The world is in utter chaos…and the prick in the meme above, who consistently flip flops with his advice, still gets airtime to confuse and belittle the public. From wearing no mask as it has no benefit, to wearing one as it will – to wearing two…last week the jabbed were super spreaders, this week it’s the unvaxxed. America is in trouble; now New York has stipulated the no jab, no job – no jab, no eat in a restaurant. Texas declared that it would not inflict these rules on their state, but want to close their borders to keep the infected out. Biden wants all states to offer 100 dollar incentives to bribe people into the jab. UK are doing the same, offering free kebabs, burgers and cheap taxi rides. Australia moved the military in and is doing door to door checks to make sure no one is harbouring a mate, neighbour or fugitive…that could spread more disease.

Meanwhile, France are still protesting and in some places rioting, but Macron has gone deaf. Peaceful protests were seen in Berlin, but their thug police happily knocked kids and the elderly to the ground with such brutality we wouldn’t bat an eyelid at it, if it were in Russia. Israel who has practically jabbed everyone in the country and those who aren’t; have had it forced into their arms, have a huge rise of Covid, solution to that is the 3rd ‘booster’ jab, to solve their vaccinated super spreader problem. Ireland and Cypress seem to have got their medical apartheid underway denying any unvaxxed person their freedom to socialise or participate in normal daily activities. As I write this, I am struggling to believe we are actually living in this situation.

And I struggle with it, as to me, nothing makes logical sense. And it’s not supposed to, because this is Menticide.

When I look at what the world is doing over Covid, even more so now, as it is not getting worse, despite what we are being told in our very real time Orwellian adventure of the impending doom that is to come. The numbers don’t stack up for starters.

As of today, the latest global figures are: (since the start of this plan-demic)

198,765,542 cases

4,237,501 deaths

179,453,588 recovered

4.2 million deaths in a global population of 7.8 billion to me seems infinitely small, not withstanding the massive number of recovered. I did a quick calculation of all those numbers on my phone and the zeros did do my head in a bit, but my calculation makes the death rate for Covid globally (and for those who have actually caught it) ……. a mere 0.04237501% Why is the jab being pushed to save humanity?

Where is the justification to coerce, push, blackmail or bribe people into getting an experimental concoction with no long term data, that was rushed through on emergency grounds, where those who get it are still part of an on going trial. How is it that Governments around the World can mandate rules, lock downs and threat forced jabs, by dividing society into two tiers…that reward the ones that complied to this mass global experiment?

How does all this mess equate to 7.6 billion people not even having had the virus and possibly won’t. Yet we now live in a panic induced, menticidal situation where we are being ostracised for the possibility of killing Granny or our neighbour if we don’t have the life saving vaccine.

The world has not gone nuts. People have. And governments have done a brilliant job of turning us against each other, by using NLP and blatant propaganda to keep people in fear. Meanwhile the agendas of what this is really about is starting to appear. It was always there…and for those of us who fell for the lies at the beginning, but questioned it as soon as our ‘guts’ screamed from the earliest of days..were called conspiracy theorists, tin foil hat brigade, unmasked waste of spaces, spreaders of disease and anti vaxxers.

I got scoffed at last year when I proffered the idea that we would be made to have passports to prove vaccination, that we would be going into a cashless society, that trans humanism was something that would come. I wrote a blog post last year about the possibility of the jab that contains GMO and how it could be possible for that genetic material to be patented…IE the person could be patented, not unlike a GMO seed. I also pleaded with my family to stock on food last year as I said we will have shortages, our power or internet might go down, get prepared…my family and the hordes of friends I had thought I was nuts. The friends have gone, but my family still remain, as they are the ones I care about and won’t give up on. But bottom line, EVERYONE needs to prepare for this and now!

This week the CDC announced they will not support the use of the PCR test to test for Covid by the end of this year as they have now decided it isn’t the correct test to accurately determine a case of Covid, yet it will still be the diagnostic tool until then. 17 months in and now they pull the plug on it as it’s the wrong test. Yet all the data up to now is based on this flawed method and even when the Portuguese courts made a ruling that no one can be called a Covid case just by a positive test, a doctor needs to present a medical to back it up…it was ignored.

And then we come to the all new and highly contagious Delta Variant that the MSM love to scare us with. A PCR test doesn’t test for the variants, it can’t. A scientist has to do a culture of a persons fluids to determine what variant they have…yet they are not doing that, so how come we are being told that this is now the dominant strain, if no ones fluids after a positive test are being looked at to back up the propaganda claims.

But the upside to this is, far more people seem to be waking up a little. The threat of using a vaccine passport to go about what was once a regular life before all of this, to damning one part of society to their homes for eternity, because they don’t have one. Despite the jabbed being denied their freedom from all the broken promises of get vaxxed and we go back to normal…it seems that the reality of that normal not being that way when your best mate, son/daughter, neighbour or some one you care about cannot participate in what makes normal life normal… wrong and absolutely not reverting back to normal!

The entire saga has been saturated with hypocrisy….Members of parliament are exempt from showing their Covid pass to sit on the bench (a large gathering that under Boris’s conditions warrant the pass). All those who participated in the Vaccine trials that were given a placebo, get a vaccine pass. But what about those who actually can’t have the vaccine for health reasons, do they get one or are they purged from society along with the unvaxxed?

And to me the figures matter…because here in lies the crux. We get a daily toll of the numbers, which in the scheme of where you are in the world and if you really paid attention, are not scary at all. I live in Madeira…we have 270,000 inhabitants on the island and to date we have had 10,074 cases of Covid. 23 new cases today, 15 recovered. 234 active cases, and 73 deaths in total. We are still mandated to masks (and there is no sunflower lanyard that gives you exemption here, it is simply not tolerated.) And we are on curfew from 1am to 5am. This is an island where you have to wear a nappy in the street. We were told a couple of days ago that these restrictions are to stay for a while yet…they started jabbing kids last Saturday from the age of 12, and now talking about giving it to the 5’s and over. And yet, nobody here seems to care.

And what does Menticide mean? ‘The concept of “menticide” indicates an organized system of judicial perversion and psychological intervention, in which a powerful tyrant transfers his own thoughts and words into the minds and mouths of the victims he plans to destroy or to use for his own propaganda. Modern psychiatry may deliver him several tools for this perversion.’

And this is exactly what we are being subjected to……….