Short post this evening. Headline on the news tonight.” Human trials of volunteers to be vaccinated and then directly exposed to the virus”. Well, bugger me back wards. And I say this as I have been researching and compiling for weeks – on the subject of the Covid vaccines. I think I have downloaded every scientific paper, dared to be produced and in the public domain. The one BIG question I had in my research was…and this was for every phase test on humans, for each vax contender….did they actually infect them after a jab with the virus. Not one paper was clear in this very important part of the trial…I had already deduced, because the right language used in writing these things, is designed to mis lead and mis direct. In one trial phase, the subjects were injected with either a placebo or the vaccine, one company used a meningitis vaccine as the placebo for the study. In all of those studies, the participants were released to go about their daily lives… would be by chance if they came in contact with the virus in their own community. And this is where the data and efficacy of those vaccines originate.

Why do I not give that study any credibility? I use this basis on my own and that of my family and then extend this to my friends and the circles we have. We are in the community, are flouting the stupid rules and living life (albeit somewhat restricted). I took 9 flights in the last year, hugged and kissed loads of people, have not worn my mask at all in the UK, got on a ferry week before last and circulated. I still haven’t caught Covid, my family haven’t and I know of no friends that have either. If I was a part of that phase one, two or three of that study on jabs, it would be pointless. It was pointless, it is pointless and as such never had the merit to be given emergency use to put out on mass – into the arms of the public.

Why did they not do this study in phase one, two and three?

I was stunned as I watched the news fervently deliver this bit of scientific leap forward….but how are those who have already been vaccinated taking this? They took it, because they were told it was safe, right? They rolled up their sleeves believing this would give them their normal life back. They took it because they thought they could travel again. They took it, having been completely led up the garden path by our corrupt government, who have consistently bypassed the one bit of language that explains what this is. An EXPERIMENT.

And now the most crucial of all the experiments is NOW going to be conducted. Yet, millions took a needle that hasn’t even had the most basic test of jab against virus……

I was fucking mad earlier today, I am now fucking incensed. This really has got to be the biggest scam wake up call for all the sheep out there who believed in our government and getting a vaccine. If this does not fall short of unethical, immoral and a slap in the face of human rights, then I might as well slash my wrists right now.