I’m a little bit wined as I write this………be warned.

I went out for dinner tonight. I didn’t eat all day as I am on Keto and wanted to enjoy an evening with some freinds…the ones I have left!

I’ve been home for 4 weeks and not socialised, so I was looking forward to an evening out.

3 of us waited outside at the chosen restaurant and when our group of 4 was completed, we made our entry. We greeted each other with hugs and kisses and then had to don the face nappy to walk across the space to the table. we had a fab meal…but the onus on to staying so long was because of the curfew.

We left that restaurant still echoing the conversation to head over to somewhere else to continue it, as we always did in the past. No one would serve us a drink this time, as we were out of time.

So we disbanded reluctantly, and my friend offered me a lift home. We haven’t talked in over a year and sat in my drive doing the girly stuff…only it got to 1.10 am and now she is freaking as we have surpassed the curfew and the risk now is she will be fined driving home.

What government in the world has a right to exercise this fear on people, let alone making this situation illegal? The very idea that we are a risk to others is preposterous, we were in our group and a of this afternoon I am definitely no threat to anyone having paid for a test to fly on Monday.

Life is not normal and never will be,,,how is it wrong and illegal to catch up with a mate when you had dinner together but because you exceed a curfew now its dangerous?

FUCK OFF…. the whole world needs to get grip on this bullshit nonsense. How dare abbey put a time constraint on meeting a friend , tell me to go home because its dangerous to be out.

That Covid test I had to pay for was a fucking joke too….saved for the next bog and rant!