Rebel with a cause Part 2 – Breaking the rules

I am still spitting venom. I’m angry. I’m actually fucking livid.


Because as the months go on and the truth comes out, no one else is getting upset.

Let’s start with the WANK files where Wancock has been exposed for the psychopath he is, with his WhatsApp messages over scaring the pants out of everyone over Convid. It was inevitable that this would get leaked…after all, the guy appeared on I’m a celebrity trying to gain favour with the public to bias any revelations that may later on become known, he also wrote a book. Anyone who has been in a very bad relationship more than once can spot the narcissistic psychopath a mile off.

Finally MSM media have picked up on this as its been all over the news, debates and people all having opinions sharing their anger over the now very clear fact that everyone was duped and lied to. …which is great, as finally after nearly 3 years of being told that people like me were completely mad, killers of Granny, conspiracy theorists for not falling for the bullshit earlier on, have been proven right all along. But, it now seems that no one cares about that.

We have now had the Tucker Carlson release of the 44 thousand hours of footage over the January 6th Insurrection at Capital Hill flow onto the screens, with politicians claiming he is perpetuating a lie over the disruption of their own lying narrative…the truth is coming out thick and fact it has been for the last year or so. Don’t forget the Pfizer files were released, after a judge would not uphold their 75 year plea of secrecy. The twitter files given to Matt Tiabi showing that the FBI and other government bodies around the World were stifling information and censoring very prominent people who had a different take on world events during Convid. The news that the Americans blew up the Nord Stream pipeline, the whitewash over the Ohio train derailment and ‘the Chernoble effect’ it had on the area being covered up….our Governments signing away our sovreinty to WHO along with the push for CBDC…and lets not mention the complete and utter bullshit fucking crap over climate change and the push to become Carbon Zero.

oh and let’s not forget who killed Kennedy.

But what troubles me about all of this, is that no one…no one …no one…is doing a damned thing about it.

I continue with my own research, I listen to the like minded bods that I admire who speak out (the censored ones who do not appear to have a voice or point of view on MSM)…I am now hearing normal bods get very angry over the latest outcome of truths and they have a voice on MSM but thats all it is …a moan and groan. And whilst its enlightening to see people waking up to the horror that actually the World is in a terrible mess and the politicians who most elected to look after them, were supposed to not allow this kind of thing to happen…did. No one is looking or talking about how we get rid of them!

One of the new people I listen to is a guy called Richard Vobes, he’s on You tube and has a way of voicing his concerns in a unique thinking way…I want to know why he has only just appeared or why I only just found him. But maybe he’s been like me, watching and writing about what we see before taking the plunge to make a voice be heard among a sea of shit.

He did a video talk today about a dream of pitch forks, sledge hammers and pick axes, they were sold out in his dream…he eluded to the wrongs of all that has been going on for the last few years, with the finality that he was (in his dream) an observer of the public getting angry and tearing down the parliament building with their weapons because they had had enough. He is clearly as frustrated as me as to why people….the public ..who are compelety fucked off now they are becoming aware of the truth – haven’t actually gone and done this yet!

And yet, we are now reminded by the tactical outcome of the release of the wrongs of January 6th in America……innocent people who protested that day (and most who were not a part the small group who got violent and broke windows) were imprisoned. Sentenced on words…denied the camera footage of their innocence. But were made out to be the dissidents against democracy and a danger to the public. The problem is, that anyone with any guts or rage against the machine of government gets silenced. And I now know that this is why people fear this entity and won’t stand up for their rights. And this makes me angry.

Footage of the farmers protests have been all over Twitter this week. Tractors blocking the roads in Brussels and yet it doesn’t get on MSM news. I had a conversation this evening with my blind parents who rant about stuff so outdated as they have no idea what is going on in the world and when I mention (and show them some of the stuff I look at) I am the one who is out of touch.

I showed them a short video this evening of Jordan Peterson (the Canadian psychologist who has spoken out about the World woes and has recently been victimised by the board of psychiatrists to undergo a realignment of his beliefs or lose his licence, because he does not conform) about why he doesn’t like the WEF….he delivered a great monologues about why Climate Change is an erroneous pile of crap…it was humorously put, but aptly correct and riteuos. He outlined how an airline can sell us a ticket to fly somewhere, yet they have to point out the Carbon emission associated with the sale, virtue singling that ‘we’ are deliberately wrecking the planet by buying that ticket.

And this is how ‘they’ get you. We are being implemented by new rules without the rules being put into a rule format. They are slipped in along side the norm stuff so you don’t notice. I picked up a packet of food the other day and saw a new logo….this food was produced and is carbon neutral. I didn’t pay much attention but in the back of my mind I did question it (but didn’t, cos it was in the back of my mind already….I notice now because I am picking up on it having had it pointed out by someone else) and this is where the psyop, psychological brainwashing gets you. If you see it enough you go blind, but the message is there and you react accordingly.

And despite my shouting out loud of agreement this evening to both Jordan Peterson on his delivery of his idea of the WEF and Richard Vobes for his entertaining and spot on delivery about Pitch forks and his dream…I was brought back to reality by my step mother who lost her patience with me (and my dad earlier) in that she listened to our rants about the ways of the World (and has done with him for more years than me)….with the…”and what are you going to do about it?’……” I’m sick of listening to you both” …..”What can YOU do to change things”…….”i’m sick of hearing this…nothing changes because YOU can’t change it”……….

and the frustration is….I CANT CHANGE A DAMN THING…..on my own.

I want to voice my points of the world going to shit and I do this in my Blog…but it has little effect and has a few followers that agree.And it only has the ones who do agree. So its mute, Same as the folks that follow the other voices that are similar to mine. We are a small community of voices that articulate how we feel about the unjust and pure banality of the corruption we have moulded and fit our lives into…because we (as a larger society) have learnt to follow rules. Rules that we didn’t agree to, but go along with, because to speak out against them has consequences. The system has become bigger than the individual.

If we go back in history Governments were overthrown when people rose up against tyranny. The pitch forks came out and violence ruled. There was no internet back in those days, so how did the power of the people come together back then? Have we become so stupid and fearful that we now wait to see what some one else is doing and then if they are shammed and shamed over the internet we decide its risky to be associated with them, because its not/they are not ‘politically correct’? That we are so conditioned by being socially accepted into the right group, that if we ‘think’ differently to everyone else, we lose our credibility as a free thinking human being? Let’s just use the example of the woman who was recently arrested down the road from an abortion clinic, standing at the side of the road. The police aproached her and because she admitted she was in prayer, they arrested her. They arrested her on the crime of thought. She prayed. If that does not make you angry, then what will?

But as Richard Vobes dreamt and as I have done for the last few years of Pitch forks, axes and sledge hammers to bring down the powers that have completely fucked us over…..why isn’t it actually happening? For crying out loud. How much more truth and bullshittery do people need to waken them from their arm chairs to say ‘Fuck off to your bullshit rules and climate crap…I’m not complying to any of this shit’…and getting into the car(the last vestige off freedom before that’s taken away’ and pulling the fuckwits out of power and taking back our sovereignty.

I go back to Madeira next week, and I will be doing rebel with a cause on a singular level. My guests will stay without me doing their passport shit. Immigration can go do one. People have the right of movement in the EU and to register my guests with the Portuguese authorities under their rules, contravenes the freedom of travel. I’m not complying.

I am doing my bit.

What can you do?


Rebel WITH a Cause…

I have become a very angry person since the onset of Covid. I am now constantly spitting venom at every unjust change to our society and way of life. I don’t want to participate in this society anymore. It makes me even more angry in the frustration that I can’t just simply opt out. ..And I am not alone.

I am back in the UK again and got sent an update on where Portugal are now trying to change laws and adopt this 15 minute bullshit city crap…along with the UK and other European neighbours. But in my situation, they have gone one further..if you own a building/house/flat and you don’t use it, the government will appropriate what belongs to you, fix it up and rent it out. They will offset what it cost and if there is anything left over, you might get a slice at the end…or you can opt out, they buy it off you at a reduculously low price (which is decided and enforced by them)…so you end up owning nothing…but you will be forced to be happy about it.

And so naturally I am freaking out as I own an unused unfinished building in Funchal. It is a 3 story building which was 3 individual flats and that sits in a very good area of town, with a good address. It was derelict when I purchased it 4 years ago and I spent money on getting the entire interior completely gutted, as it was of a wattle and daub type interior structure and all the floors were made of wood…it had a serious case of woodworm and termites. My builders removed every single thing and we took it back to the stone walls. The roof was dismantled and rebuilt in metal frame and then the walls were reconstructed in block, the floors in concrete.

Whilst that work was being done, I worked with an engineer, a surveyor and an architect and spent an enormous amount of money pushing a planning application through to turn this magnificent structure into something more purposeful and as Covid and the lock downs hit – my planning consent came through at the same time…I was given permission to turn it into a restaurant and Pub on the ground floor with a mix of hostel and private rooms for the two upper floors, along with a swimming pool and parking. It was a fucking huge project, and I am proud of myself for getting it that far.

But as with Covid and the governments around the World went into meltdown with an over reaction to a new version of the Flu, everything changed. Our whole World changed, and I was also a victim of the small business being closed down whilst the rest of the World did too. I had to pay and then lay off my building crew and sit it out. (And I never received any help from the government, despite their promises). I also had my empty (finished) holiday lets sitting collecting dust as well. It was a massive financial blow.

Last year as the rules relaxed and people could start to fly again, I had my best year in rentals ever….so many bods could have a holiday and I had the accommodation to give them…my big project was kept on hold, because I needed to focus on getting the money in from what I already had and get that cog back into working again.

But my unfinished project, with its extensive and expensive resolve to get the building to be what I wanted it to become, had to stay on hold.. I am one person, rushed off my feet with my other businesses and now a pull to making frequent trips back and forth to the UK as my father had become very ill and I needed to look after a few projects there as well. So, I made the decision to sit on my unfinished building and do nothing more with it…..because quite simply, I was losing faith in my industry given the abrupt change in direction the World was now taking.

Climate Change, War with Russia and the Ukraine, 2030 and the cessation of petrol/diesel run engines…moving to Electric powered vehicles. Banning gas and fossil fuels etc etc etc…I live on an island that thrives on tourism because it has an abundance of flowers….will we be flying our tourists in by electric planes 7 years from now? Will Funchal become a 15 minute city and if it does, how does that work for people coming on holiday? I am laughing as I write this, because we might not even be here 7 years from now if our governments continue to push us into WW3 which is looking very likely to result in a nuclear war. Why the fuck would I make an investment into a building for a future project in tourism when I can’t look beyond the next month or two because the World has literally gone to shit, has so many problems and our global economy is already crashing around us as I write this.

And now a new fear. That I OWN something, and the government can now decide to remove it from me and repurpose it for themselves. WTF? HOW DARE THEY?!!! How dare they even consider it. How dare anyone in a suit with a job title think they can be above their neighbour, friend, family or foe and take from someone else…how dare they!

Above is my project. And in the picture I am fourth along with the black leggings. It’s mine, it’s been a journey, a headache, a joy and an acheivement- even though it’s not finished. I’ve thought about selling it, I HAD opted to sit on the project until the World decided to pull its shit together and let us go back to living our lives again (normally)…now I am in fear again, but not over a sodding con virus, but at the prospect that the powers who jousted their rules and control over us have become more powerful, whilst changing laws and constitutions, taking what little freedoms we had away…and could take this away from me. I am spitting venom at the very thought of it because it is a reality I am going to face as we are on a rollercoaster that no individual can stop.

And I am a rebel with a cause, because I’m done with rules. And I’ve been doing a bit of rebellion on an individual level for the last year or so. I have holiday lets…a house in Funchal and an apartment in Ponta do Sol.

Now to rent to tourists one must have a licence. It’s called AL (alojamento Local) and one must display the AL sign outside the property, have stickers stuck all over your walls, showing clients where the stairs/exit/electricity is, have fire extinguishers and smoke alarms and a first aid kit. Also a red book for complaints along with a welcome book in 3 languages. On top of this, when clients/guests arrive, we are supposed to take their passports and up load their data to SEF (immigration) and also by the 8th of every month submit more information about that guest to the tourist board, such as nights they spent, their country of origin and so on. Airbnb and VRBO are not allowed to advertise us without our AL number.

On top of this, I have to have a company to run my activity. I have a tax number,, which has to go onto every receipt for the company expenses, I have to employ an accountant on a monthly basis for a fee (regardless of whether i make any money) and I have to issue a receipt and invoice with every booking which is directly linked with the Finance department. They operate a simplified tax regime here, which means, your accountant doesn’t do any accounts as its based on expected percentages or averages, so you do all the paperwork for it not to actually get looked at, the accountant gets paid anyway…its a fucking con.

My dissent over this has been growing over the years anyway, and specifically when I had the tax man and an inspector show up at my door a few years ago. I had always been warned that someone form the government would make a show and I thought it was to make sure that the accommodation was up to spec…but no, it was to make sure you paid and did the accounting properly…nothing to do with the regulations that were to ensure you provided proper services to your client, it was all to do with whether you were honest and paid the bloody government their slice of your business activity. I was audited and put before the chief tax scary guy at the highest level and my accountant refused to come with me. That experience is one I hope not to repeat again, because if I am put in that position again, I will be non compliant and incredibly rude and quite literally telling them to fuck off as I refuse to be made to feel like a criminal and jumping through hoops to comply with their ridiculous rules.

So this last year, I had my best year ever. After Covid restrictions lifted and my first set of guests arrived, I dutifully took their passports and went to register them on line, with my log in number and code. It didn’t work, so i sent them an email telling them so. I didn’t get a reply. So with the next few I took copies and held onto them as the website still wasn’t working…until I just thought, fuck it and stopped taking the info. I also ignored all the emails from the tourist board threatening me with legislation codes that I have broken because i didn’t inform them that a German person slept for 7 nights in my accommodation. I will now continue to ignore their need for statistical information seeing as they have now decided to change the licensing rules on this…as I was told today that the licences I have jumped through hoops to get some 11 years ago on my own home and 5 years ago on my other property are now only going to be valid for 5 years from now on and after that one must renew them.and of course more hoops will be made to jump through.

In essence I have been informed this week, that with new laws – I am going to lose my unfinished building to the government because I am not using it and my holiday letting business of two further properties may disappear now that I have to renew my licences on them to let to tourists. How can any one make any future business plan with this new set of rules?

And I come back to this…If I own those properties, which I do…and I pay my taxes on the income from those properties, why do I need to adhere to a crappy set of rules? It’s my property and I own it and I should be free to decide what to do with them. Yes, I agree to regulations for standards…and will happily ensure that my rentals meet the required standards…but as to the rest? it now is quite simply……Fuck off.

So, rebel with a cause is going to not comply to the rules any more…I am NOT complying with any more BULLSHIT.

And if the government contact me about my project…..I will not only be contracting every single lawyer on the island to take my case on, but I will be contacting every other Alternative news source on line and be opening my own (which I have thought about for ages but I just can’t see me on camera – I prefer to be the other side of it). I might even open up my old newspaper again and put into print the stuff the Madeiran government dont want to have seen… may even do a relaunch of Madeira Active (my social network of expats) and repurpose that….because it is a case of ‘don’t fuck with me’.

And that is what I am seeing, people across the world have felt helpless as they see the changes, but once they start fucking with you personally the fight begins…and it is getting personal. Its a few of us, for now..

It is a slow awakening as we shlep over to the darker side. I’ve been back in the Uk for a week now and aghast that my family and friends have no idea of the seriousness of the train derailment in Ohio and the chemical poisoning of the surrounding area that is being labelled as bad as Chernoble. That they have no clue about the chicken feed problems and lack of egg production, that Biden visiting Zalensky in Ukraine this week is commendable because’ Putin must be crushed’…and seem to be oblivious to the reality that we could be facing nuclear war. Food shortages are a myth (and even if I am right, they don’t have the time in their ‘busy’ lives to prep, so I am being really unreasonable to even expect them to consider it). The concept of a 15 minute city is me talking bullshit because the Massive rally against it in Oxford on Saturday wasn’t on the telly, so it can’t be true. And even though SKY news announced vegetable rationing yesterday and today tomatoes won’t be around till April…..when I mention it, I’m being rediculous. Do I dare bring up the Nord Stream fiasco and WHO taking sovereignty from each country so that we can be forced a medical intervention in a future pandemic?

In this last week, I think I have said the same thing over a million times…You need to prep..and when you think the SHTF get yourselves over to me in Madeira. I am useless to you here. I’ve been prepping there….it’s falling on deaf ears ..but I Love my family, I am now subconsciously hardening myself up to the inevitability that I will be home with my preps and ok, whilst they are here and having done nothing will suffer. I told them today that I have been collecting stuff for them in boxes and if I’m not around there is a small stash…they think I have gone totally nuts. I cant help it, I went to the supermarket today and bought what I need along with a few extra prep items, for me its normal, I’ve been doing this for the last couple of years. I asked for dried milk powder…there was one bag. I asked for dried beans, the supermarket don’t sell them!

Back in Madeira, our supermarkets have a very low yield in ‘convenience’ foods, which is great for a pepper but crap for the busy working person. We don’t have a sandwich meal section with crisps and a drink, or a an area of packet ready made foods from around the world. We still buy our meat from an instore butcher and fish eaters can go to that fish butcher section. Very few veggies and fruits are packaged…we select what we want and bag it ourselves. Canned goods are slim, apart from the odd soup and veggie, no caned meats or potatoes, so I dehydrate mine, vacuum seal in Myler bags and pop them into a food grade bin for storage. I have chickens, and am preserving the clean ones by water glassing. I buy butter when its on offer and turn it into shelf stable Ghee. I have just had gates made on my property, so I am ensuring my security as I grow a small amount and keep chickens in my limited space. But I am preparing, because I know and can see where we are heading. But to everyone else here, I have it all wrong, but they indulge me for being slightly over the top.

So. I’m stuck in limbo when I am in the UK and right where I should be when I’m home in Madeira. Because of the family situation I am flitting between countries, a new situation and circumstance in very volatile times. It’s nerving and fractious because here I have no role or purpose other than sorting problems whereas at home I have my problems in my domain and in control and of my preps. There is no support for my other life that is fictitious to everyone else but just as real here, but no one here gets it.

Nor do they get why I am wound up with the predicament I am facing with my properties in Madeira. Again I feel they think I am over reacting, that no one is going to take my building from me…But they don’t understand that Madeira is part of Portugal and a Politically socialist country. My being vaccine free was not easy there and still isn’t. My family are also unaware of the harms the injectables have done or the data that is coming out thick and fast about them. It seems that society here has moved on, people have gone back to their daily grind as it is in the past, now they have their freedoms back. No one, it seems, feels angry at the injustices done, nor do they feel threatened by them happening again. They are irked by energy price increases but not to the point of their blood boiling like mine is.

I have been told so many times this week, to stop taking it so seriously, because one person can’t change it, so why bother. Its the shoulder shrug of..what can YOU do about it? So it’s a case of stop beating yourself up it is what it is.

And that’s why we have a problem, because NO ONE gives a flying fuck or wants to stick their head above the parapet to bring about change. And with this mentality we are heading toward armageddon.

But I care. I will not conform.I will do my bit against the machine of doom. I am not going to willingly participate in the future my family and friends are sleep walking into and accept as inevitable…I will stand up and say no and I will till I have no more breath inside me. I just hope there are enough of us that feel the same that can change this and give our kids and grandchildren a decent future and not the one we’re facing that all those great writers predicted…

I am me, I am a free person with rights. No one has the right to tell me what I can own, where I can go and what I can do. Nor should you be subjected to your rights and freedoms being changed at whim. The ten commandments in the bible are the guidelines of societal life and they are adequate and enough. Any more than this is an infringement to freedom….

Last year, before my dad had his stroke, we talked about me suing him for bringing me into this world. There is a constitution and many countries have similar ones where the freedoms are clearly stated for each life in their given country. Everyone should down load a copy (as I have done) and study it. This is now the time to persist and insist we stick to those guidelines and obfuscate any governmental override to that simplicity.

After all, were we all not born into this world as free human beings? I don’t know how far I would get by suing my own parent over the broken promise, but as a collective I think we have a far better chance. And that’s because we elect and pay the wages of our given governments..and they are accountable to us. Not the feared entity they have since enjoyed. It seems we have forgotten their role in our lives.

And so, if I become and am that rebel with a cause and rent out my property to tourists and pay my tax as required, then all the other bullshittery becomes redundant. Are they going to chuck me in prison because I didn’t pass passport info to SEF or tell the tourists board how many Germans stayed at my house? They might take my license away…but do I really need it? Who says I cant rent my house to tourists? How is it illegal to purpose my property to that without one? We have been hoodwinked for far to long to follow rules and take away our individual proprieties for personal growth and personal financial gain….they interfere where they shouldn’t and we allowed it for far too long.

Stop complying to the bullshit. Let’s get back to life.

Liar liar pants on fire…..but our corrupt Governments are still here…and continue to LIE!

Its been shy of three months since I last had a rant…..this one has been brewing. But the problem is, I have so many things to rant about, so I made a list:

  • Zelensky, his vist to UK and USA and all the actors who bow at his feet
  • Climate change- 2030
  • 15 minute cities
  • Infrastructure
  • China Balloon
  • Inflation and costs
  • More data on the clot shot
  • Pfizer and Project Veritas
  • Church declaring God as non binary
  • WHO taking sovereignty from countries
  • Prince Charles Coronation and WEF
  • Censorship and new laws to ban Free Speech banned on the internet
  • Mark Steyn and GB News and the fall out with Ofcom
  • Rishi and his Moderna partnership
  • America blowing up the Nord Stream pipeline
  • CBDC, digital ID and Jeremy Cunt
  • Andrew bridgen
  • Excess Deaths
  • Food insecurity and victory gardens
  • Strikes
  • Jab harms and pilots
  • Bivalent booster not tested on humans, just 6 mice
  • Portugal joining the war against Putin
  • Gender argument and the new sex ed in schools
  • Blood donor debacle
  • My own fucking life and not being able to plan my future -because our fucking government want us to be vaporised….that is my conclusion after the last few months of the totally ludicrous decisions and actions they are taking in support of Ukraine ….without our input or agreement.

So where do I literally start?

Ok, I’m going to go with the clot shot problems first, and because I have had a conundrum over the last 24 hours as to whether I write to someone I know well – a message and risk being alienated again. I have shied from Facebook over the last year, only posting memes and cartoons similar to the one I depict above (credit to Bob Moran who I follow on Twitter who has mastered the art of encapsulating so many words into a picture…he is simply brilliant). I no longer post about me on there.

I was having a flick through yesterday and an elderly couple I have known for a number of years posted a question….’does anyone know whether you get COVID boosters every six months? we have just passed the six months from our fourth jab.’ Remember we are in Madeira, which is part of Portugal and have yet to have any of the scientists or doctors have a voice against this nonsense as it is a socialist country. This couple are now in their 80’s and doing really well…but are compliant and watch BBC and other main stream outlets that just continually pump out one narrative. These are people like so many others, that trust in their television and news outlets they watch and take it verbatim. It would not occur to them to go look at other sources as they probably have no idea any others exist….technology is not their friend, its confusing and so we can forgive them for not doing any research!

But I am presented with a dilemma,since I have done my research, it never stops and I have more sources than they have in which to look at, make a judgement on and decide for myself which mindset or ideal I want to explore. They have the same tools at their disposal, but I use mine, because I know how. Also I am not in my 80’s and have an enquiring mind. They may be in their 80’s and have an enquiring mind too, but at their age, sourcing stuff like I do is not so easy for them.

So a simple question was posed on Facebook and I read the answers. Its a small island so I know the people who answered her. One advice was that the six month booster had now changed to 9 months, another said it was a year and another recalled the awful experience of catching Covid on a visit to the UK. All spoke about having a hermit life. And the sad part..still being afraid.

So what do I do? Do I message her and tell her the jab was a con, she’s 4 clot shots in and her immune system has been shot to shit and taking a 5th is going to put her into her grave even earlier? Do I bombard this lovely lady with a torrent of links proving my message to her that she has been lied to, that her health has been compromised and the government are covering it up and couldn’t give a flying fuck if she becomes a jab/excess death victim? or…do I say nothing?

I’ve agonised over this…but you know what? I’ve decided to keep my mouth shut. And why? (I’m still trying to justify why I won’t.) As it goes against the bit thats in me, that is in all of us…that bit that makes us human. And I am weighing up the pros and cons of not doing the human thing of warning another human of the inherent danger. And it comes to mind of the ones who need saving….I’m going to be brutal in what I write here, and this lady and her husband were and have been exposed to the same narrative as me.` We are adults and have a full capability of making a decision and basing it on the information presented. We as an older generation are supposed to be wisened as we age, having been through the intricacies of life and benefit from our experiences which give us better insight or wisdom to make better choices as we age. I chose to research and look beyond what I was being told. This couple did not. They are in control of their own life and destiny and at their age they earn that right to follow their own instincts. It is none of my business to challenge that, however much I feel they have been mislead.

So I now focus on the ones who are younger than me, who need to master the art of critical thinking.

Whilst on this subject I’ll precise the rest of my rant:

  • Project Veritas released their last video of a gay chap on a date, lying about gain of function with experiments on monkeys at their lab, to impress his date. He was caught on camera, in a restaurant and when faced with the evidence went into a comical meltdown at being caught out. Pfizer, then ordered google to scrub every last remnant of his existence on the internet. This guy was some three people down in seniority from Bourla. The debacle continues as the company scrabble to save face over the latest sensational proof that Pfizer are in it for the money and not for health.
  • Sunak announced a few weeks ago, of the wonderful use of tax payers money bringing a new lab headed by Moderna into the UK whereby they are excited at the prospect of bashing out millions of new MRNA vaccines from their new factory. Whereby the UK can have access to brand new vaccines being produced at the snap of a finger in 100 days without testing and passing any safety protocols or clinical trials. Sunak who is the unelected defecto prime minister of the ever so fucked up shambles we have as a government has not denied his personal financial stake in the company. Further more, the Brits are now going to be the Worlds new guinea pigs as they set about changing the old fashioned jabaroonies into the new shiny but deadly gene therapy shit. I actually can’t beleive I am writing this.
  • Andrew Bridgen a Conservative MP stood up in parliament calling for a withdrawal of the vaccines and stated a million reasons and proofs as to why they should be halted. All backed up by peer reviewed research and data. He got expelled.
  • Mark Steyn from GB news that exposed on his program the problems with the MRNA experiment and more importantly gave the vax injured a voice, ended up at deaths door with two heart attacks himself, having had the poke. And GB News wanted to change his contract before coming back to work on the channel because of OFCOM. His reign of Free speech came to an abrupt end as soon as he became a victim in the same light as those he had on his show. So, yep…the powers that be have shut him up. How dangerous he would become now, seeing as he himself was living proof of the very shit they did to everybody else.
  • Died suddenly and excess deaths are through the roof. And no one is asking why? Oh hang on…people are. But those who do are being shut down, censored or reputations ruined. Same old shit, different year now. They are conspiracy theorists!
  • I enjoy watching Dr John Cambell on You Tube now, as he was such an advocate for the jabs right at the beginning, but even he is getting angry, showing despair and questioning EVERYTHING. It’s been enlightening and fascinating following him over the last 6 months to see how he has seen the data, realised the falsity and lies that convinced him to follow his path at the beginning and how terrifying the journey has been to discover how utterly wrong all that data was and what it means now.
  • Dr Malhotra is another one of those who has come to the ‘other side’.
  • Thailand looks set to be the first country to change their stance on the Vaccine industry’s indemnity to the Covid Jab, as Dr Bhattacharja had a meeting with the Royal family recently and advised that the Princess who had a heart attack and is in a coma, was not suffering from something viral as their doctors claimed. Evidence has pointed to the fact that her current condition is a side effect of her recent booster.
  • Controversy over the efficacy of the new Bivalent booster has been proven to be ineffective over the latest B something whatever number it is now variant. This latest Bivalent shot in the arm wasn’t even tested or clinically trialled. It went from being tested on six rats to humans. Wow, aren’t we proud of the speed at which science makes all this stuff so safe and so quickly?
  • Dr Jessica Rose has been doing some wonderful research into IGG immunity and has discovered that IGG 4 is now compromised with the shots…….there is so much data out there about how shit the gene therapy is, that killed all the animals it was tested on before it was launched to save mankind over the latest version of the Flu. I still can’t wrap my head around why anybody took it. It’s still under an EUA …and I still can’t understand why people want their boosters like the lady I mentioned earlier….when they must surely know by now, that it doesn’t stop transmission, the jabbed can catch it more than once or twice or three, four, five and so on times over a naturally immune person with no jab. Natural immunity trumps jabbed immunity by far…data is out and proves this.Meanwhile the government persist with their propaganda about waning immunity until they top it up with the next shot. Yet Gubberment are still encouraging us unjabbed to go get a shot! I’ve not met a single person like me, teetering on the edge of a decision to get the needle. I have met plenty of people who have regretted it and have had health problems since. Madeira is now full to the brim of sick people. What’s more , I have family that have been damaged by the shots, I had a death in the family because of one.

I am emboldened now to write more in this blog, the hiatus recently – was that my time has been severely limited because I am juggling a new way of life between Madeira and UK. Circumstances that have been made since Covid started and the complexities that this new change to our fabric of life changed my own family and business commitments. The challenges of not knowing what the future brings and shortening the long term goals, because life expectancy has changed along with illnesses, which never marred our way of life before.

And here in lies my problem with making any long term life goals. We are now in WW3…..we are, because the UK government and Portugal have got involved in the Russia/Ukraine conflict.

And here I will leave it until I get some time to write a part 2 as that list is growing which I outlined tonight and I want to rant on them, but I need my bed, it is late and I have a life to get up for in the morning. A Life I am grateful for. A life I will defend for freedom, as the last 3 years have proved…….we are losing most of what is left to the idea of the freedom we had!

I just want outta here!

So, yes, I have played that dastardly part of increasing the ITV viewing figures and watched the damned thing…yes, I am aware I am a part of the problem. Yes, I know I should have shown my disgust and vetoed the program. Yes, I am guilty for watching -because I wanted to see that fucking arsehole Mat Wancock suffer…..that was why I tuned in.

And no, I’ve not downloaded the app to vote.

What a cock load of disappointment this has turned out to be…yet, what an enlightenment it has been too. For those of us who see it, we are witnessing a very focussed sociopathic narcissist breezing though the trials…he, hasn’t flinched, broken down or cried like the baby we wanted to see…this man (to me) seems to be on an auto pilot of some kind of mission – to show the world that he is something we didn’t see. But at the same time, we are seeing a man that is completely devoid of emotion on a human level (that same man we saw who laughed on TV at the very first victim that took the clot shot). And now I completely understand why he did that. Annoyingly his camp mates are falling for his charms (at arms length) but still, they are being civil and that is as irritating as hell, as he deserves nothing less than a snake up his arse and a scorpion stinging his balls. However, should that actually happen I doubt he would flinch, seeing that he is a mass murdering madazolam psychopath anyway. And this jolly jaunt on I’m a celebrity is just feeding his ego by putting him back in the spotlight again. (and yes, I know I have participated in that!)

So much for his dyslexia messaging for appearing on the show, he hasn’t mentioned it once.

Tonight, we saw him live it up on the beach eating steak, king prawns and cooking it on a BBQ for his buddies, they all settled onto the couch overcooking the ocean like best buddies. I wanted to be sick.

Meanwhile the other camp mates are welcoming him back to his big chair as he is now camp leader. Boy George, quiet as was not his dig at the start of when he arrived. Clearly politics into this mass debacle and Tv spectacle have quelled the anguish of the others from voicing too many opinions…ones we WANTED to see……as they have been masterfully manipulated and edit/cut, so we get a whiff of resentment that then fizzles to fuck all…..which keeps us suckers watching!

Tonight we can now vote to see our favourites stay in….but what is the betting now, that the murdering turd will stay in to the foreseeable end, seeing that suddenly he is no longer voted for any of the trials? (as the media voiced when he was getting all the Kudos and peeps were complaining) Does me think this is all rigged? Hell no…people vote and it’s legit (like it is in the US of A)!

So, it is clear now, we will never see this man get his comeuppance in the jungle, it is a jolly jaunt for him, a walk in the park, aided and abetted by ITV and it’s sponsors. Any juicy altercations with in camp is clearly edited and presented as camaraderie.

And under normal circumstances, I would want the same outlook….but what has happened and is now coming to light (as us vilified un jabbed awake minority and completely CORRECT to be, just that…has now been proven) and these are NOT normal circumstances. This man, who was allowed to be paid 400 grand to appear in the jungle to prove a point has just succeeded in doing that.

There is no transparency. there is no justice for politicians who actually have a hand in killing people with their decisions. There is no justice or accountability when they do this. The Media sensor and coerce a narrative that detracts from the actual truth. Accountability and responsibility is scrubbed from THE narrative (cos the science has apparently changed).

There is no hope now, that the Wancock has done the jungle and will no doubt win it (not by voting btw) that will just throw another wanker/spanner into the workings of the corrupt mysonagistic workings of our current way of life. It has been decided, the public have no say.

When will those who haven’t woken yet, wake up?

And even if ‘they’ do…will it change anything?

We are fucking lost….we really are fucking lost……

We are shy of 3 years into this fuckfest of bullshit and it just keeps on giving and no one gives a crap……

humanity is fucking LOST!

Get me outta of here as I no longer want to fight or justify my freedom to those who think it OK to murder us and change our rights to it, for some ideology that THEY THINK will save the planet. While THEY get a free pass.

Wancock has a free pass…..ITV facilitated it.

I bet, when those camp mates get out they will be shouting from the roof tops that their feelings were manipulated…but their contracts will shut them up….hmm let’s see how many of them will have their ethics and morals at the forefront of their earnings from this….I live in hope that at least one of them will have the balls to do it.

I live in hope…without hope, we won’t survive.

Where is the nearest nuclear fall out shelter? Fuck it, who wants to live through that?

It’s been four months since I had a rant. A lot has happened in that time for me personally, and the world has changed rapidly and not for the better.

My low down on the last 4 months:

  • Blowjob finally had the temerity to resign. I jumped for joy, as did a lot of others. That was a false 2 minutes because there was absolutely no one that had any calibre to run the country to replace him. Liz Truss became his replacement, short lived as that was…for an unelected and most hated/dangerous Tory candidate to replace her, slippery Sunak. The UK has become an embarrassing joke along with the US for leaders who have zero competence in running countries.
  • The Queen died. And her eldest son who is a climate change and WEF fanatic is now King…how convenient how all the players in this global one world government are now taking their seats at the WEF table of hierarchy.
  • Slippery Sunak is back onto the CBDC agenda…now that he has the floor, aided by the other hated lockdown lover and Chinese social score enthusiast Jeremy Cunt..meanwhile we are being told that it is a wonderful moment in British history to have a Prime minister of a non British origin with a different skin colour. WTF…meanwhile the immigrant situation worsens as Braverman defends her position on the ‘invasion’ whilst hanging onto her job as the witch hunt to remove her ensues.
  • and to just add to the utter shit show of British fucked politics, Mat Wancock announced today that he is going to be heading to Australia to appear on ‘I’m a celebrity, get me out of here’. His aim to be on the show -to hi light the plight of people such as himself with Dyslexia! I will be tuning in and hope he gets to eat all the penises, smelly testicles and slimy bugs. I hope the public who vote for that, do with a vengeance. Because if there is no justice in this crappy world of murdering politician arseholes getting their comeuppance by legal means, this at least will suffice till that day comes.

And despite so many truths now surfacing and the ‘conspiracy theorists’ are being vindicated, the world seems to be ignoring the past 3 years and moving forward to the goal, of net zero and totalitarianism. If any normal person who is looking at this shit can keep up with it, give me a shout as I need to know how it’s done. Sadly most, still have their heads buried in the sand and are somehow thinking that any plans they are making for next year will make fruition.

And what are your plans for next year considering this?

  • Last week it was announced that the US had 3 weeks left of reserve diesel fuel left. Its been all over the news and worried millions of Americans. Price hikes on food and commodities have gone through the roof. Biden lies about their inflation numbers and insists that sending their reserves to other countries is priority over his own people. We have the same problem in the UK as the government seem to prefer printing trillions and throwing the economy into disarray where this winter, Brits will choose between heat and food. Meanwhile Ukraine will have all the financial help it needs, as both country leaders see their cause more worthy than those of their own people.
  • The CDC and MHRA both added the Covid vaccination to the childhood list of vaccines. Totally ignoring the fact that at an MEP meeting that same month, Pfizer admitted that the jabs had not been tested for stopping transmission. This has cast a backlash on Ursula Vonderlyen over her ‘private’ messages to Albert Bourla over securing and spending EU tax payers money on securing enough doses that ensured everyone got 10 doses of the clot shot. Raising the questions of the legality of plugging the jab passport and blackmailing this with their jobs, travel and freedoms. As fast as the questions are asked and there is a little media attention, our attentions are diverted to..
  • Putins address. I listened to it. I agreed with him.
  • I want to live in Russia. It seems to be the sanest of all countries to be in right now. ( I actually don’t want to live there in reality. I had the fortune to go there when I was 16. Brezhnev was ruler at that time and it was an education to visit a country that was so different to mine)…many memories of the differences, saved for another time to write about!
  • UK have been accused as the perpetrators of blowing up the Nord 1 and 2 gas pipeline..twitter is all over the Truss hacked phone calls where apparently she authorised the British Navy to do the deed for the Americans.
  • MSM are pumping up the volume over nuclear war fare after Putins address. Having listened to it myself, and then saw how Sky news reported on it, it is nothing more than junk propaganda, and as far as I can see if a Nuclear attack happens, we fucking deserved it.
  • People all over the world are dropping dead. Mortality figures are through the roof. Doctors who have done their research, who work in the field and speak about it are losing their licences. Censorship is so in our faces for those that speak up for the good of humanity are being struck off and down. And yet, the denial of another narrative that speaks out against the glaringly fucking obvious is silenced. For me, this is the hardest of all the bullshit crap that they pervade upon us as the hardest to wrap my head around. There is so much wrong with the world. Yet it seems that so many are still living in slumber land.
  • Elon Musk finally bought Twitter. After so much grief I am surprised he still wanted it. Whatever his motives, and there are many speculations out there, I will continue to survey that arena. Meanwhile a few of the misfits of society that were banned and branded have returned. So maybe there is hope for a free speech platform, devoid of fuck checkers and trolls…we will see.
  • The transgender crap continues to ply us ‘normal people’ with their insistence that the 1% of the population have a leading voice and muster up a following where it and that is now to become part of our ‘normal’ society. I’m sorry, but when has it suddenly become ok, to indoctrinate kids into believing that they can identify as anything other than the sex they were born with? How s it normal for a school to put a cat litter box into a class room and tell all the other kids that little Johnny is normal when he takes a shit in it because he identifies as a cat! Come on people, have you all truly lost your minds and what it is to be a fucking human being? And of two sexes…male and female?!?!
  • And finally I want to question the Pelosi thing. Her husband had a DUI quashed a few months back, which she can do, as she is one of those ‘Globalists’ (which has now also all of a sudden become a dirty word we are not allowed to use). MSM reported the hammer accident, when the police made a ‘well person’ visit at 2am in the morning. They came across her husband with another guy naked and both holding the hammer. Now we are to beleive that he had broken in and wanted to smash Nancy’s knee caps, only she wasn’t there at the time. They released photos of a break in only the glass was out side the house, they were naked when the police made their visit, she is refusing to release CCTV of the incident. And now the guy who her husband named as a friend is facing charges that are so ‘out there’ for being caught out with his pants down.He didn’t get paid enough clearly. Yet another in your face wrong, along with the living convicted Epstein girlfriend and no client list of the actual pedophiles being released or for that matter convicted. Let’s not mention Hunter Bidens laptop either.

How is it that when I mention the above that those who are supposed to be good and holy, make promises to run and adhere to our democratic values…not one person can break through the rotten corrupt silencing that is the system we are forced to live under?

The conversation out there is about our freedom and with the current state of who are governing us right now, seem to have forgotten what that means. Freedom was never ours when we were born. And now we have endured more restrictions on them since the covid scam. A test to see what compliance society has in their limits and it seems to have far succeeded expectations, which is why we are seeing more restrictions to our freedoms coming at us every day. I’m aghast at the tardiness of the majority accepting the situation and not leaping up and taking back control. The lack of anger is staggering.

A few days ago an amnesty circulated on social media, whereby we are being asked to FORGIVE those who staunchly believed and adhered to the deprivation of the millions over a crisis that was engineered. I saw anger on an individual level in response to that, as I am angry too. And I will NEVER forgive the governments that took our liberties away over a flu that had a 99.98% survival rate. I will never forgive those that ousted me out of society and told me I was selfish, a leper, a granny killer and a walking infected host of virus (despite the fact that I was virus free). I will never forget the brutality of seeing the elderly being deprived of their families on social media as Care homes refused them access to their loved ones, or the hospital visits or the brutality of the police as they enacted the inhumane battering of citizens that they deemed to break rules OUTSIDE. I will not forgive the government for closing schools and forcing my family into homeschooling and forcing them into masks. I will not forgive the NHS and all of those that carried out the jabs. without informed consent or looking at the data themselves. I will not forgive anyone who was complicit in enacting anything that was ruled under Covid. No, these people need to be held to account. There were hideous crimes committed throughout and I will not forgive, not one of them. So that person that came up with that amnesty can shove it up their arse.

And I suppose the point of this ‘rant’ is this. I question silently anyone who is making plans beyond the next few months like they have always done. When someone says to me, next year I am doing this and the following year I am planning that…I can’t help think to myself, how can you be so sure, that your plans will reach fruition? I am struggling with making plans beyond a week from now, although I have as I am heading back to the UK again. But my fear is, will I get stuck there again? It’s not an irrational fear to have – given the shit show we have been subjected to in the last couple of years, as anything goes. But my fears this time are not of Covid restrictions, but that of Fuel shortages ..will my flight be available for my return? or a nuclear threat or worse a strike, given that the UK is now heavily blamed for the Nord Stream and Crimea bridge sabotage. How much of that fear is warranted when all trust is completely lost with the powers that be, are supposed to protect us.

And I suppose it boils down to this. I am a prepper, and I’ve been prepping in Madeira. When I get on a plane to go back to the UK I am useless there if SHTF. I am useless to my family there, as they all think I’m mad anyway. Being awake has its disadvantages and seeing the world through these eyes is no longer fun. At what point do we decide for out own mental health, that ignorance is bliss or preempting the bleak future our governments have outlined for us and we prepare for on that perpetual head fuck of, don’t make plans, it could change at any time on any day. How does one balance ones mental stability in a societal time of instability? For us who are awake, this is the burden we share and must fathom out for ourselves.

It’s a mighty big headfuck!

This is how I feel with VRBO and their digital payment system that doesn’t work!

My chickens face is how I feel as the problem is still ongoing with the holiday booking company VRBO. So, here is an update: A human being finally contacted me and now I have a direct line of communication, so far so good eh? But with nearly two more weeks of back and forth emails and phone-calls, I am still no further forward and still have not had any payment released to me. It’s now getting very worrying if I’ll ever get my money out of them at all, and I have more bookings to come through them.

And the problem lies with their automated payment system that is outsourced to another company called Trust Wallet Systems. Their computer has decided that my company is ‘inactive’ and so their system will not allow the payments, but despite me supplying company paperwork which I had to get from my accountant, their system won’t allow the human to bypass the glitch. Each time the onus is on me to supply them with more information, upload the details countless times to their website. Send documents directly and still no one can resolve the problem. Each time it is shoved back to me, to resolve because I am the one in the wrong for their computer system not accepting my documents. There is nothing more I can do or provide. The crazy part is this new requirement where they have to do a ‘Know your customer’ every year, which means supplying all that bumph every time. A bid to stop money laundering and tax evasion. I had no problem before this, my company passed with flying colours last time.

Now, at the same time the other portal I use ‘Airbnb’ required the same info. I uploaded the required info which was the same as what VRBO needed (minus the accountant’s paperwork) and the following day my payments from them resumed. No problem at all. I prefer using Airbnb anyway, as their commission charges are cheaper, they don’t add on a percentage to me when they take the credit card booking from the client and their back end of the website that I use is far simpler and easier to navigate. I get a payment made after guests have arrived (they have a time period from arrival to make a complaint on the first day and if they don’t make one; the payment automatically gets sent). They also seem to have a better set up for communicating with them …although it’s been a while since I have had to, but when I did the problem was usually resolved quite quickly.

But on Thursday the VRBO human called Carlos who has been dealing with my case, stationed in Ireland at one of their HQ’s, although helpful, still hasn’t resolved the problem. It was thrown back to me, that the only way to receive my payments was to change over the settings and put my own name and bank number as a private independent as the beneficiary for future payments. Which for me complicates it dreadfully with the accounting and Portugal are very strict on invoices, tax numbers and everything else. It also then means I am taxed on that income privately and not the company…another complication. BUT I want to get paid as the debt has now grown to a staggering 15 grand! So, I caved and with his help went into the system over the weekend and uploaded all the details that needed to pay me outside of my company. Me and my accountant will have to find a way to rectify the numbers later on.

I received another ‘welcome’ automated email. And still nothing. No payments heading my way. So, earlier today I went back into the dashboard to see what the problem was. And low and behold all the outstanding monies have disappeared again in all the areas of pending payments, monies to be sent and revenue earnings. Yet again, July of last year is the last entry. I freaked out the last time it all got wiped! So, I have had to send off another email to Carlos the human, to get him to find out what the problem is this time. Is this any way to run a business? But as that company are so large, I am just a little fish and despite me telling him on our last conversation they will most likely lose me as client after this has been resolved, he parroted the usual company policy wording of “I hope we can change that view once we resolve this problem”. But the reality is that he won’t care, neither will his bosses and the corporate body that owns it all won’t even notice. My discontent as a customer means diddly squat.

And the frustrating part is this…if he can’t resolve this issue with the final solution they came up with, to get their digital outsourced payments to work, what happens after that? Will they send me a check in the mail or am I supposed to write it off? If I get my lawyer to sue them, how on earth and where and who does he go through, when I couldn’t get any further than an operator working from home in India or the Caribbean for months on end.

I am also left with a situation where I have guests arriving on Friday. As I pre-empted and had threatened that I would not be hosting another guest from them until I received payment, I contacted the guests two weeks ago and explained the situation. Naturally they were sympathetic but also anxious not to lose their holiday and booking with me. So, we agreed to cancel the booking through the site and I offer them a full refund, which I did. I sent them my bank details for them to make the payment directly to me once their refund had been paid out and they were happy with this new arrangement and happier that it was cheaper as there was no commission their end to be paid.And since then, I have heard nothing from them. No payment for the booking has come through and I’ve had no response to my email to them either. I’m left hanging again, because I couldn’t very well ask them for a small deposit up front to reserve and keep those dates, given that I made them nervous about their booking! I have no idea if they have received their money from VRBO although we both received an automated email from them notifying them and me of the cancellation and refund. As I have discovered the automated emails don’t mean anything at all! And I have no idea if I have clients arriving on Friday but will still have to prepare the house in case they do.

As I mentioned in my previous post ( back in the early days, there were many companies offering accommodation and owners just paid a yearly fee to advertise. I was in control of my business back then with minimal stress on the booking side as I took a deposit from the client to secure the dates and varying payment options to complete the booking before arriving. A strict cancellation policy and in the driving seat to negotiate that depending on reasons given. Payments were made directly to me, no third party got involved or made money off that process which is the norm now. The private holiday home side of the industry is totally different over booking a hotel or hostel in that usually people plan their holidays well in advance and as there is usually a minimum stay requirement – it is almost unheard of for someone to book a day or two or even a week in advance of their vacation time. (this year has been the exception to that, as the island has gone nuts with tourism this last couple of months as all Covid restrictions were lifted and after 2 years of house arrest people were desperate to go get some sunshine and normality back into their lives).

Now, with the way these Corporate bodies operate that have gobbled up all the independent companies I used in the past, they take the payment from the guest and hold onto it until after they have arrived or fulfilled their stay. They take a booking commission from both the guest and the owner, and the owner gets a double whammy with VRBO with another charge, 3% commission on the credit card transaction they take from the guest. They earn interest on that money held too. And despite the policies of cancellation they are bypassed when that company feels they can be, erring on the side of the guest. Penalties are given to the owner should the cancellation be made on that side with no leeway. And as owners our businesses suffered immensely when Covid came along as last minute cancellations came in even when it was still possible to travel. Even now, if a guest was to arrive tomorrow and they said they had Covid, they could cancel penalty free. I on the other hand would not be able to fill my accommodation to another client at such short notice. I would have already incurred costs with housekeeping and the gardener and a vacant space that accrues bills on it, used or not.

Which takes me back to a few years ago when two French ladies rented one of my apartments. It was during the winter, it had been booked for months and I had turned away other potential clients for the same dates. We had been in contact a few days before with the directions and check in times and they mentioned they had some lovely snow. On the day and at the time they were due to arrive there was no sign of them. I had no contact with them at all, until the evening when Airbnb rang to tell me they had asked for a full refund because they couldn’t get to the airport. The plane had taken off in the snow and had landed in Madeira. But I was told that they were demanding a full refund because they hadn’t made any allowances at their end for travelling to the airport in time to catch the flight. They were aggressive right from the start. I argued the point with the representative that it was not my problem as I am not responsible for their travel problems, I had gone to the expense of the apartment clean and preparation for their arrival and had waited as arranged. The flight was not cancelled and arrived on time. The problem was their end, not mine. Was anyone going to refund me the week of revenue lost at the last minute or the expense to prepare it? I couldn’t fill that week to anyone else, so I was left with nothing. I didn’t agree to a full refund and was forced to give them new dates…which still meant a lost week of revenue and more costs on preparation. When they arrived a few months later they were quite unpleasant, being forced to have the holiday anyway. Point being: Had they booked directly with me and not through a third party company, I would have had a deposit held against their booking…which would have compensated me partly for the lost booking and costs. A last minute cancellation or no show would have required them under the terms and conditions to pay in full! They then would have got their arses to the airport and come as planned!

And now we face a similar problem with airlines cancelling at the last minute right in the middle of the summer holidays. I have already had one client change their dates in August because of this, which was fine because I had new dates free as August is not as packed as July is. I still have not sold their week which is now free. Last week some guests were being told that their flights might get cancelled, they didn’t inform me of the situation or answer my messages and so I had no idea until the day that they would arrive, but thankfully they did. And whilst this is very upsetting to those who have booked their holidays, they do also get compensated for when an airline lets them down. AND the third party companies we use to get the bookings will also refund their accommodation costs with us under that situation. Hence why we don’t get paid until after the guest has arrived or had their complete stay. There is no compensation at our end and they can change the booking policy terms at whim. We swallow the losses and hope the next client has no problems with the flights!

Most people who are not in this business think it’s an easy way to make money out of a property, but it’s hard bloody work. You are on call 24 hours a day when clients are in situ and the cleaning, laundry, gardening and maintenance is constant whether guests are occupying or not. Utilities have to be paid even in an empty property when there is a bare patch of clientele, as seasons vary from month to month and not by the year in Madeira. I am forever changing insides of toilets as they don’t last very long, or fixing things that get broken or replacing items that wear out quickly. Sheets and towels are items that when looking tired are expensive and get tired very quickly! I have to supply a varying range of pillows as people are used to hotels that let you choose soft or hard, and two weeks ago I had a group in Funchal who couldn’t get the hob to work in the kitchen demanding I replace it saying it had gone wrong. I have gone though 3 hot water boilers in 5 years in one house and have to replace the sun loungers yearly as they don’t last as guests leave them out in the rain along with the cushions to the patio sets. I have to arrange my life around check ins and check outs which can be at any hour, and dash back and forth down the motorway to deal with it. On top of this we are taxed at a much higher rate for having the privilege of running this type of business and we also have to go through the bureaucracy required by the tourist board and immigration for every client that passes through our doors. It can be a thankless job when clients leave you with their washing up and overloading bins, or their child has drawn all over the white sofa. It can also be very rewarding when guests interact with you and then praise the accommodation and tell you they had a wonderful time and will come again. I am thankful that I get more of that than the other.

So, at the end of the day this problem with VRBO for me is really quite galling as to this end my guests had their holidays, I carried expenses in running costs and the work…and I haven’t yet been paid. VRBO are earning off my money all the time they hang on to it. Will I ever receive it? What do I do next if I don’t?

What will life be like when EVERYTHING money related goes digital?

I’ll keep you posted!

What future do we have? Are you suicidal yet?

VRBO talking to me about their debt with me.

Aren’t ‘they’ ramping it up a notch or four… I hear the news and this week think I am living in an alternate world where it has become something to take the piss out of. So my ears and eyes have been subjected to this:

  • SADS (Sudden Adult Death Syndrome) which has become the fashionable way to die, as clots, strokes and heart attacks are all due to climate change which is old news and now doctors are baffled as to why perfectly healthy young un’s are suddenly dropping dead. They all have one thing in common. Yet STILL no one is looking at the obvious.
  • Monkey Pox is having its name changed and will probably get a new pronoun as well, seeing as we are all being pushed toward being inclusive and able to identify as anything we want. Now, as Monkey Pox is offensive to a group of people in another country we must change its name. Funny how this bout of that virus never originated from the African depths that have no problem with it normally. MSM also forget to mention where it popped up all of a sudden, because of course that would raise too many suspicions and prove more of the conspiracy nutters to actually be sane. (for those that don’t know, two large LGBT events in Europe).
  • 10,000 cattle suddenly expired over night in the USA, and blamed on climate change, it was too hot for them, so they all keeled over at the same time and pegged it. Yet the temperature that night was exactly the same as it always has been for the last 15 years…funny that.
  • Then a few days later thousands of sheep also dropped dead over night. Didn’t get the low down on that one but I guess the blame is the same, conspiracy theories not allowed.
  • A massive coal train got derailed and spilled its contents all over the place that will take weeks to clear up and will cause more fuel shortages to add to the dichotomy. And a few more livestock and food storage warehouses suddenly burnt down too.
  • Australia are having blackouts and residents are told to keep the lights off for a couple of hours each night as they head into winter. Blamed on old refineries suddenly not coping with all the extra Australians wanting to power their homes.
  • Canadians have had their internet censored with a new law, that will deprive them of content if not deemed Canadian. They will be locked out of global content that Trudeau decides as unworthy and their content may be blocked from reaching our shores.
  • China’s economy is also taking a dump and when several people decided to venture to their nearest bank to take out their cash, their health passports turned red and they were refused access. Many haven’t had access to their own money for more than 6 months. Imagine that! And yet that will never happen to us as we enter a…
  • CBDC – (Central Banking Digital Currency) which is already set up and to launch apparently by mid next year. And ALL CASH WILL BE GONE. (Which is now very easy to imagine as our Governments have effectively made it worthless with printing trillions over the excuse of Covid and now the Russia/Ukraine conflict. A severe recession and Global Famine, as further ingredients to ramp up the chaos….Their answer to everyones woes by this point, if you haven’t yet got on with it and pegged it from the jab, those who are left will be begging for some sort of life after, and then take your pick on whatever futuristic dystopian film you’ve ever watched. It’s already here…we are just going through the transition phase.
  • And that’s if Russia hasn’t released its Nuclear Weapon called ‘Satan 11’ (I kid you not) that they apparently are threatening to launch and aim at the UK by the end of the year.
  • Meanwhile Blow job made two announcements this week. He signed a paper to end production and sales of combustible engines by the year 2030 in this bid to become ‘Net Zero’. Most people think of their cars. But what about the tractors that farm the land, that supply our food? And aeroplanes and travel, not just for holidays but to visit family and loved ones that live across the pond. The army and their artillery, ships that move supplies…the list is endless. And yet in 8 years we are supposed to find the reality that all that can be shifted over to a solar panel and a battery pack? Or are we going to be making yet more changes to our lives that WE didn’t agree with?
  • And his second announcement which came today was the new facility and DEAL he has done with pharmaceutical giant (which it wasn’t two years ago, but still) Moderna. Throwing more tax payers coffers at a new build somewhere in the UK to house an MRNA production centre so that we can actually say we produce something. Forget energy….we must have more vaccines that are grown on home soil and which will be a new scientific testing site for anyone who wants to be a guinea pig. I just keep thinking that by the time this place has been built will there be anyone left!
  • And then we have the new Polio mutterings of an outbreak, in which it was found in Londons’ sewage and made headline news on Sky News today. But no one is to worry yet, as the likelihood is that some foreigner came here having just been orally vaccinated with live virus, had a poo and it entered the water supply, but if it gets bad, everyone will need a new vaccine to protect them from this annoying vaccine escaped virus.
  • A new Bug factory is being built so that Brits and also in India, can ditch the meat for the new future protein source which will be made from locusts, cockroaches and Beetles.
  • And a patent to alter chickens genetic code has been applied for so that hens can be genetically modified to kill male offspring before they hatch. Assuming that the egg industry will still be allowed to continue as a protein source, hatcheries have the annoying job of culling off the male chicks before maturity as they have no financial purpose to the industry. So to save time and money it would be super helpful if the chickens are injected with a host of diseases into their DNA so that when they pop out a male egg it won’t be born. I can’t see anything going wrong with that! And once that is approved – as it probably will, where and what animal will they find it useful for next?
  • But the ultimate betrayal has to be to our children as Biden has gleefully been promoting the Covid jab from the 6 month olds and up. MHRA are about to allow the same in the UK. Everyone seems to have forgotten that Covid was downgraded to a Flu status in 2019, the average age of death from it was 82 and is now 86 and the vast majority of kids now have natural immunity. The thousands of jabbed kids to save one from hospital…the odds are so ‘out there’ and yet its being pushed so vehemently and there is still no long term data to know truly what the repercussions could be for them in the future. And then there are the GROWING number of cases of vaccine injuries…….but the government still says, it’s super safe and effective, and you will be a saint for saving granny.
  • Which brings me to the only one bit of good news this week, in that finally SOMEONE in the UK has been told they qualify for the Vaccine Injury payout from the Government. Not that the poultry sum of 120,000 quid will ever compensate the young lady who lost her young husband which denied them both of a future. And a dinosaur payment scheme that hasn’t changed in 15 years or accounted for inflation that will go nowhere with the rate at which things are rising anyway. But at least it has been acknowledged and my hope is that EVERYONE who took the clot shot gets their payment as well. After all it’s the very least any government can do for forcing, blackmailing, cajoling and hypnotising people into getting a medical procedure that is EXPERIMENTAL.

It has become really hard to imagine what the future is going to be like, when subjected to so much doom and gloom, that if you take notice – is a cascading of events that will ultimately become a lot worse. There is no stopping this, as the destruction is already on that path of no return. I get frustrated with people who just don’t see it. I really wonder if my tourists who have this year not rallied around the island as they have in years before this, but opted for staying around the pads I rent instead, sitting and watching the sunsets, eating alfresco and just lapping up the energy. I wonder if they need this last memory as they know that when they go back home, it might be the last one abroad they have. Do they switch off here, knowing that when they go back, they have the problem of heating their homes this coming winter or paying more money to put fuel in their cars…that maybe they know their days are numbered, so the holiday is the final reflection and escape they have before bracing the reality of things to come? Is there a ‘gut’ consensus that every human has (but most are not in tune with it)?

Or are they frivolous and naive to the world around them…99% of my guests are jabbed, I have yet to have a like minded discussion with one, that is on the same page as me.

Or….am I the odd one out? Am I wrong: worse still, am I just a conspiracy theorist, tin foil hat wearing crazy person?

I read yesterday a line that hit home; 1% of the population are critical thinkers , 9% think they can think and 90% of the rest would rather die than think.

But, where is the world heading now, when you can mutilate a 12 year old who decides they are the wrong gender and perform surgery to make them happy to be a different sex. In my day, I wanted a boys bike and got the chopper I dreamed of, but that didn’t make me want to become an actual boy. And now the Police in the UK are flouncing around in a fleet of rainbow painted squad cars to show their inclusivity to a small part of the population that feel the need to be accepted. Pop stars wear sparkly strap on’s at kids concerts and gang raping is now acceptable as you can’t colour code, or identify a peodophile by the fact that they are from another country. Telling a joke as a famous comedian on stage did this week, can get you ‘under an enquiry’ with the Police when a member of the audience gets offended and makes a complaint. You are not allowed to identify a person as coloured they must be called Black so as not to offend and ex-footballer Gary Linika (cant spell his damn name, but you know who I mean) has just come out as Black today. Boris is now jumping onto the bullying problem again.

I’m confused.

Not sexually, because I know exactly who I am. I have white skin and am not making myself feel victim to having that colour either. I am an adult and have a brain and also like the part of my life where I am in control of it. But for how long? I grew up in the 70’s and don’t have issues as to how I should think or feel about any part of that life I grew up in. Nor do I have any problem with anyone else who thinks differently to me because of their own experiences and challenges they faced when walking their own path of life. But shove the way I am supposed to think, feel, and behave down my throat, we then have a problem.

Because it now seems that everything is being shoved down our throats and we are being told like children on how to think, behave and feel. We are not allowed to offend anyone, for any reason, and if you are offended you are being told that you can tittle-tattle and then society will sort the injustice out for you, forging a new bug bear to add to the growing list of offensives. Whatever has happened to freedom of thought, point of view and in general being a normal functioning human being that is unique and different to everyone else? Why is that now all of a sudden a huge societal problem?

Why? We are being primed….psyoped into a new human conditioning that will delete our two genders and confuse the fuck out of everyone, creating more mental health issues and undermining any family value left in the society that we knew of from yesteryear. Gearing us up for genetic modification, where there will be no gender, not unlike the chicken patent that gets rid of the gender of zero financial benefit. I’m too old to be modified, but my Grandchildren aren’t.

And I am festering in my musings of the last two years where we had a pandemic and by accounts now the visual mask wearing insanity has been dropped for a few months, and despite that nothing has got any better, we haven’t recovered and gone back to normal like everyone wanted, its just got worse. We have been bombarded with Brexit prior to the plandemic and then conveniently the huge issue of climate change. All metered out one after the other allowing no one to catch a breath in-between. The excuse to now change everything and push it toward a new agenda/direction, whilst confusing and obfuscating everything else. The new normal isn’t here yet as round one was launched of the New Normal that we are heading into. I, like a lot of others don’t want to transition into where we are heading, we don’t feel that the inequality of the old system was that bad. We don’t agree with the mantra of ‘Build back better’, because what is clear about that is me and you won’t be any better off.

Did any of us get consulted in the new plans for the future that our governments have now told us they are working on to better our futures? It seems to me that they have taken the reins we elected them to have and are running away with them. Planning and spending our money on future visions that were not part of what we elected them for to start with. It is accelerating out of control, it has accelerated out of OUR control now.

Question is, where do you see a future for you and your family 6 months from now? My problem is, I can’t see beyond the next few weeks to make any long term plans, and that is a head fuck in itself.

So what will it take, to stand up to what is becoming an oppression to our values, our rights and our futures? Is the rest of the World still asleep, so that the 10% of us go insane whilst we watch the rest of humanity blindly walk into the devils pit?

I’m not religious, but sometimes the bible has those expressions that mirror the human dilemma. And I think it has got some stuff wrong. Such as ‘The meek will inherit the Earth’…..because if that is true, then we are all fucked. As we cannot rely on the overly submissive, quiet and the compliant to get us out of this mess and change the tyranny, totalitarian and dystopian path we are heading toward.

Readers, I hope you are prepping and hunkering down, for a long and deliberately drawn out war with more elsewhere brewing. Bringing your own values back into your home and leaving the bullshit on your doorstep where it belongs. Where pronouns and rainbows are the only things that remain on a computer screen, and family and close friends are the only inclusive energy you need, inside your own four walls of your castle. Stand fast and firm to all who want to enter it. Defend your honour and be who you are. No one. No government has the power to take that from you.

I will not support a cashless society…the stress of getting paid will put me in my coffin!

Spoiler Alert!!! This is one hell of a rant….

I am going to try very hard whilst I write this to refrain from using profanity, not raise my blood pressure to the point of giving me an embolism, despite the fact that I nearly had one earlier this afternoon. And to try and get this rant out as articulately as possible…which will be helped (hopefully) with a few glasses of wine. I need the wine or at least the alcohol content in it to calm my nerves and get this out.

Now, if you are awake or have been reading my Blogs, then the following paragraph is going to bore you shitless as I repeat an obvious tin foil hat statement (that by accounts in present day is rather looking like an “I/we told you so”. But there are still a huge amount of people ‘out there’ that have no clue or inclination as to what is going on and what we are facing in the future. So this is for my new readers (the few I gain with each post).

Without going into detail here, we are being threatened and promoted to go forward into a digital way of future life and part of this plan will be to eradicate cash. Already we are seeing many well known companies adopting the technology that is supposedly and sold to us (the peasants) to make our lives easier. Tescos are now looking at using facial recognition as a means to pay for your food and goods at their supermarkets. Apple Pay and digital wallets are already proving the popularity of this lazy, convenient way to purchase goods. Buying online, ordering food to be delivered to your door – online and paying for it – online. As we continue to support this, our need for cash will become obsolete eventually; as you will end up having to order your ambulance –online, to order the crane – online, to peel your fat arse off the sofa to get you into hospital for your monthly jab of Covid and monkeypox drugs or whatever the next pandemic BS they will create after that (with the prescription and booking of said drug addiction appointment made – online).

Which reminds me of a children’s movie that came out about 10 or more years ago called WALLIE. This cute little Bot roamed around on his own on heaps of trash left behind by filthy humans to fall in love with a wandering alien Bot. Somehow he ended up on a cruise ship in space surrounded by fat, lazy, privileged humans that flew around in back to the future style air armchairs, ordering anything they desired from the consul. That is the part of the movie that I remember…..and when I first saw it laughed at the insight of what the future human would be like. It was genius! It was also a very ugly portrayal of what the human potential could become. The horrific part is that some of us are already there, even if space travel isn’t available to us yet.

But this idea of a cashless society is being forced upon us, whether you realise its happening or notice the big changes that are making cash more inaccessible (such as bank branches rapidly closing and the push to have apps on the phone to deal with all your banking needs), because it is…and if you really pay attention we are in this in-between phase of it being phased out…and if you haven’t noticed, then pay attention to everything you do after reading this. The human element to solving your human problems is getting harder by the day.

My warming you up to my rant is my warning on how we are being phased into this digital framework and how cash is being surreptitiously erased from our lives. And already there are problems, big fucking problems, that will only get worse. And control is one part of the nuance of this new fashionable forward techno advanced society we are merging into.

And now I will (long windily get to the point)!

As many of you know I live on an island, I am in the hospitality business and have two very fine properties which I rent out for tourism. This is my foundation business as I do/did (until recently) a lot of other stuff. I have been in this trade for some 13 years and when I started out, it was a very human experience, and a business that was conducted on a model that has worked for hundreds of years. And it sounds old fashioned now as I will explain it.

I started out roughly at the same time that Airbnb launched their new business which was on Facebook when that was in its infancy. It was a really good idea and I joined and it took off. I was happy with the way their model worked as they were very much in support of the owner/host and offered a better rate to most of the other companies that were around. I used at that time, holiday rentals UK, Homelidays and a few lesser known names, which have now all joined one big company known as VRBO. I had a very bad 6 month stint with later on and will not touch that company with a barge pole, but the point being the other companies I dealt with were fair with their advertising costs and I was in control of my business.

And the control I had was that all these sites would bring me clients, because I would pay for an advert on a yearly basis. I could set up my own rental nightly rate, terms of conditions and deposit value and time line of payments…with the most important part of this being that I was directly dealing with the client and dealing with the money. Back then, if a client cancelled within 6 weeks before their arrival they lost the deposit, as back then people would book some 3 months in advance of their designated holiday slot. Back then I had zero cancellations.

But as these companies grew, so did their greed and so did their disappearance of allegiance to the people that gave them that business to start with. And the bigger companies came in and saw the global potential of huge profits and swooped up all those little companies. So now, dealing with those same names who are now owned by one big organisation, I still pay for one property for the annual advert and with the other I pay a higher rate on commission for the pay by client booking BUT I now don’t get any say with any policy on cancellations, receive no booking deposits and pay more in commission fees, I pay 3% and more on the credit card transaction the client pays for booking with me that automatically gets paid to the company, and I don’t receive payment until AFTER the guest has arrived! I have NO control over MY business and over the years I have been phased into and at the mercy of the big corporation that took over all the individual companies that had an ethic I agreed with. They now control me completely and I as a host have no power over a client who will complain at the slightest thing who will be issued an immediate refund, having had the goods already. Plus that booking company get paid both ways …but the supplier gets left in the mud. That’s me.

But thankfully this isn’t a problem all the time as I am a premium host with VRBO and a super host with airbnb, which in another world is BS as well as that is all based on your booking and enquiry performance which they can rate if you tow their line by replying to your enquiries within a certain time frame (assuming you live on a computer all day) if you miss that timeline deadline your points rating declines and your score goes down as a host. You then get penalised by this and your listing is moved further down the page.

What a great way to whack the pony that makes you money!

Quite simply we are being conditioned and threatened by the way, that if we dont respond to an enquiry in a given time frame, we are penalised and then pushed to the back of the queue. If we perform and earn the points, we are rewarded with a higher ranking metric that then means our advertisement is seen at a better level than the other monkeys like me who didn’t pull their finger out. And I pay them for the fucking advert and the commissions for every booking and the credit card fees of the client and I get paid last. I am now that person who is not in control and am governed by a company that dictates to me my own business…and if I faulted with their rules, I am penalised. There is something VERY WroNg WITH THIS. And yet this is exactly what everything will be like in the future.

They call it incentives.

They call it rewards.

They call the shots now.

We keep hearing of the Chinese system and yet for me, I see my business being pushed into that way already and has been for a few years. I have been forced into using a global corporate power to continue it, because they gobbled up all the independents and then trashed the very fabric of the way it worked, for a faceless entity that is computerised and modelled on scores and ranking. The human element has been removed.

So, maybe this is why I am so resistant to the BS of the last two years as I have been frustrated already before all of you over a move in a sample of what life is to become? And I am only just getting started with my rant in this field of business!

Right now VRBO owe me a staggering sum of 12,101.34 euros.

I have clients arriving next week worth just shy of 1000 euros for their booking. I am about to make their holiday turn into the disaster from hell as I’m going to cancel them if this is not resolved by tomorrow.

Can you believe that this problem has been ongoing for the last 6 months? I bet half of you are wondering why I continued to honour the bookings in the last 6 months and I’ll tell you why I did.

I am not in control, I have to abide by their ranking metrics and respond during a given time. I have been promised a resolution to the payment problems and told it takes 10-14 days to resolve with each request and complaint I’ve made. Madeira has suddenly gone nuts in bookings, all within a few weeks ahead. I have never in the 13 years of this business had last minute bookings on a short time frame. I believed the company would resolve the payment issue as I never had an issue over payment before now. I got busy, I had to fly back to Uk a few times in the last 6 months…life gets in the way. I am chasing them all the time. They never say hey, we’ve got your coffers building up into our account, how can we pay you!

And today the fuckety fuck fuck came with my what seems like the 100th call to them over this.

And if you want to beleive that getting rid of cash or relying on a payment system to work on the internet will make your life easier then you are a fool. If I drop dead tomorrow from a stress induced heart attack I hope you will all take part in a class action suit against every embodiment that advertises that this is the future and way to move forward with our lives. The VRBO debt to me is at the behest of the very technology they want to promote and have you entangled into because they say it is easier. FCUK that. It’s the complete opposite.

In December last year I received a complicated booking. The family that rented my house through VRBO booked it for half the amount of people that were staying in it. (another thing that customers have cottoned onto and can bypass with this is to book for a certain number of people and then pitch up with more). And this is a problem when you pitch a price based on a minimum person occupancy. So to simplify, if you want to book my 5 bedroom villa that overlooks the Funchal harbour, has a beautiful garden, view point and is detached……for two people to have that space is cheaper than if 5 people want that space. The price reflects the number of people in occupancy which accounts for the extra linens required and resources used, so it is a scaled pricing – which is the norm! This couple wanted double the number of occupants, but halved the number to book, bacuse they took it for a month and those people were coming at differing times. I could have been an arsehole and insisted on full payment, but I met them half way and let the booking go ahead. They, after their trip had the ordacity to ask for a partial refund after they stayed stating they had over paid because half of their tribe didn’t end up coming to stay there because of Covid. I still haven’t been paid by VRBO for that stay over the most sought after dates in the calendar of Christmas and New year.

Two weeks ago I had a similar situation with a booking of Spaniards, that when I offered to organise their taxi to collect them from the airport did it come out that there were more people coming than booked with the disgust at me for pointing out the surcharge for the extra person that they would be bringing with them. I had to rally around them when they arrived making up an extra room. They were rude and treated me like I was some subservient cleaning lady, but when they realised I was the owner they became less threatening. I was plagued with calls the following day when not one of their group could fathom out how to turn on the hob for their breakfast. I was about to get in the car and drive 35 km’s to go turn the fucking thing on for them when I got a message back saying they had sussed it. They had demanded I go there and replace the unit as they said it didn’t work and was broken.

We have a saying, when on holiday tourists leave their brains at home.

I digress. I have not been paid for their stay either or the previous guests that have stayed since December. It costs me money to host. I have laundry, lots of laundry, a gardener and help as I have two properties and sometimes people arrive on the same day in both places and I cant be in both places at the same time. So I have costs and lots of them to make this business run. Water, electctic and I pay a huge lump sum each year for insurance on both properties . I also have to pay a company each year to check and ensure that the fire extinguishers are legit along with the fire/smoke alarms and first aid kit comply with the laws…I pay a higher rate of property tax, water and electricity because it is a holiday rental. I have incurred 6 months of running costs for a business I run, but I haven’t been paid yet. And to add insult to injury this business woke up after 2 years of fuck all because of Covid crap and I am one of the few that has been able to jump back into it, as many didn’t this year which has further pressured the island with the lack of availably in all things…accommodation, car hire, restaurant staff etc etc etc.

So why, I bet you’re asking, why are you still doing this when you haven’t been paid? I use airbnb as well, so its swings and round abouts. I uploaded the same info to them and had no problem and the payments come through so the income from the other site has been carrying VRBO who hasn’t paid and has enabled me to continue, plus each person who works for VRBO that is seemingly most helpful and promises to resolve the issue buys them more fob off time. But let’s get back to VRBO. I’ve been chasing their arses for the last 6 months when I had to update my business details in January to their site according to new rules over a new thing called ‘Know your client’. Apparently this is a new law designed to eliminate any hint of money laundering or making money at all that isn’t declared. I read that these companies actually have no right within the law to require this information, however I have nothing to hide and tried to update the information they required. They already had it on record and this was meant to be an affirmation that I was who I said I was to continue with the payment schedule. But eerily the website developed some glitches. The pages wouldn’t load and for weeks both ends (host and guest) couldn’t write more than 2 sentences or the send button wouldn’t work. I went through the enormous task in January of ringing the UK number to go through their myriad of automated options, to either get cut off mid way through and have to repeat the process several times to actually get through. Then that person who I spoke to eventually is not in the Uk at all, but working from home in India using their headphones and laptop to tell me they have a case number and will forward it on the appropriate department. And this is pretty much how the last 6 months have gone by…. I call the Uk number and speak to an Indian person, get a new case number and a promise, then a week later I call again and speak to someone in America and get the same response and promise, Last week I have no idea what county that chap I spoke to was in, but it was a difficult call as his TV was in the back ground at such a loud volume that didn’t even drown out his kids. Earlier this week I was in America and today I was in St Lucia. Each time I call, they go into the system and into my dashboard and there is a different reason given that I haven’t uploaded some part of the information and each time I am screaming at them back, they have it all!


And then today, which will attribute to my death tonight (don’t buy it that I over drank on the wine), whilst on the phone today to the latest rep in St Lucia, I checked my account and was horrified that all the pending payments of the last 6 months had been wiped. After the long hold she had put me on, I told her to check my dashboard and she said, are you sure you are owed money? There are no pending payments in your account! So like that on their computer system, suddenly 12,000 euros has been scrubbed from my account and reset to last July.

I have no words…I feel sick.

I pleaded with this Carribean woman to give me a number of some one in authority, some one who worked in a building that housed a human being that worked for VRBO…and she couldn’t. All she could give me was another fucking case number and promise…and I got another fucking automated email that said contact VRBO as your account has been suspended and will no longer release payments. This is a forever loop of crap that has no end in sight and cannot be resolved. Because that is the system we have with VRBO but is in my view a mirror of what is to become more of in the future with everything else.

I’ve just lost 12 grand to a corporation that is so big it doesn’t even have an office……. and now go back to my rant on digital nomads, because that’s where this all falls apart. We are in that phasing out mode and NOW IS THE TIME to ReSIST. Because if we allow THIS to take over our old way of human business dealings and switch over to tech as we are now being herded toward, heart attacks won’t be feasible to being blamed on climate change (cos they can’t admit to the fucking jab being the cause of that epidemic or the dizziness of sudden adult death syndrome)…but I’ll have my heart attack now as 12 grand got wiped out of my account today and there is no human around that can look into this. And this is acceptable. Along with the vaccine injured, the kids that are being pushed to change gender along with the discussion that no one can describe what a woman is…POINT BEING….every single attribute of normality has been fucked with…..and there is no one to look to anymore. Ethics and Morals are gone. The human race is rotten to the core. I want no part of this new world order.

The woes of taking a holiday…to wear a mask or not – that is the question!

From empty airports last year to understaffed heaving airports this year, taking a trip is becoming another nightmare. I had to make a dash back to the UK a couple of weeks ago for an urgent family matter, with little time to plan and in the middle of my most busiest season of holiday rentals I’ve ever had, travel has opened up finally and thankfully not marred by testing, vaccine passports or any of that rubbish we had to go through last year. However, finding the information on what is now not required is a little sketchy. The last time I flew back to the UK was in November, and to get in required a passenger locator form and a negative test. The airline staff won’t let you board the plane without them. During 2020 and 2021 I travelled a lot and airline staff were like the Gestapo. Needless to say, being unvaccinated hasn’t stopped me from going anywhere unlike the number of guests I have had stay in my rentals who went and got the shot to be ensured that they could continue to travel!

Madeira had only just dropped the mask mandate a week or so before I left. The EU that same week announced that all airlines and airports in Europe had also dropped their mask mandates as well. Travel was well and truly open and to everybody. Some countries still require a test, but both Madeira and the UK do not, or the passenger locator form. But the day before I left, our dictator announced that masks were still required to be worn at the airport, as do taxi drivers and on public transport. So when I arrived there, and passed the massive signs telling you at the doors that masks were mandatory inside, I decided to flout their rules and walked into the airport without it. I was pleased to see that I was not the only one!

The check in queue was enormously long, I had arrived early to avoid it, like everyone else and observed the area around me, which had a mixture of masked, unmasked and partially masked passengers. When it was my turn to check in, the lady at the desk was gruff and rude and immediately told me off, demanding that I put on my mask right there and then as she bellowed the mandatory rule to wear it in there. I said ok, took my ticket and walked off toward departures muttering under my breath. Did she not understand that we are in Europe and the mandate in airports and airplanes had been dropped? I could not be bothered to argue and hold up the long queue behind me. I was still breathing airport air.

The queues into the hand baggage scanning area were long too and quite a few of the crowd were unmasked like me. The ones who complied didn’t seem at all bothered about the ones that didn’t nor take any extra precautions to socially distance. As I inched closer to the scanning area, there were a group of around five 20 somethings that were unmasked and as they began to empty their chattels into the trays a hefty looking uniformed bloke appeared and screamed at them to put on their masks. He refused to let them continue with their stuff as an argument broke out. One of the group put a mask on and tried to placate the others, with one of the women scrummaging her bag on the floor arguing with the officer whilst looking for hers. The man who declared he didn’t own one, was sent packing -back through security and into the main airport to go buy one, he was told he would not be travelling unless he did. The scene was embarrassing for them as they were treated like dirt by the staff and I was angry as hell that anyone had the right to speak to people the way that man did. It shook up the rest of the queue as now this display had scared the shit out of everyone else and all of a sudden everyone in the queue was adorning a mask!

I reluctantly pulled out my (mesh) one and wore it on my chin. And when I was picked to go to the same scanning line as the scalded group, I smiled at the officer and continued to proceed with dumping my computer and bits in the tray. It was quite comical as I had mine on, but not over my face and I noticed others copying me after I went through unscathed! And it stayed on my chin right up until I boarded the plane.

As I got on the plane, I noticed one steward wearing the nappy and another without, so I asked if we had to wear them on the flight. The stewardess beamed at me with a massive smile as she said this was a mask free flight, but feel free to wear it if you so desire. I saw about 3 people on that plane that did.

Returning home last week was also eventful from the moment I arrived at Gatwick. The airport was heaving, queues were long but no gestapo about ordering people to mask up. My flight was delayed due to staff shortages for the flight I was on and baggage handler problems. But getting onto the return flight back to Madeira was marred by the fact that this flight (same airline) was a mandatory mask flight with their excuse that as we were flying to Madeira where the law required mask wearing on Public transport, they were classed as Public transport. I got into an argument with the stewardess but had to cave in to wearing it on my chin again. And throughout that flight the majority of the passengers were like me, wearing them as chin hammocks and the staff didn’t bat an eyelash. It seems that as long as it was on our face, somewhere there at least, we were complying with the ridiculous rules!

Back on Madeira soil and the gestapo were once again on the tarmac as we exited the plane barking at people to wear them, even though we were outside. This entire subject of wearing them in the airport whether arriving or leaving is illogical to me, particularly when you can go about your business in public everywhere else with out one. And the people that insist on your compliance are nasty, rude and have become mini Hitlers with huge God complexes. I would love to know if they are fanatical about wearing theirs in public even where they don’t have to or if their narcissism of doing their job gives them a power rush.

My rental business has gone nuts these last couple of months as people are coming in their droves to Madeira for their holidays. I’m not complaining after 2 years of bugger all business and paying bills on empty properties for all that time. There have been problems to face this end with the flood of tourists as many are finding it impossible to hire a car or the prices 3 to 4 times what they were to hire before. Hotels and restaurants are crying out for new employees as they are hit by staff shortages. My taxi driver friends are looking knackered with the longer hours and increased business and the local news are showing popular tourist hot spots overwhelmed with traffic, coaches, queues with parking a major problem. Our famous levada walks known for spectacular scenery deep into the untouched areas of the island are also heaving with hikers making some of the trails more dangerous to pass on. And again I am not moaning about it, I am pleased to see this as we need our tourism and its good to see businesses opening back up and thriving with this sudden onslaught of trade.

But, for me, I am worried. I am worried that this is a bubble that will burst and when it does, we will fall back to where we were last year – or even worse. With fuel prices continually rising by the week, so are the costs in flights. Already the airlines are cancelling flights during their busiest time of the year as they blame staff shortages. Easy jet this week cancelled 120 of them through half term. I just had a message from a guest who is arriving next week from Holland warning me, that their flight might be cancelled and will keep me posted. If their flight is cancelled, they get their refund and I get the week blocked from my calendar with no chance of renting it to anyone else. I earn nothing and have no one to claim compensation from!

And as inflation rises, everywhere. When will it reach a point where going on holiday is unachievable because of the rising costs of energy, and food. As we get the summer buzz out of the way and the cooler months start to approach many will take stock of their finances as they brace the hurdle of getting through the winter. Not to mention the rumble that governments are already talking about Covid rearing its ugly head again as we head toward the colder months with the threat looming that action will have to be taken yet again to inhibit the spread of the virus that hasn’t gone away! But for the most part it seems that this is going to be a belter of a summer in business terms for tourism, as long as the airlines can hold it together. But by Autumn I personally think we will be heading toward a disaster when the shit will truly hit the fan. Once people have had their one or two weeks of freedom and experiencing that holiday vibe, returning home will come with a bigger thump of reality than it did before. The world is in a real crisis, so a bit of escapism for a brief week or two can be forgiven…but never take your eye off the ‘Global Elites’ because whilst everyone is concentrating on their tans, they are busy having their meetings conjuring up the next disaster to continue with the dismantling of the life we once knew and taking us into the next phase of the ‘new world order’.