I got called scum the other day. It didn’t bother me, as I have been called worse. I also got accused of being a danger to society again and spreading misinformation. I am a danger to the public too, apparently. But the worst part was, the person who said those things also wished that I, or a member of my family would get Covid and die. It seems that nowadays to avoid entering into a debate it has become perfectly acceptable to become personally and verbally abusive. This is not normal behaviour, and I have never been subjected to so many insults from others before this pandemic started. The art of debate is something that is very important in our society as we are forever learning and adjusting our own view points to accommodate others, so that we can get along. It is an integral part of the way we communicate and a fundamental part of our democratic process in Government. But there is no debate on the subject of Covid, only two factions now exist; the ones who blindly hang onto every word that our masters pump out over MSM; or people like me. The ones that ask questions, search for the truth, look for the flaws, and sum it up with a logical interpretation, if there isn’t one already.

Incidentally, there was no debate in Parliament when the emergency Covid laws were passed. Each MP who attended the meeting was reportedly given the lengthy document on the same day. I read somewhere that there was not enough time given to them to read it, so it was passed in less than 20 minutes and without debate.

I was sent a copy of the NHS Covid guidelines by a nurse friend last March, it was a triage guideline of who should get treatment and who should not. It was a sickening read actually, as it lumped people into various groups from the most vulnerable to the healthiest. The unsuspecting victim who fell into the wrong group after being assessed would not be treated. The reasoning on this was to save only the ones who had a better chance at recovery – the ones worth saving. Now back at the time when I read this, we all thought we were going to die from this highly contagious and ever so deadly virus. Reading that document, as ugly as it was, made sense to me. To quote Spock from Star Trek ‘Logic dictates…the needs of the many out weigh the needs of the few’, and in a pandemic, should the hospitals be spilling from the seams, doctors and nurses would need those guidelines in order to best use their resources. DNR’s were slapped onto patients without their knowledge or that of their families. This extended into Care Homes as well. But despite the furour that ensued over the last year when it was discovered that families had no idea that their loved one died with a DNR they never consented to. Those complaints were ignored.

Gut wrenching stories still keep on circulating as not only has the DNR guideline remained unchanged, but autopsies are still not being performed on anyone who has been marked as a Covid death on their certificate. This continues to make a mockery of the death statistics that the government give us every day. Because for anyone who tested positive within 28 days of death is automatically entered as a Covid death. It didn’t matter if someone fell off a ladder and died as a result of bashing their head open, simply, if their test came back as positive, Covid now became the cause of that death. Where have the ethical guidelines in this gone to and why hasn’t wankcock changed this policy, so that a reflection of the current situation would be more transparent?

Wankcock of course, is getting his jollies from concentrating on misleading the public with the genetically altering jabs. Keeping the death numbers inflated so the fear of not getting stabbed in the arm, means that at some point you will become sick and die. If the true stats were reported instead of the new guidelines which were introduced, autopsies performed at the bequest of families and only verified deaths ‘from’ Covid and not ‘with’. More people would be wondering what the fuss is all about and we wouldn’t be calling this a pandemic. It seems the Government are not interested in dealing with these issues on a moral or ethical level, which this absolutely is. To me, this is genocide. Sending the elderly back from hospital into care homes, known to be infected with a virus; known to attack the vulnerable. It is genocide, to target those very same people with DNR’s without their knowledge or consent. It is ethically and morally incomprehensible to record on a death certificate, of a disease that the person did not die from.

And throughout all of this, we have been deprived of free speech, banned from protesting. The police have been empowered to arrest or fine anyone breaking the rules. We are being fact checked and censored. Our lives have been completely over taken with a set of rules, which glided through parliament in a hurry and without debate. Our rights are in serious jeopardy as we head on into the world of vaccine passports, digital ID’s and the end goal…forced vaccination. I feel as though we have been deliberately steered in this direction, because everything about this has become utterly inhumane.

I still can’t believe why people are not seeing this through the same lens that I do. And the scary part is, they are the ones that are becoming dangerous. They are happily submitting and submissive to the demands dished out by our dictators. They are, quite simply the very people who will allow what little freedoms we have left erode to nothing. Being a good, law abiding citizen is no longer to be admired, for there is a war to be fought folks, and we have got to win it.