A short post tonight as its after midnight and I am knackered!

Had an M3A event today, SCRABBLE club, oh so living the life of Riley in Madeira! Who gets to go out on a Wednesday afternoon and play scrabs?

My second meet and very enjoyable too, got the brain to work today even though it is already doing overtime with other things. There were 3 of us today and we were so quiet! Concentration took over us! But I have to mention a certain member/host took a smug and satisfying win this afternoon, but we allow that as she is a pro as this new art of ours! I might go back this evening and have a game on my ipad again, I need to prepare for next month so that I can exact that smug look and feel it!

But to be honest, it is a satisfying game, win or no win, as one is challenged on every round. I do feel that this will, in the end help to extend my vocabulary skills which in turn will (hopefully) help my writing!

We had our first proper M3A committee/team meeting this evening. Done in true Madeiran style…down the local restaurant over a few beers, a side of beef and lashings of red wine. I just wonder of what we discussed this evening will be remembered tomorrow! Anyhow, it all seemed like a good idea this evening and I will hold that in my head for the future if anyone should disagree (as no one will remember anyway)!