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My god, I actually don’t believe it myself that I have come up with another post. Usually I set these things up and then they die a death as boredom sets in and I can’t be bothered. But I am determined to keep up with this Blog, even if no one reads it as I have been told that one must write something everyday if one is to achieve it as a writer, so this is my mission…to improve and keep my brain active!….letting the words flow….

So, what is there to write about today, seeing as I live alone and haven’t seen a sole all day (apart from my guests knocking on the door to borrow some Olive oil, and that was hilarious as I opened the door having just decided to put rollers in my hair)! I never do my hair like this, but for some reason I decided to find them at the back of the cupboard and stick them in. I took them out half an hour later as they were irritating and so that was a complete waste of time to start with!

I had a lovely long lie in today and contemplated staying the whole day in bed. But when you have animals they need some interaction and I knew that if I stayed in bed any longer my dogs would be batting at the door anyway. I caught up with my daughter today on face time (with rollers in my hair) and may be going to Scotland in March to visit her. Did my usual round of Facebook games and have just watched the first episode of season 3, Downton Abbey. Now I can’t wait till next Sunday to see more of the interwoven lives of the upper-class snobs.

I keep looking at the dog……think she needs a haircut. Hmmm, now where are my scissors?