With the conflicting news reports over the last week about when this lock down will end, it seems the Government are not in any hurry to give us our freedoms back, even partially. We are to expect restrictions for an indefinite period of time. One news story said earlier this week, we could be in an on and off scenario of lockdowns for years to come. This must come as a bit of a blow to the nearly 15 million elderly, vulnerable and key workers who have already had their jabs. Most assumed (misled by the language) that once the most at risk group had been ‘immunised’, life would start to return to normal. They must feel cheated and frustrated. They complied. Most thought that they would be protected from catching the virus, and would be releived of the mask mandate. But as some are willing participants (guinea pigs) in the global experiment, they are stuck in the same forced rut as the rest of us with little security of any changes of normality coming their way. I wonder if they thought it was worth it?

But once this is over, as we must come out of this at some point in the future – do we go back to normal? Or, has our normal gone. I walked down Ryde high street earlier in the week, which was a dead and soul less experience. As only supermarkets and essential shops are open. The high street is usually stuffed with eclectic stores, well known retailers and tourist related businesses. All are closed, some boarded up, some emptied of their stock, even the pubs. It is clear that most of those smaller businesses will never reopen again and some of the larger retail stores have already laid off staff and gone bust. As we have all been encouraged to use the internet to source our material needs, this plandemic has been the final nail in the coffin for future high street shopping.

Will our returning to normal have to include masks? I can’t see us ever getting rid of them until Boris has succeeded with his dastardly plan, of the entire country getting vaccinated. Our economy has been shoved into a gutter by all of this, unemployment has exploded and poverty has increased. Shutting everything down has and will continue to cause millions continued hardship, there is no normal to go back to.

During this crippling time of removing our freedoms and being fed propaganda that has scared the shit out of most, made us distrustful of ever breathing the same air as we stand next to another human being after being ‘allowed’ out from forced imprisonment. Having our broken confidence and self esteem to become the normal sociable beings that we are, become normal sociable beings ever again..will you be able to sit on a park bench in the future without wondering if the last person who sat there was asymptomatic? Will you be able to look anyone in the eyes, once their mask has been removed permanently and not wonder if they are carrying the next bubonic plague?

I belong to quite a few groups on facebook, the ones where people are similar to me in our viewpoints and I have been reading some gut wrenching stuff which shows how wrong things are in our world today. How this Plandemic is affecting real people and their lives and in some cases the extreme measures that are being forced upon them. This is an example of some of the terrible ordeals some are having to go through. Names removed for privacy, but they are copied and pasted and genuine:

“Where do I stand…My 5 year old son is due 11.30am to go for a covid test I don’t agree with it but he needs his operation Wednesday. I rang and asked what happens if he refuses to do it. She said he don’t have the operation I said that’s against his human rights she said yes it is! How is this fair. My son hates being touched reason why he won’t allow them to do it.I said what’s in place for children with echps. Nothing they pin them and force them!! Fuming!!!My son desperately needs this operation but I will not pin him down for them to have a statistic!!Is there anything I can say to make this operation happen when it doesn’t go to plan at the covid test.”

“I’m having a freak out today about the ‘V’ (which I will not be having) – my thoughts today are that it will definitely eventually be that we won’t be able to travel abroad without having it,I will have to make my peace with this and accept it, but more worrying is if they restrict us in our own country, not being able to go in restaurants, do our shopping etc without proving we have had it, whether that be by producing paperwork or if there is some kind of scan on us going forward. Feels like everyone I say this to thinks I’m mad or thinking ahead too far but I can just feel this coming. People keep saying they want normality back, i just want our freedom back”

“I’m really concerned how I am being labelled due to my anxiety, I’m currently signed off work, not that I can work as I’ve already lost two jobs one for being mask exempt and the other for refusing test, I’ve applied for other jobs but no one will employ me due to my mask exemption, my anxiety has been enhanced due to this situation and I’m concerned about being homeless, a couple of months ago I was signed off with anxiety and I kept getting recurring ear infections, on the way to see the nurse I had got myself in such a state whilst walking to the doctors surgery, when I arrived I was getting chest pains and was in a state, I ended up having to have an ecg, I was asked to cover my face due to the pandemic even though I’m exempt, I mentioned I didn’t believe the government and was asked if I had psychosis and was seeing things that aren’t there, losing my shit was understatement, a couple of days ago I had to call doctor again to sign me off, I mentioned about not being able to work and was told the same about the pandemic, again I replied I didn’t believe we were in a pandemic, and again I was asked if I had psychosis and seeing things that aren’t there, this is concerning as I do not not have psychosis I just don’t agree with the government, and now because I have anxiety I feel that I’m being treated as though I’m crazy is there anything I can do about this ?”

“Hello everyone, this is my first post to this page. I am 22 years old and have been keeping it together for almost a year since this madness began. I’m getting to a point now where my life feels meaningless and I don’t see a light at the end of this tunnel. I cannot relate to any of my friends on Facebook and am called a conspiracy theorist when I say I don’t want these lockdowns to continue. I am starting to feel like I’m one of the only sane people left my age, and the path we are on now as a society will be looked back at in the future as the beginnings of mass authoritarianism and tyranny. What do I do?”

“Dear all, I have been suspended from work since 27th January for allegedly failing to wear a mask, despite having respected company procedure, and having a medical exemption. Following an investigation meeting I have today been threatened with disciplinary action. Advice please”

“Can anyone give me even a ray of hope?! This nonsense has taken so much from all of us! My son in law took his own life last June & we lost the father of my children last weekend. He was in hospital for a week & no one could visit yet within an hour of his death we were allowed into a small room to sit beside him for as long as we wanted?! He’ll be buried next week yet we can’t see him in the chapel of rest, he can’t be dressed in the clothes chosen for him & the pall bearers can’t carry him above waist height. His death certificate will he marked as Covid because he tested positive a month ago . How does any of that make sense?! I’m beyond furious!!!”

There are so many more I could have added here, all heart breaking and utterly wrong. People are being victimised, discriminated against and belittled. And all for the ‘greater good’, to ‘save lives’, to ‘build back better’. I bet the PM doesn’t get to see or hear these stories of what he has done to us, he is too busy visiting vaccine centres and elbowing the people who are about to have their immune systems genetically messed around with.

It was announced on the news today about vaccine testing studies commencing on pregnant mothers and new borns, a few days ago they were asking for children to volunteer as well. Will the guardians of their unborn or non adult, who cannot make decisions for themselves, be informed about the massive potential risks – but more importantly, what parent would subject their offspring to an experimental medical procedure? Is this not child abuse? Is this ethical? It seems acceptable, now that we already experimented on granny to go the whole hog. I am sickened and stunned that we have reached this point, so quickly and without any discussion on the moral, ethical and legal fronts. Will this now be the norm for all future testing on drugs? To bypass the animal studies and years of stringent tests and trials? Are we now throwing the Nuremberg Code out the window?

But to get back on topic as this will be a two or three parter, but I will leave you with a few more snippets taken from the Governments 2011 Strategic Pandemic plan, it was tweaked in 2015 but has some interesting guidelines that were completely bypassed for this plandemic.

Business as usual

7.4 During a pandemic, the Government will encourage those who are well to carry on with their normal daily lives for as long and as far as that is possible, whilst taking basic precautions to protect themselves from infection and lessen the risk of spreading influenza to others (see Chapter 4). The UK Government does not plan to close borders, stop mass gatherings or impose controls on public transport during any pandemic.

Protecting people through vaccination

  1. 4.36  People considered to be “at risk” from seasonal influenza are invited for vaccination each year. However, as an influenza pandemic will result unexpectedly from an entirely new viral strain or subtype, seasonal influenza vaccines could not be expected to provide any protection against pandemic influenza.
  2. 4.37  There are two distinct types of pandemic vaccine:
    • Pre-pandemic vaccines that are produced in advance of a pandemic and are designed to protect against a strain of influenza virus that experts judge to be a potential cause of a future pandemic, e.g. H5N1. The degree of protection will depend on how similar the pandemic viral strain is to the strain used to prepare the vaccine.
    • Pandemic-specific vaccines that are developed specifically to protect against the pandemic viral strain, once it has been isolated. Once available, a pandemic- specific vaccine should protect most recipients from clinical illness and may also reduce illness severity, hospitalisation and death and therefore the national impact of subsequent waves of the virus.

Restrictions on public gatherings and public transport

4.21 There is very limited evidence that restrictions on mass gatherings will have anysignificant effect on influenza virus transmission . Large public gatherings or crowded events where people may be in close proximity are an important indicator of ‘normality’ and may help maintain public morale during a pandemic. The social and economic consequences of advising cancellation or postponement of large gatherings are likely to be considerable for event organisers, contributors and participants. There is also a lack of scientific evidence on the impact of internal travel restrictions on transmission and attempts to impose such restrictions would have wide-reaching implications for business and welfare.

4.22 For these reasons, the working presumption will be that Government will not impose any such restrictions. The emphasis will instead be on encouraging all those who have symptoms to follow the advice to stay at home and avoid spreading their illness. However, local organisers may decide to cancel or postpone events in a pandemic fearing economic loss through poor attendances, and the public themselves may decide not to mix in crowds, or use public transport if other options are available.

International travel, border restrictions and screening

4.18 The Foreign and Commonwealth Office will issue advice regarding travel to affected countries. There are no plans to attempt to close borders in the event of an influenza pandemic. The UK generally has a high level of international connectivity, and so is likely to be one of the earlier countries to receive infectious individuals. Modelling suggests that imposing a 90% restriction on all air travel to the UK at the point a pandemic emerges would only delay the peak of a pandemic wave by one to two weeks. Even a 99.9% travel restriction might delay a pandemic wave by only 2 months. During 2009 it became clear that the pandemic virus had already spread widely before international authorities were alerted, suggesting that in any case the point of pandemic emergence had been missed by several weeks. The economic, political and social consequences of border closures would also be very substantial, including risks to the secure supply of food, pharmaceuticals and other supplies.

4.19 In general, normal port health arrangements will apply during a pandemic. Given the expected two to three day incubation period for pandemic influenza, there is no evidence of any public health benefit to be gained from meeting planes from affected countries or similar pro-active measures such as thermal scanning or other screening methods. Such measures are largely ineffective, impractical to implement and highly resource intensive.

Facemasks and respirators

4.15  Although there is a perception that the wearing of facemasks by the public in the community and household setting may be beneficial, there is in fact very little evidence of widespread benefit from their use in this setting. Facemasks must be worn correctly, changed frequently, removed properly, disposed of safely and used in combination with good respiratory, hand, and home hygiene behaviour in order for them to achieve the intended benefit. Research also shows that compliance with these recommended behaviours when wearing facemasks for prolonged periods reduces over time.

Source: https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/213717/dh_131040.pdf

.The entire document covers every eventuality and in their worst case scenario model, the restrictions we have faced have been extreme. They base them on a 2.5% expected death rate of the population, which we are no where near. What is happening now is clearly a mass over reaction and those guidelines flew right out the window…or were they flung out…to bring about a forced environmental and economical change? It seems quite likely as our government are in bed with Klaus Shwab and are members of the World Economic Forum. Remember I mentioned them in my first post? “we will own nothing, and be happy”………

I have a big feeling that we are being forced to enter this ‘new normal’ of being forced into giving up our shackles, for a fairer society, complete with AI, trahnshumansim, a one world government and interconnected by 5G. If that sounded crazy, then cart me off to the loony bin. I’ve had enough of this bloody bullshit anyway.