told to wear muzzles and act like we already had the virus. Weren’t allowed to socialise and were basically grounded – For being a threat to everyone else. Yet we got a lame excuse today from the man that stood by the corrupt and very wrong advisers with SAGE, went against the pandemic plan that had been written and advised by previous governments, pushed a dodgy life altering and in some huge cases deadly medicine, spending shit loads of public money on dodgy PPE gear, spending shit loads of money on a daft app, printed money to make it work, destroyed the economy…….took us into war with Russia and kiss licking anything that makes him look grand. He had a birthday and has justified having a few friends around for 10 minutes, paying his 50 quid fine and we should all go away and forget about it.

But deliver the English people his commitment to strengthen the economy (How? we are facing a global famine…has he mentioned that yet?) and defeat Putin (yes, let him poke the bear, spend more money we dont have by sending more weapons to kill more people), that end up on eBay where the Nazi Azov’s trade in our weapons for cash. What a fucking muppet.

And he has the ordacity to still not go.

There seriously is no hope left. When you have an American president that can’t articulate a sentence in public. You have a dictator in Canada that even when shunned and openly castigated at the MEP Conference goes back home and tightens up the tyranny. Australia is screaming for unvaxxed blood because 95% of their population is jabbed and dropping like flies…you have people starving in Shanghai where they are forced to cull their own dogs and cats because they fear that their pets are vectors of disease and then we have a debate on the anatomy of a woman…where no one can decide that the female species has a place in this fucked up world. At 53 years old, I am wondering if I am on the right planet.

What the fuck happened!

But ultimately, we are being led into somewhere where most of us would not choose to go to by choice. We are being herded like cattle to go there, albeit a few of us, saying wake the fuck up..please, wake the FUKC UP. Just because in your country you dont have to wear a muzzle, means life is back to normal….it aint. I live on an island where we still have to and the bullshit is still ongoing.

But the muzzle is the mute point now in the scheme of things along with the damning Pfizer reports that are flowing out with the most incredibly shocking stuff…that even a tin foil hat wearer is shocked by (and we cant be that, after all we knew about this stuff because we did our research and we were right)! Its keeps on giving. But this is going to be irrelevant now as the world faces a much larger problem.And that won’t be the next pandemic of Marburg or Vaids. It’s the food shortages and despite the war(s) one can forget the infringement of parental/governmental curfews in the past, as they will lose their impetus as we embark on a whole new memory future of what is to come.

Biden spoke about a World wide famine last week and that got no airtime or discussion after he announced it. Brits have accepted there are no longer free range eggs in the UK. Blow job will not resign now….he is far too up the Ukraines missing aresehole and needs that when the shit hits the fan over food shortages in UK….helped by the ban oil fanatics that have conveniently been devoid of any wrong doing or moved on by the Police. I don’t like the word Theatre, but it describes the very version of what we are living in so well.

So, should blow job go? Yes he should.But would any replacement be any better? NO

Better the devil you know….and to now totally ignore any of it.

This is the time to take and make your own community and make your own rules. Because the ones that lead us currently have no conscience and are not an example to be led by. And refuse to leave.

The world has gone to shit.

There is no stopping it now.

How you live through this is up to you.

What are YOU going to do, when the food runs out?

Over the last 2 years, I have been banging on to everyone about impending food shortages. I spoke to my children, my parents and friends who all thought I was crazy. While I was ‘stuck’ in the UK for 6 months last year, I stocked up on pasta, rice, lentils and tins and when I left, gave it to my family members. When I was in the Uk in November last year (and got stuck again as I caught Covid) I purchased a food dehydrator and bought one for my sister. I had hoped that by using this there – inspired them to look into the future that I could see. I brought mine back to Madeira in the end as it wasn’t going to get used (they still thought I was crazy), but my sister has been using hers…so at least I inspired someone in the family!

So it is no surprise to me, that Governments around the World are now talking about food shortages. Of course they are now conveniently blaming this on the Russia/Ukraine situation. And this is another one of their blatant lies. We were already heading for shortages as the food supply chain had already been compromised with the radical Covid measures. Harsh Lock downs that went on for months, ridiculous new rules that made no sense, small and medium businesses going bust. The cogs were shut down in the enormous machine that makes the world as we know it go round. And now, some of them are broken and beyond repair. In that first year of the Covid madness, I was already reading about how farmers were struggling. Lockdowns meant no land workers to pick crops, farmers were being paid to destroy them. Milk was being dumped and new crops were not being planted. By year two, I read that we were on the reserves of supplies, because of the catastrophic effect of the previous year. Already the damage had been done and the inevitable ensuing food shortages were going to come. But when I spoke about this, yet again I was deemed as a conspiracy theorist, doom monger, tin foil hat wearer that was talking shit. So I shut up!

Now, I did catch Covid and haven’t told this part in my Blog, because when I got back to Madeira, I was struggling to write anything. So to recap, I caught the Flu at the end of November. I was really ill with it for 3 weeks and because it went to my chest, I struggled with my blood oxygen levels and had the most horrendous cough. I was given 3 courses of antibiotics and my doctor was convinced I had Covid, even though the tests came back negative. I stayed for Christmas as there was no point in coming home and of course I loved that extra time with my family. But on New Years Eve, I wasn’t feeling so great. On New Years Day, I went out for a meal with my son, daughter in law and grandchildren, we had a few drinks and got a cab home. The following day I woke up with the worst hangover I’d ever experienced. My head felt like it was going to burst out of my brain and my eyes hurt to be open. I stayed in bed to sleep it off, but by the afternoon I started to wonder if it really was a hangover. It didn’t feel like a Lyme relapse either, so I took a test and instantly it came up as positive. There was no waiting for half an hour as it went directly to the double line. My son and daughter in law freaked out. So I took two more tests from two totally different boxes and all did the same. The family cog had now stopped working as my kids employers now refused them to go to work because of me, and we were all confined to the house for the next 10 days. I felt awful having brought the virus into their home and then infecting them. But for what it was, and for one day I got the cough and thought my lungs were going to exit out of my mouth, I was done with it in 4 days. My bout of flu was a million times worse than my experience of catching Covid. Incidentally my son had to take a PCR test for work and although he was well, that came back positive, he eventually had mild symptoms and when my daughter in law eventually tested positive (7 days after us) she just had a weird metallic taste in her mouth. So all in all, our experience of this super deadly, scary, rebranded flu left us wondering why they shut the entire world down for this! My grandkids continued with their schooling as normal and no one was any the wiser!

But, on day 7 I ventured out to the supermarket and couldn’t help but observe the colossal space, the workings of it, the people that shopped, stocked and made that cog work. And all the time, all I could think about was the awful prospect of this safe space to buy groceries and sundries, would eventually become a place of panic, disorder and chaos when the shelves eventually start to become empty. I could literally see it in my head as I walked around picking up a few supplies. The area in which my Son lives is very built up, surrounded by housing estates and the town he lives in spralls into the next one and so on. He lives on the Coast. It is packed with houses and people, supermarkets, superstores and industrial spaces. Built up with little green spaces, it is affluent and packed shoulder to shoulder with people. When those supermarket shelves start to thin, there is literally no where to go to for supplies. Modern houses are built shoulder to shoulder with postage stamp size gardens. I can’t recall ever driving past any allotments and the only green spaces are the parks. I can’t help but worry (actually I am terrified) about what my kids will do when the food really does start to run out and the supermarket becomes that place of dangerous life threatening panic when people realise far too late. (Only this time you can forget the Bog roll, because no one can eat that)!

Those who panic are the first to die.

Yes, this is a morbid blog post…but I need to write it, because it is coming. An apocalypse was always on the cards, but hungry people can be more dangerous than a zombie. Food is the ultimate weapon. Take that away from the people and you have a real war. Hunger will bring out the ugly in most, as the instinct for survival kicks in. If you live in a city and the shelves at your local supermarket are bare, what do you do? Most will stick their last pound into the gas tank and travel to the suburbs, but when those shelves are also empty? What happens then? It is theorised that most people have about one weeks worth of food in their fridges and on their shelves at any given time. Having an abundance of food stuffs, daily fresh produce and supersized supermarkets stocked to the hilt, getting absolutely anything one could want has made us dependant, lazy and blasé about where it comes from or how it gets there. It wasn’t like this during WW2 and we are heading back to that era with what is to come.

And you are reading this, probably with a little scepticism, thinking I am panicking about something that Governements wouldn’t possibly allow. Because they look after us, after all isn’t that what we elected them to do? Yet our governments, took our freedoms away on a false and over reacted to pandemic. Shoved needles into people arms threatening them with their jobs, lack of travel with something that was highly experimental, that has now been proven to be incredibly dangerous. They killed more people over their policies and rules than the virus ever did and have now taken us into a war. They are spending our hard earned money on sending weapons to kill more people, printing more money to pay for it, focussing more on climate change and forcing us to go along with it by making more rules on a something we never had a say in. Changing our human rights and taking away our freedom of speech. They have decided that biological men and women are a fairy tale, that our species is going to become transgender and acceptable as norm, same as white people now have no identity because it is all about colour inclusion. You can go to the pub now and have a plough person lunch!

What the Fuckety fuck fuck went wrong with us?

Where is Government sorting out the fucking food crisis?

That ship sailed long ago. Only no one saw it, but for the conspiracy theorist, tin foil hat, doom sayers. I caught on late in life, but I now get it and I decided back in 2019 that I needed to look after me, my family and those close to me wherever I was. And all I could see was that Government (whatever country you are in) are not incompetant, even if it appears so. This has been by design, a plan and I am now more convinced than ever…I had doubts, but now I don’t.

So, while you are side tracked by the war, the newly growing stats of rising Covid cases, people now declaring that they have caught Covid for a third time (because we can’t possibly have natural immunity), advice and push for the 4th booster (because you didn’t damn well die with the previous three), but the stress of upcoming food shortages will kill a few more with heart attacks and strokes which is nothing to do with the jab….food shortages are imminent and if you don’t want a heart attack, then you’d better start prepping NOW!

Avian flu is now apparently at epidemic proportions…PCR testing used to slay massive flocks of birds and has now created a European egg shortage. Free range hens no longer exist in the UK. Swine flu is now the latest crisis and pigs all over the world are being slaughtered. Grains and wheat are not being exported from the countries we get our supplies from, Hungary is the latest country to ban exports. Ukraine is of course the biggest exporter and now the war has halted that avenue. You would think that Europe would be wanting to bring it to an end very quickly instead of consistently poking the bear to keep it going! But that’s ok as they have another plan, to feed us insects.

But before we get there, we have to go through the plan that has already been laid out, and it won’t be so dissimilar to how it worked during World War 2. My theory is this: Biden has already warned the Americans of the impending food shortages. Anyone who has been following the alternative strings of non MSM will also be up to speed and will have taken steps to avoid the panic (it’s called prepping BTW). Blow job will make one of his speeches in the coming weeks, blaming the war and people will go out and panic buy. He will then step up with a plan “to build back better” and that will be some kind of food voucher. This is effectively a soft approach to rationing. It makes me cringe when Sunak recently did his budget and previously gave everyone a ‘voucher’ to use for the council tax..that would be repaid later on. This is to dumb everyone into the use of credit. Instead of just slashing the ruddy tax, they keep it and you are permanently in debt. But supposedly grateful for the ‘help’. But note, not one government around the world has advised anyone to make any space they have to start growing their own food. Use your windowsill or repurpose your garden to get growing. Instead we are being told that growing stuff is dangerous and god forbid you use a seed you saved from that pepper you just cut for your salad….that is a no no! There is no community push, to get together and create a world in which to survive on that level. Everything is being directed to ‘THEM’ and tow their line and you will be ok.

Having already destroyed community spirit, divided families, upended friendships because of Covid, having already divided society, means that togetherness in love and war has already been broken down and achieved. It is now time for our rotton governments and leaders to suddenly care and make it all better. AM I CYNICAL? no! I’m a realist.

And hey presto, the digital pass enters, yet again. It was tested with Covid…and whilst most look at it as a failure, it most certainly wasn’t. Because so many sheep blindly and happily complied when they feared the virus, thinking they were safe having been injected with an experimental concoction and thought they had their lives back….for a very short period of time, before it fell apart. But. That test worked. It also succeeded in more community division and has implanted an idea that is simplistic and certainly when food gets short, they will happily log in to their already prepared passport to get their food allowance, because the new fear is to starve!

And it is that passport that will become the new way to shop for basics. World War 2 didn’t have the digital age we have now, as paper is obsolete and prone to falsifying easily. How many of you drove a car with a photocopied car tax disk in the 80’s when the colour printer came out? I did!

With the digital age comes a tightened up way to get around things, that most of us are flummoxed by. It’s getting to the point now that one cannot flout the rules by skirting around them. With Digital passes and ID’s we are locked into a system, one that controls us and what we do. Follows our moves and has no anonymity. Take food away and you are forced to join that system. You give consent when you want to eat. What choice will you have, when the supermarket shelves run dry?

But now is the time to start mending those broken relationships driven by the divide over Covid. We need each other, we need community and we need to start looking at the art of feeding ourselves and becoming more self sufficient. Turn that postage stamp garden into a field of potatoes and encourage your neighbour to turn theirs into a chicken coop. Get people together and work out how, you are going to ride through this WITHOUT a hand out from the upper rotten powers who are forcing you into this. They got us into this mess…but they aint gonna get us out!

If we want to stop this progression to the digital transhumism internet of all things, come digital ID, social credit score, come ‘you will own nothing and be happy’ come moneyless society… they take the food away, this is the time to say NO. We have to go back to basics and learn to support ourselves. The more we do that, the less we need for Government. Who needs an electric car, when you have all the abundance you need at home.

And if you haven’t already…start PREPPING NOW!

Who is going to fight in our next war?

my apologies to the person used for this post, but you do represent how I think!

This is probably going to be a rant.

Spurred by the fact that my Niece was being ‘dissed’ on facebook this evening for publishing a Meme about Graphene Oxide. Note: I love the word ‘dissing’,because it to me seems polite and naive and a trashy way to say to someone, “you fuck with her, I fuck with you” language. It may however, have a completely different connotation to the meaning, but this is mine – and I live in bliss for my interpretation!

So, my Niece got dissed. She posted a complicated meme that showed a varying array of methods in which Graphene Oxide could be introduced serupticiously into the human body. It was controversial, only because most would see it as tin foil hat crap, because they have no idea what Graphene Oxide is. They have no idea about it, as they have never looked beyond their nose as to what is going on in the world. This subject on that is something I will cover eventually as I am still researching and until I can conclude a post in its diabolical role…which I think it will have, won’t pass comment right now. BUT this chap whose picture showed that of a young guy who dismissed my nieces post as something as crock had lagging pants and immediately I reacted. Why? Because he couldn’t spell for one thing in his attack to her and his picture of himself with his knickers showing his butt just kinda represented badly the person I was about to interact with.

And he didn’t disappoint.

And changing tack, but with the point in mind. I was invited to a presentation a few weeks ago to do with my holiday rentals. This was to introduce me to a new and flourishing area of business…the digital nomad. These are young, 30 somethings who are in the world of technology, earning their living on the internet and earning good money. Most I have to say, are ‘clean living people’ who embrace Veganism, Yoga, animal volunteering and connect to local; groups that encourage peace and higher consciousness living. And I have encountered many in my business lately and all have been lovely, respectful and responsible guests in my rentals. (they do get a bit of a wake up call when I invite them into my gaff for a few glasses of wine and listen to me waffling on about the injustices of the current situation with Covid….they have no idea where I am coming from because the shit of covid never affected them and their working life!)..

But the point being, this sorry excuse of a young person with his pants fashionably stationed beyond the crack of his butt in his profile picture dissed my Niece……declaring that he would not look at anything and I quote “I don’t really trust any sources, but if I listen to any it will be credible sources not some qanon shit who thinks the government wants to kill them for no reason, that’s ridiculous”

And that is how our young people think… I did respond, as you would expect and he went quiet. The problem is and as I pointed out to him, that as some one who is getting old, we have been exposed to a lot more bullshit and have the ability to call it out when it is bullshit, cos we were young once and didn’t know what real bullshit was. But when you have lived a bit, you get to see and recognise it as you get older and have more guts or courage to call it out when you see it.. But then what I just said contradicts doesn’t it, because there are so many older than me that don’t do what I do. SHEEPLES

But what really made me guffaw was the night a few weeks ago when I was invited to that business meeting as an owner of rental property and being introduced to a new business opportunity.

It was the most unprofessional invitation I had ever received….on line it looked legit and I knew the invite was legit because I knew the company. I took an old friend who has a similar outlook to me, but will say it how it is…we arrived at the hotel, to find the lift was out of order. To get this in perspective, this 5 star hotel is set on a very steep cliff overlooking my village sea front. Its a hike to get to the cliff face before you get into the lift to get to the reception area, with a narrow single track road with no parking if you want to drive there. So the only way to get there is to hike, up a steep ramp embedded in the cliff as the lift had broken down. A person who worked there was also hiking with us and responded with the groan that the lift (one and only method of reaching the place had been out of order since covid hit and no idea why it hadn’t been fixed). When we arrived with hearts leaping out of our chests, we were ushered into the bar area, offered free drinks and nibbles. There were a few people milling around but we had no idea who was organising the function or who were like me, invited to attend.

We had a drink and sat wondering if we had arrived on the right day, thinking we would head to the nearest restaurant for a bite to eat as this do was not doing anything. Just as we were about to walk out, an American fella rounded us up inviting us to a conference room….we had no idea who he was, but decided to follow. It was then that my friend surveyed the room and said to me “fuck me….if we have to go to war now…this is what we’ve got? they…(the men in that room) would be the men that would defend us?”

He had me in hysterics, because I was severely out ranked by men, but most had a prettier pony tail than mine and not one of them had a bulging muscle in sight. They were all sold to me as the next generation, key board warriors that were our future in this digital world and had the money to pay for the luxury of staying in my gaff as long as I had a good internet connection.

And that insanely funny laugh at that point was marred by the inane horror that actually he was right. We have no longer bred stock over the last 30 years of men, real men that can ditch their pitch forks and go fight in a war. We are now asking manicured and pedicured males, that can fire a weapon on a video game which don’t even drink alcohol, have cut wheat and soya from their diets and are more interested in permaculture and being Carbon free. Sadly, I have grilled a few that have already been guests and I have tried to corrupt them with a glass of wine and a chat with me….they don’t drink. How insane is that!!!!

I’m old school. And I am realising that now! I was worrying over the last two years and in my own way fighting for the future of our man kind. For my Grandchildren, so that they could have the freedoms that I have enjoyed. But I don’t see the point now. This fight of inevitable change, that slipped by me because I wasn’t awake, is so entrenched that now we have woken up…it’s too late. There will be an us and them…the youngsters who have grown up in this are not fighting our fight as they don’t see it, and that is where we have been remiss in their upbringing. Those 30 somethings of the new are a strong force…they are the old technocrats that are guiding the future, only they have no idea of the potential doom they are creating…its unstoppable. They balance their world between the computer and nature and have found that balance that enables them to opt in and opt out. Thery the ones to worry about as they see both worlds within their alternate reality as they have the ability to switch. And hence the dawn of the shift between humans and digitals…we have a carbon form advocating for both.

As a carbon form they are no good for an old fashioned war….they are the new breed that when it comes to it will fight from a computer screen. And they won’t realise they are doing it as they wash away their very sin by being good citizens embracing a healthy life style and raising money for their local dog shelter.

That man who dissed my niece this evening isn’t on par with the nomad society. But I put them all into that same basket. Young, naive and don’t care ….as long as the internet works they have a life.

I hope the internet breaks down and very fucking soon!

How much are you ‘worth’?

I was thinking today, about the value of a human life. And how it comes down to perception. If you have a diamond ring or a gold coin, it has a value that changes according to the market. It’s a commodity that can either gain in value or not, depending on the abundance of all things economically. Now I am just a normal regular ant in the army of the ant farm, so what do I know? But, things of value do go up and down in price, currencies (when we weren’t all in the Euro), oil, gas and the stuff that runs our cars. All rise and fall in price with inflation. Now food, fertiliser, bog roll and normal everyday needs that we have taken for granted will most likely become unaffordable to most….maybe that diamond ring will become a negotiating chip in the not too distant future to buy a few bags of flour, when the stuff runs out!

So, we are all worrying about what the future holds for us, as we are being repeatedly told on MSM that the war in the Ukraine is damaging the World supply of stuff. And because the demand is so great, the price is rising and is continuing to rise. But what I really don’t understand is how one country can be blamed for all the incoming doom we are supposed to face, especially as the last two years have disrupted supplies, economic growth, and basically stalled a machine that tinkered along so that we got all the stuff that dreams were made of, if you could afford it, and if you couldn’t, the credit line allowed one to live beyond their means…and indefinitely.

But we are being told, that the machine is grinding to a halt. The mechanics (government are doing their maintenance and flying all over the place to secure new parts to get the very old system cranked up and working again). Boris was in Saudi today, negotiating a new oil deal.

There is so much talk about a New World Order, One World government, Cashless Society and an integrated Global ID system that would take us into the arms of the Chinese Social Credit Score system…the ‘YOU WILL OWN NOTHING, BUT BE HAPPY’ rhetoric and ‘the new normal’, complete with trans humanism and a chip implant. Oh I forgot, the mass plan from WEF (World Economic Forum) of a depopulation agenda, because there are far too many useless eaters walking and shitting on planet earth.

Oh, and I forgot Climate change. But thats a chat to have in another 10 years time.

But what are YOU worth? How do we value us? I am not talking about what you have achieved through your lifetime or the wealth you have or have not accumulated to make you have the life you live. But what makes one life worth more than another? Is it social standing? Is it politics and being in charge of an ant it wealth or a standing in community? Where do we value what life means… are we acceptable collateral damage in a war for example, over saving someone in it, from being captured, tortured and then possibly murdered because of who they are….?

‘All pigs are equal, but some pigs are more equal than others.’

But I suppose what I am trying to articulate is, from my rambling thoughts of looking at a broken world that for some reason worked, reasonably well until Covid hit…that the other side of the above abomination is this thing called a ‘Spiritual Awakening’…and that is a roller coaster of ugliness that most perceive as this hippy dippy love and light stuff, where those who are awakened do yoga, are at one with themselves, chant, bong the sound bowl, meditate into a higher consciousness, sing Kum by Ya and hug trees. I can tell you, it aint any of that…its a fucking hard road to go down, to realise that you as a person has absolutely no value at all in that grand scheme of a New World Order, or for that matter the nicely oiled cog you once rode as a fuckwit that had no real clue about life. Ensconsed in a cushy false comfort zone of gadgets and things. Being completely ignorant to how that cog your on works, and never ever conceive a thought that it could at some point break down. Waking up to the ugly world that we actually live in where a diamond ring or a gold coin (or even a bag of flour in the future) could actually be the death of you, to someone else that covets what you have to make their world continue. This is now the real potential world in which we live….waking up to this is depressing and once you start to see it, no matter how much you try, one cannot unsee it.

But I do need to ask the question….why is a Ukranian life worth more than an Afgan life or that of a person from Libya or any other country that is still undergoing a war? Why has the collaborative effort of the EU accelerated and expedited en masse to extract those people from a war zone some two weeks in its infancy?

Who decided that they should be the people that should be saved..what was the criteria in which made that decision? Why are the public in the UK being asked to give up their spare rooms to house a refugee…this is a first, what makes this situation so special?

How does a refugee on a dinghy making that life threatening trip across the channel be a different type of person to help…that our government houses in hotels without asking us to give them a home. Is their life worth any less? And what about our homeless, veterans and the hordes of displaced in our own streets that were never offered this…is their life worth less?

But it’s ok to skip over all of those that have got problems, didn’t get a break or weren’t worthy of help or came from another country that has no value to treat those of no value with no value.

So, does this mean that we rate a human life according to the country they come from and that right now the scale has Ukraine as Number one on the list to be told that its ok to help your fellow neighbour cos they are on that one, but if you are from Russia, there is no hope at all…they won’t get put up in a fancy hotel unless they travel here in a dingy and pretend to be from anywhere else but there.

Hypocrisy doesn’t just extend to the government….normal people have it too. And the value of life is not only subjective as to the country of favour but also akin to the predjudice of the current narrative. So in short, You and me have no value other than that of the diamond ring or gold coin. We are a commodity that is marketed in the economy of things. We may find our peace in our own reflection at times through individual enlightenment, but until we form a unity and fight for individual autonomy….we will never ascend to a flying ant.

But maybe some of us were never designed to fly………