I got into a bit of a debate this evening on the NHS group on Facebook that is now heavily promoting the vaccine, using misleading language to lull more takers. One chap attacked the anti – covid vaxxers (my language is correct here, as not all of us who don’t want this one, are anti- vaxxers). He claimed, that as he was now vaccinated he could get back to normal life and the people who were refusing to get jabbed were a danger to each other, because the vaccinated are safe as they can’t pass on the virus to each other (another vaccinated person). Someone else corrected him, but he still insisted that he was now a club member of the immune.

And in this last week there have been hoards of face bookers all adopting their profile badge of honour, letting us know they are vaccinated. They gave themselves a medal and now have a super power…..and come across as supreme beings by announcing their achievement. What also comes across is this now fashionable fad of being unselfish, they did this for the good of everyone else. They made a sacrafice. And the truth is, they have. Sad part is, they have no idea of the sacrifice they just made. I salute them for their contribution to science, which allows me (the wary) to watch the global trial gather momentum, allow the science to iron out the quirks as they come to the fore, before I decide if this is the right step for me.

But then again, I have that nagging thing, going on in the back of my head. Why would I even consider a vaccine against a virus that most people get mildly anyway. If the 4 million people that got infected with Covid in the last year out of the 68 million living in this country actually died of this, then maybe I wouldn’t be so hesitant. The 4 million survived it and sadly 122,000 fell victim. (But as I said in my earlier post, that death figure is a little way out there, as we know the stats are inflated for a variety of reasons anyway. Which further enhances my point).

And then I look at the 4 million again, who have caught this in a year, who got it mildly and then couldn’t go back to life as the government shut everything down for that. And a vast majority of people still advocate keeping us shut down. The country ground to a halt, businesses have gone bankrupt, kids had to be home schooled, the elderly were shielded and cut off from human contact, mothers gave birth without their partners, teenagers couldn’t see their mates, shops, malls, and theatres were closed. The Pub, club and Hotel industries crippled. More people die of cancer and other illnesses. Suicides have rocketed. And now the government wants everyone to take a genetically engineered prophylactic treatment that alters a persons immune system for a virus that has an incredibly low mortality rate.

And now they want to make everyone have a Vaccination Passport.

Where is the benefit to anyone having one of those?

On my island back in January our dictator announced that he would welcome any tourist who has been vaccinated – as the UK embarked on the program very hastily in December. He wants tourists and a small early boost to the completely fucked economy. I should know as my business is in tourism. I have 3 properties all sitting empty. One is a Quinta with two holidays lets, a five bedroom house in the city and a half finished building, where I have just secured planning permission to convert it into a part hostel/boutique hotel with a restaurant, pub and pool. There are now some 30 plus hotels up for sale, countless holiday homes on the market and restaurants and bars that will never reopen again. The islands economy works solely from the tourism trade apart from exporting very small bananas to the mainland. We went into lockdown before the UK. The border was tightened and everyone who arrived went into a forced 14 day quarantine in a hotel. We were in masks before everyone else and we had literally zero cases. There is no exempt non mask wearer, it is not allowed. The airport opened up again and PCR tests were given on arrival. They did everything to stop the virus coming in, made us break contact with each other before it even got there and by Christmas the inevitable happened…people started to get positive tests..it got in. My business completely crashed at the beginning of this, no help from the government, until today. An email from my accountant telling me I am eligible for some form of assistance. I must apply before the deadline in June and could get 400 euros. 5 million euros has been dedicated for aid to my industry. I will apply for it, but it’s an absolute insult.

I digress. Will a Vaccination passport actually bring that much needed business to my island? I can’t see how it does. As having a paper telling the authorities that the tourist who just entered had a vaccine, will NOT make a jot of difference to the spreading of the virus across a border. A vaccinated person can still catch the virus and can still pass it on. They still have to be muzzled. So, how different is that to me returning home (if a flight will ever get me there), if I am unvaccinated. I have an immune system and will still have to take a test before I go AND quarantine myself for 14 days after I get there. A tourist won’t have to do that, they can come and go as they please with the new passport, but they are not immune or any different to me. They don’t have to quarantine like I do….so what is the point?

It could even be said that a vaccinated person could be more dangerous than an unvaccinated person, and Dr Fauci in a video I watched this evening explained the problem with this. That a vaccinated person is more likely to become infected with the virus and not know they have it, because the vaccine is designed to reduce the illness. This is why the pressure is on to keep the muzzle…because vaccinated people are more likely to be asymptomatic carriers…..This isn’t something you will hear on Sky news or the BBC or anything that Blowjob and Wank will tell the public. And maybe the reason why the coercion is maxed to the hilt for everyone to be jabbed. Maybe the passport is to protect the unvaccinated!

The sad part is that many people have joined the jabbing queue for all the wrong reasons…to travel because of the the threat of a vaccination passport. PACE (Parliamentary Council of Europe) already passed a law stating that Vaccination was voluntary, could not be enforced or forced or be discriminated against for those who choose not to have it. The UK is a member and is governed by this law. To enforce a Vaccination Passport would be discriminatory along with any business holding employees to ransom by the no jab, no job threat. The fact that there is talk about this passport has created fear, and what do people do when they are in fear? Go line up for the jab. Personally I think that this topic is another coercive deception by our governments to encourage the uptake of the jab. Don’t forget that money has been plowed into this completely needless exercise and they don’t want to be held accountable later on when all the law suits are filed and the public enquiries start when this plandemic is over.

I still trust my immune system (although mine is wrecked due to Lyme) but I would rather trust that over an injection that has never been tested on humans before now. And if it all goes wrong, the one off tax free compensation vaccine injury payment by the Government of a measly 120,000 GBP is no where near enough to convince me to take the chance.