I’m back. It’s been about 6 weeks since I last wrote and during that time, I flew to the UK. I had some family birthdays, and visits to make, so the 5 weeks spent there were eventful and filled! The rules to fly to my birthplace required a BS test before I left and a day two test after arriving…so, I’ll go into that experience (this is going to be a LONG post)!

A few days before leaving I had the required BS paper work now required to travel. Done on line (but what about the more mature person who doesn’t understand or work well with technology?) I do, fortunately, but find this exhaustive because half of the time, the websites you need to fill in info to – don’t work. Part of the passenger location requirement by the UK was to book a day 2 test as I was entering from a ‘green’ country. After spending hours looking for a test provider that was cleared by the UK government and trying to find the cheapest deal…I had to pay 75 quid for a test to be delivered by post. I needed a test to board the plane, that cost me 20 euros at a private health clinic (as all the pharmacies were fully booked, apparently).

When I got to the reception, I encountered rather a frosty approach from one of the receptionists who as soon as I checked in for my appointment with the other one, who asked if I was having a PCR or lateral Flow test…the chap beside her, already wearing his mask, suddenly pulled out another one and stuck the second mask over his face. I was quite bemused at this, as it was a clear attempt at fear on his part, from the decision to go with a lateral flow and for travel. So now, it was clear to him, that I was an infested pot of vermin, that was potentially spewing virus all over the place. I couldn’t help myself, and through the perspexx barrier, enquired to the young man of around 25 as to why he felt the need to double mask. The guy literally exploded in panic, sputtering and repeating ‘I hate this Covid things, I really hate it, Covid really sucks, I can’t stand Covid’….his counterpart flashed her eyes at me in an unspoken moment of solidarity..yep, this guy’s nuts and believes the rhetoric. I placated her, by saying…’there’s nowt weird as folk, in bullshit times’. I am not sure she understood that as its an English expression, but the bullshit one she did and she left her post to walk me to a small metal cabin in the rear carpark to undertake the test. The tester, a young lady, who was wearing a huge amount of plastic, double gloved, admirably completely coped with a 30 degree temperature. Needless to say, I refused to let her anywhere near me, and after a small debate I was allowed to stick the stick up my nose myself, without shoving it into the back of my brain (as required)!

I got to the UK with my negative test and filled UK locator form with code of test purchased for day 2 test. The cardboard box was already there when I arrived, with a little message on my email asking me not to forget about taking the test. The cardboard box, with the 75 quid vial in it – is still intact, now in the loft at my parents home. I never did it, I never intended on doing it, as I wanted to see what the repercussion of this would be. 5 weeks in the UK and 1 week back in Madeira and I have heard didly shit from the company who are certified by the UK government to provide the legally required tests of entrance to the UK. What a monumental con and waste of time and of my MONEY…..and a fuck you to the ones that think they are doing a great job of keeping on top of the ‘virus’!

And whilst we are on this subject before I go off on another rant on something else, I will tell you about my return. I had to pay 150 quid to get a PCR test to return to Madeira, at a private clinic and one I have used now for the last 3 departures over the last 18 months. Each time I go, the test is more relaxed from the last….A chap came out and not in PPE like the last occasions waving the swab around like it was a tube of smarties, I told him I needed to do it myself, he handed it to me, and I used the reflection of a car window to swipe my cheek and dab one nostril….it took all of two seconds and the result was back the following morning. 150 quid for a process that wasn’t even monitored properly and flippantly done….what a fantastic money making exercise this is….I am in the wrong business.

Now being the rebel I am, and having been relieved of wearing a face nappy for the duration of my time in the UK as pretty much everything is back to normal…..and how lovely it was to walk into a pub and order a drink at the bar without being ostracised for not using the hand sanitiser at the entrance, standing on the stupid distance marker and being served by a person whose face you can actually see…to go sit where you want and FORGET that we were deprived of such a simple pleasure for so long. To walk into a supermarket or shop and then see the odd few still wearing masks that reversed the vision of what has been our lives for the last 18 months, was WONDERFUL…those persistent wearers looked odd now. But, I had to keep reminding myself that I would be going home and back to the BS mandates and curfews and this feeling of normality would be short lived. Can you imagine wrapping your head around a little bit of freedom and normality knowing you have to go backwards?

So, I purchased some new masks to go home with from Amazon. I am laughing as I write this as they are the epitome of piss take. They are glittery and made of net. I tested them out on my flight to Scotland, as the mask mandate is still in force on Sleazy Jet.

And my pink mask, that has no benefit whatsoever, got accepted on 3 sleazy jet flights, a supermarket and bar here in Madeira, especially funny was the doctor at the airport checking my negative PCR test commenting on how pretty my mask was!

I thought also in my cleverness that I could bypass the PCR test on day 5 in Madeira, like I did the last time, as I put on the Madeira Safe form that I would only be here for one week. Another stupid rule that if you are a local, you need to have that test on day 5, but if you are a tourist …you are exempt. I would love to have the authorities explain to me, how there is a health difference and threat between the two. But for some reason, it didn’t work this time, and the following day I received a polite email from Madeira Safe telling me that my day 5 Covid test had been booked for me. I spent a few days fuming about it. But I suppose the fact that I had dragged 3 full suitcases full of pills and food back and six months worth of clothes that I had accumulated when I got stuck for 6 months earlier in the the UK was a dead give away that I wasn’t your regular one week tourist. I must add that I also squirrelled a few purchases such as CB radios, seeds and other paraphernalia to assist with the possibility of having to become self sufficiant in the future…it does not hurt to be prepared!

My forced test was booked for Friday, it required me to drive to Funchal, pay for expensive parking at the hospital and queue….(and queue here means that 30 other people have been booked for the same 12.15 appointment) and with much deliberation, I sent this email to them on the Thursday night. (I also stuck it on facebook as proof, in case they didn’t receive it) and this is what I wrote:

Dear Madeira Safe

I will inform you that I do not need your appointment this Friday for the Covid test as I have carried out my own. My test is negative. I have attached pictures of proof. This will save your organisation some money and me as a tax payer the extra coffers to line the pockets of these companies profiteering from Covid. In case you are worried that I might be a threat to the public, I have not ventured out of my property or seen anyone since I got back, apart from a trip to Continente in Ribeira Brava, so I don’t starve to death. Nevertheless, my 17 flights and jolly jaunts over the last 18 months in a pandemic have been eventful and STILL FIGHTING FIT! So, please don’t worry yourselves about me, I am fine, with no symptoms and no fucking life either.

Keep up the good work of saving humanity….

Kind regards Samantha Cox

I also attached pictures that aren’t very pretty as I was pissed off and took the piss….so my photo of me sticking that stick up my nose with no make up on and hair a mess, will not get posted here, but I didn’t receive a reply back or have I been arrested yet. Does it mean my photo proof of my NHS free self testing kit has sufficed or that they know I will be a big pain in the arse if they question it? OMG, 4 days and nothing, really are we in a pandemic?

I’ve been back for one week..and I am now following the news properly and have time to air my thoughts on what is going on. Whilst I was in the UK, the debate about the 12 and over getting poked was a hot topic. I can’t even believe there is one. Not withstanding the UK Governments take last year on 2 weeks to flatten the curve which turned into over a year of destroying whatever anyone had, the economy, and come up with new goalposts in order to fight something that isn’t a mass deadly pandemic.

How is it, that a large portion of the population are still hoodwinked by this utter crap?

How can I take the piss, and get away with it, if we truly were a risk?

But getting back to the Kids…..I am not only mortified by this next level of mass stupidity (or enmass murder) by government (and they exist everywhere, following the same script) I am sickened by the illogical mandates and mass adherence and following of this. Not only sickened, but saddened, angry and now hateful. My kids are now adults and thank (whatever God you aspire to) that they are not 12 right now, as they would not be even going near a school or playground. I would rather lose my house than offer up my children to something that has no long term in the future idea about how it will affect them. My worry now is that they are adults and will take the decision themselves…….we had a long chat in the UK and I am relieved that I dont need to worry….but I STILL DO BECAUSE OF THE COERCIVE LEVELS THEY FACE EVERYDAY IN THE UK. I now worry about my Grandchildren as the vax companies are now putting it out about their safety assurances for poking the even younger generation….OMG WHY? Go back 10 months ago….it was the elderly at risk and they were the ones that were going to be protected…this has escalated to beyond fathomable.

I am sure you have read others and how they feel and their arguments, so I do not need to go into the well versed arguments of stats, zero threats to kids from Covid and how the jab outweighs any benefit to children against either catching it or the likely hood of actually catching this…..The UK explained it as a need to be given to kids for education (losing an average of 4 days)…and not about their health at all. And then we now have the ‘Gillick competence’ rule..parents have no say if their child decides (or get’s coerced) into having the jab. There is something seriously wrong with the world we live in right now, it’s gone off balance, and every ethical, moral and decent code we have strived to abide by has been destroyed. Now abandoning this, the world has become a playground for the unruly crazies….and we are supposed to accept that as a part of the new normal.

Not only are our kids, now being subjected to the mass human guinea pig experiment, those who don’t participate will be denied a normal life, with the push for the vaccine passport. Already in operation in France, Ireland, Wales, Australia, Canada and others…UK are to follow next. Some states in the US have adopted it already whilst others are still resisting. Meanwhile in Madeira our Dictator announced a couple of days ago that restrictions will not be lifted – as they are in Portugal….until 85% of the population get jabbed…then today…as they haven’t reached that target and are struggling to by the end of the month announced that we need to be convinced. There was an open day yesterday with a poor turn out of just over 100 saps and they are getting desperate. So, it won’t be long before we will be segregated into two tiers of the the ones who complied and can have their freedoms reinstated while the rest of us who don’t, are cut off and out of society.

And I sit here as I write this, not actually getting out what I want to say with my arguments as I am in utter disbelief that I am still here writing this Blog on this subject. That I have just written about the stupidity of how I have manipulated the current Covid laws and ridiculous rules….that it means fuck all in the scheme of things and how easy it is to show compliance without complying. 18 months of BS that at first seemed legit and real. To now reach this level of insanity.

But the burning question is this…how do we stop this insanity? If we don’t agree with the governments who we elected (I have never voted in my life…(was never in the right place at the right time to exercise my right)..how do we change this? How do we over throw governments that are going against what we want as the people, having meetings and deciding our futures that are way out of their remit from anything we have been privy to before?

I don’t agree with the impending doom of Climate change…surely this is a natural occurrence and should not allow our governments to implement plans about our futures without our agreement…are we not told, we are in this together? So, when we filter our rubbish and recycle and then see it being dumped in another country to litter that land over ours….I don’t agree that we are in a pandemic….and then we see the immense damage to our planet because of the waste of the ridiculous mask and the new polution caused by them, yet we can be mandated to wear them and forget about the polution they cause? And then the 2030 renewable energy mandate which takes up more energy and resources it running anything like this..But hey, what do I know, I am just a simpleton, a regular citizen in the fucked up world, one of the ants. And why should I care? After all, I am just another cog in a wheel of an over sized population and my own thoughts, feelings and life have no merit in the new future. And neither do yours, as you are the same as me, Vaxxed or not. Because being vaxed is not what this whole ridiculous play at the theatre is about.

I’ve been back for one week in Madeira, and have become angry and pissed off again at the injustices of the world. I watched footage of a Dr Jean-Paul Theron being dragged out of his work place by the police, treated disrespectfully like a criminal and then arrested for prescribing Ivermectin to his patients in France. A Country that has adopted the Covid Passport, has had millions demonstrate, health workers burn their diplomas publicly and yet Macron still persists in Hitler style fuckkduckery.

In Australia I watched how a 70 year old woman was knocked to the ground at a rally by the police who emptied two cans of pepper spray into her face when she wasn’t even a threat.

Another Australian video showed how construction workers were fired at with rubber bullets…their injuries were so awful, it made me cry.

Again, Australia, Dan andrews on stage telling his country that they will not enjoy their freedoms until they have the booster shot on their passports…they are still in lock down, freedoms revoked and now being told non freedom till they get jabbed a third time?

Not to mention the insanity of Trudeau in Canada and the insane disbodyment he has done to his state.

And here is perfect Madeira, 85% of compliance means freedom…..but the caveat to come will be only for the vaccinated. I am already psyching myself up for the mandate….telling myself, I dont care if I ever eat in a restaurant ever again. But how will that work for me, when my parents make their next visit, freely going about their business while I can’t…and yet I am probably more healthy than they are having been double jabbed!

And that’s where I can’t get it..what we are being told and the restrictions being imposed. Because now UK has abandoned the traffic light system to travel….now if I want to visit my family I need to quarantine. Yesterday I didn’t. I could buy a 75 quid test on line and not do it but travel freely….I now have to have a day 2 and a day 8 test and quarantine because I am not jabbed. Yet I have done 17 flights in 18 months, complied with all the tests and filled the forms…I am fit and well and have no virus. In my travels in a pandemic would I not be the classic example of someone to not go anywhere and be at the highest point of risk?

I still dont know anyone who has had Covid….I know of quite a few that are not doing so well with the jab.

Reply to this and make it make sense to me, cos 18 months in and with all the travelling I’ve done, I’ve yet to see the problem that everyone keeps going on about.

And I will reiterate this very strongly:

There is no government in the world, no passport that denies me a life or inclusion into a segregated society that I would want to participate in..to deny me this…does not entice me to comply. I want to see my family in another country, my homeland, and no entity has the right to refuse me access….regardless of my health status. How dare ANYONE, Any GOVERNMENT deny people of their basic human rights. If you are jabbed and don’t stand up for your friend who isn’t, when you want to enjoy a simple exchange that requires segregation because of a passport….then you have no place in society…or are worthy of friendships. I have no friends in Madeira, so I will be opting out of the bullshit here. I will not get jabbed.