You’ve all heard of the legend ‘The Pied Piper of Hamelin’ – well, this is how I see things. We have two groups of people, the ones that have become members of the Covid Cult and follow the Governments magic flute, whilst the rest of us are the ones trying to make them see through the bullshit. And what do the followers do? Belittle anyone who has not joined their circus. We are now labelled as Conspiracy Theorists, are a danger to the fragile fabric of society and must be silenced, censored and go far away.

Back in March when the Plandemic kicked off, every one, and I mean everyone was shitting themselves. We saw images on the TV of China spraying their streets with disinfection, carting their citizens off in the back of trucks to be sent to who knows where. We saw footage of Italy and an empty Vatican, and Ventilators…lots and lots of them. Then we were told about the shortage of Ventilators and how local companies were told to stop what they were manufacturing and build this life saving machine. I was shitting myself at that point, I have Lyme and still struggle with it. I couldn’t help but think that if I became ill, I most certainly would need one of those machines to have a chance of surviving, and if there aren’t enough of them, I was getting a death sentence. I don’t think it was a selfish thought, we are human and our instinct is to survive. So the best course of action was to stay at home and not allow any virus riddled person anywhere near me. I, like everyone else followed the Governments advice throughout the first lock down.

We were told this would flatten the curve, relieve the pressure on the health service and we were in ‘this’ together. And I think we all did our part during that first phase as we headed towards the summer. Restrictions were put in place during those months and many businesses invested in a whole plethora of gear to make customers safer and cleaner when entering their establishments. All dictated to by the Government, because they know best. But according to them we needed another lock down as numbers had increased, but we already knew that the Zombie Apocalypse was no where near as deadly as we were initially led to beleive.

I was in Madeira throughout that time and as my tourism business had completely crashed, I was left with a lot of time on my hands. At first it was great, I finally had the time to rest a little being forcibly relieved of the responsibilities of running a business, running an expat community group and could have some time to myself. I was in bliss for about two weeks and read many books, sorted out my cupboards and took up a daily dose of meditation in my garden. But I was restless and troubled as in the back of my mind, things were really not making much sense from a logical perspective. I started to surf the net and came across a video of a now very famous doctor who is in the CT group (conspiracy theory); His name is Andrew Kauffman…he did an interview with a young lad in a garden where he explained about how viruses work and the psychological disorders that would become increasingly problematic over the mandate of masks. He referred to Covid 19 as nothing more than a strain of the Flu, that Flu viruses (which this is) over time become less harmful and that it takes around 3 to 5 years to become the standard common cold. Of course we must protect our vulnerable and elderly, but for the rest of us, we should go about our lives, stop wearing masks and get on with life as normal. To me, that was the first bit of real common sense and truth in this whole rotten saga.

I started to follow some like minded health professionals who were all starting to get a bad rap for now appearing to undermine what Governments were telling us. I watched Dr Vernon Colemans’ videos on You Tube until he got banned. He seemed to be pretty spot on right from the beginning, but I wasn’t really ready to jump in and believe everything he was saying about the Gates and Melinda foundation and his reasoning on why we were being subjected to this Hoax. But his expertise and research he had done over the years as a GP and then a writer on health, validated my reasons to watch him and now, he has become a bit of a hero.

There are plenty of other eminent professionals I regularly listen to or watch and I will list and link all my resources at some point in this Blog for anyone who is interested. That is, if they don’t get censored and kicked off of all internet platforms, and will cover this in another Blog. And talking of which, RTP Madeira just announced that Internet will be interrupted for those who spread misinformation…so I might have to tackle that subject sooner than planned.

But getting back to the Pied Piper scenario…we have been bombarded with propaganda using Main Stream Media to deliver it. The story changes everyday in the news. For example earlier in the week at one of the daily briefings, the Health Minister Mat Wankcock, (who is a snivelly little shit and should have been sacked after laughing through pretend tears on Morning TV, on the first day the experimental jabs were released onto human guinea pigs)…did his usual staged questions and answers. Prof VanTam or whatever his name is, along with wank, insisted that no one should even consider booking a holiday abroad this year nor one on home soil. It was far too early to even think of such a thing. The following morning he announced on the news that we may be allowed to have one after all – as he had just booked his to Cornwall. He denied telling everyone that he discouraged this a few hours earlier. As soon as there is a little bit of hope that lock down will finish and restrictions are lifted, we are subjected to a new scare of another variant of the virus. When that is announced the uncertainty of the jabs is questioned, or it is inferred the new strain is more contagious or could even be more deadly than the last. Then the following day it is all down played again, but there is always a Caveat. Over the year, we have been given little snippets of hope then had them stripped. It’s like taking one step forwards and 3 steps back. Suicides have rocketed this year, because people can’t cope and feel they have nothing left to live for. Yet, it seems they don’t matter as saving the rest of humanity from catching a relatively un- deadly strain of the flu is far more important. And how do we do this? Vaccinate everybody with a completely new and very experimental drug that no one has any idea of what the long term effects will have. Never been tested on humans until right now. We are living through the biggest human experiment ever conducted. Dr Mengele, if he were alive today would have an orgasm at this idea!

Not content on giving anyone any hope, the Government have gone to enormous expense in the last few weeks with a flurry of adverts and all media channels are blasting it out every 15 minutes or so. My Grandchildren are also being exposed to this shit as it is being aired between children’s programs as well. The push for the Vaccine is literally rammed down our throats, using guilt and coercion to get us rolling up our sleeves. Can the fucking Government look me in the eyes and tell me this is really necessary? And because of the guilt campaigns it has divided the public even more, we now have another camp to fight, the right to body autonomy and choose if we want to participate in this global experiment or wear a badge of honour by being jabbed.

And we now have another divide as if we don’t all take it, we will be judged by our friends and loved ones AGAIN. Firmly stuck in the camp of trouble makers that just refuse to tow the Political line. They don’t need to make it mandatory as companies are jumping on the band wagon by insisting on only providing services to those who have complied. We can throw discrimination out the window to boot, as our basic human rights will be etched at until we finally have none left.

And it all started with fear. Fear of the bogey man coming for you whilst you slept. And Governments keep ratching it up a notch to keep us in place. The first question everyone should have asked was this. If we have a deadly virus on our hands, why are WE not allowed to take care of ourselves and do what WE need to do? We are capable of making our own informed decisions, we know the threat. Had we done this, would we actually be where we are today? In 1998 we had a bad flu year, 66,000 people died from it in just the one month of January. Last week we were being told that the 101,000 who have died this entire year was completely unconscionable and we needn’t have had those losses. We closed everything down for this, but no one gave a shit about those tragic losses in a month in 1998.

And it gets more barmy as the UK government gloat at the rapidity of now some 14 million members of the public who have been jabbed in just under 2 months. Today they were announcing the tests on children. I am horrified that any parent would consent to their child taking an experimental drug. I am horrified that the Government are pushing this as the next bit of fantastic news. And yet, last week it was announced that they were going to send their gestapo to peoples doors to try and persuade those who declined their precious vax. Wank were telling people on TV to ring their surgery and get booked in, and not wait for their letter. We seem to be in an awfully big hurry to get this done.

I will go into more depth about vaccines in another post as I have been buried in the research on them for weeks and need to condense the information, but I will leave you with this, as I nicked it off someone elses post on fb……

The next time I see or hear one of those “look them in the eyes” adverts…I will replace the wording in my head with this: Act like you have diarrhoea. Even if you don’t have diarrhoea you may have diarrhoea without symptoms. Sit on the toilet until told otherwise. Let’s combat diarrhoea together. Can you look them in the eye and say you got off the toilet for a valid reason?