This afternoon, I went to see the film Interstellar at the Forum Shopping centre in Funchal. I didn’t know much about the film before going in, had seen a few trailers and knew it was something I wanted to see. After spending the entire month of November at the computer writing – Irena and I had promised ourselves a day out to celebrate both our wins with NanoWrinMo, today was our day and off the cuff we decided to go watch a movie.

With a strong cast of actors, it was bound to be good. I love science fiction anyway, so knew this would be right up my street. I knew it had an Alien theme in it somewhere, so that appealed to Irena, and we shared the cinema with 4 other people.

So my overall comment for this movie – fucking fab! I LOVED it!

This film was an experience as the story starts off with Matthew McConaughey as a devoted father to his two kids and Father in law (John Lithgow) who run a farm growing corn. This is set slightly into the future when the world is undergoing climatic changes, food is hard to grow and the future of man kind is hanging in the balance. As a former NASA Pilot and the suggestion that a ghost is hinting to his 10 year old daughter, that there is something strange going on…..they discover a secret NASA project and he is recruited by a scientist (Michael Caine) to go on a mission to save mankind.

Without wanting to give spoilers I will be brief in my surmise of the plot, but the film tugs at the emotional heartstrings of a father torn between leaving his children and going on the mission. His daughter is the centre of his parental/mankind struggle and they don’t leave on good terms, this affected me throughout the film and I had a very hard time not choking on the tears I was trying to keep in, in fear of embarrassing myself in front of my pal sitting next to me!

Once in space Ann Hathaway doesn’t disappoint in this less than glamourous role. Their journey through a wormhole, landing on a planet covered in water, with a black hole nearby gravitating the oceans into huge tidal waves had me crawling up my seat at one point. Escaping that by the skin of their teeth, they end up on another planet whereby Matt Damon plays a supporting role as the lonely inhabitant of this desolate unlivable place, waiting to be saved. As the tension builds, you know its not going to turn out well for the rest of the crew and when Damon plays his dastardly card, it was Irenas turn to hide behind the sofa!

But, the whole thing was totally believable, the scientific reasoning behind the plot, the characters and the complexed situation on how to save the human race. Cleverly suggested ideas that Aliens are somehow aiding in the bid for mankind to survive, even if it’s not to be on earth and the big twist at the end that will have you talking about this film for eons! Everybit leads you back to the beginning and beyond….

The visual effects, locations and score to the movie were superb, the tension was so tight in several scenes that we were both on the edge of our seats at times, or recoiling in horror as the movie twisted and turned in drama, action and very emotional thought provoking scenes. With sitting there watching this incredible movie for just over 3 hours, I came out of the cinema having felt like I had been riding a rollercoaster and was absolutely exhausted!

It is a movie that I highly recommend and would even go as far as saying its one of the best films I have seen in years. And if you haven’t seen it yet, then go see it on the big screen, don’t wait for it to come to DVD as the cinematography really delivers and the only way to appreciate it would be to buy a ticket and go watch it for yourself.