Short post tonight. I’ve flouted the rules and visited a friend. Had a lovely time…forgot the world had gone totally mad for a few days. I also had a bit of madness to deal with in my own life too…so, in a week of dealing with personal stuff I have been out of the loop. But today, I’m back. And what a shock to come back to.

It is now becoming simply and utterly stupid. 7 days of not watching the news or reading stuff on facebook and I feel like I have missed a year. Within a week the vaccine passport now seems a dead cert that from now on, if you want to go and have a gin and tonic in your local pub, you need to prove you had the vax. WTF. Businesses have already been sent documents by the government telling them to sign it to agree to only allowing customers to enter premises with this new passport. This is INSANE!…. But it’s happening.

Now digital ID’s are being (finally) brought to the fore……and the majority of the saps who believe this never ending bullshit are now for that too.

Schools are to return….but kids need to have sticks shoved up their noses and be muzzled to go. Not mandatory, but parental consent is needed……really? So, if my son say’s no to my granddaughter being subjected to the test weekly and forced to breath her air through a dirty mask to learn, says no….she won’t be able to go. Is this RIGHT???????

oh, I hear you say…we are in a pandemic. And its for the good of everyone else. To not conform is selfish. To not conform puts other people at risk.

How can you risk another person if you do not have Covid?

If you had the death virus (which it isn’t…..particularly for children and young adults) you would be ill. Asymptomatic carriers have already been debunked. They are not a risk….despite the bullshit adverts you hear (one in 3 people have the virus, are asymptomatic, act like you already have the virus)….their viral load is negligible, they DON’T pass it on.

Why are the government still advocating the testing rubbish, when it has already been proven to be very unreliable AND the rapid flow test to be even more unreliable than the PCR test…yet they still insist on putting their entire faith and proof of those tests into the statistical figures to keep people shaking in their boots from doing anything normal in their lives.

Yet again I am trying to make sense of all this complete and utter NONSENSE. I am struggling to understand how so many human beings are taken in by the gross hypocrisy and still continue to believe that governments are acting in our best interests.

Where are our freedom in choices…….they are being stripped and ripped away and at an alarmingly rapid pace, that a week away from this bullshit, the scales have tipped to a scary level.

I am angry with people for not standing up and saying NO…..I see stuff on facebook where people like me are getting frustrated because we can’t do anything to stop this….we cant protest, petitions are ignored, we are being deleted, we are being called names…anti vaxxers, conspiracy theorists and being discredited…..our voice, that wants to fight for everyone, and FOR THE ONES who have been sapped into this garbage.

Flu doesn’t exist this year….why? You don’t need a brain to tell you that…but the naysayers will tell you a million reasons of how their lock downs stamped that out, the social distancing, the muzzle, hand washing and the millions of naff tests…yet they can stamp out that, but not Covid…….where is the fucking logic?

I need to go away for another week, as the reality of real life is incomprehensible. How the Fuck did we get to THIS in a year?