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I cannot believe that it was Wednesday last week since I posted something! I have no idea where the time has gone this last week and how busy I have been.

On Thursday, I had a lovely girly day out with my friend Catherine, who I haven’t seen for months, let alone spent any time with for over a year. So an over due shopping trip was in order and we did the rounds of Malls in Funchal ending up at my local, for a spot of dinner and a good catch up natter.

As that week had been busy and I had been out for two whole days on the trot, I didn’t make it to Meditation class on the Friday morning. I simply could not haul my arse out of bed that morning, but did manage to get to Ponta do Pargo for the photography treasure hunt with the M3A.

 We all met at O Forno restaurant early afternoon before setting off on foot. Colin our organiser had set out 20 cryptic questions for us to photograph. Ros and Bob and myself set off last but Bob had to abandon the walk as his boots fell to bits!

 The walk about was supposed to be an hour but took two and the trek across the scrub from the lighthouse to the Tea House was much harder than we all thought, and although we all made it back in one piece and dry …I was not feeling well afterwards  Mainly due to the huge fact that I am dreadfully unfit!

But, it was a great day out and loads of fun! I spent most of Saturday with a dreadful Migraine and catching up in the office. But didn’t seem to achieve much as I was in pain and ached all over too.