For all of those people who told me to go catch Covid and die…I’m still here!

I’ve not been well. I caught Covid and I survived. It’s a flu. Our world has been obliterated and become a dystopian forever nightmare, because of a flu. I am even more aghast now I’ve actually had it.

Mind you, having flouted as many rules as I could get away with over the last 2 years, it has taken 2 years to finally catch it myself. This just confirms the mass hysteria that has been brought about by evil people who are still insisting on creating as much fear and damage to our lives…perpetuated now by the convenient and new non deadly Moronic Strain. How people are still believing in all of this bullshit is frustrating to understand…because I just don’t understand it.

So what is it like to get Covid? well, the one thing I can agree on is, it is unpleasant. I can also see how easy it is to spread, given that when I came down with it, I thought I had the super cold at first, that has been doing its rounds and I thought I caught that cold off my son. I also did a lateral flow test to make sure that I wasn’t coming down with the so called deadly disease, which came back negative and so, I didn’t worry too much about putting myself in to my own quarantine. After all, no one is scared of catching a cold. But the day I came down with it, my father and step mother did too. As we were all huddled up in the living room, identifying with each other at how unwell we felt, whilst monging in front of the TV with our lemsips, we all had completely different symptoms. My dad immediately had the cough which he couldn’t stop, my step mother was just achy with the chills and I could not stop sneezing..the kind that ruptures your ribs and muscles and spews out the germs everywhere. So, we laid around for about a week, eating our vitamins, taking lemsip and sleeping when we could, because night time was the worst…at the end of that week I had a day where I started to feel better, so went down to my son’s for the weekend to see my grandkids, we had dinner out that night, and then the following day I was floored and took root on their sofa. My throat was so swollen and sore, my ears felt as if there was a start of an ear infection, my taste and smell changed (I didn’t lose it, but it was very subdued and an odd sensation and difficult to describe)..but it was the mucus, the over production of it that just flowed to the point I felt like I was drowning in it. I had zero energy and wanted to be sick.

I stayed for 5 days before going back to my parents house and when I got home, my dad was still suffering with exhaustion, the rampant cough and sloping off to bed several times a day… symptoms got worse and my watch alerted me to my blood oxygen levels dropping to 90-92% and even though I was able to breath, I wasn’t getting the oxygen and that is the most unpleasant feeling of all. By now I was convinced that it must be Covid, and I had done two more lateral flow tests that came back negative. By the Wednesday I had contacted my doctor as I now knew I had a bacterial infection on top of everything else. My mucus was green and bloody, my throat was raw and swollen and I felt utterly dreadful. Also I now had the dreaded cough. I needed antibiotics.

In the UK we have a method now where you use an online form to get an appointment and it’s called ‘Ask my GP’, so I filled in the request form and outlined my symptoms and declared it was a super cold, now in need of antibiotics as the lateral flow tests were negative. I got a reply. Telling me that I needed to do a PCR test, because the lateral flow test is not designed to give a positive result if you do it with symptoms. Those tests are only designed to pick up asymptomatic infection…in other words only use those if you feel well! I was told a large portion of people in our areas with similar symptoms were coming up negative on the LFT’s but testing positive on PCR. Once I had a result they could discuss treatment options with me. So I was rebutted and told to go away until my test results came back.

I ordered the test online and had it sent to home as I was not up to venturing out to a walk in place. And when it arrived I swabbed my cheek and sent it back. By Thursday evening I was climbing the walls and rang the surgery begging for a prescription. The receptionist again told me, I should wait for the result to come back and call again the following day…my response to her was I hope I don’t suffocate to death during the night!

By Friday lunchtime and with still no test result in sight I was panicking about the approaching weekend, my sister brought her asthma inhaler down to me to see if it would help with my breathing, which it did. I reeled off an angry ‘Ask my GP’ request again, stating how I was being denied any treatment based on the lack of a test result and that I was now facing the weekend and what would be my next option, hospital? I was desperate. Within the hour a doctor called me, apologising profusely and we did an assessment over the phone. He agreed that the symptoms I was having were classic Covid and that I now had a bacterial infection on top of the viral infection. He prescribed me antibiotics and an inhaler, and to call 111 if my symptoms worsened over the weekend. I asked him what the treatment would then be once my result came back and he said there isn’t any, its a matter of time, but at least we are resolving the bacterial part of the illness! He also explained about the lateral flow tests and how they were ‘misunderstood’ that only PCR was the way to test for the infection. My test result came back on the Sunday…and it was negative! (which wasn’t surprising as I didn’t do it properly anyway)!

During that week, my daughter and son in law were also sick, they had travelled back up to Scotland after the family party. They went away for the weekend with friends, and although feeling poorly took lateral flow tests that were negative, so continued with their travel plans. On my advice they went to a walk in and got a PCR test and the following day, their results came back Positive, their friends have now caught the virus!

My sister and nephew who flew over for the family get together also fell ill when they returned to the states…they were told the complete opposite about the LFT tests and because they are negative, do not believe they have it. Yet, we all were together at the same time and then fell ill in the same time line…and now a different set of beliefs on what each of us had, based on tests that are not reliable anyway. Small little disagreements now as to whether we are over reacting and calling it Covid when it was a cold or a simple flu.

Also, this did not discriminate on who caught it…based on being jabbed. I am unjabbed (also have late stage Lyme Disease, so I do have an underlying condition), my dad has been triple jabbed and my step mother double jabbed. She got away very lightly. My daughter is unjabbed like me, her husband jabbed and he was sicker than she was. My American sister is also jabbed and so is my 5 year old nephew, yet they returned home taking it with them. We were all ill and some of us had a totally different set of symptoms. My daughter like me, thought we had a very bad cold to start with and a week into that suddenly it hit.

But for me having had flu, at varying stages of my life, the drowning in mucus and the difficulty in getting enough oxygen when breathing was something I have not experienced before and that was very unpleasant. It’s been 3 weeks since I came down with this and although on the mend am still experiencing the coughing fits, extra mucus production and fatigue. It’s doing the rounds with others I know…and no one so far has been hospitalised.

But for me and some of the other members of my family, we are now relieved to have had it, as this for us means we have natural immunity…the best kind. My daughter’s other grandad asked her if now she would see sense to go and get vaccinated….I am so proud of her as she replied, erm, the complete opposite, why would I need it now?!

I got asked the other day if I had the Moronic strain…..I have no idea and I don’t care either, as it really doesn’t matter. You either catch this thing or you don’t. And if you do, you hunker down, take the over the counter medications to relieve your symptoms and then only call on medical assistance if you need it. This massive assumption and fear that to catch this is instant ridiculous. It is a flu, but the fear of catching it has gripped the world and created mass hysteria over something that still has a 99.98% chance of survival, that still kill on average the over 80 year olds and upwards, (those with comorbidities)…even with the mass campaigns, bribes, coercion and fear tactics and staggering numbers of the jabbed…haven’t changed those statistics. The numbers have not improved.

And two years in, we are being denied our freedoms, unable to travel, told to keep testing, mandated to wear face nappies and now have a health passport to participate in anything that is remotely fun. We are now being pushed into boosters to save lives and protect everyone else. Kids are being jabbed as young as 5 to save grannies life. Yet the stats haven’t changed….99.98% survival rate, 80+ with other conditions are the average age of death. How the fuck did we get to this?

Last night, Alburquerque, the dictator in Madeira has now threatened to fine people for not wearing their face nappy in the street. To go look at the Christmas lights in Funchal, parts of it are cordoned off so that only those with a health passport and a negative test can have have access go see them. France have now decided that no one from the UK vaccinated or not can enter their country. In wales on Boxing day all Nightclubs are being forced to close. In Norway they have banned alcohol sales and in Canada citizens are being denied access to groceries unless they are double jabbed. In India it is now coming out at the alarming situation of the rise in heart attacks and blood clots…

Dr Robert Malone, the inventor of MRNA vaccines has put out a statement to the world asking every parent to understand the severe risks of vaccinating their children before they allow their 5 year old to have a jab that is irreversible. This is being censored. There are demands from all over the world to revoke the vaccination program as the numbers of adverse reactions and deaths are at critical levels….all being ignored.

And whilst our wanky Womble dictator in the UK refuses to answer to the parties at downing street during the lockdowns he demanded…has now thrown everyone who has any other illness under the bus. Doctors are now to stop seeing patients and concentrate on getting the Boosters done by January. And for everyone of those idiots who line up to get it have just potentially killed another human being, by not having their cancer treatment or life saving medication because they weren’t seen by a doctor when they get ill. A booster jab is far more important than any thing else.

I write my blogs in disbelief that I am writing them most of the time, as the surreal reality of a majority of the human race have completely lost the plot. That I am selfish for wanting to look after my own health and make my own decisions about it. But to me, the selfishness is those who believe that they must rush to save their own lives first and kick the really ill people to the curb so they don’t become ill themselves….and will do the same when it comes to their 4th, 5th and 10th booster. And after all of those still believe that an unjabbed person is still the problem, to them! That governments around the world are responsible for the upcoming surge of truly tragic losses of life…the inevitable expectation of the body bags that will be lining up as promised when this hysterical bullshit was launched on the world. But the body bags won’t be filled with dead Covid victims…they will be occupied by the vaccinated, the cancers that have robbed people of their lives and a myriad of other health conditions that didn’t get treated because of this farce.

They have blood on their hands and the only way to stop this now is to stop listening to their crap, to stop complying to their bullshit mandates, to stop believing that the flu will kill you, to stop being scared of breaking the rules. To stop being a sheep because it is easier to be one. To stop believing that if you do everything you are told, we can go back to normal. How has that worked for you so far?

It’s time to take back your life and take control of it and defy the nutters who are trying to ruin it. If everyone did that, we would stamp this out by Christmas. But sadly no one has the guts to say no.

Everyone believes that there will be another lockdown as soon as Christmas is over….how many will comply to this one and allow their businesses to be be taken away and ruined for good? What is it going to take for people to get mad and see through the psychological abuse that has been forced upon everyone for 24 long months. When are people going to realise as each country imposes the exact same tyranny that it is coming for us too? That tyranny already presented itself with the passports being passed in parliament last week…..

Once those bodies bags start lining up, it will be too late.

The line has been crossed..what will you do about it?

And now for my rant. My line has been crossed.

I am aghast at the lack of anger among the worlds population over what is going on…I am aghast at the lack of action from the population over what is going on. I am aghast that most people do not see what is going on. I am aghast that if they do, no one is doing anything about it.

I am bloody fucking angry that people are NOT bloody fucking angry at what is going on.

I am in the UK and in the last 24 hours the British Government have just had another well orchestrated leak dumped into the media about their mismanagement and mass flout of the ethics, rules and tyranny they imposed on the public whilst they laughed and partied the night away….Instead of the fat, crazy haired womble resigning this evening he dared to extend the news this evening to declare war on the public using the moronic excuse to now dish out passports and threatening to make them mandatory.

We knew it was coming, but how dare he try and do that today!

If any one from this point onwards, participates, complies or advocates this – is a war criminal…will be a willing participant in crimes against humanity and is not welcome at my dinner table.

I cant write this blog tonight as I am so incensed by the bare faced cheek and shock that our government think we are still so stupid to believe that the new scarient is so deadly as to warrant the passport and more restrictions. We watch the news and we listen to what the other scientists say…Omicron is no more harmful than a common cold…yet Twat face Blowjob thinks he can lock us all down again, force us into masks and implement a QR freedom code to live life…because he says its too dangerous to live life normally unless you have been jabbed. Is he not aware of what is going on in Canada and Australia? Would he not be condemning their countries for flouting democracy and governments imposing their will over the tyrannical measures that country has taken currently?

Ask yourself, why hasn’t he?

The monthly Marches and non violent demonstrations haven’t worked in the bid to stop this…we need action, we need to go to war with our governments and take back what they are stealing from us. The lying fucking wanker at number 10 needs to be dragged out of there and publicly hung. The people all around the world need to take out their rotten apples too…..we are at war.

UK has now fallen. Which country is next?

Madeira has fallen, Moronic strain now the convenient patsy…are you still terrified?

I haven’t been able to write this Blog post as I was part of something where I had to be in incognito for a few days, else a surprise would have been rumbled and a few months of planning would have gone tits up!

I am back in the UK! And I am now staying until January, because on the day I left, our dictator in Madeira announced out of the blue, a set of new restrictions that were designed to wage war against the non compliant unvaccinated portion of that society. He made the announcement the day before I left, and put us all into shock. I was planning an 8 day visit back to the UK to surprise my parents as me and my sisters had organised a surprise party for our parents, a special one off event to celebrate their Ruby anniversary. There are four of us and we are spread around, one lives in North Carolina, and she managed to escape for a week from the States, another lives on the Isle of Wight, my youngest moved back from the States a couple of years ago and was our man on the ground. My daughter came down with her family from Scotland, and my daughter in law played a major role along with my sister to make this party a very special and surprise event.

Having had the news that life in Madeira, was about to take a very drastic change, I was panicking the night before, asking them whether I should get on the flight! I have an exceptional family and am very proud of them all…their response was..YES, get on the plane and we will deal with whatever happens as a family. We did earlier this year when I got stuck for 6 months in the UK…and I am back to that again, couch surfing but most importantly, spending time with my brilliant family!

For me the excitement of getting on a plane and having 8 days with the family again was marred by the sudden direction Madeira was heading into. The morning before my flight, our President had gone on camera telling the residents not to panic as everything was under control, there had been a slight rise in cases. By the evening, he made the announcement that there was to be a meeting and then announcement at 5pm the following day that was to decide the fate of the unvaccinated…suddenly there was a problem with us. I left the following morning, wondering what terrible decisions would be made whilst I was in the air. I seem to have this knack of escaping Madeira’s bullshit just at the right time.

My son collected me from the airport and my Grandchildren were thrilled as they had no idea that I was arriving…I was glued to my phone as the news came in as to what the new rules were to be on the way home. That evening was also taken up with talking to people from back home and being with the family as I had a deluge of messages asking me for my thoughts and advice. I couldn’t post anything on social media or on my Blog as I needed to lay low for a few more days before the party. The party went to plan, my parents were blown away, so many people came and they now have some more happy memories to add to the others. We pulled it off!

Meanwhile, back in Madeira, shock pervaded the island as Alburquerque went on TV and announced the new mandates, rules and tyranny. None of which is legal and the wording on the new mandates have left many very confused. But it was not just a kick in the teeth to the unvaccinated but also to those who complied and got their shots….so in reality being vaccinated is no different to being unvaccinated…and this is what he has decreed:

I left on the Thursday and the new rules were supposed to start from midnight on the Friday, he had to back down and delay it a week, because what he mandated was utterly impossible and threw the island into a mad dash to get vaccinated and tested.

The rules ensured that anyone who wasn’t vaccinated could not enter a bar, restaurant, shop, mall, or even put petrol in their car. everything off limits except a supermarket as long as one had a negative test to enter. Even parts of Funchal would be zoned so that the unvaccinated couldn’t have access.

But for the vaccinated, compliant sheep, the shock was even more damning, as he declared that every resident on the island got mandatory tested once a week….they could only access services WITH a vaccine passport AND a negative test. The funfair arrived at the weekend, and yep you guessed it…fully vexed with proof of a negative test to get on a ride. The Christmas market this year will not be selling food or alcohol and and access is with neg test and passport.

This includes tourists!

Naturally I am pissed…as this twat has just fucked over my business yet again. I had only been back in Madeira for 2 months after being stuck and business was good, because everything seemed to be relaxing. The new rules came out and all but one of my bookings have now cancelled. I have just lost over 6 grand in revenue between now and Christmas…what tourist wants to go on holiday and be held to ransom over going to dinner in a restaurant by showing a health vaccination passport AND a negative test? They cancelled. I now have no reason to return home so promptly, now my business has been fucked over once again. And I am not holding out hope or belief that my flight in early January will materialise now the new very convenient variant has been launched that is designed to take us all for Morons.

And clearly Governments think we are. How convenient a new variant materialises, just before the Christmas Holidays, and at a time where pushing the booster shots are waning as people are now realising that all that was promised some shy of two years ago, has not delivered! People are fed up and at long last questioning the narrative!! They see the bid to sell the unvaccinated a vaccine that clearly doesn’t work whilst they sell the booster to the already vaccinated, telling them that it will now work with a 3rd, 4th, 5th 3 monthly shot….Those Morons now see through the Moronic upsale of the new Omicron strain…so what happens now? Governments across Europe are now mandating forced vaccination next year and talking about huge fines for those who choose, ‘my body, my choice’! If Covid was so fucking deadly..and their vaccine actually inoculated people….we would all be lining up to have it…there would be no waiting till next year to go get your life saving shot! People would be looting……the vaccination centres to get their jabs. There would be chaos…wouldn’t there be?

But Madeira got a shock from its sleepy slumber of a couple of months of tourism and business, sated as it was, but we got some in the midst of this fucked up scenario that has been delivered us. And then over night it all changes because a few 90 year olds with commorbidities died WITH Covid and the numbers started to slightly rise…or that’s what they have us beleive. Austria had just announced, along with Slovakia, Czech Republic and rumbles from Germany of the measures they would be enforcing. Merkal had just put out her mandate for Europe to go full on Mandatory vaccination…it would make sense waging a war against the unvaccinated if we were the cause of all the new infections, they claim there are…when the stats and figures show that the vast majority are the double or triple vaccinated.

Of course none of this makes sense to us, who look at other resources over relying on the mainstream media propaganda for legit news I have to question those who have only had this source of information throughout this entire time how they are not asking questions, because nothing adds up. Surely it can’t by now.

And I really do question if this bloody virus actually exists myself! I have done more travelling over the last two years during this pandemic than I have in the last 10 years. I have flouted the rules, tried to live life as much as normal, hug and kiss people, not worn a mask or social distance….yet I can come back to the UK for a party and catch the ‘super cold’ that everyone has been moaning about. My whole family came down with it, and I wrote off last week because I was poorly with it myself. Yet I flew to the Uk with a negative Covid test, had to take one on day two, day five and day eight (I was also supposed to be self quarantined for the first 10 days of my 8 day trip) but as you can imagine, I said ‘Fuck that’ and went about my business. I did get a call from track and trace on day 2…the woman who rang had an Indian accent and I struggled to understand what she said. She rang me back when I put the phone down on her because I couldn’t be arsed with this…she then went into a diatribe about how she was qualified to talk to me on behalf of the government about my quarantine and that to continue the conversation would I agree to sharing the recorded chat and my data with various entities. I sternly said no way, do I agree to any of my data being shared with any third party, she interjected with a ‘but’ and I reiterated that I did not give consent at all…I got a “thank you, goodbye” and she put the phone down on me. I never heard another word from anybody from track and trace or about the tests or about my 10 day mandatory quarantine. Doesn’t that say something?

Yet I came back to UK and caught the ‘super cold’….its not the Convid…..I did another test as by day 6 I was convinced that this illness absolutely must be what all the fucking fuss is about….I do wonder if what most people get is this.. I am 10 days in and have the sore throat and swollen neck glands again..its unrelenting. Another symptom of this super cold, is the air hunger…trying to breath and not getting the oxygen…difficult to explain as this is the weirdest cold and symptoms I’ve ever had…but the tests say its NoT Covid! My dad had the cough and I couldn’t stop sneezing. Tonight I am irritated by a very sore tongue!

I’ve taken 5 tests, all negative. So I have a cold. To make that statement two years ago would have sounded completely fucking barmy. Where in the world have we got to over a Flu?

Meanwhile in Madeira it is chaos, as pharmacies have to conduct 36,000 tests a day to fulfil the dictators mandate of weekly testing everybody so they can go about their daily lives….tempers are rising as the queues are long, tests are running out and bookings to get one are over a week away. Yet people comply, will put their lives on hold to wait for a test that has been illegally mandated for them to go and shop for food…….this is a reality and I struggle to understand how most just simply go along with it and do as they are told. They are the ones that are giving our freedoms away. We need to help them, to stand up, they need our support…they need to WAKE THE FUCK UP!

Lockdowns for the unvaccinated….why should we comply?

Today Austria were the latest country to adopt medical apartheid. As of midnight last night, they closed all societal freedoms down to 1/3rd of their population. Having written a Blog about this for the last 19 months, I am still struggling to believe that we are as people going along with this nightmare of illogical rules and mandates. I can’t believe those who are in the Police aren’t walking out, refusing to be any part of this. Below are two links showing what is happening there.

But again, I want to put this into perspective to try and make some sense of this complete lunacy. Australia as most people will know by now have gone full out to get everyone jabbed and take any freedoms away from those who refuse…they have a case rate of somewhere around 7,000 per million, whereas in the UK it’s something in the region of 200,000 per 1 million. Some countries have gone hyperbolic over a threat where there really isn’t one. Problem is, the wave of lunacy follows the others as we have already seen with the lock downs, false promises of getting our lives back, with the goal post being moved constantly.

So to get this into perspective I looked up the World stats this evening:

The stats for this year are:

11,346,706 -Communicable disease deaths

432,324 – Seasonal Flu deaths

6,643,733 -Child deaths under 5’s

1,469.343 -deaths from HIV/AIDS

7,178.559 cancer deaths

937,294 – Suicides

1,179,888 Road traffic fatalities

Deaths from Covid = 5,121,322 but this isn’t for this year, this is total deaths so far.

And also we must note that these deaths are stats including deaths that were tested positive at the time of death even if the death wasn’t the cause. Just this week, a man was shot dead, and it was recorded as a Covid death, because he tested positive. The fact they tested him at all, after getting shot dead with a bullet, just makes it even more rediculous. But it bumps the numbers.

But if you look at my top line of Communicable deaths…that figure is more than double. And Covid is a communicable disease. Yet there were other diseases out there that killed more people this year than Covid did, because that figure is for this year and Covid has been around for now near on two years, that figure reflects that time frame.

So, why are we being restricted over a disease that has 99.98% survival rate and when child deaths, other communicable diseases and cancer trump the number of deaths that Covid has?

The very fact that those who had a ‘vaccine’ for Covid, and still get ill with it and then infect everyone else (at the same level as an infected non vaccinated person can)…are now deemed an elite society and can retain their freedom and are invited to snub those in society who didn’t comply.

As this is now common knowledge, that being vaccinated does not give anyone any protection from catching the virus. They may believe the rhetoric that it keeps them out of hospital, and thats great if it does, but how does that make an unvaccinated person anymore dangerous in society if a vaccinated person has that so called protection of that jab?

Why has Governments around the World, decided that a non vaccinated person is more dangerous to be among society than a vaccinated person is, when now the vaccinated are being told they will not be considered fully vaccinated until they get their booster shot, as the protection wanes and they are then filthy, selfish people, like the pure bloods are.

It is so clear that so many are not happy with this…demonstrations around the world for months now…..millions of people outraged at the injustice of this…and it doesn’t do diddly squat in changing anything. In France, farmers are muck spreading their pig shit over the walls of government buildings, in Italy those who are banned from restaurants set up picnics in the roads outside, there have been marches in London, Sidney, Paris, Rome….all around the world…..the people of this planet are fucking angry and have been telling their governments they do not agree to this. And none of it has worked. None of this is mentioned on the news…no footage is seen unless you look for it….if you have no idea from watching your TV about this, then you are compliant, because you have not been exposed to the other side of this coin.

So why is everyone complying to this nonsense and allowing our governments to inflict hardships on those who decide they would prefer to handle their own health and make a choice with informed consent over that….They already know now that reaching Herd immunity is a fruitless exercise, as the vaccine they believed in has proven to be not so effective in immunisation of the virus. It doesn’t work. Now they have to convince everyone to roll up their sleeves and be pricked again…with no guarantee. A forth and fifth might be the next dictat…to keep the freedom pass from being operable….(THIS IS ALREADY THE PLAN).

But what this boils down to for me is this…..I’ve looked at all the angles in the current global situation, and I’ve done my own risk assessment. I have reached my own conclusion and therefore, I am opting out of the vaccination program. It does not stop me from catching the virus (if I should be unfortunate to statistically come into contact with it and become infected). Statistically I probably won’t encounter the virus given my lack of interaction with people. I’m opting out, as I reacted very dangerously to two previous vaccines that were normal ones. I am opting out, because this is still in trial stage and there are no long term data to support that this actually safe. All the animals in the studies died..all of them, so sorry if you think I am selfish by not having it, but that for me is a why the fuck would I want to be the next lab rat when the animals didn’t make it before me! I am opting out, because the government have not convinced me of a real reason to get it.And I am not selfish. I will not kill anyone else, when I don’t have the virus. I am no more of a risk than anyone else. I will not do something when I am threatened, because that sends the biggest of all alarm bells…I will not participate in something I do not believe in. I Have a brain….and its my right to say NO.


I am a person with my own right to my own version of freedom…no one has the right to tell me what to do with my life, I’m 52 years old FFS. I am now no more a danger to a vaccinated person than a vaccinated person is to another vaccinated person. So when a government wants to strip me of my freedoms and human rights as a free person in this life that we are all in….over a virus that doesn’t even come number one on the list of deadly human demises…..something in this world has gone very wrong.

Now jabbing young kids has taken this to a new level of evil…coupled by the fact that the children’s jab will have an added ingredient in them. A dangerous drug called Tromethamine. This is to stop them from having heart attacks. When did we ever worry about childhood vaccines being seriously dangerous and because this one is, they need to add another drug to ensure it isn’t? Still experimental, under an EUA and now heavily promoted by governments around the world.

I am ranting in this evenings blog, because I cannot beleive that the vast majority of people are not saying no to all of this. Those people in Austria as they have the numbers, should be out there and going about their lives and not complying to the bullshit mandates. If everyone did this, fascism would fail.

Someone sent me a message tonight who read my Blog, who is following the government guidelines and propaganda and called me a ‘troubled soul’. I cant argue with that…I am, because its the people like him who are taking our freedoms from us. And the worst past is they are so brainwashed by all this, they have no idea of the insidious part they play in breaking the human spirit and bringing about the downfall of humanity.

These are the very people that need shock therapy to wake them from their brainwashed antivax biased slumber…because they are the ones that are putting our humanity at risk…they are the ones that advocate the passport, QR codes and the expulsion of a society that are actually standing up for their rights too.

Adverse reactions….why are they being swept under the carpet?

Why has this not been pulled off the market?

To date, these Covid vaccines have caused more injury and death combined, over all the vaccines that have been administered in the last 30 years. And that’s World wide.

Yet, if I say that to a sheep, they dismiss this bit of information as untrue. As another attempt and forcing conspiracy theory on them. Because if they feel ok, it isn’t true.

But the fact remains, people who thought they were doing the right thing, by following their governments recommendations have had their lives totally changed….that’s if they are the lucky ones, who didn’t suddenly drop dead. Which incidentally is one the side affects listed in the Jab material. You would know this when you gave informed consent to having yours. But for those fortunate to survive death have been seriously maimed and for life. Most have no recourse of action as the issuing drug they received has a get out of jail free card and cannot be held liable for any damages caused. The government want those to jump through hoops to receive paltry one off payouts…they rarely give, as the onus is on the aggrieved to prove that they were harmed by the vaccination.

Find a doctor that will openly admit that their patient was directly harmed by the Covid Vaccine…..they are being manipulated and coerced too…..none of this works if you don’t get the ones that are higher up the scale on board.

And even if you are only a viewer of MSM, do you not wonder about the increased amounts of strokes and heart attacks that have actually got as far as being reported in the news? The number of people who are now dying from a new condition called a ‘short illness’ and youngsters dying in their sleep or dropping dead. Is it a coincidence that this year we have all these unusual fates of death, amongst people that mostly had no previous health problems? But no one dares accredit this to the latest drugs on the market that are being shoved down everyones throats and into their arms to have?

I mentioned in my previous Blog about how Blowjob was at a vaccine centre, speaking on the news, now telling everyone that the two marvellous jabs that were supposed to protect everyone, once they got them, now doesn’t and a booster needs to top the immunity up. The immunity to what? His language use is hilarious as is his hair….it’s a marvellous vaccine and even more spiffing is the booster. Oh and Dame Esther Ransom said that all unvaccinated should be left at home to die..they don’t deserve any treatment.

Someone somewhere said this and it fits the point: And this is off the top of my head paraphrasing: So you want me to take a jab to protect you, to protect you against something you can still catch or pass on. So I am protecting you but you as also protected could give me the virus even though I am protected as well. So I have to get protected to protect you against something neither of us are protected against.

Does that not sum up the fucked up way of the world we live in right now?

But this is serious, because there are now millions out there, that never caught Covid, never had the chance to see if their immune systems would put them into the 99.98% of survivalists, who did as they were told. Or were so scared shitless by their governments lined up on the promise that all would be fine once they had the jab. For those, that jab has cost them their health, their livelihoods, their entire future. They can’t take it back. And no one is there to financially assist in their futures, having caused the harm. The internet is filled with harmed people. MSM ignore and sensor them.

Go look through the news if you can be bothered and see how many small news snippets you find of perfectly healthy people now suddenly suffering heart attacks (lots of athletes are ending their careers if they haven’t already died). Strokes, blood clots, sudden death, seizures, spasms, myocarditis, pleural effusions, confusion in the elderly…..the list is endless!

As the research is ongoing, because everyone who participated in the vaccine program is in a trial…it has now been found that the spike protein, is toxic. That the immune system has been so tampered with, by the nefarious ingredients of the jabs, that the booster now being vehemently pushed ensures that you have an immune system for the next few months, until you need the next one! And I am not talking shit here. There are so many studies out there that are so alarming in the Jekyll and Hyde, Dr Mengele style of experimentations going on, that I am just so frustrated that most is not looking at this stuff. To even mention this is dismissed as misinformation.

The whistleblowers are now coming out, they have nothing to lose as their jobs are compromised and the government has shat on them. There is going to be a lot of ugly truths coming out in the next few months. MSM will be directed to ignore them, but the dissent and voices will get heard.

Can you imagine what would happen, if we could get the MSM to report on the real truths instead of the propaganda they have been directed to pump out? Can you imagine what would happen if people really started to realise they have been mislead, forced to take a drug in their arm that was toxic and that their futures were reliant on how their own bodies would cope with the toxic substances they had been injected with. Can you imagine the disorder of society if there was a sudden realisation that they had been poisoned under a government directive? Sounds alarmingly over the top, doesn’t it.

But this is what this is……

And I am watching this anailhation of our human species being called an antivaxxer, danger to society. An influencer that is touting misinformation. Soon my words will put me in jail as freedom of speech will be a crime. To think differently and not follow a government sanctioned narrative will be seen a domestic terrorism. I’ll be in jail.

And for me, it really is quite unrealistic in that we celebrate remembrance this week, and remember all those soldiers who fought our wars and gave us our freedoms. They had to dodge bullets in those days, those bullets are now needles.

And Piers Morgan on Twitter wrote today:’ Imagine being scared of having a safe, well regulated, 4 second vaccine shot, when previous generations braved gunshots for years on end to save us all from tyranny?’

I dont think Piers Morgan gets the point of freedom or tyranny. Freedom, is a right to choose. A right that each one of us has over our own bodies. Tyranny is when you give that final right away, because once you do that, no-one is ever free. Where is the proof that these shots are safe, well regulated and that getting a 4 second shot is a fight for freedom against tyranny? The man is deluded and has no idea what our ancestors did for humanity and its future. He absolutely has no argument in this when he expects me to.. So you want me to take a jab to protect you, to protect you against something you can still catch or pass on. So I am protecting you but you as also protected could give me the virus even though I am protected as well. So I have to get protected to protect you against something neither of us are protected against.

He had Covid and bleated about how rotten it was, but how wonderful it was having the jab, because he didn’t die. He might well be happy with that as he is an over weight slob and the same age as me……Having had Covid he now has antibodies…natural immunity,,,yet went and got the booster shot.

Look at how many world leaders supposedly caught Covid, before the jabs were even brought out and survived…now pushing a jab telling you it will stop you from hospitalisation and death…yet they didn’t die. That’s a shame in the now grand scheme of things.

I am rambling…because my point of tonights Blog was about the amount of lives that have not been saved by getting a jab against Covid, but one of lives being ruined by being told that they would be saving humanity by doing as their government said. And despite how I feel about the stupidity of people rolling up their sleeves and offering their arms for this, those who were dealt the crap card are the heroes and should be also remembered in this week of remembrance. Despite the fact that this is a trial and the powers that be are ignoring this, those harmed people need to be brought into the forefront this week. For they entered a war they had no idea they were going into and are the casualties of it. We need to acknowledge them. They NEED to be acknowledged!

It was announced today that Austria is now going to embark on a lock down, for the unvaccinated. Netherlands are also returning to a partial lockdown.Blowjob said tonight that it was not unexpected and that UK would likely follow the other countries. So how do you all jabbed up people feel now? You got your freedoms back didn’t you?

You are no different to me.

And let’s see what bullshit tomorrow will bring as Cop26 didn’t reach a conclusion today!

The Covid Climate….change is happening, whether we want it or not!

I’ve been thinking about a lot of stuff over the last couple of days…and hearing today that Javid the new wankcock has just made it real for all the NHS workers about their bodies and their own personal autonomy…or rather, how they don’t have one now. How fucked we now are. Because, if one is still asleep, they have truly no idea what this means. This isn’t about health…because if it was, that life saving, protecting granny jab, would be mandated and NOW….and NOT in April next year!

Are we in a pandemic? Does health and infections and spreads through one.. wait till next year? Those wonderful people that had to put up with the bullshittery of the last 19 months, who worked throughout and unjabbed, had to reuse PPE, stayed in accommodation away from their families (at the time when little was known about this virus), did everything to keep themselves, their patients and their families safe…have now been shat on. There is no other word for it..other than that. How can this be right? They are now being told they are good to work right now and up until April, unjabbed and throughout the coming winter, where, as we know, it’s the season of respiratory illnesses…yet in April their day to end their careers will come to a finality. And in April suddenly the virus is of most importance, Covid had a word with the health minister and said he was going to retire for the winter, but resume back in April. Government got a heads up.

Yet care homes are hanging by a thread this week, they didn’t get the Covid holiday and heads up that April was when it would resurface again to become a massive life threatening headache to everyone that has contact with people. I still can’t wrap my head around the logic of all of this, can you?

Back in December this year, the UK launched their campaign on Covid vaccinations….and I remind everyone, issued under an emergency authorisation (they are still an EUA and under trial)…two jabs were the prerequisite and promise of life going back to normal for EVERYONE as long as the elderly and the at risk portion of society were taken care of….10 months in, two jabs later and now a booster shot and life is not back to normal….now we are seeing mandated jabs in professions and passports to have freedom. The jabs have not yet been licensed! Yet we are being led by vaccination as the key to normality and most are still buying into this bullshit! Where are peoples brains??????

Masks do not work and are highly ineffective…there are countless studies on this and countless more on their harms to health (that outweigh the viability of wearing one in this current ‘pandemic’ – which has been downgraded to Endemic BTW).

Social distancing, plastic visors at check outs in shops and supermarkets have now been deemed a waste of time,

PCR and Lateral flow tests are faulty and will be ditched by the end of the year because of this.

Spreading a disease without symptoms is a falsehood and not one study shows that anyone has caught a virus from someone else who looks fit and healthy and is a so called asymptomatic carrier.

The vaccines do not stop anyone catching the virus or passing it on. Their viral load is the same (if infected) as an unvaccinated person.

(look up what Vaccine means in a paper version of a dictionary, the term has been changed to fit the current situation).

I did a post a few days ago, about the ‘vaccine’ and does it work or not. But let’s look at the latest topic now that government have decided to force this medical procedure in its people…or they get to lose their jobs!

What is Vaccine Hesitancy?

This is a huge subject and only something that is relevant to me. I would love to engage further with my readers, so if you have something I haven’t mentioned that needs a shoutout, do put it in a comment below.

I see Vaccine hesitancy in many forms:

  • Is there a need to have one? If you look at the statistics from the start of the ‘pandemic’ the average age of death from Covid is in the 80’s group. Despite the vaccination program this age range hasn’t changed.
  • Given that most people now are aware that there is a 99.98% survival rate when one catches the virus, most who are not in their later years of life do not feel that this is a concern.
  • For those that have already survived the virus, have natural immunity and do not feel the need to become vaccinated with something they have already encountered. They have their own natural immunity, which studies show are more useful against resisting the virus again.
  • The question over the 6 month rate of antibody resistance by scientists, that doesn’t stack up against the coercion to get the shots despite having had the virus already. To weigh up their assertion of short term immunity against a jab that now offers no longer term immunity.
  • Coercive tactics that dictate what (un licensed, experimental drug) is required as a prerequisite to maintaining employment, when no previous requirement was needed when the shit hit the fan. Or no previous requisite was needed to continue to work, with out being at risk of catching the Virus or in the future.
  • That a high proportion of society will statistically not catch the virus!
  • Many have allergies and are fearful of having a vaccination because of the health implication
  • The number of adverse reactions that are being reported amongst a previously healthy population. The risk of having an adverse reaction outweighing the risk to catching Covid.
  • The vaccines are still in trials which conclude in 2023…which is still not the time allotted to vaccines being released on the market.
  • The unknowns of future health regarding a new type of vaccine that has never been tested on humans before now. No long term data as there isn’t any.
  • The growing reports, information and data coming to light about what is actually in the vaccines.
  • The reports that the spike proteins injected with the vaccines are now known as toxic substances
  • The controversial blackmail from government insisting they are safe and effective, whilst all the data and info coming out now, shows a very different story to the one being portrayed.

Does anyone work in the health care sector that reads my blog and can share some insights into their journey (anonymously)?

But lets get back to the comment I made earlier ‘How fucked we now are. Because, if one is still asleep, they have truly no idea what this means. This isn’t about health…because if it was, that life saving, protecting granny jab, would be mandated and NOW….and NOT in April next year!’ Where is the ethic, logic and reason in what is going on right now?

We are fucked. Government has made it very clear now that whatever they dictate is not about health. This entire debacle over the NHS has just proved it.

Fucked -is body autonomy …when once the majority give that to our government, we have lost all freedom.

We are being side tracked by getting angry over this, whilst they work on other things that we won’t notice. Cop26 is another shimmy to avert our attention.They dont hide anything for all is in plain sight. The banks are in cahoots over a digital currency, which will be decided…then launched to us as the only way to proceed. While our attention is diverted to the injustices of our basic human rights, they strip away our freedoms under the belt with our money, our businesses and our own powers as free (to a degree) individuals….this is being eroded at an alarming rate and most people are not noticing. What are our world leaders going to dictate to our lives when Cop26 concludes?

Most people think I’m an idiot. Selfish, because I won’t protect granny.. and now talk a lot of rubbish. This saddens me…those who had faith in me when they needed it, now turn their backs. We are in this together, no matter our point of view.

I dont know what the future holds, but I will tell you this….I am NOT investing money into my own future right now, because there is no future vision. And as an empath, this is very troubling. My gut screams everyday because the world has gone so wrong. (I am despairing at the lack of insight from most people who just do not see what is going on and they will become the victims of the tragedy that is to come. This is why I am troubled, why I write my blog, because at 52 years old (yes I know my blog title says 40 something, but I’ve been writing it for years)…I have to say, that as a person that can see ahead and has done for most of my life, I am flummoxed, as I dont see a clear vision in forward time. I’m stuck. There is a cloud I cant see through. People need to wake up.

I don’t have a religion, but I would like to refer to a biblical memory of a story that was something we studied at school. And yes I went to a Catholic school and was taught by some lovely nuns (who would be turning in their graves right now at the pagan path I follow (which incedently predates catholicism and church of England, but might save that for another blog)!….and its about Moses leading the path of the Jews. God parted the sea, so they had safe passage. We have no one, no moses leading the way, because there are some of us needing safe passage. We will need it as we will not go to where our leaders are taking us. And unless there is a massive change in our society of brainwashed, headfucked and sheep…..they will lead us to our doom. My gut is screaming to resist this path!

Whilst we have a voice, which they hate…they will never realise that we did it for us and them! What does freedom mean to you? Because maybe that word doesn’t mean the same for everyone. Maybe that is why the majority seem to accept a path they happily follow without question….I dunno, I am trying to make sense of a fucked up world. I still need to fight.

Why are we still debating this? Do the damn jabs work or not?

I put Sky News on this evening, for the first time in months. It lasted all of 5 minutes. I watched in that short space of time, three different presenters explain graphs of hospital intakes, death figures, and increased pressure on the NHS. From my own research and other resources that I follow, this attempt at blatantly using figures to inflate something that cannot be inflated was sickening.

Do they not realise that the longer they keep this scare mongering up whilst patting themselves on their backs by quoting the vaxxed numbers, the two don’t correlate? But their excuse for their graph rise, is the lack of masks, people becoming complacent about hand sanitising and that people have some of their freedoms back to socialise…..all bad in the scheme of things leading up to winter….warning that another lock down will be the key to keep everything under control.

But, let’s go back to last winter when we were all in a lock down. That didn’t curb the infections. And then the miracle was forthcoming with a vaccine. Something that got emergency use authorisation because the ‘pandemic’ was ‘so bad’. Rigorous testing was bypassed with a tiny trial and then launched onto the population with efficacy promises. Other promises came with it, that once the elderly and compromised portion of the public were given the new jabs, we could all go back to normal.

The global post and promises shifted a few times and a year later, when according to the UK government 80% of the population are vaccinated and in Madeira 83% are also….we are being warned (or primed) for more restrictions to come our way for this coming winter.

Now, we have a huge push for a booster shot, because the two previous shots are not enough to see everyone through the winter! Everyone’s lives are still being restricted to varying degrees, depending on which country you live in, but it is the same world wide. We all got conned and Lied to! We are still being lied to, as they try and justify their graphs and numbers of Covid illness, hospitalisations and deaths. Today it was quoted on the news that we have a 14 times increase in the infection rate compared to this time last year. But I don’t get that, because if 80% are vaccinated, then how can we have a 14 times increase in infection? Does the fucking thing work or not?

And if you look at the stats what is even more alarming is the huge numbers of the vaccinated that are in hospital and now account for the vast majority of Covid deaths. Yet, MSM are still pushing this notion that it is the unvaccinated that are causing the problem.

These vaccines were supposed to be ‘safe’ as well as effective..sadly neither statement is true as the number of people becoming seriously ill from having the jab and enduring life threatening conditions when they were perfectly healthy before they got the shot….the internet is filled with videos and pleas from families and individuals who are suffering massive health problems and tragic losses of life…..and yet no one sees this on MSM…not a single story. They started to jab kids at school over the last few weeks and last week 2 kids mysteriously died during half term, from the same school. Both got jabbed the week before. Nothing about this on the news or the many other ‘odd short illnesses’ where kids and adults have suddenly dropped dead or died in their sleep. Reports of Athletes who have had sudden heart attacks… and a few days back a concert in America where it was reported that 8 kids died…what was not reported was that 11 youngsters had heart attacks at that concert…the number of dead is now thought to be 22. This event was open to only double jabbed with passports or showing a negative test..we can all do the math.

So, where is the safety with these shots? And why as they have agreed that kids from the age of 5 and up can now be jabbed would they add an ingredient into their shots to guard against heart attacks? The sad part in this is that those parents that are willingly offering up their kids to this big pharma cult experiment, have no idea what is being injected into their kids.

As to efficacy…the so-called vaccine is supposed to be 95% effective. But effective against what? Ah, well as Blowjob explained yesterday as he was visiting a vaccination doesn’t stop transmission, nor does it stop a vaccinated person from getting Covid…and that is why you MUST get the booster! OK, so we are now being told that the vaccines wane…and the booster is needed in less than a year of two ‘safe and effective vaccines’ that didn’t protect the person as originally promised. The provaxxers are still bleating about how it stops death or being hospitalised, yet the majority of cases that are in hospital now are the vaxxed! How the hell can anyone not see through this excruciatingly obvious cock up?

And yet the war rages on, the fear about the upcoming ‘dark’ winter ahead…more possible lock downs, vaccine passports and more destruction to our limping and fragile economy. And now we have the added extra doom and gloom of climate change and the crisis our world leaders would have us believe we are in.

It’s almost as if, the Covid con has lost impetus and they have switched to something a little more transparent as the ‘climate’ argument is not as easy or one to prove against the new coming tyranny on that, over a Covid fake pandemic, where vaccines have failed miserably. As those powers and world leaders jetted off in their carbon spewing modes of transport and yet again shat on our doorstep with their flagrant lack of complying to the rules they set upon us….there will be those who will follow this new cult with the same vehemence as they did over Covid.

I can’t help but laugh at some of the claims that have been made over the last week at Cop26….about this bid on becoming carbon net zero…..when right now we have a bloody volcano in the Canary islands spewing that shit out into the atmosphere for the last month, Etna is doing the same and actually there are quite a few of them that have erupted around the world recently…more than usual.

What will they do about the natural force of nature that is supposedly poisoning our planet with something that has been the life blood and brings about change climatically for thousands of years? Will they stick a wedge of graphine oxide in the volcanoes mouth and bung it up?

Which brings me to a book I read that was recommended to me when I was writing another (unfinished novel) that somehow ties again into what is going on now….I wonder if I’m psychic!

The book is called ” The World without us” by Alan Weisman. It is the theory of the Author about what would happen to the planet if humans suddenly ceased to exist over night. The damage we have done to it and how over time it would heal. He talks about what we have created and how many years it takes the earth to digest. nuclear power plants and what would happen when no one is there to man them, rubber tyres and how an enzyme will eventually find its way to rotting it into the soil. Plants species and how they will over run other countries that they were introduced to and what would happen to our domestic pets. Recycling and how to unbuild your house. It was probably the most enlightening and thought provoking book I have ever read in my life and made me see our planet in a totally different light. I also have faith in our planet that in whatever we do to it, it has its own ecological antibiotic…yes we are going through a climate change, but its very natural! I am not poo pooing the idea that we should not be aware and take some responsibility ourselves, but the industry needs to change as well. It won’t whilst they make money and profits. I do my bit to recycle….and there is a lot to recycle! Portugal announced the other day the ban on single use plastics for sale…yet I still see coffee companies selling their one pod coffee shot for their expensive machines….hipocrasy is everywhere and no one will ever tie it down to what is needed…if it actually is.

But I digress…

As we are now in November and the clocks have changed, we still have shorts and T-shirt weather in Madeira, although the evenings are darker earlier and are chillier…wonderful sunset tonight! And yet the doom and gloom of the news over the last few days has sparked a few reactions from the expat and local community…who are advocating for us to lock down again and close our airport. This came about on an island news thread where Covid numbers of infections reached 51 that day…a break down showed that it was mainly from community infection and not from the thousands of tourists that are now once again flying to our shores. Throughout this entire ‘pandemic’ we have so far had 12 thousand cases (PCR or LFT) positives, not backed up by a doctor for the majority…on an island of just under 250,000 people that have millions of visitors a year. The average age of death here is 85….and we’ve only had a handful in the last 19 months. We are now being geared up for curfew again…possible passport access to life and hiked up prices of fuel.

A cruise ship was cancelled for docking yesterday as it was retained in quarantine in the canaries due to an outbreak of Covid on board…a ship that only has fully vaccinated passengers.

Why are we still talking about vaccination? It doesn’t do what the label says it does. The vaccinated have made no gains over this disease and most certainly should not have any privileges over someone who decided not to be jabbed. It would seem from this tilter of the experiment that natural immunity out trumps that of a needle…and to agree to go get a booster after this failed falsified bullshit we have been subjected to…is just amounting to sticking a new plaster over an old wound.

Today in the UK, thousands of care home workers lost their jobs, because they failed to comply to the forced bullshittery. They have my admiration for standing up and being true to themselves. They were the heroes that worked throughout the last 19 months and cared for the elderly and infirm….now they have been shat on.

We live in a unpleasant world of hypocrisy, injustice and deceit…I hope that for every good person out there that sees it for what it is, will join me in an intention. To bring the evil fuckers who are exploiting humanity for self gain down. So, that we can bring some harmony back into our lives again and get the cogs working in a world that we don’t want to change….transhumanism, the internet of things, Meta Universe and vaccines to cure everything using Mrna technology…..I dont want any of that….I grew up in the 70’s and still like to go hug a tree!

What happened to good old fashioned news reporting? Do journalists actually exist? (edited version)

I will try and make this a shorter post tonight.

What is a journalist?

Definition: Journalism is the production and distribution of reports on current events based on facts and supported with proof or evidence.The word journalism applies to the occupation, as well as collaborative media who gather and publish information based on facts and supported with proof or evidence.

I was thinking about this again today…it’s been like rubbing that spot for months that is so sore and never heals…because when I do watch MS TV and check the news daily..something is missing and it has been for the last couple of years. There doesn’t seem to be any story that has two sides now.

Have you not noticed how our media don’t present the ‘little’ stories anymore..usually upbeat and quirky. Of interest and researched by a journalist who got a sniff of a small pocket of interesting news, researched it. Then presented it?

Have you not noticed how, any story seems to be a simple relaying of ‘something’ that has no research or substance, now be reported and that it is given with no alternative narrative?

Have you noticed that any massive topic in the last two years (and we are living in one massive one right now) that no journalist has debated anything any person who has been interviewed on TV has been grilled or quizzed…like they used to?

Have you noticed that there has been no journalistic investigation into what government says or about adverse reactions with the jabs, or that there are no images/footage from the UK or the many other countries that have been demonstrating against vaccine passports for months and every week?

Have you seen any of the footage of the police battering people in those demonstrations, splaying plastic bullets into crowds and knocking old ladies over and spraying them in the face with mace?

Have you seen any doctor, immunologist or other professional being interviewed on TV that is against the current agenda over this ‘Pandemic’ that suggests that we are actually not in one?

Did you know that there have been demonstrations all around the world for MONTHS , the UK has a ‘stand in the park’ every Sunday ….other countries have various groups that meet to show their solidarity against what is currently going on….has the news reported this?

Do you know who Dr Peter McCullough is? Have you heard of Dr Mike Yeadon, Dr Clare Craig, Dr Robert Malone, Dr Carrie Madje. Dr Dalores Cahill… Do you know who Reiner Fuellmich is or Judge Rui of Habeas Corpus? I could mention so many more experts that have been vocal right from the start..yet, none of them have been given any main stream time of day. No regular main stream Media outlet will touch them…(apart from Dr Clare Craig, who was the one and only statistical person that went through all the data bumph at the beginning….then got dropped from the spot light when her predictions were correct every time, but Ferguson gets the prime time ands never predicted anything correctly from the the start. Not one of his mathematical predictions has been right, yet the government choose him to model their actions on…..if they followed Dr Clare Craig….we would now be getting on with our lives, end of.

There was a light to start with in TALK Radio…. Julia Hartley Brewer really got her teeth into everything at the start, but then got jabbed and dumbed down her rhetoric for real journalism. I still like and listen to her as she rips into the MP’s, but she holds back, at the Vaccine subject as it is clearly a NO GO topic to debate. Mike Graham does the same…when someone comes on to speak…and goes off on one about it, there is a clam up and restraint to further debate on the topic. Talk Radio got taken down months ago when the Vaccine got rolled out and the debates were unlimited and very controversial….they came back within 24 hours, with new outlet channels, much bigger and brighter, but in your face avoiding the real topics that everyone wants to talk about. They artfully skirt around the real pulsating concerns, they have become good at avoiding no go issues with diplomacy…they’ve been bought. The vaccines are OFF TOPIC!

When I got stranded in the UK from last December; on my trips up and down the motorway the only radio station I could get on my Ford Fiesta car radio, was Radio 2 and I enjoyed that trip listening to Jeremy Vine. He also seemed to be the voice of reason and encouraged good debate, but then he changed, clammed up and all of a sudden switched to the other side. He has now become a target to the ‘resistance’ for a comment he made recently about forcing people to be jabbed. This was out of context…but he switched sides. And listening to a person that in the early days, seemed completely ‘switched on’ became over night an advocate of pushing a pandemic and questioning anyone who disagreed. He was clearly bought too.

I still follow Julia Hartley Brewer on Twitter, and I get the sense from there that actually what she says and does on Radio is a totally different take on her actual beliefs on what is going on. She can get an MP on her show and pull them apart, but when it gets down to the nitty gritty, she lets them off, then finishes that part on Twitter.

Journalism now does not mean what it once did. There seems to be restrictions on where one can report and what one can talk to the public about.

If we had Alex Jones or Stu Peters hosting their shows on Talk Radio or Radio 2…I do believe that the majority of the sheep would have woken up and there would be a mass onslaught of heads rolling in Government… a little interview with Max Igan would have sorted out the Police. Dr Clare Craig would have relieved everyone from the panic of the numbers and stats on catching said disease, Dr Robert Malone, the inventor of mRNA vaccines would have reinforced their unknown long term effects and advise heavily against children getting jabbed, he would not be working on a safer jab for the Indians now . We would then have Dr Peter McCullough advising those who did CHOOSE to take the vaccine (against his advice) about their then ensuing heart problems and Dr Dalores Cahill would be advertising her non jabbed flights for those who don’t believe the bullshit. Dr Reiner Fuellmich would not be heard of as there wouldn’t be any one whistleblowing against the current tyranny, and no law suit of Nuremberg 2 would be on the table. Dr Mike Yeadon would still be doing his consultancy and staying in his safe zone away from the public eye. Dr Carrie Madje wouldn’t even be looking into the links of health versus trans humanism in the the real time of today, having put the vaccines under the microscope.

And yet these people are now very famous.

They are not on main stream TV.

There are many more I have not named. And there are loads, worthy of a mention in this blog post this evening.

But the point is this…there are some great journalists out there that have a nose for what is going on. But those people are not following that instinct that got them to the place they are in today. They are NOT reporting on what matters, taking a story and exploring both sides. They seem to be ‘restricted’ from doing the very job they love and signed up for. I used to own a newspaper and although it was a happy constant promotional piece for the island I lived on, there were occasions when I could have printed damning stuff, that went against the grain of what my newspaper was about…a tourist information and business promoting sheet. As the Editor/owner of that publication I had carte blanche over what went in it and fit the criteria of how we perceived our island to be presented. That is no different to town news or stories presented to the bigger newspapers..they too have an audience and have to fit their stories that will work well to their reader.

Real journalism doest work anymore, because if it did, we wouldn’t be in the middle of a war right now and seriously standing up against our leaders over the next set of impositions they are letting us know about for the foreseeable winter months. A real journalist would be criticising this and then bring other people to the table to search and debate the up coming set of mandates that all news stations would want to cover. Normally.

What we get now is a person that reads off an auto-queue on screen, that same dialogue is shared with the other news stations. Those manicured people didn’t write what they present or have a journalistic opinion..they never researched the story they now portray to the people. Their autocue is their parapet and have no problem reading it out to the millions watching.

Journalism is dead…it doest exist anymore. No Editor wants to take the risk of publicising anything now that doesn’t fit government narrative. Go look up Anna Brees…a very brave lady that said fuck you to being told what she could say and what she couldn’t…she is a journalist and now doing own her thing. But her stories are not being heard on MSM now. She doesn’t fit, her research is something no one wants to touch, yet her version of the now is worth listening to. MSM block what they dont think needs hearing.

All those outcasts I mentioned earlier are the people that need to be heard on MSM….they have an alternate voice to the one we have been subjected to for the last 20 months….they have been silenced from MS media. Any journalist worth its salt right now would be begging for an interview with them….but none of those are knocking on their doors.

Earlier in the year, one famous journalist got suspended from her breakfast show, for breaking the Covid rules on her birthday. She would really attack anyone on her show that was against lock downs and masks, the hypocrisy of her actions led her into the spotlight, she slunk away for a few weeks, then returned to her job. She continues to parrot the narrative which is completely devoid of any journalistic research.

It has become a standard for the news outlets to cherry pick what the public gets to see and hear, and those that report it go home, and seem to sleep at night. They get paid whatever and don’t have to worry about the millions who are losing their jobs over the current set of vaccine mandates. None of the main stream media journalists have spoken up and out, showed any proper research to back up what they spew out. All they have now become is a part of complicit government misinformation propaganda machine.

We are living in 1984!



Ignorance? or a cover up?

If you are like me, you will have seen some shocking interviews, videos and images about the Vaccines. So many professionals, doctors, immunologists screaming about the dangers, whistleblowers suddenly telling us their stories. Peer reviewed studies that are now presenting a huge amount of problems with the toxicity of the spike proteins, and the damage they are seeing on a micro cellular level (in the public domain for anyone to research) are being conducted that have some very damning evidence, that clearly states that these mRNA jabs are bloody dangerous.

Hydra (an organism/parasite) that is an immortal life form, that can replicate over and over, has been found in ALL of the vaccines, Graphene Oxide and a myriad of disturbing nano delivery particles and other metallic substances that should not be in them. They alone cause damage to the human body if injected into it.

The shrouds of secrecy with the pharma companies and their ‘secret’ ingredients should be the first alarm, but the patents to what is being found in them, is even more disturbing. The potential of what the combined ingredients can do later on is really very frightening. From the patents that cover the current Covid 19 PLandemic, shows that this was already predicted or planned. Who patents that Spike protein in 2012 and the vaccines for them over the following years? How did they know back then about Covid 19 in the now?

And now we can understand why, from the very beginning, that doctors, scientists and very knowledgeable distinguished people got censored. They already knew the risks, they already knew this was wrong and tried to warn us. They were silenced, vilified and labelled as conspiracy nuts. But the war is raging right now, as these people are still shouting as loudly as they can, in whatever way they can. The problem is, the awake are listening, because we know where to find our information. The asleep sheep, have no idea what is really going on, as they sit in front of their TV and take in what’s being fed to them in the government controlled propaganda psyop.

I keep mentioning in my posts about what is happening in other countries and in particular the totalitarian state that Australia has become. I know I am not alone when I get angry that a government can have the power to dictate to its people and force them to have a medical procedure in order to work or have their freedom back. A medical procedure that doesn’t even have a full licence to be on the market, a medical procedure that is still in a controlled study(on the public)….a medical procedure that has no long term data to pass any safety study, as the study is right now and forever into the future. A medical product that if it maims or kills, having been blackmailed into having it…means that you are on your own as no one accepts liability for any harm. This is obscene and totally barbaric, to take the freedom of choice away for anyone who does not want to participate in a study and then ostracise them, for having a bloody brain in the middle of all this bullshit. The message being sent out, is take it or else…oh and by the way if you are paralysed or die, who gives a fuck! Your government don’t!

So why are there so many sheep out there that still cannot see this? Has that jab mushed their brains of logic and reasoning already? Maybe they are already in conditioning mode with the little various (and dangerous) particles floating around their blood stream that are now getting up to mischief? I am aghast that any normal rational human being that got hypnotised into having the 2 jabs already ARE NOT questioning the need now for a booster shot…the jabs haven’t even been around for a year and yet people are willing to roll up their sleeves and poison themselves again….blindly believing the BS that now says, you will be safe if you have this one….they kinda forgot they were supposed to be safe with the last ones. And already being warned that they should expect more boosters soon!

Israel are on their forth.

Jacinda what ever the fuck her name is, (I call her scary poppins) from NewZealand was interviewed yesterday and through her teeth she openly admitted that the passport would create a two tier system. And although they had a very high uptake on the clotshot, she wanted to increase it and the passport was another nudge. Her reason, she said was, because she believed it kept the jabbed safe by giving them the confidence of being able to go about their lives in a vaccinated society. Anyone who agrees with this is brain dead. How is it giving people confidence when they have now been told that their two jabs that promised them freedom doesn’t work, get a booster and another and shop with confidence with the other brain dead amongst them. It is a fact. this so called vaccine doesn’t stop anyone catching it or passing it on….so, where is the confidence exactly? When they catch the ‘virus’ their immune systems will be so fucked by that point, that businesses will fold, who followed the new rules….and they have won again. They are going to destroy our economy one way or another and get rid of us by any means. She along with Australia have been building quarantine camps and have openly stated that those who refuse to participate in this grand plan of feeling confident to go out by being jabbed with poison, meanwhile, the unhypnotised, very cautious bunch, pure bloods will get thrown into prison.

And our crime is? For being diligent, researching and making an INFORMED decision.

And this is the problem I have with everything I see. Governments all over the world singing from the same hymn sheet, enacting their tyranny at will. Already the UK and blowjob are lining up the idea for this winter. They want to change our society and it no longer is about health. Do you think for one moment with the levels of coercion and blackmail to get everyone jabbed, those who still resist will be able to go off and create their own non compliant society of becoming self sufficient and living in Kum by Yah land?

No way will they want that! It is dissent and non compliance and we know stuff that make us the way we are. We are a danger to their fabric of the society they want. Human rights have already been trashed, the future is looking very bleak and there is no where to run to or hide.

And although I feel optimistic when a new whistle blower with their shocking portrayal of what is going on behind the scenes should make a World of Difference or at least a fucking huge dent in what is going on, or a very well respected activist has to leave his country as they started to come for him (Max Igan). Or the many doctors, scientists and professionals that have had their teeth into the data, the research and their knowledge…and new discoveries (don’t forget this is still in trials). This all should have stopped this dead in its tracks.

Other vaccines with less deadly affects than this were stopped in the past….how come they are not now?

But the problem has been right from the start, suppression of information. And that should alarm everybody, even the jabbed. In the UK the crazy Insulate Britain group can get media coverage when they super glue their hands to the M25, get interviewed on TV and radio and bring their cause, misguided as it is into the forefront of discussion, yet the demonstrations that have been going on with thousands upon thousands of demonstrators EVERY SINGLE WEEK, AROUND THE WORLD fighting for FREEDOM. Doesn’t even get a mention.

But the reason for my blog this evening, was to hi light the atrocities of what is really going on in every day life, for the man on the ground…some are waking up and only now. And what has woken them up is – the human loss; tragedy that is being caused by the vaccines. Another part of the agenda that is being given no debate, no merit, no voice, no solution, no interest, no JUSTICE.

Someone posted this tonight which attracted 131 comments so far…..

“I just wanted to ask if anyone knew any one who has suddenly died out of the blue lately? A friend of mine has just died suddenly she was in good health and no underlying issues she died in bed in her sleep . There is going to be an autopsy as it was so sudden . The only thing was that i could think was that she had been double vexed . Another friend also said she knew a couple of other people who had also died suddenly (both double vexed) and just now my brother said he also had just heard about three others friends of his wife’s mother who had also suddenly died . Its very alarming, wondered if any one of you had had this experience? Sorry to be alarming , but it is pretty shocking.”

And the replies to this were (edited as I can’t copy them all)!

  • Yes! We went to the funeral of our friend week last Weds…63 and although had heart probs was on warfarin..his sister told me he had thickened blood that caused major clot on brain…they had to turn off life support within a few days of huge brain bleed…just a week before he was working hard and had been out with my chap and other friends in fine spirits!! Broke my heart! And yes dble done!
  • I was at the funeral yesterday of a friend – he was 31 yrs old, very fit, died in his sleep. Totally unexpected and shocking. Post-mortem report – toxicology negative, cause of death ‘inconclusive’. Vaxxed. He had been in army reserves and apparently a couple of similar cases in his regiment/ platoon/ batallion/ whatever the word is. So so very sad.
  • my brother, double jabbed, 3 wks ago, went to bed and didnt wake up ! 54 yrs old.
  • At funeral I mentioned above, someone told me she had felt very unwell after vx; checked oxygen sats and only 71 – normal is 95 +. She felt quickly better once given oxygen. I wonder if this is what’s happening to these sad cases of people dying in their sleep – their oxygen levels just fall so low and they just drift away
  • Happened to a friend’s mum a couple of weeks ago. Died in her sleep – autopsy said blood clot on the brain. I don’t know her v status but from knowing the family – I would say most likely double v…d. So shocking and heartbreaking for the family – she was very young at heart and healthy, aged 69. It won’t be reported to the yellow card system either as they do not see the link.
  • I know of six people who have recently died all had been double jabbed. It must wake people up soon, how many sudden deaths in healthy people before the public realise that the jab is a death sentence.
  • A young girl 17-18yrs old recently had just had a baby who died in her sleep in my town. I didn’t know her personally but it was on the local newspaper. Only other people I have heard of dying suddenly in their sleep or having a heart attack with no health issues but double vaxxed is people u r reading in the newspapers via fb. Is so sad.
  • My friends 18-year-old daughter was ill for weeks post-j@b: it was touch-and-go… bleeding under her toenails… hospital said it was Tonsillitis! (As if!) Luckily she’s pulled through..
  • The same happened to my ex co-worker. Died suddenly in his sleep…and double vaxx…37 years old… apparently heart failure but what caused well I think we know what…
  • I personally know 3 and one baby and heard of more “sudden” deaths it’s shocking when are people going to connect all this .. so many people jabbed being so ill 
  • Yes a friends mother died in her sleep suddenly too!!!!
  • I’m a hairdresser, know of 4 people this has happened to..all doubled up, passed away suddenly, 3 in their sleep 😞 I’m sure all due to “heart problems”.
  • This will never be addressed by the public until the media starts telling the truth ..the only people that are hearing about these sad deaths is us because we are the only ones on the sites that are publishing it and the vaxed don’t hear about all the deaths …so sad and worrying the world we live in 
  • Yes my mum had 4 friends in north wales that suddenly died after being double poked but they did have underlying health issues however non that anyone would expect sudden death and so many people who live so close to Rachel in a period of 2 months
  • Yes l do healthy 23 year old , recently go 2nd shot..found dead in swimming pool last week suffered a heart attack .
  • Not forgetting the recent spate of children sudden deaths.. Vaguely reported.. 
  • My old school friend fit n healthy postman died of a heart attack.. my nephews friend in her 20’s died from blood clots. My uncle 84 fit n healthy n still had a part time job was found at home n had suffered a stroke n was later put on end of life due to contracting pneumonia.. a lady I cared for survived cv died 3 days after jib no 1
  • I was at the funeral yesterday of a friend – he was 31 yrs old, very fit, died in his sleep. Totally unexpected and shocking. Post-mortem report – toxicology negative, cause of death ‘inconclusive’. Vaxxed. He had been in army reserves and apparently a couple of similar cases in his regiment/ platoon/ batallion/ whatever the word is. So so very sad.
  • That is a lot. Did you know as many dying over the last 18/9 months from C19?
  • I have also experienced the same. A very good friend died only just recently and suddenly. I’d only spoken to her 2 or 3 wks before (she in London and me in Finland) and she was well, happy and excited to soon be moving into their new home. The next thing I notice on her partner’s page are many massages of condolence….I couldn’t figure it out, but I didn’t have a very good feeling. Sure enough I got the confirmation that she’d just passed away from a blood clot in the lung. Total disbelief. I know she’d had both jabs.

I could have posted so many more responses, and that is one post tonight, there have been so many others in the last few months. Yet, before the Vaccine came out, I never saw posts like this on people losing loved ones from the actual ‘Covid’….

The human loss right now, clearly outweighs what the threat that we were and still are being led to believe about a Virus.

And yet, I also have a loss, my Uncle died a few weeks ago, suddenly, from a stroke. A massive one that came out the blue and killed his brain stem. He was a fit healthy 60+ year old, active man, that built things, climbed on rooves and fixed them. Ran a homestead with horses, was active and fit. And he was double jabbed. My aunty was out visiting a friend that day when he collapsed. She was visiting a friend who had lost her husband suddenly a few weeks prior. My immediate anger of blame was you know what. Yet, I can’t express this to them as they all think I am nuts and a tin foil hat wearer. And because of that, I have not been able to reach out to my aunty since his passing. And I feel like a bag of shit because of this. I simply have no words of comfort to give her, impeded by what I know. And I hate myself for not being able to give her some form of spoken support. I’m angry.

This entire saga has divided us all in so many unspeakable ways, that our humanity is being dragged through a blender so that we accept a new way of thinking, social order and disregard the sanctity of human life and what it stands for.

What are we we doing to our future generations? It’s unthinkable. But it’s happening.

So, are our governments just plain ignorant by pushing and pedalling a drug and making it a mandated part of life, regardless of the lack of trials its been through….are they consciously covering up the hideous human loss and damage?

Why now the big shove and push for this? Is it to satisfy those elderly cronies that are in their 90’s that one last rush of power before the pop off? And don’t care what legacy they leave behind, as long as they see their plans reach fruition before they die?

Or have we all been so intoxicated with the crap and chemicals over the years put into our food and water, that naturally we have gone stark raving mad and those who can actuate power over us have caused this deluded state of the world?

Am I nuts?

I want us to go back to 2018, where everyone we knew didn’t die of clots, heart attacks and in their sleep all of a sudden. I want to go back to that blissful yet stressful time of actually planning ahead, because there was a future. A future that had a path I was following. I want to go back to that time where friends were actually friends, and weren’t divided and nasty because of the two opposing ends of the belief scale, Brexit was nothing compared to this. I want to go back to that time, where you had a point of view and debate was fun! All we now have become is a race of doom and gloom, a future that is threatened by dictatorship of something none of us want to be in. Disbelief at how our democracy has suddenly crumbled, freedom of choice has been stripped and to complain about it is wrong.To suddenly become very aware of politics and how corrupt they truly are. I want my my ignorance back!

But my gut is screaming, got to keep fighting this. I don’t how else to do it other than on this platform of my blog. And if you are reading this and identify with some of the stuff I write here, then maybe pass it along to a friend, who may find their confusion needs to be confirmed and supported. We are not alone.

The power is with the people….and we have to stop complying with the future ridiculous and deadly mandates. WE have to say NO!…and MEAN IT!

or ….Do we roll over and give in?

Vaccine Passports: the life of living with one in Lithuania

This evening I tried as I might to do a direct copy of the statement of living life in a country of a chap called Gluboco Lietova, so this post will be a bit random as the copy paste function is not working well tonight. I can’t include his photos’s here, but I think his transcript of living in the now under this insane situation says it all. And please go look him up.

Covid Pass in Lithuania and throughout Europe:

How recent vaccine mandate laws have upended my family’s life

(Update 25-Sep-21: I made a video showing life under the Covid Pass regime; details at bottom of this article)
by: @gluboco
[Time to read: 16 min

I want to share the situation which my family and I are now facing because of Covid Pass restrictions. 

We live in the small European country of Lithuania. In the last few months, strict Covid Pass restrictions have been introduced which represent a fundamental transformation in society.

In this article, I’ll describe the details of how the Covid Pass works in my country and how it affects my family. As a start, we’re banned from shopping centers, non-essential stores, and restaurants. And my wife and I were both were suspended from our jobs without pay. 

But as I’ll explain, it’s not just Lithuania. Covid Pass restrictions are being imposed throughout Europe. By my count, at least 14 European countries now have different types of domestic restrictions based on the Covid Pass. And every country has travel restrictions within Europe based on the Covid Pass. 

There hasn’t been much reporting in English-language media about what has happened. So I thought a detailed first-hand account would be useful.

My family, my country

Lithuania is a small EU country of 2.8 million people, located on the Baltic Sea, bordering Poland, Belarus, Russia, and Latvia. 

Currently, 69% of the population over age 12 are Covid vaccinated. 

My wife and I have two children. She is pregnant with our third child.

Neither my wife nor I are Covid vaccinated. 

The Opportunity Pass

Lithuania introduced a Covid Pass for domestic use at the end of May, 2021. It’s called the “Opportunity Pass” (Galimybiu pasas in our language). It’s for all citizens and foreign residents aged 16 and over. 

The Opportunity Pass allows you the opportunity to participate in society. Without it, you don’t have opportunity: your rights are restricted. 

You can get the Opportunity Pass in 3 ways:

  • If you’ve been vaccinated (approved vaccines: Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, J&J).
  • negative PCR test. Valid for 48 hours after the sample is collected. 
  • Proof of having had Covid in the last 7 months. You must have had a positive PCR or antigen test result confirmed at the time by your family doctor and entered into your official medical records.

In the middle of August, our country added a fourth way to get the Opportunity Pass: “a sufficient level of antibodies” based on serological immunoassay for COVID-19 IgG antibodies or total antibodies test. Valid for 60 days after a test.

The Opportunity Pass is linked to your medical records in the national health system, all of which is organized under your national ID number. 

The government app has an illustration showing the fun you’ll have participating in the opportunities of society if you have the Opportunity Pass:

There is no illustration of people who do not have the Pass.

Restrictions for people without the Opportunity Pass

A law was passed on August 16 authorizing increased restrictions against people who do not have a valid Opportunity Pass. The restrictions were phased in over several weeks after passage of the law. All measures are in full effect since September 13. 

Some of the restrictions include:

  • You cannot visit any cafes or restaurants.
  • You cannot enter any non-essential stores.
  • You cannot enter any shopping center or large store.
  • You cannot receive beauty services (hair, nails, salons, etc).
  • You cannot use repair services which last longer than 15 minutes.
  • You cannot enter public indoor spaces.
  • You cannot enter a fitness center, gym, or sauna.
  • You cannot attend outdoor events which have more than 500 people.
  • You cannot sit and read in libraries. You may only use the library to pick up and return books.
  • You cannot travel by train. [The government temporarily rescinded this restriction for now because it’s unworkable and causing chaos.]
  • You cannot enter banks or insurance agencies unless the purpose is to receive pensions or social benefits where the service lasts no more than 15 minutes.
  • Students cannot enter university without the Pass. [Because many students are not vaccinated, the government announced a grace period: until October, students may take free (i.e., government-paid) Covid tests to give them time to vaccinate. Starting in October, students must have the Opportunity Pass].
  • You cannot visit patients in medical facilities or senior care/residential homes. The only exception is for terminally-ill patients and children under 14 years of age if the doctor gives advance permission.
  • Regarding medical care:
    — You may receive emergency care without the Opportunity Pass.
    — For scheduled inpatient medical care, you must have the Covid Pass or Covid certificates.
    — For outpatient services, the medical care must be conducted “in a safe environment” and will require testing “depending on the epidemiological situation”. 

Restrictions: what do they mean in practice?

There are many more rules, with lots of convoluted and sometimes conflicting provisions. And it’s even more confusing because bureaucrats revise the rules almost daily. Here’s how it currently works in practice if you don’t have the Opportunity Pass:

  • For shopping, you are only allowed to shop in small stores (<1500 m2) which have street entrances and whose main activity is to sell food, veterinary goods, pharmaceuticals, glasses and contact lenses, or farming supplies. You may not enter stores which mainly sell any other products. You may not enter any shopping mall. You may not enter large stores, including supermarkets.
  • For eating and drinking, you cannot visit any restaurant, cafe, or bar. This includes all indoor areas and most outdoor areas (the details are complicated; see separate section below).
  • For transportation, local city buses do not require the Opportunity Pass. But political leaders have indicated all forms of public transportation might require the Pass if they can figure out how to make it workable on busy buses and trains.
  • For medical care, inpatient services require the Covid Pass. For outpatient medical care (e.g., doctors’ offices, specialist clinics, dental offices), medical facilities may allow a patient to enter who does not have the Opportunity Pass. But in practice, many clinics require the Opportunity Pass except for emergency situations. 

In my area, outpatient medical facilities require the Covid Pass or certifications. Several days ago, my family was turned away from a medical facility because we did not have the Covid Pass. The medical facility offered us the option to come back if we returned with a negative PCR test. In a separate incident a few days later, we went to the dental office we’ve attended for years for an appointment for one of my children, but we were asked to leave when the staff discovered that I don’t have the Opportunity Pass.


Employers may mandate that employees have the Opportunity Pass. Each company and industry is setting its own standards regarding if and how to implement the mandate.

In the case of my wife and myself, we work in different industries and have different occupations. But both our employers have separately created the same policy. People without the Opportunity Pass won’t actually be fired, because that would create many legal issues, obligations, and unemployment benefits. Instead, employees are suspended without pay.

In our case, both my wife and I were suspended from our jobs without pay on September 13. We are allowed to return when we comply with the mandate to present a valid Covid Pass.

Using the Opportunity Pass

The Covid Pass is in the form of a QR code.

To use the Opportunity Pass, you show the QR code to a “verifier” (guard or staff at restaurants, stores, building, etc). The verifier scans your QR code. The scanner confirms that the Pass is authentic, verifies your safe health status, and displays your name and date of birth. You then show your ID to the verifier to confirm that the information in the Pass matches your ID and that the Pass therefore belongs to you.

Those who don’t use smartphones may go to a government office or pharmacy to get a paper printout of the QR code. Government data shows that about one third of people use a paper Covid Pass instead of a phone.


The rules must be enforced by all private and public entities which are affected, e.g. restaurants, stores, buildings, medical facilities, etc. Government inspectors will check to ensure compliance. Citizens may also report any business which does not comply. Any business which does not properly enforce the Opportunity Pass is fined.

Here’s how it looks in practice (pictures from 13-Sep-21 at the entrances of Lithuania’s largest shopping mall and a large supermarket).

At the entrance to shopping malls and stores are guards who check the Opportunity Pass of every person who enters:

Large shopping centers have a machine scanner. When people reach the machine, they scan their Opportunity Pass. If the machine flashes a green light and beeps to signal that the Pass is valid, the guard allows that person to enter:

The machines are currently only installed in larger shopping centers. In other businesses, the guard uses a phone app to verify the QR code on the Opportunity Pass:

The guards in larger businesses have been specially trained. Said the head of the Lithuanian Retailers Association: “This is a new profession: Opportunity Pass Verifier. This is not a security guard. The Opportunity Passport Verifier staff must have been trained and have a type of license.

People who do not have a valid Opportunity Pass may not enter. At larger shopping malls, police are present to handle complaints from non-Pass holders:

At stores without police, workers handle the complaints. A representative for a major supermarket chain commented: “There have been conflicts because some people aren’t happy with the new rules… Workers checking the Passes find it psychologically difficult to deal with all that negativity.

Restaurants, cafes, bars

Restaurants and bars also strictly enforce the Opportunity Pass. A small cafe doesn’t have the manpower of a huge business to put guards at the door to stop you from entering. But staff are strict in asking for your documents before you order. For example, I’ve confirmed that every restaurant and cafe in my area requires the Opportunity Pass and refuses service to non-Pass holders.

Most enforcement is done by private businesses, but government inspectors also conduct spot checks. For example, a local restaurant owner told me that inspectors unexpectedly entered his place last week. Using a scanning app, the inspectors went from person to person to verify that everyone in the restaurant – customers and staff – had a valid Opportunity Pass and matching ID. Fortunately for the restaurant owner, he’s strict about barring non-Pass holders, so the inspectors found that every person did indeed have a valid Opportunity Pass. If anyone didn’t, the owner would have been fined.

(The owner told me this story when we bumped into each other on the street. We’re friendly with each other, but I’m no longer allowed to enter his restaurant to chat, so we could only speak standing outside.)

Outdoor seats, indoor toilets

The law of August 16 bans people without a Covid Pass from all restaurants and cafes, both indoors and outdoors.

On September 10, the government modified the restriction so that people without a Pass may sit at outdoor cafes. They are required to wear masks and are limited to maximum 5 people at one table.

The law prohibits non-Pass holders from entering any adjacent buildings to use the toilet. So effectively, people without the Pass are banned from using indoor bathrooms at these places.

The rule caused problems because venues had to monitor bathroom access to ensure toilets are only used by people with a Covid Pass. 

Stating that the government “is ready for dialogue“, the Health Ministry announced on September 15 that non-Pass holders will be permitted to use indoor toilets. People without the Covid Pass are required to move directly to the bathroom without stopping at any other place indoors, and must properly wear facemasks during the toilet trip.

It’s a moot point anyway because the weather has become too cold for most people to sit outside.

Coercion to vaccinate

The government contends that the vaccine is not mandatory because you can still get the Opportunity Pass if you have immunity from infection or if you do tests.

However, it’s a fig-leaf to mask the pressure to vaccinate. 

Our government pays lip service to immunity from prior infection, but in practice makes it difficult to use as a basis to receive the Opportunity Pass. Officials explain that they’ve made it burdensome because they don’t want citizens to purposefully infect themselves in order to avoid vaccination. 

As for the testing option, it is similarly designed to be difficult. Before the introduction of the Covid Pass regime, people could get tests for free at various places through the government health plan. Now, it’s mandatory that testing for the Opportunity Pass must be done at a private lab or medical institute – no mobile labs or home tests – and be paid privately. A negative result is valid for only 48 hours from the time of the sample. So you would have to do a test every 1-2 days in order to live your life freely. The money and time make that difficult for the vast majority of people.

Additionally, if you get a positive test result, even if you have no symptoms, you and all your contacts must isolate for 10 days, which for many people means the loss of income from work.

Only PCR tests allowed

Our government mandated that only a PCR test is acceptable to get the Pass, rather than the cheaper rapid antigen test. Government leaders explicitly created this requirement in order to increase the burden of testing.

The burden of the PCR test is the time and money. Labs offer PCR tests for 60-75 eur and give results in 12-24 hours. The government only recognizes the test as valid for 48 hours from when the swab sample is taken, not from when you receive the result from the lab. With the wait to get the result, this means you would need a test almost every day in order to maintain a valid Covid Pass and continue your life without restrictions. 

That number of tests would cost more than 1000 eur in lab fees per person per month, plus the time of going to the lab. 

The government explicitly created this burden of time and money, as well as the risk of being forced into isolation, in order to promote vaccination instead of testing. 

There’s been a lot of controversy about the PCR-only requirement because it’s obviously vindictive, so the Cabinet has indicated that they are changing the rules to also allow the cheaper antigen test. 

But whatever form of a test they allow, the intention is clear: the government is putting maximum pressure on us to get vaccinated. Our freedom has become conditional on vaccination or daily testing.

We oppose this coercion.

Why don’t we want the Pass?

My wife and I are not opposed to Covid vaccinations. Vaccination can be beneficial for many people. It’s a personal medical decision which should be made by each individual in consultation with their doctor.

What we strongly oppose are vaccine mandates. The government should not force us to undergo a medical treatment against our will. Our rights as citizens should not be restricted because we do not undergo this medical treatment.

Medical exemptions: only allergies

We oppose the Opportunity Pass out of principle. We believe that Covid-vaccine mandates are wrong in all circumstances.

But in our own case, we have a further issue.

My wife has a long-term progressive disease. Based on data from both the vaccine trials and countries which publish real-world side-effect statistics, we are worried that the vaccine could trigger serious side effects in the short-term, or worsen her condition in the long-term.

Additionally, she’s pregnant with our third child.

We discussed our concerns with the specialist doctor who has treated her for years. The doctor researched the topic and reached the opinion that she is at increased risk of severe adverse effects due to her condition. We presented to the authorities a note written by the doctor detailing my wife’s situation and the conclusion that vaccination is therefore not worth the risk for her. 

Our request was rejected. My wife will not receive an exemption from the Opportunity Pass restrictions. We received no explanation. As far as we know, there is no appeal.

We don’t know what happened in her case. But in general, our government is opposed to medical exemptions. The authorities have announced that they only allow medical exemptions in cases where a certified allergist doctor finds, through extensive documented testing, that a person is severely allergic to the substance within the vaccine (anaphylactic reactions). In an interview, an official of the Ministry of Health stated that such an allergy is the only allowable exemption and the Ministry dislikes “the tendency to use medical excuses as a justification to not vaccinate“. 

The politics

When Covid vaccines began in December 2020, political leaders in Lithuania emphasized that vaccination was voluntary.

As vaccination rates increased in spring 2021 and development began on the Covid Pass, mainstream political views changed. Now, the consensus among all major politicians is that unvaccinated people should not have equal rights.

Here are some representative quotes said by our leaders in the last two months:

  • “People who do not get vaccinated are a threat to our health, to the country’s economy, to business, and to human life.”
  • “I urge you to avoid associating with the unvaccinated, because associating with the deliberately unvaccinated is the same as getting into a car with a drunk driver.”
  • “If you don’t get vaccinated, then go prepare your grave.
  • “The Opportunity Pass will allow us to live as freely as can be possible during a global pandemic… The Opportunity Pass is the only way to not shut down our economy and to let people enjoy their favorite restaurants, cafes, and shops.”
  • “To not vaccinate yourself means that you will spread it, because anyone who does not vaccinate is a potential spreader. Not vaccinating yourself, and encouraging others to not vaccinate, are not yet crimes. We are – still – gentle and polite. But therefore, we suffer because we do not stop the unvaccinated with the force of law and order. However, it can be done. We are at war. Let us reflect among ourselves and the coalition government on whether the state is really doing everything it can to fight the virus that is the anti-vaxxers.” 

In a publicity move, the Economics Minister (left-most in picture below) visited cafes and bars to promote the Opportunity Pass. She wrote on her Facebook page: 

  • “With 634 cases per day, it was impossible to imagine recently we could have ‘normal life’. Yet today, we can enjoy the autumn and return to many of our activities without any restrictions… Our goal is that vaccines and the Opportunity Pass will help keep businesses open and operating. I am very pleased that businesses are helping us in this difficult hour.”

Increasing restrictions. Re-vaccination.

The number of positive test results in Lithuania has risen sharply in the last month.

The pattern this year is the same as 2020: the number of new positive tests reached a low with the peak of summer heat in early July, then started rising as the weather became colder in late July and August.

Hospitalizations and deaths are rising in a similar pattern.

Government statistics show that from August 27 to September 15, 172 people died of Covid. Of them, 35, or 20%, were fully vaccinated. The other 80% were either unvaccinated or partially vaccinated; the data does not show the breakdown.

To fight the rising numbers, officials launched booster injections. Under the “re-vaccination program“, people will get a third injection of Pfizer or Moderna six months after their last injection, starting with seniors and then progressing to the entire population. 

As they roll out the re-vaccination injections, leaders have discussed further measures in the last week: 

  • The President: “Compulsory, or forced, vaccination is the sole possibility if we want a smooth process to face the challenge of the burden imposed by the Delta variant“. 
  • The Prime Minister: “Cases are rising. Large numbers of people chose not to be vaccinated, which is why they died from this disease. The government gave people time to get vaccinated. But the pace of vaccination slowed down. Therefore, we had to impose restrictions unfortunately. These restrictions are a quarantine of the unvaccinated… Additional restrictions may be needed, but for now I hope to avoid this.
  • The Vice-Minister for Health: “We are likely to start the fourth and fifth booster shots in several months.

To further encourage vaccination, our government is drafting a law to deny sickness benefits to people who have not been vaccinated against Covid and become sick from the virus. Currently, workers pay a mandatory health insurance fee. This funds a sickness benefit program which pays 62% of salary if a worker becomes seriously ill or incapacitated. But there are several limited exceptions: a person receives nothing if the sickness is the result of alcohol or drug abuse, fraud, or criminal activity. The new law will add refusal to get Covid-vaccinated as another reason for an ill person to not receive benefits.

Attempts to circumvent the Pass

Compliance is extremely high. The government reported that 90% of eligible citizens – 1.5 million people – have a valid Covid Pass as of September 17.

But some people try to find alternatives. 

Because of long queues of people waiting to enter stores, guards only infrequently verify that a person’s ID matches the Covid Pass. News reports indicate that non-Pass holders have taken advantage by borrowing the QR code of other people in order to illegally gain entrance to stores. 

For example, on September 15, a 49-year old man tried to enter a supermarket in the capital city of Vilnius. The guard at the entrance became suspicious because the name on the scanned QR code was Lithuanian, but (as reported by police) the man was an “Asian-looking” foreigner who did not speak the language. Police were called. The man said he is a construction worker and had wanted to buy food in the morning, so he had surreptitiously photographed the QR code of his boss at the construction site. The man was fined 5,000 eur. The police issued a press release (picture below).

Other reports describe people who bribe doctors to fake the vaccination – pouring the vaccine into the garbage – for 250-500 eur. The government treats all these cases as crimes and is investigating.


In our country, opinion polls show that 70-80% of people support vaccine mandates and the exclusion of unvaccinated people from various aspects of society.

There is no unified opposition to restrictions

The only socially-acceptable opposition is to nitpick about the details of each particular regulation. That’s led to some minor loosening of rules, e.g. giving university students an extra few weeks to get vaccinated. 

But in general, there isn’t much mainstream condemnation of the entire Covid Pass regime as a fundamental violation of human rights. Voices of principled opposition are rarely featured in our country’s media. Opposition is usually ignored by the mainstream, and when mentioned, those who oppose mandates are caricatured by both the government and the media as far-right, anti-LGBT, conspiracy theorists, and neo-Nazis. 

Social stigmatization

This social stigmatization of opponents works. 

Opponents of vaccine mandates are muted with the label of “anti-vaxxers”, which in our post-Soviet society is seen as a person who is irrationally fatalistic, mystical, illiterate, selfish, anti-modern, and anti-science.

That’s driven away most mainstream people who might oppose the restrictions on principle. And that leaves as opponents mainly rabble-rousers and kooks that mainstream people don’t want to be associated with. Which makes mainstream opponents even more queasy to join. Which leaves even crazier people as the sole opposition. And so on, in a vicious spiral to the bottom. 

Given the political situation in our country, the result is that many of the loudest voices against the Covid Pass – the ones who dare to speak publicly – are people who explicitly conflate opposition to vaccine mandates with anti-LGBT views. So the few protests which have occurred against the Covid Pass have devolved into a battle over gay rights. Which – again – drives away mainstream people who would otherwise join in opposition to the Covid Pass.

As an example of the absurdity of the situation, the only major politician against most Covid restrictions, the founder of the opposition party Labor (pictured), is such a nut that he and his children started selling mineral water that he claims gives you immunity against the virus:

The government and media seize on this to characterize all opposition to Covid restrictions as loonybin cases like him. Or crazed far-right anti-LGBT activists. Or anti-Semites. Etc. And that successfully stigmatizes opposition even further so mainstream people think there is no basis for principled opposition to vaccine mandates.

The result is a wedge that has cleaved society in two: the Good and the Bad. Covid policy in our country has become a signal that you’re Good and do not belong to the inferior group of mystical, crazed people. 

1980s: Fight for freedom. 2021: apathy.

There is not much protest in our country against the vaccine mandates. In France and Holland, there have been large demonstrations by diverse groups. Not enough to stop the restrictions, but at least something. 

But in our country, protests have been small, dominated by anti-LGBT activists, and limited in many ways by government restrictions and police. 

We’re not unusual among the European countries in the apathy and lack of protest of the broad population. In the last 18 months, it’s been rare in most of Europe to see massive, broad-based opposition to Covid measures. 

That’s surprised me very much. It’s staggering to me that large numbers of people, in my country and throughout Europe, don’t seem to care much about individual rights and liberty.

The contrast with recent history is stark. In my country, we were occupied for decades by the Soviet Union. We fought for – and won – a revolution of independence 30 years ago. Hundreds of thousands of people took real risks to oppose the oppressive communist regime. In the most famous incident, in August 1989, 30% of the entire population of the Baltic states of Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia joined hands to form a human chain of 675 kilometers in support of freedom and independence from the authoritarian Soviet occupation.

But now, three decades later, our current population is apathetic about losing freedoms which the previous generation fought for.

Covid restrictions are introducing a more authoritarian form of government in Europe. The Prime Minister of our fellow Baltic state of Estonia explicitly warned of the danger in June this year: “What we have seen in this Covid crisis, this urge for a strong hand or an authoritarian way of governing, is deep in our societies, even in some countries you would never believe.” Mexico’s president has similarly warned many times this year about Europe’s increasing Covid authoritarianism.

Yet few people in my country take a stand in opposition. 

We battled against the government-led propaganda and “Show me your documents!” authoritarianism of the USSR, only to now acquiesce meekly to a new regime of media-led propaganda and technocratic, fear-driven health authoritarianism of “Show me your Covid QR Code!“.


Opposition to the Covid Pass isn’t treated here as a political or philosophical view which people can disagree about. Instead, it’s considered to be an opinion so dangerous that it must be banned. 

It’s sad to me that we’ve reached that situation here in Lithuania, of all places. Under the Soviet occupation from 1944 to 1990, political dissent was suppressed, news was censored, and neighbors spied on neighbors (the image below shows a 1972 protest against Soviet repression and censorship).

Yet now, we’ve returned to a regime of censorship. It’s encouraged by the government, but – at least so far – it’s not directly enforced by them. Instead, the main force is a social movement that oppresses dissent so much that people censor themselves. 

The combined effects of the social environment, media, and groupthink are powerful. In the spring of last year, it made adults terrified of getting Covid. In the winter of last year, it whipped many people into being deeply scared for their children to get Covid. 

But 18 months into this crisis, people now are more afraid of the social stigma than of the virus itself. Outright bans are often unnecessary because most normal, not-wacky people who oppose the policies censor themselves. 

Othering: Public shaming and death wishes

Many people go even further, delivering effusive praise for the Covid Pass regime and hatred of anyone opposed.

On Facebook, many Lithuanians I see have posted a sticker on their profile – “Educated. Vaccinated.” – together with long posts raging: “we would be finished with this pandemic if only the stupid anti-vaxxers would either get vaccinated or die!“. 

There’s no opposition to these messages. Most people just push ‘like‘ and cheer on the death wishes. Anyone opposed presumably says nothing out of fear of the mob. That’s certainly what I do.

At my work, we had to indicate whether we have the Opportunity Pass. The next day, a list was posted publicly of everyone’s Pass status. Turns out I’m the only one in my area who doesn’t have the Pass. The only reason to post that list was to shame me.

The public shaming worked. Most colleagues avoided me afterwards.

But one colleague pulled me aside. Whispering in my ear (literally), she told me that she thinks the Opportunity Pass is a crazy violation of human rights and despises the fact that she was forced to vaccinate against her will, particularly because she plans to have another child soon. But she feels that she doesn’t dare oppose it, because she already has one child, is scared for her job, and needs to shop and otherwise continue life. 

I was suspended from work a few days later.

We’ve re-entered into a world where you have to whisper to talk about your opposition to government policies. Where you have to scan your documents to eat in a restaurant. Where you’re suspended from work without pay for non-compliance. And where fear compels you to undergo medical treatments you don’t want.

What to do?

My wife and I don’t know what to do. 

We’ve never been involved or interested in politics. We don’t like to fight. And we don’t want publicity. We like our privacy.

Can’t talk to officials.

I’ve tried to meet with government officials to explain our situation. 

However, they won’t meet with us because we’re not vaccinated. 

The Opportunity Pass is required to enter the offices where they work. As non-holders of the Pass, my wife and I aren’t allowed to go inside to meet them. 

I suggested we could instead meet outside. But they won’t agree to go outside to meet us. 

So we have no way to meet the relevant government officials to discuss our situation.

No legal options.

We have no chance in court if we sue. The judges in our country support the vaccine mandates. There is some judiciary review about the details of certain restrictions – for example, if it’s legal under current law to cut off sickness benefits of the unvaccinated. But by and large, the court system finds that the mandates do not violate any rights. 

As for higher appeals, our only option would be the EU courts, but we think we don’t have any chance there either. The European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg ruled in a case in April this year by 16-1 that obligatory vaccination is legal in democratic society if national authorities determine that mandates accomplish “a pressing social need”.

Constant tests to maintain freedom?

In theory, we could do tests every day in a private lab in order to maintain our freedoms. But in our case, it won’t work. 

We can’t afford to do PCR tests every 1-2 days. Together, my wife and I earn about 3000 eur per month. We calculate that the testing for both of us necessary to have the Pass for workdays only, not on weekends, would cost around 1500 eur per month, or half our income. Plus more than an hour of time each day to go to the lab, wait, do the test, and leave.

A change in the rules to allow antigen tests reduces our cost to 500 eur per month. That amount is on the limit for us: we could afford it if we reduce our food budget, cease savings, and eliminate most expenditures other than housing, utilities, taxes/fees, and necessary transportation.

Move countries?

We’ve thought of moving countries to somewhere less restrictive, but it would be difficult. 

There aren’t many countries to choose from. 

Since my wife and I both speak English and want our children to learn the language, the restriction-free parts of the U.S. might be a possibility. But we can’t because we don’t have visas for America. 

Within Europe, most countries have restrictions, so a move wouldn’t improve our situation.

The main restriction-free countries in Europe now are Denmark and Sweden. As EU citizens, we could legally move there and live in those places. But it would be difficult. Both my wife and I have jobs which are tied to our country and language, so if we move, we’d have to start from zero to find work in a country where we have no job skills, no connections, and no knowledge of the language. Additionally, Denmark and Sweden are expensive countries; our savings would only pay for the moving expenses and the first 2-3 months, so we’d have to find jobs quickly. Such a move would be a huge change for our children which we don’t want to inflict on them. 

And there’s no guarantee that the governments of those countries won’t impose new Covid Pass restrictions in the future.

Our home

Most importantly, we don’t want to move.

We love where we live. It’s our home, our culture, our language, our nature. We’re not important people, but we have deep roots in the area: both my family and my wife’s family have lived here for hundreds of years. We’re part of this place. We want to continue to raise our children here. We don’t want to leave.

So what will we do?

Honestly, we don’t know. We really don’t know.

Covid Pass in other EU countries

I’ve shown the details of the Covid Pass in my country of Lithuania because that’s where I live and what I know best.

We’re definitely one of the more restrictive countries in Europe right now. And some of the rules we have are uniquely crazy.

But we’re not the only one with a Covid Pass. By my count, 14 of the 27 European Union countries have begun imposing domestic Covid Pass restrictions. Here’s a sample of a few of those countries, showing in which situations they are requiring the Covid Pass as well as a link to an official government site with the details:

  • Austria
    Restaurants. Hotels. All indoor and outdoor events. All leisure and sports facilities, both indoors and outdoors.
    Age limit: 12 and over. In the capital of Vienna, the age limit is 6.
  • Cyprus
    Restaurants, cafes, bars. Churches and other religious services. Outdoor and indoor events. Shopping centers and department stores. Funerals, weddings, baptisims. Indoor leisure and sports. Hotels.
    Age limit: 12 and over.
  • France
    Restaurants, cafes, bars. Shopping malls. Hospitals except for emergency care. Retirement homes and residential care homes. Long-distance travel by plane, train, or bus. Campsites and other holiday accommodation.
    Age limit: 12 and over.
    In addition to the above restrictions for the entire population, the Covid Pass is mandatory for all workers and staff in medical fields and in public-facing service jobs such as restaurants, bars, and tourism.
  • Italy
    Restaurants, bars, cafes for indoor dining. Intercity travel by plane, train, ship, ferry, or bus. All outdoor and indoor public events, including sporting events. Museums and shows. Swimming pools, gyms, spas, fitness centers. Weddings. Festivals and trade fairs. Conventions.
    Age limit: 12 and over.
    In addition to the above restrictions for the entire population, vaccination is mandatory for all medical workers since July. At the start of September, the Prime Minister said that his government could expand this mandate to the entire population, making vaccinations compulsory for all citizens once the European Medical Agency (EMA) gives full approval to the vaccines.
  • Portugal
    Restaurants on weekends (starting Fridays at 19:00) and on holidays. Hotels, tourist apartments. Group classes in gyms. Weddings and baptisms with more than 10 people.
    Age limit: 12 and over.

On the other hand, there are European countries with no domestic Covid Pass restrictions, for example Bulgaria, Estonia, Finland, Poland, Romania, and Sweden. They all have different Covid restrictions – masks, capacity limits, curfews – but no Covid Pass for domestic use.

Note that the measures above refer to domestic regulations. 

For travel, every European country currently limits cross-border travel based on vaccination/Covid Pass status.

How to help: please amplify this message

My initial goal with this article was to inform English-language readers of the Covid Pass changes happening in Europe. 

But as I’ve seen that my post has bounced back and gotten attention in my country, I’ve thought that maybe this message can have an impact here as well. 

We’re a small country and dependent on the outside world. Our politicians care how we’re perceived by the EU, the US, and the world. No one talks about us much, so any outside attention we do get is discussed endlessly.

It’d be a big deal here if the rest of the world starts talking about the craziness of our new Covid Pass rules. 

My country is much too invested – both literally invested with money and technology, as well as politically and emotionally invested with laws and media focus – to flip immediately and kill the Covid Pass. And as I’ve described, about half the other EU countries have some restrictions based on their own Covid Passes, so my country can hide in their shadow.

But Lithuania has progressed further down this path than others with rules that are uniquely crazy. 

I think that attention from abroad can have a positive impact in forcing politicians here to reduce and eliminate the spite and craziness of the Covid Pass regime. In a small country like ours, it doesn’t take many people to hear this message for it to have an effect. 

And most importantly, outside attention could open room for actual debate about the Covid Pass. When people see that outsiders perceive these rules with horror and outrage, they feel less need to censor themselves and can instead enter into a real discussion about the profound changes that are happening in society.

The Opportunity Pass in Lithuania is still new and has many implementation snafus. If the Covid Pass is allowed to continue, the problems will be fixed, bureaucracy will grow and become entrenched, and this regime will be normalized and accepted.

And then the case of Lithuania will be heralded by other countries as a successful example of a nation where the Covid Pass is required to have “the opportunity to participate in society”.

And where those who do not have a Covid Pass are banned from society.

I’m a very ordinary man. I’ve never cared about politics. I’ve never been to a protest in my life. My favorite activity is go to the forest and hunt for wild mushrooms with my wife and children (the chanterelles are heavenly this year!).

In short, I’m not political and I’m not an activist. But I am moral. And what is happening is morally wrong. Deeply, deeply wrong. 

That’s why I want to stop it – for my country and for every other country. Lithuania is the harbinger of the future facing every nation if we continue down the path of a Covid Pass regime

So here’s my request to you:

Please forward this message on. Let people know what’s happening.

Sunlight is the best disinfectant.


You can verify on the official websites of our government every rule which I’ve described in this article. The official law and full details are in our language, but the government created English-language pages which have descriptions of the main restrictions:
The Health Ministry main page.
The coronavirus page of the Health Ministry.
The Health Ministry’s official description in English of Covid restrictions. For the details of the Covid Pass, look under “National Certificate (Covid Passport).” For the restrictions against people without the Covid Pass, look under the heading “Additional measures to manage the pandemic as of 13 September”.
The official government website about the Opportunity Pass. The site is made by the Ministry of the Economy and Innovation.
FAQ about Covid restrictions, made by the Ministry of the Economy and Innovation.
The state of emergency declaration of 26-Feb-20. The temporary law has been updated and modified numerous times in the last 19 months, including with the current Covid Pass restrictions. The most recent version of the law is effective from 13-Sep-21 to 15-Oct-21. The official version is in Lithuanian. The PDF in the link above is an unofficial English-language translation posted by the Ministry of Health.

I’ve tried to be scrupulous in reporting the Covid Pass rules in our country. But the rules are convoluted and are changed almost daily. If you find something wrong, or something which I should include, please let me know.


Comments, questions, ideas, corrections? Feel free to email me. 

I read every message. I have more time now that I’m suspended from work.

Lastly, many people have written to offer money. It’s very kind, and I’m humbled by the goodness and generosity in these messages. But I don’t want money or recognition. All I want is to get the message out. I’m not social media savvy. I have zero platform. I’m just an ordinary man trapped in a Kafkaesque world of mind-numbing absurdity. So I’d be deeply grateful for any help you can give to draw attention to this message.

— Gluboco

Update 25-Sept:
To reach an even wider audience, I joined Twitter (@gluboco) and posted a thread on 22-Sept which complements this article. The thread started to get attention in the first hours it was online.

But after a few hours, the thread was partially blocked. From my account, I can see the thread with no problem. But other people see a thread with most of the tweets marked “unavailable”. It seems I was “shadow-banned“.

I sent a message to Twitter help, but I only got a form response: “We typically respond within a few days, but some cases can take a little longer.” After a couple days, they still haven’t responded, and the thread is still censored.

There’s a “thread unroll” where you can see the thread itself uncensored. Please take a look. I hate the ads attached to it, but there’s not much I can do, as Twitter censored the thread itself: uncensored thread

It’s notable to me that in my own country, I’m banned from stores, supermarkets, cafes, banks, etc; and now online, my posts about being banned from society are censored on Twitter.


Since my thread got blocked, I decided to try a different way: I made a video to show life under Lithuania’s Covid Pass regime. Please take a look. I think it’s very eye-opening:

I tried to upload the video to Twitter yesterday, but was blocked. So I sent to people by email. With their help, they got it onto Telegram, which then got posted onto Twitter. And that succeeded: Twitter finally then let me upload it myself.

The video is floating around in many places and versions now. However you find it, please take a look. It’s the future that faces countries if they continue down the path of the Covid Pass.

If you find the video valuable, please share: quote tweet it, retweet, follow me, send the link to people, etc.

Feel free to link to the video or use it in any way you want. I don’t care about credit or recognition; I just want to spread the information.