I have only been back in Madeira for 2 weeks and already the World has shifted again over it’s stance on Covid. Correction, Europe has shifted and as I said in my last post, I’ve just got back and it has become a scary place. To recap, Portugal announced last week, and literally over night made it law, that to dine out and sit inside a restaurant on weekends or bank holidays would mean showing your shiny new Covid Passport to show you had been a good citizen and had your double dose of the blood clotting, heart damaging, sterilising elixir. Or get a test.

To damage the tourist trade further, this was extended to the accommodation sector, hotels, private rentals and campsites by law, to gain entry into those establishments, regardless of the day of the week….you guessed it, one must have the passport or test in order to get a bed for the night. I’ve been watching the reactions of the locals all week on various threads on social media, and no surprise as the Portuguese people, rally around to comply with this new and ridiculous law. I mean, really…does Covid only come out at weekends or on bank holidays? And by staying in a rental home or campsite you are a danger to anyone else…..as you already had to present a test or show your Covid passport at the airport. This… IS NOT ABOUT HEALTH.

It is clearly a test, to see who would object before implementing even tighter measures. Even though everyone has complained at the imposition and ridiculousness of this – instead of refusing to comply, people are now posting about their experiences on having adhered to the new rules. So you know where we are heading!

And where are we heading? Down the same route as Italy, Spain, France, Ireland and Greece….a few more I can’t remember but all following the same script. Even the UK has gone down that route of No Jab, No Job with it’s health workers having passed a law (very quickly with a 90 minute debate and no cost/benefit analysis to back it up).

But let’s start with what is happening in Europe, because the news footage of demonstrations and now riots is not being aired on main stream media. I searched Sky News, BBC and CNN and none of them have made any headlines about what is going on. President Macron announced a couple of days ago that all health workers had till August to get jabbed or no job. From July 21st French citizens will need to show a Covid passport or have a test to enter leisure facilities and cultural events and then from August it is extended to cafe’s, restaurants and shopping malls. He said on TV that the French needed a push to have the jab and when asked if it will become compulsory, he said, ‘Not Yet’. Meaning that it will obvioulsy. I found a story on the net yesterday which looks as though it has been buried, where an open letter was written by a few important people in the Military warning him that they would step in and free the French people….now it’s disappeared. In the mean time there have been huge demonstrations taking place all over Paris with a few riot break outs, with people chanting ‘Liberty’. And yet today no media coverage on anything reflecting this has been aired.

And it’s not only France….it kicked off in Ireland yesterday with much the same rules being pounced upon the population over night. More demonstrations against the forced vaccine and division in society….yet again, this didn’t get a whiff in the news. I saw footage of massive demonstrations going on in Greece today where hundreds of thousands of people congregated to show their anger at their government for also bringing out similar laws..again over night and with no media coverage.

And outrage today which did get minor media coverage – but at least Talk Radio carried with it, on the new regulations for UK health workers to also be jabbed or they have no job. There is a pattern here, don’t you think?

The war is finally here. Let that sink in for a minute……….. For the majority of us who are awake, we knew it was coming, it was just a question of when and in what form……. now it has become very clear.

For the Brits (and I am one myself) – forget about the mass diversion of Brexit, Boris blowjob had his sights on far more important things. As the saying goes keep your friends close, but your enemies closer….that is exactly what he and other leaders around the world have done. It is only a matter of time, before the same mandates are passed through law over night as have been done in France, Ireland and the rest. Along with Portugal (allies of the Brits and never having had a war with each other) there is this stiff upper lip persona of easing people into new things gently…whereas the other countries clearly don’t give a shit.

But, mistakes are being made in whatever plan they have for our futures, and let’s get this straight right now…..to give you your somewhat limited freedoms back? They took them all, over the last year or so, and fed us with fear and bullshit…there is no going back from this now. We are at war…and I’ll say it again…we are at war.

But who will fight this war? We are now faced with dictatorships around Europe taking complete control and being steered into a digital hole, trans humanism and a looming fear over climate change, which is also a very debatable subject, by the way. I’m sad to say that it won’t be the already jabbed, mask wearing law abiding citizens as they are now well and truly all right Jack, with their rush to get the passport so they can participate in life again.

Can you imagine your neighbour/or friend inviting you out for a meal and you have to decline because you cant go as you decided not to have the jab…or haven’t been offered it yet? Or have the indignity of standing outside a venue while some one shoves a stick up your nose and whilst you are waiting at the door for the result, they are happily sipping their second cocktail whilst waiting for you, secretly gloating that they have preferential treatment, because they got jabbed and you didn’t. What a fantastic way to turn people against each other and create divisions. First turn the people on each other…..

I had been thinking about writing this post all day and some of the anger and wrath I was feeling to come across….but as usual when I start writing it doesn’t come out the way I envisaged it. I want to rant about the injustice of what is happening and go into Eu law, Nuremberg and cite others who have spoken out against this and yet its seems pointless. I want to share with you what I have learned about the vaccines but, does that change anything? The awake who are reading this are just as frustrated as I am about how we are being steered into this and where this will end, with out some kind of MASSIVE intervention. We are at war…but how do we conclude this, so we win?

And in part my problem is this…Many who know me, know I started to write a Novel…actually I have 6 unfinished ones, because I just couldn’t get them to the end. There are two in particular that I wrote which eerily mirror what is happening now. (one was about a deadly virus and being stuck on an island which I called..The Eden Project) But I will share a passage that seems very poignant to me right now. I wrote this 10 years ago…from the other Novel I was working on which I called ‘Retraction’. This is about an elderly couple who led the world into the ‘Freedom of Life Movement’ to save the planet…..and this is how they did it:

“All five councillors had been carefully selected from a group of children that had been nurtured to the ideas and forward thinking of the movement. They had no idea that their futures had been mapped out for them when the organisation was in its infancy. Or that their subtle brainwashed beliefs were to ensure their commitment to the project. Their parents never saw their legacies come to power as part of the program was to eradicate disease, the elderly and the criminals – to reconstruct the community. During the 10 year phase in plan, Jeledrial and Vendellyne needed to find a way to implement this without the barbaric start of their future alienating the population. With the country in chaos, trying to come to terms with the knowledge that they would be cut off from the outside world, came rebellion and distrust. Riots and looting broke out at the beginning and the mass murder had begun with the trouble makers. They knew society would have to break down before they could swoop in and fix it. So, they let events happen naturally and incited a few more until people started screaming at the government for all the bad to stop. They became willing to do anything for a quiet and meaningful life and were grateful when the armed forces stepped in and took control.

The second wave of eradication came more subtly. Rebuilding riot stricken areas around the country created new jobs. Money phased into credits, companies went out of business and people were reassigned to new areas of work. For those who became a threat or opposed the move forward were quietly disposed of under the guise of being moved with an enticing package for them to do so. Communication was controlled and limited. Portions of the lower class society who hadn’t been caught up in the clashes, were given priority on better housing and became the first guinea pigs for the ‘Food of Life’ handouts program. Support grew from the ground up as lives were improved and made easier than they had ever had it before. The common stresses of unemployment, poor quality schooling and lack of money were instantly solved. They had been given a new life on a silver platter, but paid for it by being tested on.

D-day arrived on June 16th 2049. Airports were closed. The last of the ships, cruise liners and recreational crafts were rounded up and pulled ashore. Telecommunications with the outside world were shut down and the country became isolated.”

In my book, it was a done deal, no one could fight back. And when I wrote this, it seemed quite logical to me that if change were to happen and force the populous into going in a direction under the guise of the greater good (in this case, the planet is allowed to breath again)..that chaos needed to ensue, in order for calm, to then control.

Maybe we should be doing the opposite. Creating a network of people who will simply not comply, with others to come and back them up when shit gets real. Create a resistance where we don’t fight at all. Demonstrations and the rioting that is going on now, clearly isn’t working. The last year in the Uk there has been a ‘stand in the park’ revolution which has gained no publicity in MSM to show that there are people, hordes of people that are not in unison with what is being pumped out to us. We have been deliberately cut off from anything that is deemed dangerous and could gather traction amongst the population.

There is no doubt that nefarious organisations are behind the latest tyrannical measures being forced upon countries in Europe, when the data no longer supports the illusion of a pandemic. To be perfectly honest, I’d be happy to be stuck on an island of like minded unvaccinated people who are happy to go about their lives and do their thing….would this not be easier to just say..this is what we are going to do in the real world, piss off to that country where you don’t have to be a part of what the rest of the world is doing. This is fantasy, I know, because I also know that I am not the only one who feels that THIS and what is happening is WRONG and needs to be stopped. Medical Apartheid is upon us and I am fighting for my kids and grandchildren with the future of what we give them….question is…will you?