My last blog on this subject gained quite a bit of criticism (and support) but it’s the negative comments that we tend to be affected by. By writing a blog and sharing my thoughts on it, I am now deemed an ‘influencer’ and someone who is quite dangerous. I was told yesterday that by sharing my thoughts, opinions and theories, I was endangering lives. What a load of crock! Everyone and I mean everyone has a right to an opinion, has the right to share it how they feel and for all of those who are reading this, are perfectly capable of making their own decisions, and can take or leave the bits they like or don’t like. The naysayers think I should be censored and just shut up.

I have spent hours, weeks and months of research and if I get something wrong, then I get it wrong. I was called out for calling one of the jabs a ‘dead virus’ vaccine, my language was incorrect and should have called them either ‘Attenuated or Inactive’ however I chose a layman’s term, so that no one has to go and look up what they actually are. But if you don’t like my Blog, simply don’t come and read it…it’s that simple. You have a choice!

For me, writing this is a healing exercise, I am a writer and find this medium the only way to express myself. I get so frustrated with what has been going on in the world, using my blog is my parapet, but if I suddenly started using a megaphone and blasting everyone in the street with my opinions, most would have thought I have ‘lost me marbles’. I am just a normal person like everyone else, and I like everyone else is worried about what is going on around us. So, I will continue with this blog, and that’s the end of it.

In a previous post I chucked some stats about, and I keep an eye on them every few days. I still can’t wrap my head around the fuss over Covid and the figures just sum it up for me, that this whole affair has been a massive over reaction. I use the Worldometer website that gives an in-depth view on the global scale. So, I am going to crunch some numbers today as an example.

Today the world wide figures are:

Total infections to date: 114,752,383

Deaths to date: 2,544,451 (3%)

Recovered to date: 90,304,817 (97%)

Current active infections: 21,903,115

Mild Condition: 21,812,823 (99.6%)

Serious/critical condition: 90,292 (0.4%)

Closed cases: 92,849,268

Estimated Global population: 7.8 Billion

As Chris Witty said ‘A significant proportion of people will not get this virus at all’..this is not quoted from the meme above, I watched and heard him say this on one of the briefings many months ago. Then why do we need this panic to be vaccinated against something, which does not become a death wish to the vast majority who catch it.

The UK government in their wisdom, has invested and wasted billions of public money on making this the biggest crisis we have ever faced in history. This has become a political situation and not based on medical need anymore. If I remember correctly, the UK purchased 500 million doses of several types of Vaccine, we only have a population of around 68 million in this country. Even if you double dose (and this is accounting for everyone to be jabbed) they have still over bought product at nearly double the amount needed. They have to get everyone on board to use it or they waste it on donating it to other less fortunate countries. And who paid for it? You did. And you will continue to pay for all negligent spending they have done since this began.

It also raises another question. If it takes 3 months to jab 20 million people and all the resources of the NHS are currently focussed on this, along with the help of other entities, not concentrating on their own purposes, because of this….and we are supposed to then have a yearly jab, which will take the best part of the year to conclude. When does the NHS ever go back to normal? Jabbing people will have to become the priority for the health service…forever. This is unsustainable along with the crappy and totalitarian idea of a Vaccination Passport.

But, then again maybe this is where technology is used in the future to become less labour intensive to deliver medicines and vaccines. That a simple yearly script is sent in the post. You pop into the chemist and receive your vaccine dose which comes in the form of a sticking plaster. Micro needles deliver the serum and your smart phone registers your vaccination. If you think this is conspiracy theory then take a look at this website, where they already use this kind of system for Diabetes.

The problem we are facing right now, is we are still being kept from leading a normal life, and today the news announced another headline that is designed to keep the fear of Covid going and making everyone question the roadmap of opening up the country over the next few months. It is the latest hot topic over the Brazilian Strain that is reportedly more deadly than the others. Some ignorant fool came into the country and didn’t fill in the paperwork. Now some 6 people have tested positive for it and it is so bad that they have employed Royal Mail to help identify the perpetrator.

What’s next? Will that poor person be sent to prison for deliberately spreading a new strain? Will this be another fantastic reason to keep us closed down for a few months more? Is it even true???????

Let’s take a look at the stats for the UK

Total cases to date: 4,257,650

Deaths to date: 122,849

Recovered to date: 2,905,317

Active cases: 1,148,388

In serious or critical condition: 1,971

We have a population of 68 million, 20 million have been vaccinated already, only 4 million have caught the virus in a year. There were 89,162,545 tests to find the infections. More tests were conducted than the population of the country. I question those numbers further, given that we know people have tested positive which goes straight into the statistics bank, who never had the virus. We know that death certificates have been labelled as Covid deaths when they weren’t. This also goes into the statistical database. Autopsies have been banned and still are. So we will never really know the true picture.

But the question still remains. Are we really in a pandemic and do we really need to vaccinate healthy people, who are not elderly and/or vulnerable?

People really need to stop living in fear of something that ‘might’ be gruesome. The government and its coercion and blackmail needs to be held accountable for destroying peoples lives. I fear this to be something that will drag on for years, while the virus itself fizzles out into nothing more than the common cold.