Am I an antivaxer? NO NO NO NO

Am I a Conspiracy theorist? NO NO NO NO

Do I have a brain? Yep, I think so, must have one, or I wouldn’t be writing this.

Do I believe in the Freedom of choice? Absolutely

Do I consider myself as selfish, by not getting jabbed? Where does the word ‘selfish’ enter into this entire debate….oh, I forgot, there is no debate on this subject. Then I must answer this question with a yes then….I am selfish. But am I? Today…the Queen says I am…ok then. But I still don’t think I am.

This post was something I had been planning to write and was the reason for resurrecting my blog…yet I am finding this to be the hardest one to write. I was going to write about the types of vaccines, but that would take up an entire blog post of its own……so, I must assume that for everyone out there who has rolled up their sleeve – has done their own research and made that commitment on making an informed decision. Do I waste my time and explain the MRNA or chimpanzee adenovirus differences in the pharma pushed drugs? Help you make a decision into which of those is the best? That was the post I was going to kinda write.

That’s not my job now….if you rolled up your sleeve and had one, then you as an individual should take upon the task of knowing exactly what you are doing before you do it. And for those who are reading this…are probably the ones who have done exactly that and find themselves in the exact same position as I…..being called selfish, because we know what this is and we don’t want to be a part of it.

The tragic part of this situation we are in, are the elderly and vulnerable that do not have the means to research…I am talking about those who were the first guinea pigs…in care homes and the ones who are not tech savvy and get all their information off the TV. Some don’t even have that…they just got lined up for a jab without really knowing why.They didn’t get a choice.

There are 3 types of people in this world.

The Nescient….they are those very people I explain above, who do not have the means at their disposal to research what they are being told and in some cases…given with out choice in the matter..they are in the dark and only follow the light that guides them – through no fault of their own.

Then we have The Ignorant. They are the ones that stick their head in the sand as any other viewpoint other than the one they follow has no merit and refuse to even research anything else.They are always right and you are wrong and will not even consider looking at alternatives. They base their argument on what they heard, not on what they actually know to be true.

Then we have The Thinkers. If you are reading this blog and get it….then you are one of those. Even if you don’t agree with my point of view, you are looking and probably looking elsewhere too, and then forming an opinion by taking in others. You weigh up the pros and cons, then will make a decision based on that.

And I am going to repost this snippet for the thinkers as it has troubled me for months, as to why we did not follow the original Pandemic plan set out by the government…..I touched on this in a previous post…the government didn’t follow this part of the plan on vaccines either..

4.37  There are two distinct types of pandemic vaccine:

Pre-pandemic vaccines that are produced in advance of a pandemic and are designed to protect against a strain of influenza virus that experts judge to be a potential cause of a future pandemic, e.g. H5N1. The degree of protection will depend on how similar the pandemic viral strain is to the strain used to prepare the vaccine.

Pandemic-specific vaccines that are developed specifically to protect against the pandemic viral strain, once it has been isolated. Once available, a pandemic- specific vaccine should protect most recipients from clinical illness and may also reduce illness severity, hospitalisation and death and therefore the national impact of subsequent waves of the virus.

Pandemic-specific Vaccines are the old school type of Flu vaccine, where they identify the virus, as in this case Sars- Cov2 or Covid as we know it…and inject dead virus which stimulates the immune system more naturally than what they have currently forced onto the population. What was wrong with this method?

They identified (supposedly) the virus and learnt about the subtle differences between other SARS/CORONA viruses…..this was Novel, but a lot of people caught it and a few died. So, why was this not the way to go…isolate the new virus and knock up a few batches and make this the new flu vaccine? It’s old school, has worked in previous years and is known to be relatively safe. Flu vaccines have a plus/minus efficacy of 40/60% in any given year, because when they knock up a batch each year, they guess as to which nasty bug will most likely surface in that year. But this year has been different, we know what the virus is, so, why not knock up a batch of that dead virus and jab that into peoples arms instead?

Is that not just simple and logical to how this is supposed to work? The scientific paper that adjoins the Pandemic plan, goes into great detail on this subject and how that works. It is the doable thing…this year was doable on that front. Why did they then start to bypass what has worked in the past and start ‘fucking’ about with this?

And we now are ‘fucking’ about with this. Instead we are being sold on a new technology with the Covid vaccination, that is very experimental and has no long term data, because there isn’t any. `Every single person that rolls up their sleeve to this is participating in a trial. They have consented to become a human guinea pig. And the ignorant will argue that this statement is nonsense.

And I write this assuming that for anyone reading this knows the difference between an MRNA vaccine or a chimpanzee adenovirus vaccine or a dead virus vaccine. If you don’t then, you are ignorant and should be ashamed and go look it all up. And then…rescind that crap by telling me that I am selfish for not wanting to be a brainless white rabbit in this potentially dangerous experiment.

The Queen today, said that anyone who does not have the vaccine is selfish. Why has this now become a selfish act, to choose against participating in a global experiment? Did I miss something? Has the world now really gone totally mad?

I am not an Anti Vaxxer and I am insulted by being called one. I have been vaccinated like everyone else from childhhood, through my teens and beyond. I went to Africa a few years back and got jabbed for hepatitis, diphtheria and yellow fever. I never had a problem with those as they have been around for years, did their trials and studies and were approved through the normal channels…in short, they went through years of processing and testing to become as safe as they could be on a human. And I didn’t bat an eyelid at being made to have that protection to go.

The vaccines that are being pushed and coerced for Covid – do not fall into that same bracket. We have no idea if they are safe in the long term. The ignorant will say that is nonsense. I still don’t want to participate in this vaccine trial.

I am not a conspiracy theorist either…well heck maybe that’s not entirely true as can we define what one is? If one is a thinker, and not an ignoramus, then we are now labelled as a conspiracy theorist and somehow asking google, which has always been a veritable fountain of all knowledge has suddenly become a liar, along with anything you find on the internet. We are all called Sharon because we saw a video on You Tube that did a documentary on The Great Reset. The BBC and SKY News are the only places to get the truth apparently.

After my rant on yesterday’s blog, where the vaccine passport is now becoming a dead cert…and morphed in a week from not being so….I was watching the truth channels today as this is now being implemented. It is being reported as something that is exciting and wonderful – and the solution to getting our lives back on track and to normal. How is this normal, to flash a yellow badge at the door of the supermarket to be allowed in? What happens if I don’t have a yellow badge?

Why have we suddenly become so prejudiced, discriminatory and vulgar towards those who choose to allow their own immune systems do to their job…whereas if you are vaxxed you belong to the new club and all the tainted are not allowed in. Because this is essentially what the passport is about.

I read one woman’s comment on a Portuguese blog I belong to this morning where a small difference of opinion started and was quickly deleted. She said and I quote ‘I have the right to know that when I sit on an aeroplane if the person sitting next to me has Covid and puts my life in danger. So they need to bring out the vaccination passport so that I will be safe to fly’. My reply would have been, had they not censored the post before I could, would have read something like this..’ I have the right to know if the person sitting next to me on a plane has an STD or even a dose of thrush. They should have a doctors letter to show they are healthy to allow them to fly’.

But I have to point this out:

Being vaccinated does not stop anyone from catching the virus, it doesn’t stop anyone who catches it from passing it on. It is only a prophylactic treatment and by design, is hoped to reduce the illness, thereby relieving pressure on the health services…..and that’s all it does in a nutshell. It’s not a miracle cure and there are no guarantees. It is an experiment, as they simply do not know if there will be any long term benefit or the scary part…any future adverse reactions. As it is very much a prophylactic treatment, it really is not and should not be called a Vaccine.

So, if I get on a plane and sit next to a vaccinated person, this still offers me no assurance for my own health if they are infectious, or the other way around. The only difference to that scenario is that being unvaccinated would mean that I would POTENTIALLY become very ill….but then again, I might not…it really depends on my own immune system and how it decides to work for me. So, the risk is more on my side over the vaccinated person sitting next to me. So, what is their problem exactly?

But the vaccinated see us as the carriers of the plague. They are supposed to be immune, but yet we are still a threat….will I ever work out this rediculous conundrum?

But there are still many questions that no one can answer…

Why launch an untested vaccine on the public that has no known long term benefits or adverse effects?

Why not go old school and use dead virus like the usual yearly flu shot?

Why is there so much coercion, detraction of proper use of language to get the experimental shots so quickly into peoples arms?

Why keep us Muzzled and locked down when the cases, deaths and stats are the lowest since it began?

Why is there so much coercion, detraction of proper use of language and rush to get the experimental shots so quickly into peoples arms? …..Why is there so much coercion, detraction of proper use of language and rush to get the experimental shots so quickly into peoples arms?……Why is there so much coercion, detraction of proper use of language and rush to get the experimental shots so quickly into peoples arms?

MRNA’s and Adenovirus are both genetic engineering vaccines. we all know that. They modify the immune system genetically.

Where do our human rights come into play with all of this….as clearly they are being flouted and our governments are ignoring those who are standing up and reminding them, as they continue to deceive us and push their agenda. But to what end and what is the end game?

If we just had a pandemic of Ebola…then I could understand where we are heading, but we haven’t. We have been told that a virus that is most certainly not deadly to the vast majority (99.6% global recovery rate) has completely ruined our lives. We are not safe from this and never will be, until we are ALL vaccinated. Do we not vaccinate against diseases that have a mortality rate far higher than 0.4%, because I can’t find anything anywhere in my research that warrants a vaccine for something with in this incredibly low range -anywhere.

I read in another post today where someone asked in a group on FB that as the passport would be rolled out could this person not open her business offering services to only people that had not been vaccinated..with the classic line of ‘ I do not want any genetically modified person cutting my clients’ hair’!

When you get jabbed, you are genetically altering your immune system. It is permanent. And that’s that. You now have introduced something into your body that makes a change that cannot be reversed and a part of your building blocks, the area that controls your immune system has been recoded. That alteration is patented by a drug company and owns it. This in theory means that they own what is in you, what they altered. very much like a GMO seed that has been patented by Monsanto.

A GMO means Genetically modified organism.

The vaccines are designed to genetically modify your immune system.

The ignorants will say this is nonsense. And they might be right BUT, as conspiracy theories go, one theory was to be injected with nano robots, contained in the jabs. The technology is here already but how would you know what else was delivered into you from that serum? Theoretically your body would be linked into 5G. You would be electronically/digitally tagged. Maybe this is where our digital information will be stored, and passports to travel will become a thing of the past. So would your money and your life would be conveniently devoid of any bureaucracy. We are already linked into a grid by our phones, computers and watches that monitor our every move collecting data already. We have AI in the home that listens in but to go one further and make our bodies be connected permanently….I don’t see the point, other than an unimaginable level of convenience. That idea is exhausting, because someone has to control it all on each individual level. You have to make people become a collective and the easiest way is to strip them of their rights and make them become an asset or in other words a tradable commodity or property.

Maybe this is what these vaccines are all about….to serupticiously change the human into what would be classed a GMO…because that is a valuable asset as the company that owns that vaccine which owns the patent and all its GMO’s belong to them.

Would that be enough to bypass human rights and freedoms? Because, theoretically it could. The ones who have not been vaccinated cling onto their rights until they are persuaded and then ultimately forced to join the new club (vaccination passport) as the new club filled with only GMO members smothers the ones that aren’t. If the plan is to shift us all into a new way of life quickly, then this is indeed ingenious.

There has to be an agenda and an end game, because the drastic over reaction to this ‘PLANDEMIC’ and where we heading toward total population control for something that has not lined up people in body bags in the streets, which has not over crowded cemeteries. which has not crippled the health services to the point that the purpose built Nightingale hospitals (closed before our winter flu resurgence season began), are either empty or now turned into vaccination centres. To keep us all locked down for many more months even though the deaths and cases are at their lowest since this began. And with previous pandemics that generally lasted one year, those viruses fizzled out to never become a nuisance again. Yet here we are, being broken down as a society, being forced into bankruptcy, being constantly psychologically bombarded with fear and now forced into having that Vaccination as the consequence to refuse to comply is to ban you from ever being allowed to shop, eat in a restaurant or travel ever again.

What troubles me, is how the majority of people perceive to be ignorant and are gagging to get jabbed. They really believe that life will return to normal after they do. They believe in the vax passport and will feed the ones who don’t to the lions. The more people who have it, the more the scales are tipped and our freedoms will be revoked further and further.

We were told right from the beginning, we needed to protect the elderly and vulnerable. And we did, by locking everyone up. We have succeeded in getting those jabbed already, so why are we still not allowed out? What is wrong with just offering people the jab, for those who want it and let everyone else get back to their lives. We don’t need any vaccination passport, we don’t need to be jabbing our kids, we didn’t need to be forced into defending our basic human rights of freedom of choice – this should never even be an issue!

I don’t want a vaccine. I don’t want to be forced to have something that has not completed the years of testing that no one knows what the long term effects of this are. It is my body and my choice. I have spent this last year travelling all over the place, I took 9 flights, and have not been muzzled. I still don’t know anyone personally who has had Covid, but I do know loads of people now, who are ill because of the jab.

I would rather chance my odds with my own immunity thank you, and continue my daily regimen of vitamins to keep it boosted. Maybe this is why I still haven’t caught it myself. I am not selfish, but I must do what I feel is best for me. It is my body and my choice.

But where does that choice leave me, in this transforming world of being denied to live one, just because I don’t comply?

Governments all over the world are coercing their people into submission on this subject and are now screwing them with blackmail. And I see my future as being forced under ground, part of a resistance and living off grid. Does that sound extreme to you dear reader? It does to me, yet it feels like a coming reality.

Without doubt we are entering a very dystopian era in our lives, the problem from here on in, is our grandchildren will be indoctrinated by it and will never know the difference between the life we just had ripped from us and the one they will continue to live in.