“Definition of Slave: a person held in forced servitude”

So, I have renamed the Covid Passport or freedom pass to the SLAVE pass. It really seems quite appropriate all things considering. Now that the UK have sold us out and convened with the rest of the world…I still wonder how many out there, still don’t see it.

So maybe, I need to bare all in this post, which will probably be my last. I am worrying about my own safety now.

Let’s take a step back to when this all started…something was up with China during the winter of 2019 and by February of 2020, we were being primed to enter a global lockdown that literally shook the world. I was scared shitless at the beginning, fearing for my family in another country as we were led to believe that a novel virus had invaded our space and everyone was going to die from it. For me, I went over board.. constantly on at my family to stock up food stuffs, stay in doors, this thing is going to get us and way before the UK were really joining the cult. Even at the start, I was considered as a crazy member of the family. Then suddenly they also became scared shitless too and not because of me.

That first lockdown presented a lot of discrepancies and mistruths and the logic wasn’t really going there. And as time went on, being locked away from a normal life, I then had the time to start searching for the answers, as I needed to quell that feeling as my gut was screaming that all of this was wrong. My family and friends, were even more convicted in their judgement – that I had now delved into a deeper area of madness. I had become obsessed. And I lost a huge amount of friends by then.

And actually they are right to think I was going mad. I did. I still am.

I have been down so many rabbit holes in my research that many have dismissed my journey as being a false one, using the internet in my quest. They in the mean time, have been glued to their TV screens, using that one source as their only place of truth.

I have waded my way through a forest of paper, printing off scientific reports and papers, graphs, information that the UK government openly show on their website…..if you want to hide something, then do it in plain site. And they have done that all along.

I didn’t buy into this so called pandemic very early on…and if it were one, odds would dictate that I would either be dead by now (because of my flippant attitude throughout this, my many travels, not wearing a mask throughout, kissing and hugging everyone on my way and ignoring of the rules in general). 18 months into this I am thankful that none of my family have caught it, no friend has passed because of it and we are all still alive.

This blog has been my journey of sharing my thought processes, as for me writing is healing. I do not always get the facts right, and looking back I now can see where one or two rabbit holes took me down a short path. But I shared it, and the reason for that was not to gain any following, I really couldn’t care about that. My goal with this was that whoever read this who had never considered an alternative point of view, other than what the MSM media were constantly pumping out, was one more person who could see and view the world differently. Because all of this was wrong right from the start. And those that chose to mock me for getting absorbed and obsessed, sat in front of their TV’s for all this time, are the ones that will also be paying the price for not questioning anything.

And what was all of this about? FREEDOM

None of us have it any more.

Even the jabbed don’t. And that’s the irony so far, as having been stabbed in the arm has not given them any special privileges, their freedoms have not been given back..yet the slave passport that has been launched over the last few weeks around the world, will. This is the new gimmick.

I might remind us all, that actually signing up for this has killed quite a few people so far. Disabled far more. Destroyed countless lives, has so far been more destructive than the actual virus. But the slaves still believe in the myth and think it’s about saving lives, the NHS, SNS and generally being a thoughtful human being toward others, they are doing their misguided part, in saving mankind.

But it was never about a virus. This was the excuse used to put the world in utter chaos. It was designed so that one global goal could be reached. And so far it’s on track to succeed.

And I will change my tactic here, because I know now that those of you who read my blog, and I don”t have a huge following – are on the same page as me, have been on their own quest looking for the truth. Then there are the trolls, the ex friends who just want to gloat and confirm to them selves… that I belong in a mental asylum. They are the slaves and are now beyond saving.

That last sentence I know, sounded dreadful and unkind, but we are at war, and this is crunch time, it is now the time where we are going to have to fight for our lives as governments and their indoctrinated society will not tolerate having the non conformers (who resist entering into a slave pact) around. There will be of course, a million Anne Frank families born out of what is coming, shoving their unvaxxed loved ones into the loft hiding them away because they don’t have the slave pass to be able to go out. Cant give them a yellow star, as people will turn against them, as they become so convinced that they are the reason for not stamping the virus out. Governments will eventually pass laws to make it illegal to be unvaxxed, the punishment will be a prison camp, that are being constructed already and right next to crematoriums!

Dying or being maimed by the jabs are being ignored. This is collateral damage, weeding out the ones who can’t tolerate the next set of jabs. The boosters. ALL OTHER trial drugs that kill up to 50 people worldwide, immediately get pulled off the market…yet here we are. Thousands dead, a few million maimed and now they are pushing this onto our kids. Using blackmail now with the slave pass to get more people signed up to this Russian roulette of sticking with the gang.

But this is the reality coming:

Can you imagine a prison without guards and walls that normally keep you confined and away from harming others…you get set free, but you have something in your body, that can kill you within an instant should you fray from the confines of your sentence.

Can you imagine, getting a speeding ticket, getting a driving ban because of that, but something in your body will render you in so much pain should you decide to take your car for a little spin.

Can you imagine, not paying your tax bill, and something in your body triggers an emotion so strong that you have to go pay it immediately.

Can you imagine, that the person who you took into your home who has not been vaxexd, and you helped feed. Stops you from entering a supermarket, so you can’t buy food.

Do I need to go on? The technology is here, it has been for a long time, they just needed you to be connected to it.

Controlling a society and on a global level that brings or unites all human beings on an equal playing field, is a utopia of ideals. And a set of individuals have spent years setting this in motion.

And even if our children who move into this future that we are resisting (some of us are, who get it) end up having happy and balanced lives..because the control has never been as we think, dubious with intention. It is the very idea that humans can be controlled, in order to sustain that happy and balanced life. Someone controls that ultimately, which in our current belief system is unconscionable.

As a person who has had a wonderful life, had the privilege of living in a foreign country. Battled the ordinary and very common failed relationships, fallen out with family and friends, to make up again and seal our love for one another because we could. The very thought of changing that and allowing an un natural substance into our bodies to enhance our futures and alter what makes us human, because some unknown entity decides that will be better for us….is that freedom?

The real freedom is to feel pain, remorse, guilt, be happy, sad, love, live and be in control of your own body and thoughts. No one has the right to take that away. NOT EVER.

The slave passport and being forced to have one right now, as I see it, is nothing more than forced or coercive rape. And it’s at this point NOW, the most important time to resist this. Our already jabbed victims had no idea this was coming. They need to be encouraged to step up and join the fight.

With the demonstrations and riots that are all over Europe over this, we know people are angry and fighting for their rights. But again this is by design, create panic, disorder, chaos and confusion, bring in food shortages and make everyone desperate, so that your government can swoop in and save the day….with a caveat of..get the jab.


It ISN’T!!!!!!!!

We need to win this war for our future generations, Only I am flummoxed as I have no idea how we can!