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As I have just started this, no one knows what I have been doing regarding the dating side of my life, so here in this section, I will post my latest antics. I will of course fill the bits in in future posts of what I have been doing in the past!

So, tonight I have been chatting with another random fella off the Badoo website. Last night he contacted me via messenger, not to chat me up, but to put me down for what I have written on my profile, he said…. that I am more likely to get Santa Claus for a date than I am a real man! I was quite offended. His profile says he is looking for a sincere woman for sex, mine says I am not looking for quick dates and one night stands. So I was quite offended when he implied I was stupid if I was going to find anyone to chat to who agreed with my profile. On the contrary most of the morons on that site actually don’t read my profile, so I have to fend them off anyway!

So I logged in tonight and there he was, he had sent me a song to look at on Youtube. I ignored it at first, thinking it was probably something really offensive, then he sent me a few more messages apologising for the cold comments he made to me last night. So we chatted for a few hours (in circles) as neither of us trust the other to give out any real information about ourselves except our names. It’s now 3am and I have said my goodnights as I am now off to sleepy wonderland. Will be interesting if he actually wants to chat to me tomorrow.

Watch this space!