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I went to see the latest James Bond Movie a couple of weeks ago (Review my post here, somewhere in the archives) and Looper had not yet got to the Cinema here in Madeira, and was the next on my list to see. Considering the film was released back in September it does take a while for some of the lesser branded movies to get here. Some don’t even manage that. After all, Madeira is a small island and our smallish island population of under 280,000 peeps can be less than a large town in some parts of the UK.

Regardless of it now being shown in the cinema, I had the opportunity to watch it in comfort at home this weekend, having been given a choice of ‘Savages’ and ‘Arbitrage’, I chose the latter.

The film got off to a feeble start, as the main character  Joe reminded me of one of those baseball floppy heads on a stick, that sits on the dash board of your car and wobbles as you drive along. His head looked so out of proportion to his body that if there was a remake of a pee wee movie – Joseph Gordon-Levitt could definitely play the part!

But the reason for seeing it was for Brucie boy, Willis has made some good action movies in the past and this one looked like a jolly good romp. After a good ten minutes into the film he made his appearance, and I was very shocked to see how this once good looking man, looked so bloody old and fat and that charismatic dimple in his cheek had disappeared into his wrinkles. I felt quite sorry for him as I was desperately trying to remember how old he is now, to how old I was when I fell in love with him in Moonlighting.

But thankfully the whole film was not consumed by Willis, but instead we had to endure more from the floppy head on the stick guy instead.  Another actor who has seriously gone past his sell by date in the looks department was Jeff Daniels who sported a weird looking beard that tried to hide his bloated neck, I did wonder whether he now has an alcohol problem as he really looked unhealthy, but maybe this was for effect for the film as he did come from the future.

Emily Blunt was a gorgeous as ever only she has had her teeth fixed and now has an ever so slightly extra goofy grin and pouty mouth, it took me a while to decide it was actually her! But beyond my criticisms on actors ages and looks I will now get down to the film.

AS I said it had a feeble beginning and I did start to get a little bored as it really didn’t seem to have any where to go after the first 20 minutes into the film. Joe Junior (wobbly head) is a hit man in the present, where he knocks off targets 30 years from the future for the mob. The would be assassinated are transported back through time to be murdered and disposed of. (What a fab idea if it really existed…a fantastic way to in the future dispose of ones nagging mother in law or errant husband, without a trace)!

So here we have wobbly head who works for bearded bad guy mobster Daniels and he is sent out on another job only to find that his next victim is his 30 year older self played by Willis and of course he lets him escape, which is not a good thing to have happen if you are a looper working for Danny Boy. As the complicated conundrum of time travel and who is who  and what in what year unravels and where Bruce gets to end up where he is with himself acting as his executioner, the story starts to get interesting.  To add to the mix, people have discovered the art of TK (telekinesis) and so the story now has more depth involving a small boy who can do more than most with his gift and Blunt as his protector.

I really am not going to divulge any more  as although I really enjoyed the movie it lacked  humanity, in that I really didn’t care about any of the characters or more importantly about the two versions of Joe who were running around, sharing the same space, who were completely opposite characters despite being the same person. But as movies go, it was satisfying despite all that I have said here.

It may have had more impact on the bigger screen, but glad I didn’t pay my 3 euros to go and see it there, although I am glad I saw it anyway. But it was one of those films that left you pondering and asking yourself how this and that happened  because if it were you, would you not have done this which would have changed that? grrrr these back to the future films can be really quite annoying!