We are in two camps as a society; Covid believers and the ones that question everything. Personally, my GUT is screaming that something is very wrong with all of this and I have been down many rabbit holes in my research. Are our governments deliberately keeping us in fear and misleading us? Or….are we really living through a very real pandemic?

As I said about Rabbit holes, the one to really get lost in – is that complicated wheel website on the World Economic Forum. We’ve all heard of the ‘Great Reset’ by now, it’s out in the open. The Forth Industrial Revolution and so on… And if you have no idea what I am referring to, go look it up. It’s there for the World to see. I don’t really want to touch on this subject right now, as I am planning another post on this topic later, but it seems to have some merit and connection at least, to the way things seem to be heading. Their motto “You will own nothing, and be happy”. Well, at the rate this plandemic is going, very few people are going to have the luxury of owning anything, now that our governments have stripped us of our rights to open up our businesses or go to their jobs! And I can’t see anyone being happy about that!

I want to revisit the mask/muzzle and have a rant first about those. It didn’t take long for this very disturbing medical device to be made compulsory to wear in Public. Shops, pubs, restaurants, public transport and in some places the streets. Given that they offer very little protection to viruses, unless you are able to go shopping in a Hazmat suit, why are we being forced to wear them? After discussions in the government briefings on TV (UK) during the first Lock down, Boris and his merry men assured the public it wasn’t necessary, even the WHO (World Health Organisation) were against the mass public from wearing them. We already knew that the Virus could be transmitted from person to person with a cough or a sneeze, and on a long list of surfaces. We were told that masks were ineffective because the virus particles were so small anyway, that even a medical mask and filters were a waste of time – plus if someone coughed or sneezed on you, you could catch the virus through your eyes. They conceded that if you chose to wear one and it made you feel safer, then go ahead. Let us not forget that at that time PPE gear was in short supply anyway.

Then suddenly overnight the agenda had changed. People were making masks out of old pairs of knickers and bras, there were downloadable patterns on Pinterest, video tutorials on Youtube to make them out of scarves and elastic bands. People were clearly bored and dragged out their sewing machines. Our dictator in Madeira had promised every household a mask that were being made on the island, I waited nearly two months to receive mine in the post. It was prison white, badly stitched and the elastic fell apart. I wrote in big black pen on mine. ‘This mask is bullshit’ and posted it onto my facebook profile. It was clear which side of the fence I was on and a few more friends disappeared into the ether.

And for me, this was logic fail no 1. Masks had now become a forced addition of clothing, not personal protection as they then told us, because we would have been advised to add a pair of swimming googles to the new fashion to complete the look and protect our eyes as well. As I write this an alert just came up on my phone from Sky News with the headline “Could double – masking be the way to reduce the spread of Corona Virus”! Have you noticed how they didn’t use the words Covid 19 in the heading? They are getting crafty with their use of language lately…all leading to what I suspect, forced Muzzling forever, so that we never catch colds or the flu ever again. As we know that colds and flu are Corona Viruses, this years one was not called Wuhan virus as it should have been, because on top of the bullshit we are enduring, we cannot be politically incorrect as well.

A Plague doctor mask, something that perhaps would have been a little more protective than the rags we are forced to wear!

But I digress, with the Sky News distraction that just further enforces the complete ridiculousness of the mask. And for sure there will be comments on this post eventually, from those that will argue that it does stop transmission and will give a host of reasons that they heard off the telly. Meanwhile I did the research on them, and cannot find one single scientific paper that has clarified their effectiveness in thwarting Covid 19, other than the full Hazmat Suit, which for obvious reasons is highly impractical for most people to do their food shopping in. There are plenty of scientific papers that destroy the myth of the mask and list the very long lists of health risks from wearing them for more than a few hours or over a period of time. It is a well known fact that during the 1918 flu pandemic that the numbers of deaths rose from bacterial infections caused by mask wearing. More people died from that then, than the actual flu.

Of course we mustn’t forget that social distancing plays a big part in the mask mandate and the ban on hugging your kids, kissing your partner or even now having people over for a drink. Not content in making us look utterly ridiculous and making the supermarket feel like a sterile operating theatre, it really is no wonder why people all headed for the bog roll department. And that one place that has been ‘allowed’ to be open throughout this, has stickers on the floor making sure you keep a distance, posters reminding you of the three phase hypnotic mantra of space-safe-distance. We were also guilted into compliance with the ‘Protect the NHS’ and a long list of others that I can’t remember now, as I am very difficult to hypnotise.

So, if we are surrounded by a lethal virus that can get through a mask, into your eyes and catch off surfaces then why are we not given Hazmat suits? Ah, but you can add a plastic face-shield to your wardrobe if you are that concerned and take up imaginary welding.

And then I come onto the subject of the extreme mask idiot. We’ve seen them all driving their cars alone adorning one. How come the police don’t make that a crime like using your mobile phone whilst driving? Studies have shown that prolonged mask wearing lowers your oxygen intake and can cause hypoxia, already a few people have had road accidents because of this problem. Do they not see how futile wearing one in the car is, will they catch it while driving? I think wearing one while driving a car is a danger in itself and should be banned, especially if you wear glasses as they tend to steam up as well! But maybe all of this is not about our health?

But what I find truly disturbing is making kids wear it. The psychological impact that it has on our children will be something to tackle in years to come along with all the other crazy impositions they have had to endure in the last year. Segration in classrooms, when they were actually allowed to go to school, as currently they can’t. Unless you are a care worker, then your kid is allowed. But, even for those who are receiving their education in this format are suffering as they are not allowed to play normally with the few kids that are in the same boat. My Granddaughter is only five and it breaks my heart to see her struggling with all of this. Last week I witnessed one of her zoom class lessons and was aghast that the teacher conducted the lesson from the classroom with the ones that were at school. She cannot understand why some of her mates are there and she is not. How do you explain it to a 5 year old, that when you get on a bus you have to wear a mask, but the supermarket you don’t, that some of your friends can go to school, but you can’t. This is so wrong on so many levels and I will do a post on this topic later.

But the government are more concerned now at getting us all to double mask, for our health. Yet they are not interested in the mental health problems of our children and grandchildren who are going to inherit this mess we made of a fucked up situation. They don’t care about the young people that are committing suicide because they have no hope…and I will leave this post here as that is another topic to cover. This morning we had another young person take their life, drove off a cliff on the isle of Wight. I have been here a week and that is the 6th unnecessary and needless death.

And let’s look at another plane of logic? Coronavirus cases (note that it does not say Covid 19 cases, so are we including colds and flu and are the cases just from PCR results?) Source: https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/

Today the running total of infections GLOBALLY stands at 108,026,551.

Deaths are 2,369,071

Recovered are 80,067,640

Active: 25,488,689 (99.6%)

Serious or Critical: 101,151 (0.4%)

There are 7.8 BILLION people on this planet.

If you look at those numbers – The question is:

Are we really in a Pandemic?