Although the title to my post, might, for my readers, seem a little weird. I can assure you that it is indeed relevant to my life in Madeira!

Last week I spent a weekend with a dear friend, who was only in Madeira for the month. We will call her M, so as not to embarrass her, as the tooth situation was hers. Two other friends were also involved in the hunt for the tooth, and I will refer to them as D&G for the sake of this post.

So, last weekend, I packed my over night bag to spend an evening of dinner, drinks and cards with my mates – M, D&G. During that day, I ate some crackers and cheese to stave off the hunger till dinner and to my dismay an old metal filling dislodged and I swallowed it, leaving a gaping and sharp hole at the back of my mouth. As always these things happen over the weekend, so a trip to the dentist was out of the question and as it didn’t hurt, I thought I would put up with it till I could get to the dentist on the Monday. Needless to say I was pissed off…and couldn’t help constantly dragging my tongue over the area…loosing the filling made me feel depressed.

I arrived at M’s house and announced my bad mood by telling her about my missing filling. I was greeted with a ‘You think you got problems?’ and as she said it revealed a grimace that showed a hole right in the front of her gob….one of her front teeth was missing! Stifling between trying not to laugh and reasoning at the horror…I gasped and immediately shrank at my initial reaction….we both had a tooth problem only hers was worse than mine.

“How the F%%%k did you do that?’ I asked.

‘God knows’ said she, ‘I took D&G home last night and THINK I took it out in the car and put it on my lap, I wore a skirt. It must have fallen out as I got out the car, but I searched everywhere, and I can’t find it.’

I was trying to comprehend her story…I never knew she had a false front tooth…..and the thought that she could take it out was a bit weird. But now knowing a new cosmetic secret, I had to wonder how one could simply loose something so precious. We discussed the problem and M could not remember what she had done with it. We talked through her movements of the night before and I still couldn’t get my head around how, with something so important could get lost……not be found, even after she had turned the car upside down, been through the house and even climbed into the communal garbage bin that day to find it!

We were off to pick up D&G and I knew that we had a good search party at hand and before we would leave we would find it. Back at the house, whilst M was cooking the dinner, the 3 of us took the house and car apart…our quest had started and we searched every seam, floorboard and cupboard, all to no avail. The tooth had eluded us. The entire evening was spent on the subject of the missing tooth and the following morning we restarted the search again.

Every room in the house was meticulously combed through. The car was torn apart (with in reason). G even scaled the wall to next door and combed the levada….D scoured the garden. G & I went over the car again, and sifted through the leaves in the road outside, even opening up the rain vents and sifting through them…..we went through her handbag several times, but the missing tooth was still missing.

Again, I mused that something as precious as a front tooth cannot just go missing, but it had. how can one forget where it went? But she did! I even got M to sit in her car and talk me through her movements into the house….still no joy and in an exasperated last and final give up over the tooth, M emptied the contents of her handbag front of us, just to show that it wasn’t there. Amid the contents she had a pendulum in a pouch…..I grabbed it, and said ‘ this is our last chance…this will find it’.

“That’s mine” M said “It won’t work for you!”

“Yes it will” said me, as I took  it out of the bag and held it…her pendulum had seen better days as the bottom point was missing. Focussing on it, I tested the Yes and No rythm of her divination piece and satisfied that I was in tune, took it outside and asked if her tooth was in the garden. I did her car, the exterior of the building, then came inside and walked through every room in her house.

When I reached her bedroom, the pendulum came to life…I called M and we dowsed the room. As I hung it over her bed, it swung toward the foot of it. And I could feel the force, but I had already searched there the day before, so my head was telling me I was getting a false reading. But, the pendulum swung violently in that area and I told M that this was where it was. We searched the boxes at the foot of her bed, but no tooth. The pendulum was still going crazy in that area, so I pulled out her wardrobe and searched that….still no tooth. We were flummoxed…the pendulum was saying it was here and yet we couldn’t find it. My head was telling me it wasn’t there as I had searchd that area the night before, but yet the pendulum was not letting up. M suddenly decided that I was searching for her tooth and she still had a head full of more, that maybe as she was in the room it was giving us a reading on her teeth that were still with her. Laughing at her analogy I agreed that she should leave……and although her head full of teeth did, her pendulum still swung violently at the foot of her bed. I called her back in…”It’s definitely here M” I shouted, and we proceeded to clear out everything under it.

We pulled out 2 boxes that were sitting on top of cardboard packing cases…I had already searched the area the night before, but as I got down on all fours, I spotted something pink at the back and thought it was piece of tissue paper….as I got my head beneath the bed, a tooth came into vision, attached to a delicate papery pink sheath…it was small… small, no wonder it could easily get lost.

BUT! I had already looked there, D&G had also looked and yet we all didn’t see it. AND if it hadn’t been for M’s Pendulum and my dowsing, we would never have found it! If the pendulum hadn’t have insisted on doing its thing at the foot of her bed it would still be there now…and M would have spent another few hundred quid getting another one made.

I am so glad she got it back and really happy that in this case the dowsing worked….I dowse often, but not as often as I should. Quite annoyed at myself that in this case my head was telling me it was all a load of rot and yet my gut stuck with it and proved my head to be wrong. But we found the missing tooth…that had eluded 4 people that weekend…..detective work and hours of looking…when all it took in the end, was a pendulum and some very simple dowsing!

News on my tooth…..had it filled, one week from writing this. Still can’t eat, need to see the bloody dentist again! Wish I had a falsy!