It’s been 3 months since I last wrote something in my blog. So, to cut a long story short..I got depressed. Got some happy pills and went about my life. That life consisted of still couch surfing and living out of a suitcase, whilst I did the rounds. I had a car which brilliantly whizzed up and down motorways and got me to A, B,C and X. Last week, I finally managed to fly home to Madeira.

I have very mixed feelings about being back….I miss my family (having had a whole 6 months of being utterly surrounded and loved by them, something I have missed for 20 odd years), I got to meet my new beautiful granddaughter and spend so much valuable time with my other two grandchildren and niece. But getting back home and surrounded by my own ‘things’ seems a little surreal at the moment. I didn’t really have the chance to ‘land’ because as soon as I got here, I was packing my over night case again to spend the weekend preparing my Funchal house for my first set of guests in 18 months. They are now in.

Having taken many flights during this pandemic the flight back to Madeira was my 12th. Gatwick was a breeze even though most of the shopping was now open, there weren’t that many flights or passengers, however my flight was full and I was stuck in the middle seat between two blokes. To the right of me, he snored all the way through the flight and to the left he was engrossed in music on his phone….I sat in my seat for 3 and half hours with nowhere to put my elbows. It was uncomfortable.

When we got to Funchal the non EU passport line which is a single lane for the misfits of non Europeans..was hassle free as the majority of passengers were Portuguese. So, even with my residence card, this part of the process was quick and easy. In order to fly home, I needed to have a PCR test that didn’t expire within 72 hours of the arrival…at a grand cost of 150 quid, I got mine on the Friday evening as I flew Monday morning. And I will add here, I did the test myself as I refused to have the nurse stick that swab into the back of my brain… was negative and I was fit to fly.

I collected my massive collection of heavy bags (6 months of having a life somewhere else against your will, means seasonal clothing and gifts and stuff one can’t live without…so an extra suitcase is always needed to come home)…I was then met by a group of ladies after baggage control to direct me to the green line. A friendly face in perfect English assumes you are a tourist and with whited teeth and a refreshingly polite smile, I am given my QR code (because when I filled out my mandatory Covid passport to travel, even though I am not jabbed, but I still have to have one, with my negative result in it) I am now directed down the green line to meet a doctor who then verifies my credentials. After this, I am a free bird! I will add here, that as a resident I am supposed to have another test on day 2 and day 8…as a tourist you get to bypass that (is that fair)? However,, when I filled in the form on line, I must admit that I entered an exit country date for a week after my arrival, then decided I shouldn’t do that….but the bloody website wouldn’t let me change it, so of course I haven’t had the day 2 or day 8 test and no one has rung me or checked up on it. Thinking I would have the gestapo at my door when they realised I hadn’t left the country, I took my own test (which was negative) just to be on the safe side – of being reprimanded and thrown in prison for flouting the stupid rules. BUT, I have since learned that every test I have taken further endangers my health along with everyone elses…as the damn swabs are saturated with `ethylene Oxide – a highly potent carcinogenic which has some serious other health effects when inhaled…and where do we put this thing?

And in my Meme above, this is how I feel being back, because I am now back in the EU and this is a frightening place to be. I have no right to be exempt from wearing a mask anywhere…I’ve not worn a face nappy since before Christmas…I’ve hugged and kissed everyone, flown, flouted most rules and had a life, restricted as it was…if super spreaders existed, I most certainly qualified as one..,yet no one in my circle has had the virus (that we know about) or have I had it. I spoke and engaged with so many people and asked them and I have not had one interaction with anybody that has been affected by a virus other than restrictions, and the doom of life caused by this…BUT, I have had more contact with people that have had problems with the vaccine.

And the shock in the last 3 months of not writing anything in my Blog, is seeing how the Covid Passport has been planned, and now a reality. Even if the UK who says it will disband all restrictions on the 19th July…to get into their neighbouring countries for holidays or general travel means having a Covid passport, because the EU has decided to flout human rights of freedom of travel and make this a law.

Portugal has gone one step further, and as of yesterday they brought out a new rule on mainland, that if you want to eat indoors at a restaurant you have to provide proof that you have been double jabbed to have that privilege on weekends and bank holidays. Adding to the furore that if you decide to holiday there, whether it be a hotel, private rental or campsite you have to show proof of your health status in order to sleep the night. The AL community are up in arms as to the policing and ruling of a stupendous new law that requires medical apartheid regulations. It’s a fucking farce.

But this is where our new normal is heading and unless we say NO and don’t comply to the bullshittery, we will continue to head into the realms of communism and fascist states. What is alarming to me, is the hordes of people lining up to have the jabs just to travel (their only motivation) because they were threatened before it became another rule. There in lies the problem, people too eager to comply because to be not allowed a freedom that is their right to start with has conditions when the state decides to create a false emergency. This absolutely is one, and it has gone far beyond their expectations. The fear porn, coercion and bullshit has worked and for those of us who saw through the lies…we aren’t enough.

Does anyone know where I can buy a gun? As I have the feeling that I may need to exercise my right to arm myself when the world goes to shit, because it will. Tomorrow I am off to go buy bog paper and pasta as food shortages are coming….no matter where you live. This isn’t getting any better…..the plandemic is here to stay..when we reach Z in the naming of the variants most of the population will be dropping like flies from this round of jabs.