Curfews…and what is the point?

I’m a little bit wined as I write this………be warned.

I went out for dinner tonight. I didn’t eat all day as I am on Keto and wanted to enjoy an evening with some freinds…the ones I have left!

I’ve been home for 4 weeks and not socialised, so I was looking forward to an evening out.

3 of us waited outside at the chosen restaurant and when our group of 4 was completed, we made our entry. We greeted each other with hugs and kisses and then had to don the face nappy to walk across the space to the table. we had a fab meal…but the onus on to staying so long was because of the curfew.

We left that restaurant still echoing the conversation to head over to somewhere else to continue it, as we always did in the past. No one would serve us a drink this time, as we were out of time.

So we disbanded reluctantly, and my friend offered me a lift home. We haven’t talked in over a year and sat in my drive doing the girly stuff…only it got to 1.10 am and now she is freaking as we have surpassed the curfew and the risk now is she will be fined driving home.

What government in the world has a right to exercise this fear on people, let alone making this situation illegal? The very idea that we are a risk to others is preposterous, we were in our group and a of this afternoon I am definitely no threat to anyone having paid for a test to fly on Monday.

Life is not normal and never will be,,,how is it wrong and illegal to catch up with a mate when you had dinner together but because you exceed a curfew now its dangerous?

FUCK OFF…. the whole world needs to get grip on this bullshit nonsense. How dare abbey put a time constraint on meeting a friend , tell me to go home because its dangerous to be out.

That Covid test I had to pay for was a fucking joke too….saved for the next bog and rant!

Totalitarianism, passports and a world subjected to Menticide

The world is in utter chaos…and the prick in the meme above, who consistently flip flops with his advice, still gets airtime to confuse and belittle the public. From wearing no mask as it has no benefit, to wearing one as it will – to wearing two…last week the jabbed were super spreaders, this week it’s the unvaxxed. America is in trouble; now New York has stipulated the no jab, no job – no jab, no eat in a restaurant. Texas declared that it would not inflict these rules on their state, but want to close their borders to keep the infected out. Biden wants all states to offer 100 dollar incentives to bribe people into the jab. UK are doing the same, offering free kebabs, burgers and cheap taxi rides. Australia moved the military in and is doing door to door checks to make sure no one is harbouring a mate, neighbour or fugitive…that could spread more disease.

Meanwhile, France are still protesting and in some places rioting, but Macron has gone deaf. Peaceful protests were seen in Berlin, but their thug police happily knocked kids and the elderly to the ground with such brutality we wouldn’t bat an eyelid at it, if it were in Russia. Israel who has practically jabbed everyone in the country and those who aren’t; have had it forced into their arms, have a huge rise of Covid, solution to that is the 3rd ‘booster’ jab, to solve their vaccinated super spreader problem. Ireland and Cypress seem to have got their medical apartheid underway denying any unvaxxed person their freedom to socialise or participate in normal daily activities. As I write this, I am struggling to believe we are actually living in this situation.

And I struggle with it, as to me, nothing makes logical sense. And it’s not supposed to, because this is Menticide.

When I look at what the world is doing over Covid, even more so now, as it is not getting worse, despite what we are being told in our very real time Orwellian adventure of the impending doom that is to come. The numbers don’t stack up for starters.

As of today, the latest global figures are: (since the start of this plan-demic)

198,765,542 cases

4,237,501 deaths

179,453,588 recovered

4.2 million deaths in a global population of 7.8 billion to me seems infinitely small, not withstanding the massive number of recovered. I did a quick calculation of all those numbers on my phone and the zeros did do my head in a bit, but my calculation makes the death rate for Covid globally (and for those who have actually caught it) ……. a mere 0.04237501% Why is the jab being pushed to save humanity?

Where is the justification to coerce, push, blackmail or bribe people into getting an experimental concoction with no long term data, that was rushed through on emergency grounds, where those who get it are still part of an on going trial. How is it that Governments around the World can mandate rules, lock downs and threat forced jabs, by dividing society into two tiers…that reward the ones that complied to this mass global experiment?

How does all this mess equate to 7.6 billion people not even having had the virus and possibly won’t. Yet we now live in a panic induced, menticidal situation where we are being ostracised for the possibility of killing Granny or our neighbour if we don’t have the life saving vaccine.

The world has not gone nuts. People have. And governments have done a brilliant job of turning us against each other, by using NLP and blatant propaganda to keep people in fear. Meanwhile the agendas of what this is really about is starting to appear. It was always there…and for those of us who fell for the lies at the beginning, but questioned it as soon as our ‘guts’ screamed from the earliest of days..were called conspiracy theorists, tin foil hat brigade, unmasked waste of spaces, spreaders of disease and anti vaxxers.

I got scoffed at last year when I proffered the idea that we would be made to have passports to prove vaccination, that we would be going into a cashless society, that trans humanism was something that would come. I wrote a blog post last year about the possibility of the jab that contains GMO and how it could be possible for that genetic material to be patented…IE the person could be patented, not unlike a GMO seed. I also pleaded with my family to stock on food last year as I said we will have shortages, our power or internet might go down, get prepared…my family and the hordes of friends I had thought I was nuts. The friends have gone, but my family still remain, as they are the ones I care about and won’t give up on. But bottom line, EVERYONE needs to prepare for this and now!

This week the CDC announced they will not support the use of the PCR test to test for Covid by the end of this year as they have now decided it isn’t the correct test to accurately determine a case of Covid, yet it will still be the diagnostic tool until then. 17 months in and now they pull the plug on it as it’s the wrong test. Yet all the data up to now is based on this flawed method and even when the Portuguese courts made a ruling that no one can be called a Covid case just by a positive test, a doctor needs to present a medical to back it up…it was ignored.

And then we come to the all new and highly contagious Delta Variant that the MSM love to scare us with. A PCR test doesn’t test for the variants, it can’t. A scientist has to do a culture of a persons fluids to determine what variant they have…yet they are not doing that, so how come we are being told that this is now the dominant strain, if no ones fluids after a positive test are being looked at to back up the propaganda claims.

But the upside to this is, far more people seem to be waking up a little. The threat of using a vaccine passport to go about what was once a regular life before all of this, to damning one part of society to their homes for eternity, because they don’t have one. Despite the jabbed being denied their freedom from all the broken promises of get vaxxed and we go back to normal…it seems that the reality of that normal not being that way when your best mate, son/daughter, neighbour or some one you care about cannot participate in what makes normal life normal… wrong and absolutely not reverting back to normal!

The entire saga has been saturated with hypocrisy….Members of parliament are exempt from showing their Covid pass to sit on the bench (a large gathering that under Boris’s conditions warrant the pass). All those who participated in the Vaccine trials that were given a placebo, get a vaccine pass. But what about those who actually can’t have the vaccine for health reasons, do they get one or are they purged from society along with the unvaxxed?

And to me the figures matter…because here in lies the crux. We get a daily toll of the numbers, which in the scheme of where you are in the world and if you really paid attention, are not scary at all. I live in Madeira…we have 270,000 inhabitants on the island and to date we have had 10,074 cases of Covid. 23 new cases today, 15 recovered. 234 active cases, and 73 deaths in total. We are still mandated to masks (and there is no sunflower lanyard that gives you exemption here, it is simply not tolerated.) And we are on curfew from 1am to 5am. This is an island where you have to wear a nappy in the street. We were told a couple of days ago that these restrictions are to stay for a while yet…they started jabbing kids last Saturday from the age of 12, and now talking about giving it to the 5’s and over. And yet, nobody here seems to care.

And what does Menticide mean? ‘The concept of “menticide” indicates an organized system of judicial perversion and psychological intervention, in which a powerful tyrant transfers his own thoughts and words into the minds and mouths of the victims he plans to destroy or to use for his own propaganda. Modern psychiatry may deliver him several tools for this perversion.’

And this is exactly what we are being subjected to……….

The SLAVE pass, and how it will work..

“Definition of Slave: a person held in forced servitude”

So, I have renamed the Covid Passport or freedom pass to the SLAVE pass. It really seems quite appropriate all things considering. Now that the UK have sold us out and convened with the rest of the world…I still wonder how many out there, still don’t see it.

So maybe, I need to bare all in this post, which will probably be my last. I am worrying about my own safety now.

Let’s take a step back to when this all started…something was up with China during the winter of 2019 and by February of 2020, we were being primed to enter a global lockdown that literally shook the world. I was scared shitless at the beginning, fearing for my family in another country as we were led to believe that a novel virus had invaded our space and everyone was going to die from it. For me, I went over board.. constantly on at my family to stock up food stuffs, stay in doors, this thing is going to get us and way before the UK were really joining the cult. Even at the start, I was considered as a crazy member of the family. Then suddenly they also became scared shitless too and not because of me.

That first lockdown presented a lot of discrepancies and mistruths and the logic wasn’t really going there. And as time went on, being locked away from a normal life, I then had the time to start searching for the answers, as I needed to quell that feeling as my gut was screaming that all of this was wrong. My family and friends, were even more convicted in their judgement – that I had now delved into a deeper area of madness. I had become obsessed. And I lost a huge amount of friends by then.

And actually they are right to think I was going mad. I did. I still am.

I have been down so many rabbit holes in my research that many have dismissed my journey as being a false one, using the internet in my quest. They in the mean time, have been glued to their TV screens, using that one source as their only place of truth.

I have waded my way through a forest of paper, printing off scientific reports and papers, graphs, information that the UK government openly show on their website…..if you want to hide something, then do it in plain site. And they have done that all along.

I didn’t buy into this so called pandemic very early on…and if it were one, odds would dictate that I would either be dead by now (because of my flippant attitude throughout this, my many travels, not wearing a mask throughout, kissing and hugging everyone on my way and ignoring of the rules in general). 18 months into this I am thankful that none of my family have caught it, no friend has passed because of it and we are all still alive.

This blog has been my journey of sharing my thought processes, as for me writing is healing. I do not always get the facts right, and looking back I now can see where one or two rabbit holes took me down a short path. But I shared it, and the reason for that was not to gain any following, I really couldn’t care about that. My goal with this was that whoever read this who had never considered an alternative point of view, other than what the MSM media were constantly pumping out, was one more person who could see and view the world differently. Because all of this was wrong right from the start. And those that chose to mock me for getting absorbed and obsessed, sat in front of their TV’s for all this time, are the ones that will also be paying the price for not questioning anything.

And what was all of this about? FREEDOM

None of us have it any more.

Even the jabbed don’t. And that’s the irony so far, as having been stabbed in the arm has not given them any special privileges, their freedoms have not been given back..yet the slave passport that has been launched over the last few weeks around the world, will. This is the new gimmick.

I might remind us all, that actually signing up for this has killed quite a few people so far. Disabled far more. Destroyed countless lives, has so far been more destructive than the actual virus. But the slaves still believe in the myth and think it’s about saving lives, the NHS, SNS and generally being a thoughtful human being toward others, they are doing their misguided part, in saving mankind.

But it was never about a virus. This was the excuse used to put the world in utter chaos. It was designed so that one global goal could be reached. And so far it’s on track to succeed.

And I will change my tactic here, because I know now that those of you who read my blog, and I don”t have a huge following – are on the same page as me, have been on their own quest looking for the truth. Then there are the trolls, the ex friends who just want to gloat and confirm to them selves… that I belong in a mental asylum. They are the slaves and are now beyond saving.

That last sentence I know, sounded dreadful and unkind, but we are at war, and this is crunch time, it is now the time where we are going to have to fight for our lives as governments and their indoctrinated society will not tolerate having the non conformers (who resist entering into a slave pact) around. There will be of course, a million Anne Frank families born out of what is coming, shoving their unvaxxed loved ones into the loft hiding them away because they don’t have the slave pass to be able to go out. Cant give them a yellow star, as people will turn against them, as they become so convinced that they are the reason for not stamping the virus out. Governments will eventually pass laws to make it illegal to be unvaxxed, the punishment will be a prison camp, that are being constructed already and right next to crematoriums!

Dying or being maimed by the jabs are being ignored. This is collateral damage, weeding out the ones who can’t tolerate the next set of jabs. The boosters. ALL OTHER trial drugs that kill up to 50 people worldwide, immediately get pulled off the market…yet here we are. Thousands dead, a few million maimed and now they are pushing this onto our kids. Using blackmail now with the slave pass to get more people signed up to this Russian roulette of sticking with the gang.

But this is the reality coming:

Can you imagine a prison without guards and walls that normally keep you confined and away from harming others…you get set free, but you have something in your body, that can kill you within an instant should you fray from the confines of your sentence.

Can you imagine, getting a speeding ticket, getting a driving ban because of that, but something in your body will render you in so much pain should you decide to take your car for a little spin.

Can you imagine, not paying your tax bill, and something in your body triggers an emotion so strong that you have to go pay it immediately.

Can you imagine, that the person who you took into your home who has not been vaxexd, and you helped feed. Stops you from entering a supermarket, so you can’t buy food.

Do I need to go on? The technology is here, it has been for a long time, they just needed you to be connected to it.

Controlling a society and on a global level that brings or unites all human beings on an equal playing field, is a utopia of ideals. And a set of individuals have spent years setting this in motion.

And even if our children who move into this future that we are resisting (some of us are, who get it) end up having happy and balanced lives..because the control has never been as we think, dubious with intention. It is the very idea that humans can be controlled, in order to sustain that happy and balanced life. Someone controls that ultimately, which in our current belief system is unconscionable.

As a person who has had a wonderful life, had the privilege of living in a foreign country. Battled the ordinary and very common failed relationships, fallen out with family and friends, to make up again and seal our love for one another because we could. The very thought of changing that and allowing an un natural substance into our bodies to enhance our futures and alter what makes us human, because some unknown entity decides that will be better for us….is that freedom?

The real freedom is to feel pain, remorse, guilt, be happy, sad, love, live and be in control of your own body and thoughts. No one has the right to take that away. NOT EVER.

The slave passport and being forced to have one right now, as I see it, is nothing more than forced or coercive rape. And it’s at this point NOW, the most important time to resist this. Our already jabbed victims had no idea this was coming. They need to be encouraged to step up and join the fight.

With the demonstrations and riots that are all over Europe over this, we know people are angry and fighting for their rights. But again this is by design, create panic, disorder, chaos and confusion, bring in food shortages and make everyone desperate, so that your government can swoop in and save the day….with a caveat of..get the jab.


It ISN’T!!!!!!!!

We need to win this war for our future generations, Only I am flummoxed as I have no idea how we can!

Scripted…UK is not part of the EU and turns freedom day into medical apartheid day…you could not make this shit up!

I give up.

What more is there to say?

I am not in the UK but it was freedom day today.

Ditch the face nappy.

No more social distancing.

Go back to work, visit a pub and be normal…

Tonight the MSM announced: 60% of the vaccinated were now in hospital with Covid and fuelling the mantra of doom, US citizens are advised not to travel to the UK, due to the rise in infections.

On freedom day it was announced that the UK was now entering a forth wave. How convenient.

Blowjob puts out a speech from Chequers as he is in self isolation (I’m not laughing, even though this and the whole saga of that is in itself incredulous)…..

I need momentum…

Freedom day and at 6pm he makes an announcement that anyone from September who wants to go clubbing has to be double jabbed…having a test no longer cuts the mustard.

OK..I am still in shock trying to find the words.

Where on earth does this make that ruling logical? They’ve been forced to close right the way through this.

And Yet we just had Wimbledon and the Euros….when that rule didn’t apply.

But let’s not get bogged down to logic, as they simply have none.

He read a script, the same one that everyone else is doing.

You simply don’t do that on Freedom day….

But he did.

Designed to crush the ones who have been indoctrinated into believing this is still about a virus.

How much more of this bullshittery will people take?


No image needed on this one.

There are 68.2million people in the UK (

Nearly 18 months of lockdowns and now coercion to get a clotshot.

5.3 million people have been infected

128,000 have sadly died

551 are currently critical right now out of 51.8 thousand cases released today

But in order to reach these stats…..229.1 million tests to date.

I’m wondering about how many of the Covid recovered have gone ahead and had the jab….

We shut our country down when 63 million people haven’t even caught it yet.

Think about that.

We are at war….medical apartheid leading to forced jabs…Are you still asleep?

I have only been back in Madeira for 2 weeks and already the World has shifted again over it’s stance on Covid. Correction, Europe has shifted and as I said in my last post, I’ve just got back and it has become a scary place. To recap, Portugal announced last week, and literally over night made it law, that to dine out and sit inside a restaurant on weekends or bank holidays would mean showing your shiny new Covid Passport to show you had been a good citizen and had your double dose of the blood clotting, heart damaging, sterilising elixir. Or get a test.

To damage the tourist trade further, this was extended to the accommodation sector, hotels, private rentals and campsites by law, to gain entry into those establishments, regardless of the day of the week….you guessed it, one must have the passport or test in order to get a bed for the night. I’ve been watching the reactions of the locals all week on various threads on social media, and no surprise as the Portuguese people, rally around to comply with this new and ridiculous law. I mean, really…does Covid only come out at weekends or on bank holidays? And by staying in a rental home or campsite you are a danger to anyone else… you already had to present a test or show your Covid passport at the airport. This… IS NOT ABOUT HEALTH.

It is clearly a test, to see who would object before implementing even tighter measures. Even though everyone has complained at the imposition and ridiculousness of this – instead of refusing to comply, people are now posting about their experiences on having adhered to the new rules. So you know where we are heading!

And where are we heading? Down the same route as Italy, Spain, France, Ireland and Greece….a few more I can’t remember but all following the same script. Even the UK has gone down that route of No Jab, No Job with it’s health workers having passed a law (very quickly with a 90 minute debate and no cost/benefit analysis to back it up).

But let’s start with what is happening in Europe, because the news footage of demonstrations and now riots is not being aired on main stream media. I searched Sky News, BBC and CNN and none of them have made any headlines about what is going on. President Macron announced a couple of days ago that all health workers had till August to get jabbed or no job. From July 21st French citizens will need to show a Covid passport or have a test to enter leisure facilities and cultural events and then from August it is extended to cafe’s, restaurants and shopping malls. He said on TV that the French needed a push to have the jab and when asked if it will become compulsory, he said, ‘Not Yet’. Meaning that it will obvioulsy. I found a story on the net yesterday which looks as though it has been buried, where an open letter was written by a few important people in the Military warning him that they would step in and free the French people….now it’s disappeared. In the mean time there have been huge demonstrations taking place all over Paris with a few riot break outs, with people chanting ‘Liberty’. And yet today no media coverage on anything reflecting this has been aired.

And it’s not only France….it kicked off in Ireland yesterday with much the same rules being pounced upon the population over night. More demonstrations against the forced vaccine and division in society….yet again, this didn’t get a whiff in the news. I saw footage of massive demonstrations going on in Greece today where hundreds of thousands of people congregated to show their anger at their government for also bringing out similar laws..again over night and with no media coverage.

And outrage today which did get minor media coverage – but at least Talk Radio carried with it, on the new regulations for UK health workers to also be jabbed or they have no job. There is a pattern here, don’t you think?

The war is finally here. Let that sink in for a minute……….. For the majority of us who are awake, we knew it was coming, it was just a question of when and in what form……. now it has become very clear.

For the Brits (and I am one myself) – forget about the mass diversion of Brexit, Boris blowjob had his sights on far more important things. As the saying goes keep your friends close, but your enemies closer….that is exactly what he and other leaders around the world have done. It is only a matter of time, before the same mandates are passed through law over night as have been done in France, Ireland and the rest. Along with Portugal (allies of the Brits and never having had a war with each other) there is this stiff upper lip persona of easing people into new things gently…whereas the other countries clearly don’t give a shit.

But, mistakes are being made in whatever plan they have for our futures, and let’s get this straight right now… give you your somewhat limited freedoms back? They took them all, over the last year or so, and fed us with fear and bullshit…there is no going back from this now. We are at war…and I’ll say it again…we are at war.

But who will fight this war? We are now faced with dictatorships around Europe taking complete control and being steered into a digital hole, trans humanism and a looming fear over climate change, which is also a very debatable subject, by the way. I’m sad to say that it won’t be the already jabbed, mask wearing law abiding citizens as they are now well and truly all right Jack, with their rush to get the passport so they can participate in life again.

Can you imagine your neighbour/or friend inviting you out for a meal and you have to decline because you cant go as you decided not to have the jab…or haven’t been offered it yet? Or have the indignity of standing outside a venue while some one shoves a stick up your nose and whilst you are waiting at the door for the result, they are happily sipping their second cocktail whilst waiting for you, secretly gloating that they have preferential treatment, because they got jabbed and you didn’t. What a fantastic way to turn people against each other and create divisions. First turn the people on each other…..

I had been thinking about writing this post all day and some of the anger and wrath I was feeling to come across….but as usual when I start writing it doesn’t come out the way I envisaged it. I want to rant about the injustice of what is happening and go into Eu law, Nuremberg and cite others who have spoken out against this and yet its seems pointless. I want to share with you what I have learned about the vaccines but, does that change anything? The awake who are reading this are just as frustrated as I am about how we are being steered into this and where this will end, with out some kind of MASSIVE intervention. We are at war…but how do we conclude this, so we win?

And in part my problem is this…Many who know me, know I started to write a Novel…actually I have 6 unfinished ones, because I just couldn’t get them to the end. There are two in particular that I wrote which eerily mirror what is happening now. (one was about a deadly virus and being stuck on an island which I called..The Eden Project) But I will share a passage that seems very poignant to me right now. I wrote this 10 years ago…from the other Novel I was working on which I called ‘Retraction’. This is about an elderly couple who led the world into the ‘Freedom of Life Movement’ to save the planet…..and this is how they did it:

“All five councillors had been carefully selected from a group of children that had been nurtured to the ideas and forward thinking of the movement. They had no idea that their futures had been mapped out for them when the organisation was in its infancy. Or that their subtle brainwashed beliefs were to ensure their commitment to the project. Their parents never saw their legacies come to power as part of the program was to eradicate disease, the elderly and the criminals – to reconstruct the community. During the 10 year phase in plan, Jeledrial and Vendellyne needed to find a way to implement this without the barbaric start of their future alienating the population. With the country in chaos, trying to come to terms with the knowledge that they would be cut off from the outside world, came rebellion and distrust. Riots and looting broke out at the beginning and the mass murder had begun with the trouble makers. They knew society would have to break down before they could swoop in and fix it. So, they let events happen naturally and incited a few more until people started screaming at the government for all the bad to stop. They became willing to do anything for a quiet and meaningful life and were grateful when the armed forces stepped in and took control.

The second wave of eradication came more subtly. Rebuilding riot stricken areas around the country created new jobs. Money phased into credits, companies went out of business and people were reassigned to new areas of work. For those who became a threat or opposed the move forward were quietly disposed of under the guise of being moved with an enticing package for them to do so. Communication was controlled and limited. Portions of the lower class society who hadn’t been caught up in the clashes, were given priority on better housing and became the first guinea pigs for the ‘Food of Life’ handouts program. Support grew from the ground up as lives were improved and made easier than they had ever had it before. The common stresses of unemployment, poor quality schooling and lack of money were instantly solved. They had been given a new life on a silver platter, but paid for it by being tested on.

D-day arrived on June 16th 2049. Airports were closed. The last of the ships, cruise liners and recreational crafts were rounded up and pulled ashore. Telecommunications with the outside world were shut down and the country became isolated.”

In my book, it was a done deal, no one could fight back. And when I wrote this, it seemed quite logical to me that if change were to happen and force the populous into going in a direction under the guise of the greater good (in this case, the planet is allowed to breath again)..that chaos needed to ensue, in order for calm, to then control.

Maybe we should be doing the opposite. Creating a network of people who will simply not comply, with others to come and back them up when shit gets real. Create a resistance where we don’t fight at all. Demonstrations and the rioting that is going on now, clearly isn’t working. The last year in the Uk there has been a ‘stand in the park’ revolution which has gained no publicity in MSM to show that there are people, hordes of people that are not in unison with what is being pumped out to us. We have been deliberately cut off from anything that is deemed dangerous and could gather traction amongst the population.

There is no doubt that nefarious organisations are behind the latest tyrannical measures being forced upon countries in Europe, when the data no longer supports the illusion of a pandemic. To be perfectly honest, I’d be happy to be stuck on an island of like minded unvaccinated people who are happy to go about their lives and do their thing….would this not be easier to just say..this is what we are going to do in the real world, piss off to that country where you don’t have to be a part of what the rest of the world is doing. This is fantasy, I know, because I also know that I am not the only one who feels that THIS and what is happening is WRONG and needs to be stopped. Medical Apartheid is upon us and I am fighting for my kids and grandchildren with the future of what we give them….question is…will you?

I’m back and more disappointed than ever!

It’s been 3 months since I last wrote something in my blog. So, to cut a long story short..I got depressed. Got some happy pills and went about my life. That life consisted of still couch surfing and living out of a suitcase, whilst I did the rounds. I had a car which brilliantly whizzed up and down motorways and got me to A, B,C and X. Last week, I finally managed to fly home to Madeira.

I have very mixed feelings about being back….I miss my family (having had a whole 6 months of being utterly surrounded and loved by them, something I have missed for 20 odd years), I got to meet my new beautiful granddaughter and spend so much valuable time with my other two grandchildren and niece. But getting back home and surrounded by my own ‘things’ seems a little surreal at the moment. I didn’t really have the chance to ‘land’ because as soon as I got here, I was packing my over night case again to spend the weekend preparing my Funchal house for my first set of guests in 18 months. They are now in.

Having taken many flights during this pandemic the flight back to Madeira was my 12th. Gatwick was a breeze even though most of the shopping was now open, there weren’t that many flights or passengers, however my flight was full and I was stuck in the middle seat between two blokes. To the right of me, he snored all the way through the flight and to the left he was engrossed in music on his phone….I sat in my seat for 3 and half hours with nowhere to put my elbows. It was uncomfortable.

When we got to Funchal the non EU passport line which is a single lane for the misfits of non Europeans..was hassle free as the majority of passengers were Portuguese. So, even with my residence card, this part of the process was quick and easy. In order to fly home, I needed to have a PCR test that didn’t expire within 72 hours of the arrival…at a grand cost of 150 quid, I got mine on the Friday evening as I flew Monday morning. And I will add here, I did the test myself as I refused to have the nurse stick that swab into the back of my brain… was negative and I was fit to fly.

I collected my massive collection of heavy bags (6 months of having a life somewhere else against your will, means seasonal clothing and gifts and stuff one can’t live without…so an extra suitcase is always needed to come home)…I was then met by a group of ladies after baggage control to direct me to the green line. A friendly face in perfect English assumes you are a tourist and with whited teeth and a refreshingly polite smile, I am given my QR code (because when I filled out my mandatory Covid passport to travel, even though I am not jabbed, but I still have to have one, with my negative result in it) I am now directed down the green line to meet a doctor who then verifies my credentials. After this, I am a free bird! I will add here, that as a resident I am supposed to have another test on day 2 and day 8…as a tourist you get to bypass that (is that fair)? However,, when I filled in the form on line, I must admit that I entered an exit country date for a week after my arrival, then decided I shouldn’t do that….but the bloody website wouldn’t let me change it, so of course I haven’t had the day 2 or day 8 test and no one has rung me or checked up on it. Thinking I would have the gestapo at my door when they realised I hadn’t left the country, I took my own test (which was negative) just to be on the safe side – of being reprimanded and thrown in prison for flouting the stupid rules. BUT, I have since learned that every test I have taken further endangers my health along with everyone elses…as the damn swabs are saturated with `ethylene Oxide – a highly potent carcinogenic which has some serious other health effects when inhaled…and where do we put this thing?

And in my Meme above, this is how I feel being back, because I am now back in the EU and this is a frightening place to be. I have no right to be exempt from wearing a mask anywhere…I’ve not worn a face nappy since before Christmas…I’ve hugged and kissed everyone, flown, flouted most rules and had a life, restricted as it was…if super spreaders existed, I most certainly qualified as one..,yet no one in my circle has had the virus (that we know about) or have I had it. I spoke and engaged with so many people and asked them and I have not had one interaction with anybody that has been affected by a virus other than restrictions, and the doom of life caused by this…BUT, I have had more contact with people that have had problems with the vaccine.

And the shock in the last 3 months of not writing anything in my Blog, is seeing how the Covid Passport has been planned, and now a reality. Even if the UK who says it will disband all restrictions on the 19th July…to get into their neighbouring countries for holidays or general travel means having a Covid passport, because the EU has decided to flout human rights of freedom of travel and make this a law.

Portugal has gone one step further, and as of yesterday they brought out a new rule on mainland, that if you want to eat indoors at a restaurant you have to provide proof that you have been double jabbed to have that privilege on weekends and bank holidays. Adding to the furore that if you decide to holiday there, whether it be a hotel, private rental or campsite you have to show proof of your health status in order to sleep the night. The AL community are up in arms as to the policing and ruling of a stupendous new law that requires medical apartheid regulations. It’s a fucking farce.

But this is where our new normal is heading and unless we say NO and don’t comply to the bullshittery, we will continue to head into the realms of communism and fascist states. What is alarming to me, is the hordes of people lining up to have the jabs just to travel (their only motivation) because they were threatened before it became another rule. There in lies the problem, people too eager to comply because to be not allowed a freedom that is their right to start with has conditions when the state decides to create a false emergency. This absolutely is one, and it has gone far beyond their expectations. The fear porn, coercion and bullshit has worked and for those of us who saw through the lies…we aren’t enough.

Does anyone know where I can buy a gun? As I have the feeling that I may need to exercise my right to arm myself when the world goes to shit, because it will. Tomorrow I am off to go buy bog paper and pasta as food shortages are coming….no matter where you live. This isn’t getting any better…..the plandemic is here to stay..when we reach Z in the naming of the variants most of the population will be dropping like flies from this round of jabs.

Let’s talk about mental health.

It’s my birthday today. But it’s cancelled. I just can’t face it and cannot cope with the idea it entails. Instead of waking up this morning to a loving family who wanted to cook me breakfast and take me out for a walk, I shut myself away…got myself into a state and haven’t stopped crying since I opened my eyes this morning. I was the same yesterday and the day before that. They have gone off for the walk and I am still sitting here moping, trying to pull my shit together.

Yesterday morning I recognised that I was having a melt down and realising that I needed some help, contacted my doctor. I haven’t seen one for depression in years, because I have always been able to deal with it myself. This is far beyond anything I can deal with now. I had a long chat with her (through my tears and frustration), she left me for 5 minutes to talk to another professional about my case, agreeing that I was indeed on the edge. Yes, I could have some antidepressants, but I would need to wait till Monday after another chat with her. But over the weekend she suggested I contact mental health services and do myself a referral. She sent me a link to the website. I came off the phone feeling really pissed off, because one of the reasons I couldn’t have the pills now, was because I was in crisis. I bloody know I’m in crisis, that is WHY I contacted the doctor.

I took a look at the website and didn’t bother to do anything with it….I have to make contact, I have to ask again, I have to use an impersonal interface. I have been abandoned by the NHS for the weekend. She thinks I’m suicidal, so I am told to go to a website to deal with it. If I could stop crying, I would be laughing at the irony of yet another bullshit situation.

And this is how we now deal with mental health. It’s so fucked up, is it any wonder that the suicide rate right now has rocketed?

I can’t help but ask who is to blame…..if I do myself in, obviously my family would be gutted, but then there would be questions….and then the anger and then the feeling of helplessness, because it would have been needless (if I didn’t get given the help). So who do my family sue, who do they hold accountable? I am strong enough in mind to hold out till Monday, but I know that lots of people in my position aren’t as strong as me. They teeter on that precipice of complete misery, and although I am there, I do have a loving family that supports me, even when I am rejecting them at the moment. They are the reason I resist the urge to jump off a cliff.

I could spout a million reasons why I am in the state I am in, and although I keep counting my blessings it really doesn’t stop that awful pain of hopelessness. I am in limbo with a life I can’t get back to, because the bods in charge are obstructing this. I have no purpose and have become a wandering nomad stuck in a country that won’t allow me to leave. This entire debacle we are all in has affected everybody in their each individual ways, so I really can’t single myself as an exception. But I have had enough of the bullshit, I really have.

So, the point is, this. We are failing our mentally ill. If I am struggling and have to visit a website when a doctor recognises that their patient (me) has reached crisis point… the hell is anyone else getting any proper help? That reaction is enough to tip anyone over the edge…..and has made me even more fucking angry.

But of course, let us not forget we are in a pandemic with a super deadly virus on the loose. Maybe the end game is for us all to kill ourselves if that virus or having the jab doesn’t do it…..we keep being told that our problem is an over populated planet…come on governments, why not gas us all instead. Then no one has to continue putting up with the long suffering misery they have forced upon us.

What’s the point in mental health services? There isn’t any!

The Vaccines… we really need a Vaccination Passport? (Part 3)

I got into a bit of a debate this evening on the NHS group on Facebook that is now heavily promoting the vaccine, using misleading language to lull more takers. One chap attacked the anti – covid vaxxers (my language is correct here, as not all of us who don’t want this one, are anti- vaxxers). He claimed, that as he was now vaccinated he could get back to normal life and the people who were refusing to get jabbed were a danger to each other, because the vaccinated are safe as they can’t pass on the virus to each other (another vaccinated person). Someone else corrected him, but he still insisted that he was now a club member of the immune.

And in this last week there have been hoards of face bookers all adopting their profile badge of honour, letting us know they are vaccinated. They gave themselves a medal and now have a super power…..and come across as supreme beings by announcing their achievement. What also comes across is this now fashionable fad of being unselfish, they did this for the good of everyone else. They made a sacrafice. And the truth is, they have. Sad part is, they have no idea of the sacrifice they just made. I salute them for their contribution to science, which allows me (the wary) to watch the global trial gather momentum, allow the science to iron out the quirks as they come to the fore, before I decide if this is the right step for me.

But then again, I have that nagging thing, going on in the back of my head. Why would I even consider a vaccine against a virus that most people get mildly anyway. If the 4 million people that got infected with Covid in the last year out of the 68 million living in this country actually died of this, then maybe I wouldn’t be so hesitant. The 4 million survived it and sadly 122,000 fell victim. (But as I said in my earlier post, that death figure is a little way out there, as we know the stats are inflated for a variety of reasons anyway. Which further enhances my point).

And then I look at the 4 million again, who have caught this in a year, who got it mildly and then couldn’t go back to life as the government shut everything down for that. And a vast majority of people still advocate keeping us shut down. The country ground to a halt, businesses have gone bankrupt, kids had to be home schooled, the elderly were shielded and cut off from human contact, mothers gave birth without their partners, teenagers couldn’t see their mates, shops, malls, and theatres were closed. The Pub, club and Hotel industries crippled. More people die of cancer and other illnesses. Suicides have rocketed. And now the government wants everyone to take a genetically engineered prophylactic treatment that alters a persons immune system for a virus that has an incredibly low mortality rate.

And now they want to make everyone have a Vaccination Passport.

Where is the benefit to anyone having one of those?

On my island back in January our dictator announced that he would welcome any tourist who has been vaccinated – as the UK embarked on the program very hastily in December. He wants tourists and a small early boost to the completely fucked economy. I should know as my business is in tourism. I have 3 properties all sitting empty. One is a Quinta with two holidays lets, a five bedroom house in the city and a half finished building, where I have just secured planning permission to convert it into a part hostel/boutique hotel with a restaurant, pub and pool. There are now some 30 plus hotels up for sale, countless holiday homes on the market and restaurants and bars that will never reopen again. The islands economy works solely from the tourism trade apart from exporting very small bananas to the mainland. We went into lockdown before the UK. The border was tightened and everyone who arrived went into a forced 14 day quarantine in a hotel. We were in masks before everyone else and we had literally zero cases. There is no exempt non mask wearer, it is not allowed. The airport opened up again and PCR tests were given on arrival. They did everything to stop the virus coming in, made us break contact with each other before it even got there and by Christmas the inevitable happened…people started to get positive got in. My business completely crashed at the beginning of this, no help from the government, until today. An email from my accountant telling me I am eligible for some form of assistance. I must apply before the deadline in June and could get 400 euros. 5 million euros has been dedicated for aid to my industry. I will apply for it, but it’s an absolute insult.

I digress. Will a Vaccination passport actually bring that much needed business to my island? I can’t see how it does. As having a paper telling the authorities that the tourist who just entered had a vaccine, will NOT make a jot of difference to the spreading of the virus across a border. A vaccinated person can still catch the virus and can still pass it on. They still have to be muzzled. So, how different is that to me returning home (if a flight will ever get me there), if I am unvaccinated. I have an immune system and will still have to take a test before I go AND quarantine myself for 14 days after I get there. A tourist won’t have to do that, they can come and go as they please with the new passport, but they are not immune or any different to me. They don’t have to quarantine like I do….so what is the point?

It could even be said that a vaccinated person could be more dangerous than an unvaccinated person, and Dr Fauci in a video I watched this evening explained the problem with this. That a vaccinated person is more likely to become infected with the virus and not know they have it, because the vaccine is designed to reduce the illness. This is why the pressure is on to keep the muzzle…because vaccinated people are more likely to be asymptomatic carriers…..This isn’t something you will hear on Sky news or the BBC or anything that Blowjob and Wank will tell the public. And maybe the reason why the coercion is maxed to the hilt for everyone to be jabbed. Maybe the passport is to protect the unvaccinated!

The sad part is that many people have joined the jabbing queue for all the wrong reasons…to travel because of the the threat of a vaccination passport. PACE (Parliamentary Council of Europe) already passed a law stating that Vaccination was voluntary, could not be enforced or forced or be discriminated against for those who choose not to have it. The UK is a member and is governed by this law. To enforce a Vaccination Passport would be discriminatory along with any business holding employees to ransom by the no jab, no job threat. The fact that there is talk about this passport has created fear, and what do people do when they are in fear? Go line up for the jab. Personally I think that this topic is another coercive deception by our governments to encourage the uptake of the jab. Don’t forget that money has been plowed into this completely needless exercise and they don’t want to be held accountable later on when all the law suits are filed and the public enquiries start when this plandemic is over.

I still trust my immune system (although mine is wrecked due to Lyme) but I would rather trust that over an injection that has never been tested on humans before now. And if it all goes wrong, the one off tax free compensation vaccine injury payment by the Government of a measly 120,000 GBP is no where near enough to convince me to take the chance.

The Vaccines…..Let’s look at the numbers (Part 2)

My last blog on this subject gained quite a bit of criticism (and support) but it’s the negative comments that we tend to be affected by. By writing a blog and sharing my thoughts on it, I am now deemed an ‘influencer’ and someone who is quite dangerous. I was told yesterday that by sharing my thoughts, opinions and theories, I was endangering lives. What a load of crock! Everyone and I mean everyone has a right to an opinion, has the right to share it how they feel and for all of those who are reading this, are perfectly capable of making their own decisions, and can take or leave the bits they like or don’t like. The naysayers think I should be censored and just shut up.

I have spent hours, weeks and months of research and if I get something wrong, then I get it wrong. I was called out for calling one of the jabs a ‘dead virus’ vaccine, my language was incorrect and should have called them either ‘Attenuated or Inactive’ however I chose a layman’s term, so that no one has to go and look up what they actually are. But if you don’t like my Blog, simply don’t come and read it…it’s that simple. You have a choice!

For me, writing this is a healing exercise, I am a writer and find this medium the only way to express myself. I get so frustrated with what has been going on in the world, using my blog is my parapet, but if I suddenly started using a megaphone and blasting everyone in the street with my opinions, most would have thought I have ‘lost me marbles’. I am just a normal person like everyone else, and I like everyone else is worried about what is going on around us. So, I will continue with this blog, and that’s the end of it.

In a previous post I chucked some stats about, and I keep an eye on them every few days. I still can’t wrap my head around the fuss over Covid and the figures just sum it up for me, that this whole affair has been a massive over reaction. I use the Worldometer website that gives an in-depth view on the global scale. So, I am going to crunch some numbers today as an example.

Today the world wide figures are:

Total infections to date: 114,752,383

Deaths to date: 2,544,451 (3%)

Recovered to date: 90,304,817 (97%)

Current active infections: 21,903,115

Mild Condition: 21,812,823 (99.6%)

Serious/critical condition: 90,292 (0.4%)

Closed cases: 92,849,268

Estimated Global population: 7.8 Billion

As Chris Witty said ‘A significant proportion of people will not get this virus at all’..this is not quoted from the meme above, I watched and heard him say this on one of the briefings many months ago. Then why do we need this panic to be vaccinated against something, which does not become a death wish to the vast majority who catch it.

The UK government in their wisdom, has invested and wasted billions of public money on making this the biggest crisis we have ever faced in history. This has become a political situation and not based on medical need anymore. If I remember correctly, the UK purchased 500 million doses of several types of Vaccine, we only have a population of around 68 million in this country. Even if you double dose (and this is accounting for everyone to be jabbed) they have still over bought product at nearly double the amount needed. They have to get everyone on board to use it or they waste it on donating it to other less fortunate countries. And who paid for it? You did. And you will continue to pay for all negligent spending they have done since this began.

It also raises another question. If it takes 3 months to jab 20 million people and all the resources of the NHS are currently focussed on this, along with the help of other entities, not concentrating on their own purposes, because of this….and we are supposed to then have a yearly jab, which will take the best part of the year to conclude. When does the NHS ever go back to normal? Jabbing people will have to become the priority for the health service…forever. This is unsustainable along with the crappy and totalitarian idea of a Vaccination Passport.

But, then again maybe this is where technology is used in the future to become less labour intensive to deliver medicines and vaccines. That a simple yearly script is sent in the post. You pop into the chemist and receive your vaccine dose which comes in the form of a sticking plaster. Micro needles deliver the serum and your smart phone registers your vaccination. If you think this is conspiracy theory then take a look at this website, where they already use this kind of system for Diabetes.

The problem we are facing right now, is we are still being kept from leading a normal life, and today the news announced another headline that is designed to keep the fear of Covid going and making everyone question the roadmap of opening up the country over the next few months. It is the latest hot topic over the Brazilian Strain that is reportedly more deadly than the others. Some ignorant fool came into the country and didn’t fill in the paperwork. Now some 6 people have tested positive for it and it is so bad that they have employed Royal Mail to help identify the perpetrator.

What’s next? Will that poor person be sent to prison for deliberately spreading a new strain? Will this be another fantastic reason to keep us closed down for a few months more? Is it even true???????

Let’s take a look at the stats for the UK

Total cases to date: 4,257,650

Deaths to date: 122,849

Recovered to date: 2,905,317

Active cases: 1,148,388

In serious or critical condition: 1,971

We have a population of 68 million, 20 million have been vaccinated already, only 4 million have caught the virus in a year. There were 89,162,545 tests to find the infections. More tests were conducted than the population of the country. I question those numbers further, given that we know people have tested positive which goes straight into the statistics bank, who never had the virus. We know that death certificates have been labelled as Covid deaths when they weren’t. This also goes into the statistical database. Autopsies have been banned and still are. So we will never really know the true picture.

But the question still remains. Are we really in a pandemic and do we really need to vaccinate healthy people, who are not elderly and/or vulnerable?

People really need to stop living in fear of something that ‘might’ be gruesome. The government and its coercion and blackmail needs to be held accountable for destroying peoples lives. I fear this to be something that will drag on for years, while the virus itself fizzles out into nothing more than the common cold.