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After a restless and somewhat sleepless night last night, I was glad to have a break from all my thinking, worries and stresses today, by meeting up with my mate Jorge and going to the cinema to see the latest Bond offering.

I would call myself a Bond fan, as I grew up with 007 but that waned for a while when Timothy Dalton played the part in a couple of films, to me he was not Bond, the real James Bond.

After doing a little research tonight I was very surprised to find that my favourite Bond actor of all time, the legendary Sean Connery, (who to me is still a sexy man, even with his zimmer frame now). That he was the Bond I grew up with, loved and stopped making the movies before I was even born! Then we had a one off with George Lazenby in the sad ‘On her Majesty’s Secret Service’ where he gets married to Diana Rigg and within two minutes of driving off into the sunset she gets shot in the head. I liked him better than Roger Moore as to me he just seemed to be too suave and up his own arse with as much romance as a praying mantis.

Timothy came next and I shunned the next few Bond films he made as I felt that his face really didn’t fit, nor did his voice, he had no sex appeal whatsoever with a condescending manner every time he opened his mouth.

I got very excited when Pierce Brosnan took over the role as this man is sex on legs, and fitted the part perfectly. He brought Bond back to life and rebranded the sexy, suave, he man image that Bond is and his love of women more believable with his delectable rough charm. Had he been around in 1962 when the first Bond movie was made, he would certainly have had my adoration now as the best of the bunch, but he wasn’t, and Connery still gets my vote.

Then comes along Daniel Craig, a broodingly handsome rough around the edges type of guy. Muscles and a body to lust over that scrubs up well in his monkey suit, but just didn’t have the panache or that cheeky school boy charm of the 60’s with the gals……but then he’s not meant to. Craig gets to go back to the start of 007 in the first film Casino Royale, earning his rank as a rookie, new to the assassination game, and when I saw that movie I felt that Bond had left us forever and no film would ever be the same again. Don’t get me wrong, I like Danny boy as he joins the ranks of sexy as hell, but I just couldn’t see him as Bond, James Bond, he just didn’t seem to fit. And the second film didn’t convince me that much more either.

But with Skyfall, I have had a change of heart. And do not read any further if you haven’t seen it yet as now I am going to do a ‘spoiler’.

From the moment the film starts it action, action, action all the way, a bit like being on a roller coaster that abruptly ends at the opening credits and fab ‘Adele’ Soundtrack. Bond is dead (but we know he isn’t really, as there wouldn’t be a film beyond the opening credits if he were)!…….actually to add here, we have had many a similar opening to this….Connery being chased around a garden in a tux being shot dead, then his face being removed to reveal its not him. Being shot and stuck in a coffin during a funeral procession then turning up alive and well on a submarine,  to remember a few.

But, after everyone thinks he is dead and ‘M’ looking her usual hard, harsh, unfeeling (and glamorous self) all at the same time, starts to have some serious problems of her own, whilst he is shagging some bimbo (that only Bond does so promiscuously well….and has he not contracted aides or at least the odd venereal disease by now with 50 years of unprotected humping)? And to top it all, he has hit the bottle, seemingly given up on the world whilst his wounds are healing. With a timely report on the TV in some fantastically beautiful island hideaway that I didn’t recognise, he gets his shit together and turns up at ‘M’s house a minute later.

And then I really started to enjoy the film.

Not wanting to completely relive the film in words, all I am going to add here is that it got better, he became in my eyes the James Bond we have all been waiting for since Connery. Although Daniel Craig has finally got there, it may be a bit too late as he is getting too old and in some parts of the film, the close ups of his face showed that it maybe time to again, trade him in for a younger model as his puffy red eyes, and bags, lines and not so trim body show that either his life style is taking a toll on him or these new super action movies are!

But this movie really was superb in that it brought back some of those 60’s quibs we loved so much. Dialogue is still tongue in cheek with a modern tweak, that actually make you giggle in the right places instead of drone. The new ‘Q’ is very likable as an acne duffel coat computer hacker geek who does not do gadgets and that was refreshing. Ralf fiennes is the formidable new ‘M’ introduced in this movie and I think a great replacement to Dench. Too short was the role of lovable Albert Finney (who I was shocked to see is still alive)! But the disappointment in this movie was the baddy, and that was the superb actor Javier Bardem who has done some seriously fab acting in some seriously fab films in the past. His bleached yellow hair and script didn’t do him justice and he really didn’t come across as having lost his mental faculties or his sexual preference very well until the end.

The last ten minutes of the film had you sat firmly in your seat as we revisited scenes similar to Jack Ryan defending his home and family from the IRA in Patriot Games, crossed with the antics of Jason Bourne. It was fast paced, dark and back to sheer grit with only a few weapons and household resources that that ‘home alone’ kid invented first. But, what got me, was all the bloody trouble 007 went to to protect ‘M’ from the evil clutches of Bardem, to have her die in his arms anyway!

But nostalgia wins the day……that lovely car, the Aston Martin DB5 which was used in Goldfinger with its memorable ejecting seat, was sadly shot to shit at the end.

BUT, I LOVED this movie. Bond is back!

Not so sure about the new Money Penny though………