Let’s talk about mental health.

It’s my birthday today. But it’s cancelled. I just can’t face it and cannot cope with the idea it entails. Instead of waking up this morning to a loving family who wanted to cook me breakfast and take me out for a walk, I shut myself away…got myself into a state and haven’t stopped crying since I opened my eyes this morning. I was the same yesterday and the day before that. They have gone off for the walk and I am still sitting here moping, trying to pull my shit together.

Yesterday morning I recognised that I was having a melt down and realising that I needed some help, contacted my doctor. I haven’t seen one for depression in years, because I have always been able to deal with it myself. This is far beyond anything I can deal with now. I had a long chat with her (through my tears and frustration), she left me for 5 minutes to talk to another professional about my case, agreeing that I was indeed on the edge. Yes, I could have some antidepressants, but I would need to wait till Monday after another chat with her. But over the weekend she suggested I contact mental health services and do myself a referral. She sent me a link to the website. I came off the phone feeling really pissed off, because one of the reasons I couldn’t have the pills now, was because I was in crisis. I bloody know I’m in crisis, that is WHY I contacted the doctor.

I took a look at the website and didn’t bother to do anything with it….I have to make contact, I have to ask again, I have to use an impersonal interface. I have been abandoned by the NHS for the weekend. She thinks I’m suicidal, so I am told to go to a website to deal with it. If I could stop crying, I would be laughing at the irony of yet another bullshit situation.

And this is how we now deal with mental health. It’s so fucked up, is it any wonder that the suicide rate right now has rocketed?

I can’t help but ask who is to blame…..if I do myself in, obviously my family would be gutted, but then there would be questions….and then the anger and then the feeling of helplessness, because it would have been needless (if I didn’t get given the help). So who do my family sue, who do they hold accountable? I am strong enough in mind to hold out till Monday, but I know that lots of people in my position aren’t as strong as me. They teeter on that precipice of complete misery, and although I am there, I do have a loving family that supports me, even when I am rejecting them at the moment. They are the reason I resist the urge to jump off a cliff.

I could spout a million reasons why I am in the state I am in, and although I keep counting my blessings it really doesn’t stop that awful pain of hopelessness. I am in limbo with a life I can’t get back to, because the bods in charge are obstructing this. I have no purpose and have become a wandering nomad stuck in a country that won’t allow me to leave. This entire debacle we are all in has affected everybody in their each individual ways, so I really can’t single myself as an exception. But I have had enough of the bullshit, I really have.

So, the point is, this. We are failing our mentally ill. If I am struggling and have to visit a website when a doctor recognises that their patient (me) has reached crisis point…..how the hell is anyone else getting any proper help? That reaction is enough to tip anyone over the edge…..and has made me even more fucking angry.

But of course, let us not forget we are in a pandemic with a super deadly virus on the loose. Maybe the end game is for us all to kill ourselves if that virus or having the jab doesn’t do it…..we keep being told that our problem is an over populated planet…come on governments, why not gas us all instead. Then no one has to continue putting up with the long suffering misery they have forced upon us.

What’s the point in mental health services? There isn’t any!

The Vaccines…..do we really need a Vaccination Passport? (Part 3)

I got into a bit of a debate this evening on the NHS group on Facebook that is now heavily promoting the vaccine, using misleading language to lull more takers. One chap attacked the anti – covid vaxxers (my language is correct here, as not all of us who don’t want this one, are anti- vaxxers). He claimed, that as he was now vaccinated he could get back to normal life and the people who were refusing to get jabbed were a danger to each other, because the vaccinated are safe as they can’t pass on the virus to each other (another vaccinated person). Someone else corrected him, but he still insisted that he was now a club member of the immune.

And in this last week there have been hoards of face bookers all adopting their profile badge of honour, letting us know they are vaccinated. They gave themselves a medal and now have a super power…..and come across as supreme beings by announcing their achievement. What also comes across is this now fashionable fad of being unselfish, they did this for the good of everyone else. They made a sacrafice. And the truth is, they have. Sad part is, they have no idea of the sacrifice they just made. I salute them for their contribution to science, which allows me (the wary) to watch the global trial gather momentum, allow the science to iron out the quirks as they come to the fore, before I decide if this is the right step for me.

But then again, I have that nagging thing, going on in the back of my head. Why would I even consider a vaccine against a virus that most people get mildly anyway. If the 4 million people that got infected with Covid in the last year out of the 68 million living in this country actually died of this, then maybe I wouldn’t be so hesitant. The 4 million survived it and sadly 122,000 fell victim. (But as I said in my earlier post, that death figure is a little way out there, as we know the stats are inflated for a variety of reasons anyway. Which further enhances my point).

And then I look at the 4 million again, who have caught this in a year, who got it mildly and then couldn’t go back to life as the government shut everything down for that. And a vast majority of people still advocate keeping us shut down. The country ground to a halt, businesses have gone bankrupt, kids had to be home schooled, the elderly were shielded and cut off from human contact, mothers gave birth without their partners, teenagers couldn’t see their mates, shops, malls, and theatres were closed. The Pub, club and Hotel industries crippled. More people die of cancer and other illnesses. Suicides have rocketed. And now the government wants everyone to take a genetically engineered prophylactic treatment that alters a persons immune system for a virus that has an incredibly low mortality rate.

And now they want to make everyone have a Vaccination Passport.

Where is the benefit to anyone having one of those?

On my island back in January our dictator announced that he would welcome any tourist who has been vaccinated – as the UK embarked on the program very hastily in December. He wants tourists and a small early boost to the completely fucked economy. I should know as my business is in tourism. I have 3 properties all sitting empty. One is a Quinta with two holidays lets, a five bedroom house in the city and a half finished building, where I have just secured planning permission to convert it into a part hostel/boutique hotel with a restaurant, pub and pool. There are now some 30 plus hotels up for sale, countless holiday homes on the market and restaurants and bars that will never reopen again. The islands economy works solely from the tourism trade apart from exporting very small bananas to the mainland. We went into lockdown before the UK. The border was tightened and everyone who arrived went into a forced 14 day quarantine in a hotel. We were in masks before everyone else and we had literally zero cases. There is no exempt non mask wearer, it is not allowed. The airport opened up again and PCR tests were given on arrival. They did everything to stop the virus coming in, made us break contact with each other before it even got there and by Christmas the inevitable happened…people started to get positive tests..it got in. My business completely crashed at the beginning of this, no help from the government, until today. An email from my accountant telling me I am eligible for some form of assistance. I must apply before the deadline in June and could get 400 euros. 5 million euros has been dedicated for aid to my industry. I will apply for it, but it’s an absolute insult.

I digress. Will a Vaccination passport actually bring that much needed business to my island? I can’t see how it does. As having a paper telling the authorities that the tourist who just entered had a vaccine, will NOT make a jot of difference to the spreading of the virus across a border. A vaccinated person can still catch the virus and can still pass it on. They still have to be muzzled. So, how different is that to me returning home (if a flight will ever get me there), if I am unvaccinated. I have an immune system and will still have to take a test before I go AND quarantine myself for 14 days after I get there. A tourist won’t have to do that, they can come and go as they please with the new passport, but they are not immune or any different to me. They don’t have to quarantine like I do….so what is the point?

It could even be said that a vaccinated person could be more dangerous than an unvaccinated person, and Dr Fauci in a video I watched this evening explained the problem with this. That a vaccinated person is more likely to become infected with the virus and not know they have it, because the vaccine is designed to reduce the illness. This is why the pressure is on to keep the muzzle…because vaccinated people are more likely to be asymptomatic carriers…..This isn’t something you will hear on Sky news or the BBC or anything that Blowjob and Wank will tell the public. And maybe the reason why the coercion is maxed to the hilt for everyone to be jabbed. Maybe the passport is to protect the unvaccinated!

The sad part is that many people have joined the jabbing queue for all the wrong reasons…to travel because of the the threat of a vaccination passport. PACE (Parliamentary Council of Europe) already passed a law stating that Vaccination was voluntary, could not be enforced or forced or be discriminated against for those who choose not to have it. The UK is a member and is governed by this law. To enforce a Vaccination Passport would be discriminatory along with any business holding employees to ransom by the no jab, no job threat. The fact that there is talk about this passport has created fear, and what do people do when they are in fear? Go line up for the jab. Personally I think that this topic is another coercive deception by our governments to encourage the uptake of the jab. Don’t forget that money has been plowed into this completely needless exercise and they don’t want to be held accountable later on when all the law suits are filed and the public enquiries start when this plandemic is over.

I still trust my immune system (although mine is wrecked due to Lyme) but I would rather trust that over an injection that has never been tested on humans before now. And if it all goes wrong, the one off tax free compensation vaccine injury payment by the Government of a measly 120,000 GBP is no where near enough to convince me to take the chance.

The Vaccines…..Let’s look at the numbers (Part 2)

My last blog on this subject gained quite a bit of criticism (and support) but it’s the negative comments that we tend to be affected by. By writing a blog and sharing my thoughts on it, I am now deemed an ‘influencer’ and someone who is quite dangerous. I was told yesterday that by sharing my thoughts, opinions and theories, I was endangering lives. What a load of crock! Everyone and I mean everyone has a right to an opinion, has the right to share it how they feel and for all of those who are reading this, are perfectly capable of making their own decisions, and can take or leave the bits they like or don’t like. The naysayers think I should be censored and just shut up.

I have spent hours, weeks and months of research and if I get something wrong, then I get it wrong. I was called out for calling one of the jabs a ‘dead virus’ vaccine, my language was incorrect and should have called them either ‘Attenuated or Inactive’ however I chose a layman’s term, so that no one has to go and look up what they actually are. But if you don’t like my Blog, simply don’t come and read it…it’s that simple. You have a choice!

For me, writing this is a healing exercise, I am a writer and find this medium the only way to express myself. I get so frustrated with what has been going on in the world, using my blog is my parapet, but if I suddenly started using a megaphone and blasting everyone in the street with my opinions, most would have thought I have ‘lost me marbles’. I am just a normal person like everyone else, and I like everyone else is worried about what is going on around us. So, I will continue with this blog, and that’s the end of it.

In a previous post I chucked some stats about, and I keep an eye on them every few days. I still can’t wrap my head around the fuss over Covid and the figures just sum it up for me, that this whole affair has been a massive over reaction. I use the Worldometer website that gives an in-depth view on the global scale. So, I am going to crunch some numbers today as an example.

Today the world wide figures are:

Total infections to date: 114,752,383

Deaths to date: 2,544,451 (3%)

Recovered to date: 90,304,817 (97%)

Current active infections: 21,903,115

Mild Condition: 21,812,823 (99.6%)

Serious/critical condition: 90,292 (0.4%)

Closed cases: 92,849,268

Estimated Global population: 7.8 Billion

As Chris Witty said ‘A significant proportion of people will not get this virus at all’..this is not quoted from the meme above, I watched and heard him say this on one of the briefings many months ago. Then why do we need this panic to be vaccinated against something, which does not become a death wish to the vast majority who catch it.

The UK government in their wisdom, has invested and wasted billions of public money on making this the biggest crisis we have ever faced in history. This has become a political situation and not based on medical need anymore. If I remember correctly, the UK purchased 500 million doses of several types of Vaccine, we only have a population of around 68 million in this country. Even if you double dose (and this is accounting for everyone to be jabbed) they have still over bought product at nearly double the amount needed. They have to get everyone on board to use it or they waste it on donating it to other less fortunate countries. And who paid for it? You did. And you will continue to pay for all negligent spending they have done since this began.

It also raises another question. If it takes 3 months to jab 20 million people and all the resources of the NHS are currently focussed on this, along with the help of other entities, not concentrating on their own purposes, because of this….and we are supposed to then have a yearly jab, which will take the best part of the year to conclude. When does the NHS ever go back to normal? Jabbing people will have to become the priority for the health service…forever. This is unsustainable along with the crappy and totalitarian idea of a Vaccination Passport.

But, then again maybe this is where technology is used in the future to become less labour intensive to deliver medicines and vaccines. That a simple yearly script is sent in the post. You pop into the chemist and receive your vaccine dose which comes in the form of a sticking plaster. Micro needles deliver the serum and your smart phone registers your vaccination. If you think this is conspiracy theory then take a look at this website, where they already use this kind of system for Diabetes. https://freestylediabetes.co.uk/freestyle-libre

The problem we are facing right now, is we are still being kept from leading a normal life, and today the news announced another headline that is designed to keep the fear of Covid going and making everyone question the roadmap of opening up the country over the next few months. It is the latest hot topic over the Brazilian Strain that is reportedly more deadly than the others. Some ignorant fool came into the country and didn’t fill in the paperwork. Now some 6 people have tested positive for it and it is so bad that they have employed Royal Mail to help identify the perpetrator.

What’s next? Will that poor person be sent to prison for deliberately spreading a new strain? Will this be another fantastic reason to keep us closed down for a few months more? Is it even true???????

Let’s take a look at the stats for the UK

Total cases to date: 4,257,650

Deaths to date: 122,849

Recovered to date: 2,905,317

Active cases: 1,148,388

In serious or critical condition: 1,971

We have a population of 68 million, 20 million have been vaccinated already, only 4 million have caught the virus in a year. There were 89,162,545 tests to find the infections. More tests were conducted than the population of the country. I question those numbers further, given that we know people have tested positive which goes straight into the statistics bank, who never had the virus. We know that death certificates have been labelled as Covid deaths when they weren’t. This also goes into the statistical database. Autopsies have been banned and still are. So we will never really know the true picture.

But the question still remains. Are we really in a pandemic and do we really need to vaccinate healthy people, who are not elderly and/or vulnerable?

People really need to stop living in fear of something that ‘might’ be gruesome. The government and its coercion and blackmail needs to be held accountable for destroying peoples lives. I fear this to be something that will drag on for years, while the virus itself fizzles out into nothing more than the common cold.

The Vaccines…the post I’ve been avoiding to write. (part 1)

Am I an antivaxer? NO NO NO NO

Am I a Conspiracy theorist? NO NO NO NO

Do I have a brain? Yep, I think so, must have one, or I wouldn’t be writing this.

Do I believe in the Freedom of choice? Absolutely

Do I consider myself as selfish, by not getting jabbed? Where does the word ‘selfish’ enter into this entire debate….oh, I forgot, there is no debate on this subject. Then I must answer this question with a yes then….I am selfish. But am I? Today…the Queen says I am…ok then. But I still don’t think I am.

This post was something I had been planning to write and was the reason for resurrecting my blog…yet I am finding this to be the hardest one to write. I was going to write about the types of vaccines, but that would take up an entire blog post of its own……so, I must assume that for everyone out there who has rolled up their sleeve – has done their own research and made that commitment on making an informed decision. Do I waste my time and explain the MRNA or chimpanzee adenovirus differences in the pharma pushed drugs? Help you make a decision into which of those is the best? That was the post I was going to kinda write.

That’s not my job now….if you rolled up your sleeve and had one, then you as an individual should take upon the task of knowing exactly what you are doing before you do it. And for those who are reading this…are probably the ones who have done exactly that and find themselves in the exact same position as I…..being called selfish, because we know what this is and we don’t want to be a part of it.

The tragic part of this situation we are in, are the elderly and vulnerable that do not have the means to research…I am talking about those who were the first guinea pigs…in care homes and the ones who are not tech savvy and get all their information off the TV. Some don’t even have that…they just got lined up for a jab without really knowing why.They didn’t get a choice.

There are 3 types of people in this world.

The Nescient….they are those very people I explain above, who do not have the means at their disposal to research what they are being told and in some cases…given with out choice in the matter..they are in the dark and only follow the light that guides them – through no fault of their own.

Then we have The Ignorant. They are the ones that stick their head in the sand as any other viewpoint other than the one they follow has no merit and refuse to even research anything else.They are always right and you are wrong and will not even consider looking at alternatives. They base their argument on what they heard, not on what they actually know to be true.

Then we have The Thinkers. If you are reading this blog and get it….then you are one of those. Even if you don’t agree with my point of view, you are looking and probably looking elsewhere too, and then forming an opinion by taking in others. You weigh up the pros and cons, then will make a decision based on that.

And I am going to repost this snippet for the thinkers as it has troubled me for months, as to why we did not follow the original Pandemic plan set out by the government…..I touched on this in a previous post…the government didn’t follow this part of the plan on vaccines either..

4.37  There are two distinct types of pandemic vaccine:

Pre-pandemic vaccines that are produced in advance of a pandemic and are designed to protect against a strain of influenza virus that experts judge to be a potential cause of a future pandemic, e.g. H5N1. The degree of protection will depend on how similar the pandemic viral strain is to the strain used to prepare the vaccine.

Pandemic-specific vaccines that are developed specifically to protect against the pandemic viral strain, once it has been isolated. Once available, a pandemic- specific vaccine should protect most recipients from clinical illness and may also reduce illness severity, hospitalisation and death and therefore the national impact of subsequent waves of the virus.

Pandemic-specific Vaccines are the old school type of Flu vaccine, where they identify the virus, as in this case Sars- Cov2 or Covid as we know it…and inject dead virus which stimulates the immune system more naturally than what they have currently forced onto the population. What was wrong with this method?

They identified (supposedly) the virus and learnt about the subtle differences between other SARS/CORONA viruses…..this was Novel, but a lot of people caught it and a few died. So, why was this not the way to go…isolate the new virus and knock up a few batches and make this the new flu vaccine? It’s old school, has worked in previous years and is known to be relatively safe. Flu vaccines have a plus/minus efficacy of 40/60% in any given year, because when they knock up a batch each year, they guess as to which nasty bug will most likely surface in that year. But this year has been different, we know what the virus is, so, why not knock up a batch of that dead virus and jab that into peoples arms instead?

Is that not just simple and logical to how this is supposed to work? The scientific paper that adjoins the Pandemic plan, goes into great detail on this subject and how that works. It is the doable thing…this year was doable on that front. Why did they then start to bypass what has worked in the past and start ‘fucking’ about with this?

And we now are ‘fucking’ about with this. Instead we are being sold on a new technology with the Covid vaccination, that is very experimental and has no long term data, because there isn’t any. `Every single person that rolls up their sleeve to this is participating in a trial. They have consented to become a human guinea pig. And the ignorant will argue that this statement is nonsense.

And I write this assuming that for anyone reading this knows the difference between an MRNA vaccine or a chimpanzee adenovirus vaccine or a dead virus vaccine. If you don’t then, you are ignorant and should be ashamed and go look it all up. And then…rescind that crap by telling me that I am selfish for not wanting to be a brainless white rabbit in this potentially dangerous experiment.

The Queen today, said that anyone who does not have the vaccine is selfish. Why has this now become a selfish act, to choose against participating in a global experiment? Did I miss something? Has the world now really gone totally mad?

I am not an Anti Vaxxer and I am insulted by being called one. I have been vaccinated like everyone else from childhhood, through my teens and beyond. I went to Africa a few years back and got jabbed for hepatitis, diphtheria and yellow fever. I never had a problem with those as they have been around for years, did their trials and studies and were approved through the normal channels…in short, they went through years of processing and testing to become as safe as they could be on a human. And I didn’t bat an eyelid at being made to have that protection to go.

The vaccines that are being pushed and coerced for Covid – do not fall into that same bracket. We have no idea if they are safe in the long term. The ignorant will say that is nonsense. I still don’t want to participate in this vaccine trial.

I am not a conspiracy theorist either…well heck maybe that’s not entirely true as can we define what one is? If one is a thinker, and not an ignoramus, then we are now labelled as a conspiracy theorist and somehow asking google, which has always been a veritable fountain of all knowledge has suddenly become a liar, along with anything you find on the internet. We are all called Sharon because we saw a video on You Tube that did a documentary on The Great Reset. The BBC and SKY News are the only places to get the truth apparently.

After my rant on yesterday’s blog, where the vaccine passport is now becoming a dead cert…and morphed in a week from not being so….I was watching the truth channels today as this is now being implemented. It is being reported as something that is exciting and wonderful – and the solution to getting our lives back on track and to normal. How is this normal, to flash a yellow badge at the door of the supermarket to be allowed in? What happens if I don’t have a yellow badge?

Why have we suddenly become so prejudiced, discriminatory and vulgar towards those who choose to allow their own immune systems do to their job…whereas if you are vaxxed you belong to the new club and all the tainted are not allowed in. Because this is essentially what the passport is about.

I read one woman’s comment on a Portuguese blog I belong to this morning where a small difference of opinion started and was quickly deleted. She said and I quote ‘I have the right to know that when I sit on an aeroplane if the person sitting next to me has Covid and puts my life in danger. So they need to bring out the vaccination passport so that I will be safe to fly’. My reply would have been, had they not censored the post before I could, would have read something like this..’ I have the right to know if the person sitting next to me on a plane has an STD or even a dose of thrush. They should have a doctors letter to show they are healthy to allow them to fly’.

But I have to point this out:

Being vaccinated does not stop anyone from catching the virus, it doesn’t stop anyone who catches it from passing it on. It is only a prophylactic treatment and by design, is hoped to reduce the illness, thereby relieving pressure on the health services…..and that’s all it does in a nutshell. It’s not a miracle cure and there are no guarantees. It is an experiment, as they simply do not know if there will be any long term benefit or the scary part…any future adverse reactions. As it is very much a prophylactic treatment, it really is not and should not be called a Vaccine.

So, if I get on a plane and sit next to a vaccinated person, this still offers me no assurance for my own health if they are infectious, or the other way around. The only difference to that scenario is that being unvaccinated would mean that I would POTENTIALLY become very ill….but then again, I might not…it really depends on my own immune system and how it decides to work for me. So, the risk is more on my side over the vaccinated person sitting next to me. So, what is their problem exactly?

But the vaccinated see us as the carriers of the plague. They are supposed to be immune, but yet we are still a threat….will I ever work out this rediculous conundrum?

But there are still many questions that no one can answer…

Why launch an untested vaccine on the public that has no known long term benefits or adverse effects?

Why not go old school and use dead virus like the usual yearly flu shot?

Why is there so much coercion, detraction of proper use of language to get the experimental shots so quickly into peoples arms?

Why keep us Muzzled and locked down when the cases, deaths and stats are the lowest since it began?

Why is there so much coercion, detraction of proper use of language and rush to get the experimental shots so quickly into peoples arms? …..Why is there so much coercion, detraction of proper use of language and rush to get the experimental shots so quickly into peoples arms?……Why is there so much coercion, detraction of proper use of language and rush to get the experimental shots so quickly into peoples arms?

MRNA’s and Adenovirus are both genetic engineering vaccines. we all know that. They modify the immune system genetically.

Where do our human rights come into play with all of this….as clearly they are being flouted and our governments are ignoring those who are standing up and reminding them, as they continue to deceive us and push their agenda. But to what end and what is the end game?

If we just had a pandemic of Ebola…then I could understand where we are heading, but we haven’t. We have been told that a virus that is most certainly not deadly to the vast majority (99.6% global recovery rate) has completely ruined our lives. We are not safe from this and never will be, until we are ALL vaccinated. Do we not vaccinate against diseases that have a mortality rate far higher than 0.4%, because I can’t find anything anywhere in my research that warrants a vaccine for something with in this incredibly low range -anywhere.

I read in another post today where someone asked in a group on FB that as the passport would be rolled out could this person not open her business offering services to only people that had not been vaccinated..with the classic line of ‘ I do not want any genetically modified person cutting my clients’ hair’!

When you get jabbed, you are genetically altering your immune system. It is permanent. And that’s that. You now have introduced something into your body that makes a change that cannot be reversed and a part of your building blocks, the area that controls your immune system has been recoded. That alteration is patented by a drug company and owns it. This in theory means that they own what is in you, what they altered. very much like a GMO seed that has been patented by Monsanto.

A GMO means Genetically modified organism.

The vaccines are designed to genetically modify your immune system.

The ignorants will say this is nonsense. And they might be right BUT, as conspiracy theories go, one theory was to be injected with nano robots, contained in the jabs. The technology is here already but how would you know what else was delivered into you from that serum? Theoretically your body would be linked into 5G. You would be electronically/digitally tagged. Maybe this is where our digital information will be stored, and passports to travel will become a thing of the past. So would your money and your life would be conveniently devoid of any bureaucracy. We are already linked into a grid by our phones, computers and watches that monitor our every move collecting data already. We have AI in the home that listens in but to go one further and make our bodies be connected permanently….I don’t see the point, other than an unimaginable level of convenience. That idea is exhausting, because someone has to control it all on each individual level. You have to make people become a collective and the easiest way is to strip them of their rights and make them become an asset or in other words a tradable commodity or property.

Maybe this is what these vaccines are all about….to serupticiously change the human into what would be classed a GMO…because that is a valuable asset as the company that owns that vaccine which owns the patent and all its GMO’s belong to them.

Would that be enough to bypass human rights and freedoms? Because, theoretically it could. The ones who have not been vaccinated cling onto their rights until they are persuaded and then ultimately forced to join the new club (vaccination passport) as the new club filled with only GMO members smothers the ones that aren’t. If the plan is to shift us all into a new way of life quickly, then this is indeed ingenious.

There has to be an agenda and an end game, because the drastic over reaction to this ‘PLANDEMIC’ and where we heading toward total population control for something that has not lined up people in body bags in the streets, which has not over crowded cemeteries. which has not crippled the health services to the point that the purpose built Nightingale hospitals (closed before our winter flu resurgence season began), are either empty or now turned into vaccination centres. To keep us all locked down for many more months even though the deaths and cases are at their lowest since this began. And with previous pandemics that generally lasted one year, those viruses fizzled out to never become a nuisance again. Yet here we are, being broken down as a society, being forced into bankruptcy, being constantly psychologically bombarded with fear and now forced into having that Vaccination as the consequence to refuse to comply is to ban you from ever being allowed to shop, eat in a restaurant or travel ever again.

What troubles me, is how the majority of people perceive to be ignorant and are gagging to get jabbed. They really believe that life will return to normal after they do. They believe in the vax passport and will feed the ones who don’t to the lions. The more people who have it, the more the scales are tipped and our freedoms will be revoked further and further.

We were told right from the beginning, we needed to protect the elderly and vulnerable. And we did, by locking everyone up. We have succeeded in getting those jabbed already, so why are we still not allowed out? What is wrong with just offering people the jab, for those who want it and let everyone else get back to their lives. We don’t need any vaccination passport, we don’t need to be jabbing our kids, we didn’t need to be forced into defending our basic human rights of freedom of choice – this should never even be an issue!

I don’t want a vaccine. I don’t want to be forced to have something that has not completed the years of testing that no one knows what the long term effects of this are. It is my body and my choice. I have spent this last year travelling all over the place, I took 9 flights, and have not been muzzled. I still don’t know anyone personally who has had Covid, but I do know loads of people now, who are ill because of the jab.

I would rather chance my odds with my own immunity thank you, and continue my daily regimen of vitamins to keep it boosted. Maybe this is why I still haven’t caught it myself. I am not selfish, but I must do what I feel is best for me. It is my body and my choice.

But where does that choice leave me, in this transforming world of being denied to live one, just because I don’t comply?

Governments all over the world are coercing their people into submission on this subject and are now screwing them with blackmail. And I see my future as being forced under ground, part of a resistance and living off grid. Does that sound extreme to you dear reader? It does to me, yet it feels like a coming reality.

Without doubt we are entering a very dystopian era in our lives, the problem from here on in, is our grandchildren will be indoctrinated by it and will never know the difference between the life we just had ripped from us and the one they will continue to live in.


Been busy, a week later and the UK has become a nation of fuckwits.

Short post tonight. I’ve flouted the rules and visited a friend. Had a lovely time…forgot the world had gone totally mad for a few days. I also had a bit of madness to deal with in my own life too…so, in a week of dealing with personal stuff I have been out of the loop. But today, I’m back. And what a shock to come back to.

It is now becoming simply and utterly stupid. 7 days of not watching the news or reading stuff on facebook and I feel like I have missed a year. Within a week the vaccine passport now seems a dead cert that from now on, if you want to go and have a gin and tonic in your local pub, you need to prove you had the vax. WTF. Businesses have already been sent documents by the government telling them to sign it to agree to only allowing customers to enter premises with this new passport. This is INSANE!…. But it’s happening.

Now digital ID’s are being (finally) brought to the fore……and the majority of the saps who believe this never ending bullshit are now for that too.

Schools are to return….but kids need to have sticks shoved up their noses and be muzzled to go. Not mandatory, but parental consent is needed……really? So, if my son say’s no to my granddaughter being subjected to the test weekly and forced to breath her air through a dirty mask to learn, says no….she won’t be able to go. Is this RIGHT???????

oh, I hear you say…we are in a pandemic. And its for the good of everyone else. To not conform is selfish. To not conform puts other people at risk.

How can you risk another person if you do not have Covid?

If you had the death virus (which it isn’t…..particularly for children and young adults) you would be ill. Asymptomatic carriers have already been debunked. They are not a risk….despite the bullshit adverts you hear (one in 3 people have the virus, are asymptomatic, act like you already have the virus)….their viral load is negligible, they DON’T pass it on.

Why are the government still advocating the testing rubbish, when it has already been proven to be very unreliable AND the rapid flow test to be even more unreliable than the PCR test…yet they still insist on putting their entire faith and proof of those tests into the statistical figures to keep people shaking in their boots from doing anything normal in their lives.

Yet again I am trying to make sense of all this complete and utter NONSENSE. I am struggling to understand how so many human beings are taken in by the gross hypocrisy and still continue to believe that governments are acting in our best interests.

Where are our freedom in choices…….they are being stripped and ripped away and at an alarmingly rapid pace, that a week away from this bullshit, the scales have tipped to a scary level.

I am angry with people for not standing up and saying NO…..I see stuff on facebook where people like me are getting frustrated because we can’t do anything to stop this….we cant protest, petitions are ignored, we are being deleted, we are being called names…anti vaxxers, conspiracy theorists and being discredited…..our voice, that wants to fight for everyone, and FOR THE ONES who have been sapped into this garbage.

Flu doesn’t exist this year….why? You don’t need a brain to tell you that…but the naysayers will tell you a million reasons of how their lock downs stamped that out, the social distancing, the muzzle, hand washing and the millions of naff tests…yet they can stamp out that, but not Covid…….where is the fucking logic?

I need to go away for another week, as the reality of real life is incomprehensible. How the Fuck did we get to THIS in a year?

Technology and the future….are we crossing the human boundary? (part 1)

I am musing this evening, trying to imagine what the future will be like when I am dead and gone and my grandchildren are going about their lives. What life will they be leading and how different will it be to mine….some 50 years from now.

We are living through the biggest change society has ever faced in our lifetime. It doesn’t matter what age you are now reading this, you are experiencing it anyway. When I was a kid, and I am now 51, I feel privileged when I recall my child hood experiences. I grew up in the 70’s/80’s, an era of new emerging technology. The computer was in its infancy and an exciting discovery to become a useful addition to our futures. At that time they were massive things that took up so much space and were not something we ever imagined to become a part of the furniture at home. We had a wonderful TV program called “Tomorrows World” where we would tune into one of the three TV channels that existed in those days and made a point of a weekly ritual to watch it, as we would be entertained by the new gadgetry we could look forward to in the future. Technology advanced into our music and the 80’s embarked on synthesised sounds….Jean Michel Jarre and Kraftwerk hypnotically entranced me with their unique interpretation of making music using technology and not a musical instrument. As computers got smaller, video games became the in thing, and my sister and I were lucky enough to convince our parents into getting us an Atari. We sat in front of the TV for hours playing Pacman, Frogger and Asteroid. My first computer was given to me when I was about 14, my dad had bought one for his business, but they couldn’t fathom it out or see how it made their lives any easier by having one, so I begged him to give it to me, instead of throwing it in the bin. I won, and then spent months trying to figure out DOS and get it to do anything other than do a DIR.

It came with a dot matrix printer. And took forever to print and only text. But the mobile phone had yet to be invented. When it did, it was the size of a breeze block, and came with a massive battery the size of the ones that power a car. I was probably about 17 years old when I was in Cornwall visiting family there. My Aunty, cousin and I went to a theme park for the day, but she needed to bring the business phone with her. This was lodged in the bottom of the pushchair and when it actually rang, she was practically lying on the floor to answer it. They morphed into big bricks with extendable aerials and if you owned one of those you were called a Yuppie. You had to be rich to ring one, as the cost to call one, was a small mortgage.

In the 70’s as we only had a land line, and that was expensive too, you knew everyone’s telephone number off by heart. We would answer the phone like this: (singing the number) 456775 hello. The instrument used to dial the number, was a circular thing you poked your finger in and it took forever.

My kids grew up with mobile phones. My grandkids have tablets. We all have an AI Alexa or Google at home or Siri on our phones, our phones are computers.

When I left the UK and moved to Madeira 22 years ago, communications were still in the dark ages. Facebook hadn’t been invented, email was useless as not everyone had a computer and my mode of contact in those early years were made using a fax machine. They were fantastic, because you could write whatever you wanted and feed it into a machine, ring a fax number and that scribbling would come out of a machine at the other end within about half an hour. It beat writing letters, walking to the post office, paying for a stamp and then waiting days/weeks for it to be delivered.

Technology has been integrated into everything, it has exploded into our daily lives, so much so, we take it for granted. The microwave, Flat screen LCD Smart TV’s, Smart meters, internet banking, on line shopping, virtual gambling etc etc etc.

Our world has become very materialistic and it took less than half a century to get there. But technology has also pushed our health system forward. Our doctors surgeries and hospital have all the gadgetry to save a life, we now even have smart watches that we can wear that can detect our heart rates, pulse and the steps we do in a day. I bought my dad a gadget for Christmas this year, a little wider than a stick of gum, but just as skinny. He can place his two fingers on it and it does an ECG, it connects to the phone and the result can be emailed to his doctor.

And everything I have written so far sounds nice and not scary as we all benefit from what we choose in the technology we want and can afford to buy to become a part of our lives. And this is the point, we still choose what we want from it. We can have it if we can afford it.

Technology has become so far advanced that even we are not aware of the speed at which it is heading. Only last week Elon Musk was featured on the news for implanting a chip into a monkey’s brain, so that it could play video games without needing a console to play them like we do.

But what if you were told that at the end of this week, you were to become an integral part of the technological process of the future. To combine the technology in your home and the phone in your hand, and meld it into the human form, to be a working part of you. Would you embrace the idea? Microchips have now become nano chips and because of the leap into the tiny world of micro computing, the advances of technology in this area seems to be the current focus.

It doesn’t matter if you are not tech savvy or not interested in the advances of this new type of futuristic idealism, because it is growing rapidly and has been serupticiously brought into our lives over the years, adjusting our perceptions by giving us things that are useful.

And I leave you with this. A link to the Government website, their press release from a few days ago. It never aired as a piece of news on TV, because this is about Digital ID’s ..a hot topic amid the vaccination passport argument. It doesn’t tell us how this new digital ID will be implemented, but it will be passed as law. The question is, will they use the technology we have to implement it…will it be the start of crossing the boundary again of body autonomy?


WTF…now we have human trials that will be exposed to Covid! Is this not a little too late?

Short post this evening. Headline on the news tonight.” Human trials of volunteers to be vaccinated and then directly exposed to the virus”. Well, bugger me back wards. And I say this as I have been researching and compiling for weeks – on the subject of the Covid vaccines. I think I have downloaded every scientific paper, dared to be produced and in the public domain. The one BIG question I had in my research was…and this was for every phase test on humans, for each vax contender….did they actually infect them after a jab with the virus. Not one paper was clear in this very important part of the trial…I had already deduced, because the right language used in writing these things, is designed to mis lead and mis direct. In one trial phase, the subjects were injected with either a placebo or the vaccine, one company used a meningitis vaccine as the placebo for the study. In all of those studies, the participants were released to go about their daily lives…..it would be by chance if they came in contact with the virus in their own community. And this is where the data and efficacy of those vaccines originate.

Why do I not give that study any credibility? I use this basis on my own and that of my family and then extend this to my friends and the circles we have. We are in the community, are flouting the stupid rules and living life (albeit somewhat restricted). I took 9 flights in the last year, hugged and kissed loads of people, have not worn my mask at all in the UK, got on a ferry week before last and circulated. I still haven’t caught Covid, my family haven’t and I know of no friends that have either. If I was a part of that phase one, two or three of that study on jabs, it would be pointless. It was pointless, it is pointless and as such never had the merit to be given emergency use to put out on mass – into the arms of the public.

Why did they not do this study in phase one, two and three?

I was stunned as I watched the news fervently deliver this bit of scientific leap forward….but how are those who have already been vaccinated taking this? They took it, because they were told it was safe, right? They rolled up their sleeves believing this would give them their normal life back. They took it because they thought they could travel again. They took it, having been completely led up the garden path by our corrupt government, who have consistently bypassed the one bit of language that explains what this is. An EXPERIMENT.

And now the most crucial of all the experiments is NOW going to be conducted. Yet, millions took a needle that hasn’t even had the most basic test of jab against virus……

I was fucking mad earlier today, I am now fucking incensed. This really has got to be the biggest scam wake up call for all the sheep out there who believed in our government and getting a vaccine. If this does not fall short of unethical, immoral and a slap in the face of human rights, then I might as well slash my wrists right now.

Did ethics, morality and our human rights get trashed by Covid?

I got called scum the other day. It didn’t bother me, as I have been called worse. I also got accused of being a danger to society again and spreading misinformation. I am a danger to the public too, apparently. But the worst part was, the person who said those things also wished that I, or a member of my family would get Covid and die. It seems that nowadays to avoid entering into a debate it has become perfectly acceptable to become personally and verbally abusive. This is not normal behaviour, and I have never been subjected to so many insults from others before this pandemic started. The art of debate is something that is very important in our society as we are forever learning and adjusting our own view points to accommodate others, so that we can get along. It is an integral part of the way we communicate and a fundamental part of our democratic process in Government. But there is no debate on the subject of Covid, only two factions now exist; the ones who blindly hang onto every word that our masters pump out over MSM; or people like me. The ones that ask questions, search for the truth, look for the flaws, and sum it up with a logical interpretation, if there isn’t one already.

Incidentally, there was no debate in Parliament when the emergency Covid laws were passed. Each MP who attended the meeting was reportedly given the lengthy document on the same day. I read somewhere that there was not enough time given to them to read it, so it was passed in less than 20 minutes and without debate.

I was sent a copy of the NHS Covid guidelines by a nurse friend last March, it was a triage guideline of who should get treatment and who should not. It was a sickening read actually, as it lumped people into various groups from the most vulnerable to the healthiest. The unsuspecting victim who fell into the wrong group after being assessed would not be treated. The reasoning on this was to save only the ones who had a better chance at recovery – the ones worth saving. Now back at the time when I read this, we all thought we were going to die from this highly contagious and ever so deadly virus. Reading that document, as ugly as it was, made sense to me. To quote Spock from Star Trek ‘Logic dictates…the needs of the many out weigh the needs of the few’, and in a pandemic, should the hospitals be spilling from the seams, doctors and nurses would need those guidelines in order to best use their resources. DNR’s were slapped onto patients without their knowledge or that of their families. This extended into Care Homes as well. But despite the furour that ensued over the last year when it was discovered that families had no idea that their loved one died with a DNR they never consented to. Those complaints were ignored.

Gut wrenching stories still keep on circulating as not only has the DNR guideline remained unchanged, but autopsies are still not being performed on anyone who has been marked as a Covid death on their certificate. This continues to make a mockery of the death statistics that the government give us every day. Because for anyone who tested positive within 28 days of death is automatically entered as a Covid death. It didn’t matter if someone fell off a ladder and died as a result of bashing their head open, simply, if their test came back as positive, Covid now became the cause of that death. Where have the ethical guidelines in this gone to and why hasn’t wankcock changed this policy, so that a reflection of the current situation would be more transparent?

Wankcock of course, is getting his jollies from concentrating on misleading the public with the genetically altering jabs. Keeping the death numbers inflated so the fear of not getting stabbed in the arm, means that at some point you will become sick and die. If the true stats were reported instead of the new guidelines which were introduced, autopsies performed at the bequest of families and only verified deaths ‘from’ Covid and not ‘with’. More people would be wondering what the fuss is all about and we wouldn’t be calling this a pandemic. It seems the Government are not interested in dealing with these issues on a moral or ethical level, which this absolutely is. To me, this is genocide. Sending the elderly back from hospital into care homes, known to be infected with a virus; known to attack the vulnerable. It is genocide, to target those very same people with DNR’s without their knowledge or consent. It is ethically and morally incomprehensible to record on a death certificate, of a disease that the person did not die from.

And throughout all of this, we have been deprived of free speech, banned from protesting. The police have been empowered to arrest or fine anyone breaking the rules. We are being fact checked and censored. Our lives have been completely over taken with a set of rules, which glided through parliament in a hurry and without debate. Our rights are in serious jeopardy as we head on into the world of vaccine passports, digital ID’s and the end goal…forced vaccination. I feel as though we have been deliberately steered in this direction, because everything about this has become utterly inhumane.

I still can’t believe why people are not seeing this through the same lens that I do. And the scary part is, they are the ones that are becoming dangerous. They are happily submitting and submissive to the demands dished out by our dictators. They are, quite simply the very people who will allow what little freedoms we have left erode to nothing. Being a good, law abiding citizen is no longer to be admired, for there is a war to be fought folks, and we have got to win it.

Getting our lives back, but at what cost? The Government has lost the plot.

How many people survive Covid? The vast majority of those who catch it do. In fact (taken from yesterday’s figures) it is 99.6% of those who catch it. The other stat given is that 0.4% of those infected are in serious or critical condition. This does not include death (which is clearly lower) and these statistics are on the Global scale. We also know that the most at risk are the elderly or people with serious underlying health conditions. One has to ask, then why did we have to shut everything down, close our borders, and cause so much hardship, impose so many harsh restrictions and force feed the public with fear?

I keep going back to the UK governments’ 2011/2015 Pandemic strategy plan, where it stated very clearly that it should be business as usual, mass gatherings should not be cancelled as this would give the public boosts of morale, shutting the border in any pandemic was not in their remit, masks were considered ineffective for public use, The vital importance of not destroying the economy through such times and identifying those who need to be sheltered from a disease with targeted support to those areas of need. They produced a scientific study to support that document, based on previous pandemics. Did the country ever close down during those? NO

We have had four Pandemics since the famous one is 1918, and seven debatable Pandemic threats, so, the document put together by the government would have been based on previous evidence of those, and I want to know why they didn’t follow it.

In 1918 it was an Avian flu, that targeted young adults. It wiped out an estimated 50 million people globally. It was noted that secondary bacterial infections of the lung became a common denominator in that figure, with the public use of masks being hinted at as the cause of a secondary rise in those infections. We have to remember that this pandemic occurred toward the end of the First World War and at a time when food and medicines were in short supply, combined with lower quality and health standards of life compared to what we have now. Communications between the leaders and the public were not delivered in the way they are today.

In 1957 and in 1968 there were two more Avian flu pandemics, the second caused high mortality in the elderly, pregnant women and patients with Chronic heart and lung conditions. The second wave of infection was more severe in Europe.

Between those years leading up to the swine flu in 2009 there were many other pandemic threats, more commonly Avian based, but never reached critical level. The Swine flu came and went and we still didn’t shut the country or the world down for that. In fact my memory of it is very sketchy and I most certainly was not worried about that one. This one had a general mortality in the population with higher rates in children, pregnant women and those who were immunosuppressed or with neurological conditions.

If you average the ones that became pandemics and combine them with the Pandemic threats, we can expect one to occur roughly every 10 years. And for sure the Government set up a strategy as we always knew we were due another.

But with our more advanced scientific expertise, knowledge and discovery of more drugs, and endless wads of cash that our government has thrown at big pharma, track and trace apps, PCR tests, Lateral Flow kits and propaganda advertising, why have they gone down the route of completely decimating our economy, shutting our borders and forcing people into being imprisoned in their homes? Why do they seem so intent on causing so much misery, worry and psychological tyranny and abandoning an already prepared route through this? The vast majority of those who have already caught this virus in just over a year have mild or few symptoms, yet we are treating it as something akin to Ebola or even a Zombie plague.

I by no means down play those poor souls who have experienced incredible pain and suffering who have succumbed to Covid, it is a tragedy and loss of life, taken when too early from a virus is needless. But the cost to billions of lives is going to have a far wider impact than the minority who sadly don’t survive. There was never a cost/benefit analysis produced/offered to the public. There has been no discussion with us on how we want to tackle this pandemic ourselves. We have simply been ordered to put our entire lives on hold until the miracle of a vaccine will allow us to return to it. We were forced to give up our businesses, forced into unemployment, forced to home school our kids, forced to suck it up and wait for Mr Potato in a wig to tell us we can all come out from under the sofa. Am I angry? I am FUCKING FURIOUS!

And I am as mad as hell this morning as I woke up to the news. We now have another new strain and are warned that this could yet again impede our return to having a life. It was leaked early and a plan will be told to us later in the month and to expect a slow opening in five phases at four week increments. Schools first earmarked for the month of March. Ohhh and we can have holidays from April (does that mean I will be able to get back home to my island)? Pubs and restaurants MIGHT open in May, but the best news is that by July EVERYONE in the country will have been Vaccinated!

And I will be writing about the subject of Vaccines this afternoon, because not only have the Government totally gone over board with the restrictions during this pandemic, they have now become focussed on blackmailing us with an experimental drug. Our country is being led by nothing more than a bunch of sociopathic fuckwits and this is getting very dangerous indeed.

Will we ever get our lives back? Are lockdowns necessary?(part 1)

With the conflicting news reports over the last week about when this lock down will end, it seems the Government are not in any hurry to give us our freedoms back, even partially. We are to expect restrictions for an indefinite period of time. One news story said earlier this week, we could be in an on and off scenario of lockdowns for years to come. This must come as a bit of a blow to the nearly 15 million elderly, vulnerable and key workers who have already had their jabs. Most assumed (misled by the language) that once the most at risk group had been ‘immunised’, life would start to return to normal. They must feel cheated and frustrated. They complied. Most thought that they would be protected from catching the virus, and would be releived of the mask mandate. But as some are willing participants (guinea pigs) in the global experiment, they are stuck in the same forced rut as the rest of us with little security of any changes of normality coming their way. I wonder if they thought it was worth it?

But once this is over, as we must come out of this at some point in the future – do we go back to normal? Or, has our normal gone. I walked down Ryde high street earlier in the week, which was a dead and soul less experience. As only supermarkets and essential shops are open. The high street is usually stuffed with eclectic stores, well known retailers and tourist related businesses. All are closed, some boarded up, some emptied of their stock, even the pubs. It is clear that most of those smaller businesses will never reopen again and some of the larger retail stores have already laid off staff and gone bust. As we have all been encouraged to use the internet to source our material needs, this plandemic has been the final nail in the coffin for future high street shopping.

Will our returning to normal have to include masks? I can’t see us ever getting rid of them until Boris has succeeded with his dastardly plan, of the entire country getting vaccinated. Our economy has been shoved into a gutter by all of this, unemployment has exploded and poverty has increased. Shutting everything down has and will continue to cause millions continued hardship, there is no normal to go back to.

During this crippling time of removing our freedoms and being fed propaganda that has scared the shit out of most, made us distrustful of ever breathing the same air as we stand next to another human being after being ‘allowed’ out from forced imprisonment. Having our broken confidence and self esteem to become the normal sociable beings that we are, become normal sociable beings ever again..will you be able to sit on a park bench in the future without wondering if the last person who sat there was asymptomatic? Will you be able to look anyone in the eyes, once their mask has been removed permanently and not wonder if they are carrying the next bubonic plague?

I belong to quite a few groups on facebook, the ones where people are similar to me in our viewpoints and I have been reading some gut wrenching stuff which shows how wrong things are in our world today. How this Plandemic is affecting real people and their lives and in some cases the extreme measures that are being forced upon them. This is an example of some of the terrible ordeals some are having to go through. Names removed for privacy, but they are copied and pasted and genuine:

“Where do I stand…My 5 year old son is due 11.30am to go for a covid test I don’t agree with it but he needs his operation Wednesday. I rang and asked what happens if he refuses to do it. She said he don’t have the operation I said that’s against his human rights she said yes it is! How is this fair. My son hates being touched reason why he won’t allow them to do it.I said what’s in place for children with echps. Nothing they pin them and force them!! Fuming!!!My son desperately needs this operation but I will not pin him down for them to have a statistic!!Is there anything I can say to make this operation happen when it doesn’t go to plan at the covid test.”

“I’m having a freak out today about the ‘V’ (which I will not be having) – my thoughts today are that it will definitely eventually be that we won’t be able to travel abroad without having it,I will have to make my peace with this and accept it, but more worrying is if they restrict us in our own country, not being able to go in restaurants, do our shopping etc without proving we have had it, whether that be by producing paperwork or if there is some kind of scan on us going forward. Feels like everyone I say this to thinks I’m mad or thinking ahead too far but I can just feel this coming. People keep saying they want normality back, i just want our freedom back”

“I’m really concerned how I am being labelled due to my anxiety, I’m currently signed off work, not that I can work as I’ve already lost two jobs one for being mask exempt and the other for refusing test, I’ve applied for other jobs but no one will employ me due to my mask exemption, my anxiety has been enhanced due to this situation and I’m concerned about being homeless, a couple of months ago I was signed off with anxiety and I kept getting recurring ear infections, on the way to see the nurse I had got myself in such a state whilst walking to the doctors surgery, when I arrived I was getting chest pains and was in a state, I ended up having to have an ecg, I was asked to cover my face due to the pandemic even though I’m exempt, I mentioned I didn’t believe the government and was asked if I had psychosis and was seeing things that aren’t there, losing my shit was understatement, a couple of days ago I had to call doctor again to sign me off, I mentioned about not being able to work and was told the same about the pandemic, again I replied I didn’t believe we were in a pandemic, and again I was asked if I had psychosis and seeing things that aren’t there, this is concerning as I do not not have psychosis I just don’t agree with the government, and now because I have anxiety I feel that I’m being treated as though I’m crazy is there anything I can do about this ?”

“Hello everyone, this is my first post to this page. I am 22 years old and have been keeping it together for almost a year since this madness began. I’m getting to a point now where my life feels meaningless and I don’t see a light at the end of this tunnel. I cannot relate to any of my friends on Facebook and am called a conspiracy theorist when I say I don’t want these lockdowns to continue. I am starting to feel like I’m one of the only sane people left my age, and the path we are on now as a society will be looked back at in the future as the beginnings of mass authoritarianism and tyranny. What do I do?”

“Dear all, I have been suspended from work since 27th January for allegedly failing to wear a mask, despite having respected company procedure, and having a medical exemption. Following an investigation meeting I have today been threatened with disciplinary action. Advice please”

“Can anyone give me even a ray of hope?! This nonsense has taken so much from all of us! My son in law took his own life last June & we lost the father of my children last weekend. He was in hospital for a week & no one could visit yet within an hour of his death we were allowed into a small room to sit beside him for as long as we wanted?! He’ll be buried next week yet we can’t see him in the chapel of rest, he can’t be dressed in the clothes chosen for him & the pall bearers can’t carry him above waist height. His death certificate will he marked as Covid because he tested positive a month ago . How does any of that make sense?! I’m beyond furious!!!”

There are so many more I could have added here, all heart breaking and utterly wrong. People are being victimised, discriminated against and belittled. And all for the ‘greater good’, to ‘save lives’, to ‘build back better’. I bet the PM doesn’t get to see or hear these stories of what he has done to us, he is too busy visiting vaccine centres and elbowing the people who are about to have their immune systems genetically messed around with.

It was announced on the news today about vaccine testing studies commencing on pregnant mothers and new borns, a few days ago they were asking for children to volunteer as well. Will the guardians of their unborn or non adult, who cannot make decisions for themselves, be informed about the massive potential risks – but more importantly, what parent would subject their offspring to an experimental medical procedure? Is this not child abuse? Is this ethical? It seems acceptable, now that we already experimented on granny to go the whole hog. I am sickened and stunned that we have reached this point, so quickly and without any discussion on the moral, ethical and legal fronts. Will this now be the norm for all future testing on drugs? To bypass the animal studies and years of stringent tests and trials? Are we now throwing the Nuremberg Code out the window?

But to get back on topic as this will be a two or three parter, but I will leave you with a few more snippets taken from the Governments 2011 Strategic Pandemic plan, it was tweaked in 2015 but has some interesting guidelines that were completely bypassed for this plandemic.

Business as usual

7.4 During a pandemic, the Government will encourage those who are well to carry on with their normal daily lives for as long and as far as that is possible, whilst taking basic precautions to protect themselves from infection and lessen the risk of spreading influenza to others (see Chapter 4). The UK Government does not plan to close borders, stop mass gatherings or impose controls on public transport during any pandemic.

Protecting people through vaccination

  1. 4.36  People considered to be “at risk” from seasonal influenza are invited for vaccination each year. However, as an influenza pandemic will result unexpectedly from an entirely new viral strain or subtype, seasonal influenza vaccines could not be expected to provide any protection against pandemic influenza.
  2. 4.37  There are two distinct types of pandemic vaccine:
    • Pre-pandemic vaccines that are produced in advance of a pandemic and are designed to protect against a strain of influenza virus that experts judge to be a potential cause of a future pandemic, e.g. H5N1. The degree of protection will depend on how similar the pandemic viral strain is to the strain used to prepare the vaccine.
    • Pandemic-specific vaccines that are developed specifically to protect against the pandemic viral strain, once it has been isolated. Once available, a pandemic- specific vaccine should protect most recipients from clinical illness and may also reduce illness severity, hospitalisation and death and therefore the national impact of subsequent waves of the virus.

Restrictions on public gatherings and public transport

4.21 There is very limited evidence that restrictions on mass gatherings will have anysignificant effect on influenza virus transmission . Large public gatherings or crowded events where people may be in close proximity are an important indicator of ‘normality’ and may help maintain public morale during a pandemic. The social and economic consequences of advising cancellation or postponement of large gatherings are likely to be considerable for event organisers, contributors and participants. There is also a lack of scientific evidence on the impact of internal travel restrictions on transmission and attempts to impose such restrictions would have wide-reaching implications for business and welfare.

4.22 For these reasons, the working presumption will be that Government will not impose any such restrictions. The emphasis will instead be on encouraging all those who have symptoms to follow the advice to stay at home and avoid spreading their illness. However, local organisers may decide to cancel or postpone events in a pandemic fearing economic loss through poor attendances, and the public themselves may decide not to mix in crowds, or use public transport if other options are available.

International travel, border restrictions and screening

4.18 The Foreign and Commonwealth Office will issue advice regarding travel to affected countries. There are no plans to attempt to close borders in the event of an influenza pandemic. The UK generally has a high level of international connectivity, and so is likely to be one of the earlier countries to receive infectious individuals. Modelling suggests that imposing a 90% restriction on all air travel to the UK at the point a pandemic emerges would only delay the peak of a pandemic wave by one to two weeks. Even a 99.9% travel restriction might delay a pandemic wave by only 2 months. During 2009 it became clear that the pandemic virus had already spread widely before international authorities were alerted, suggesting that in any case the point of pandemic emergence had been missed by several weeks. The economic, political and social consequences of border closures would also be very substantial, including risks to the secure supply of food, pharmaceuticals and other supplies.

4.19 In general, normal port health arrangements will apply during a pandemic. Given the expected two to three day incubation period for pandemic influenza, there is no evidence of any public health benefit to be gained from meeting planes from affected countries or similar pro-active measures such as thermal scanning or other screening methods. Such measures are largely ineffective, impractical to implement and highly resource intensive.

Facemasks and respirators

4.15  Although there is a perception that the wearing of facemasks by the public in the community and household setting may be beneficial, there is in fact very little evidence of widespread benefit from their use in this setting. Facemasks must be worn correctly, changed frequently, removed properly, disposed of safely and used in combination with good respiratory, hand, and home hygiene behaviour in order for them to achieve the intended benefit. Research also shows that compliance with these recommended behaviours when wearing facemasks for prolonged periods reduces over time.

Source: https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/213717/dh_131040.pdf

.The entire document covers every eventuality and in their worst case scenario model, the restrictions we have faced have been extreme. They base them on a 2.5% expected death rate of the population, which we are no where near. What is happening now is clearly a mass over reaction and those guidelines flew right out the window…or were they flung out…to bring about a forced environmental and economical change? It seems quite likely as our government are in bed with Klaus Shwab and are members of the World Economic Forum. Remember I mentioned them in my first post? “we will own nothing, and be happy”………

I have a big feeling that we are being forced to enter this ‘new normal’ of being forced into giving up our shackles, for a fairer society, complete with AI, trahnshumansim, a one world government and interconnected by 5G. If that sounded crazy, then cart me off to the loony bin. I’ve had enough of this bloody bullshit anyway.