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It was a horrific week last week and one of the reasons why I have been so tardy in keeping my Blog updated.  On Wednesday the 17th October, day one commenced in the removal of my gigantic Palm tree and I didn’t realise that a two day job would turn into four or that I would become an emotional fuckwit because of it! Despite the fact that the guys from Jardim da Tabua were absolutely brilliant in the execution of the tree, I didn’t handle things very well and spent most of my time hovering around with my camera, crying and swearing in between making them cups of tea and coffee.

By the second day, I was so distraught that I launched into one of my mega depressions and plastered a load of crap all over facebook as I was on my own and in desperate need of some company, or at least someone to talk to as nobody came round in the first three days, not to see me or even be nosy. That fact just made the whole thing worse, until Chris, Mavis and Brian turned up on Saturday lunchtime and I launched myself into their arms sobbing my heart out whining at my loss and how bloody lonely I had become.

A few glasses of wine and a few bottles more later, fixed the problem, albeit temporarily and  as the weekend ensued I became a hermit, slowly gathering my thoughts and composure, reminiscing through millions of photos, heavy metal music to just make the experience even more pathetic and several more sad posts on facebook! But I am over it now, and although I am still gutted at losing my tree, which has been a part of my Quinta da Palmeira for 200 years, I am on the mend and back to writing again.

So, in this post will mostly be photos of the progress, before and after. I won’t bore you with any more dialogue from sad git here, so enjoy the pictures!

Top picture taken a few years ago when the palm was healthy, underneath you can see signs of the damage that the weevil has started to make by eating one side of the crown

Top picture show the last few branches being chopped and below is the first picture of the day, showing the tree just before the guys start on the mammoth task of cutting it down

Side view from the house, showing last years trimming of the tree branches


Day one to Day 3, it was there and now it isn’t

I think this new view upset me the most, it has changed the house and the feel of it





















So, below are some more pictures of the deed being done!

The Apron opening at the bottom for easy removal of the debris

I asked Leo to take my Camera up to the top of the tree and take photos of the crown, this is the evidence of its creepy invasion

On day 2 the wind started to blow a hooley and ripped the apron to shreds, the guys had a mammoth task of battening everything down

The guys at the top taking their first cut

The apron going on, the 1st day[wpvideo ZmTKIFGD]

It’s now getting shorter

…and shorter

lads working hard severing the trunk in manageable size chunks

Leo, sitting in the tree..and literally!

End of day 3

The Culprits breeding ground..rip the fronds to shreds and then put their offspring into the cocoon

Day 4 and the finishing touches are now being made to the stump

And here are part of the gang! A great group of lads that did a fantastic job and worked so hard. So my thanks to the Guys at Jardim da Tabua, they were Troopers!