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This is getting expensive, too many birthdays in the same month/week, but I am happy to celebrate!

Tonight was Ros’s birthday get together, all girlies for a change and nice to be back to the Indian! Unfortunately for eveyone else, I had a very bad case of verbal diohrea tonight and had to bring my dinner home, which I have just polished off!

Seven of us made the evening out, the wine flowed (for those of us who didn’t drive and could drink it) and a nice bottle of champers to wish Ros her birthday greetings. Despite our wet weather of late it was dry this evening and very humid, and the drive there and back to Funchal was unexciting….mainly because no one had a chance to concentrate on the road as I rambled away the whole time….feel a bit embaressed about it actually as I just didn;t shut up tonight!

My mate Chris arrived back on the island yesterday, so looking forward to some time out with her over the next few weeks…got so much to catch up on and will satiate my thrist for talking for a while which will be a relief to some other peeps I know! LOL