I give up.

What more is there to say?

I am not in the UK but it was freedom day today.

Ditch the face nappy.

No more social distancing.

Go back to work, visit a pub and be normal…

Tonight the MSM announced: 60% of the vaccinated were now in hospital with Covid and fuelling the mantra of doom, US citizens are advised not to travel to the UK, due to the rise in infections.

On freedom day it was announced that the UK was now entering a forth wave. How convenient.

Blowjob puts out a speech from Chequers as he is in self isolation (I’m not laughing, even though this and the whole saga of that is in itself incredulous)…..

I need momentum…

Freedom day and at 6pm he makes an announcement that anyone from September who wants to go clubbing has to be double jabbed…having a test no longer cuts the mustard.

OK..I am still in shock trying to find the words.

Where on earth does this make that ruling logical? They’ve been forced to close right the way through this.

And Yet we just had Wimbledon and the Euros….when that rule didn’t apply.

But let’s not get bogged down to logic, as they simply have none.

He read a script, the same one that everyone else is doing.

You simply don’t do that on Freedom day….

But he did.

Designed to crush the ones who have been indoctrinated into believing this is still about a virus.

How much more of this bullshittery will people take?