I’ll start this post off with something religious. I am Pagan, but the law is still similar. We as humans, in whatever religious faith we have, live by this basic set of values. So here they are:

  1. I am the Lord thy God: though shalt not have strange Gods before me
  2. Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain
  3. Remember to keep holy the Lords Day
  4. Honour thy Father and thy Mother
  5. Thou shalt not kill
  6. Thou shalt not commit adultery
  7. Though shalt not steal
  8. Though shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour
  9. Though shalt not covet thy neighbours wife
  10. Though shalt not covet my neighbours goods

Without going into the religious aspect of this (and as Pagan I have a lot of arguments and could start a whole new blog on that – over all religions) but, what I want to get across here, is that in our world right now, we are all accustomed to this set of rules, most of us have been educated and brought up with them, regardless of where they came from.

So, I want to take each one and work out how we as human beings have fallen away from our set of beliefs….and a human law that binds our co existence up until this last 18 months, seems to have been brutally stripped apart. It seems to me, that the vast majority of people living amongst us, have been indoctrinated into a new path of thinking…and feel that because of a virus, these basic rules no longer apply.

So bear with me, as I try to coordinate my thoughts as I see the world through my eyes and how the 10 commandments seem now to be obsolete. It came to me this evening to use this as a classic metaphor into what is currently going on in our fucked up world.

I am the Lord thy God: thou shalt not have strange Gods before me

Regardless of whether each of us believes in a creator, we were created and we also create. And in each of us is a soul. Something unique and completely different. No two people are alike. Let’s look at Governments and how they are elected by us to do what we want them to do. In our current society it is formed out of a majority belief. They are the trusted handlers of our society and futures. We PUT THEM THERE. But in the last 18 months it has become apparent that they are acting like GODS, implementing new rules and mandates, that none of us signed up for. They have become the strange Gods…we are all equal and therefore qualify as Gods in our own right too. These people in Government should not stand against us, they should be WITH us. That is commandment number one.

Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain

I am the Lord thy God, which I take to mean we are all Gods, each and everyone of us. So when you slag me off or I do that to someone else, we take that name in vain. Personally I would rather replace the word God with Soul, but hey, I am not going to split hairs at this point as the point is the same. All over the world we have been divided into either vaccinated or non vaccinated and now the unclean are being demonised. We are now not classed as Gods, we have been effectively evicted from the God realm.

Remember to keep holy the Lords day

I dont know about you, but right now every day I am alive and free is a blessing. The impending doom of being cut out of society which seems more and more imminent as our Governments make decisions on how we go about our lives with more and more unrealistic and utterly wrong restrictions. Sunday was always the day for me, but society has melded it into a 7 day week. It is important to keep some kind of spiritual oneness with self and that is your time, or day or hour. The name of the day no longer applies.

Honour thy Father and thy Mother

Our parents are our teachers and make and guide us into the world today. I am now in my early 50’s and value the upbringing I had with them. They are part of who I am and I would not be where I am today without them, I am one of the fortunate few in today’s reality. As the World has swiftly changed in our expanse for technology, will the human bond between parents and children be wedged further apart? I see this happening especially over the last 18 months. Not with my own children as they are adults and we have a good bond as they do with my grandchildren. But with what is happening now, I fear that the disruption that has been forced upon us since the Covid crap hit, will leave our future young generation, devoid of love, friendships, interaction, creation, coupled with living in fear, and everything that made us human and normal before this…..these kids have been banned from that. My fear is that they will ultimately forge a new, unemotional view point of life in all human outlooks in the future. We created this, we allowed this to fester and did this because we believed in our current Gods.


This commandment is in bold for a very big reason. Our medical community take an oath – to do no harm. For the life of me I have been flummoxed by the very fact that doctors around the world have happily injected and promoted an experimental vaccine. THEY MUST have looked at the data and stats that have shown right from the early days that this pandemic was ever so slightly over rated. How does a health professional who is supposed to be read up on on the latest stuff, advocate an experimental new gene therapy drug and parrot the mantra of its totally safe, with out any long term data trials to conclude this. Since when did our doctors happily agree to subjecting their patients to become global guinea pigs in a trial? If there was anything so fucked up in the world right now, this is it. A doctor is supposed to promote health, not destroy it. A Doctor is your trusted health guru that is supposed to look after your health interests and assist you if something is wrong. They are another God like creature that did the time at medical school and are referred to and respected – because that hardship of education made them the elite of society. The doctor in this world is the one person you know to respect because they do no harm, and are bound by their oath and calling to protect your life within their remit of doing so. Not unlike the witch doctors in other cultures or indeed the ‘witches’ that were the herbalists of their time. When are we going to do a scourge of the doctors that have chosen politics, payoffs from big pharma – over protecting their patients from harm….can we burn them at the stake?

Thou shalt not kill….and yet these doctors are. Under orders of governments we elected. I had a conversation with my own a couple of weeks ago in the UK. Do you know how I feel after speaking to her and telling me that they have been advised by government that they are not allowed to give out medical exemptions for not having the Covid 19 vaccination? Even though I personally qualify for one? I now live in another new found fear that should the authorities knock on my door because the country I live in decides to make it mandatory. Will forcibly inject me, regardless of my own medical condition. It could kill me. But the fact that I am worrying about this is utterly in-conscionable. I should not be in this position to worry about my upcoming end of life, forced and unnaturally forced! This is murder. Its premeditated. Those who are flocking to take the jab, because they lose their job or can’t live life like they used to is premeditated MURDER if they die, because they were coerced and threatened. Thou shalt not kill……nothing in what’s going on can let you forget this commandment, the most important of all….and I bet you my dear reader you can think up a million more justifications of the wrongness everywhere in this world on this one!

Thou Shalt not steal, commit adultery, bear false witness against thy neighbour, not covet thy neighbours wife

I banded thèse into one paragraph. They are stealing our lives from us. They have thus so far with lockdowns, crashing our economy, segregating us into a two tier system. Making us become snitches to our neighbours if they break the rules. They Covet everything we have and want it all, so we have nothing and will become slaves to their new society. They got your wife already, now they just need you.

Thou shalt not covet thy neighbours goods

‘We will own nothing and be happy’ As Claus Schwabb quoted with his formation of the World Economic Forum…all for the greater good of humanity. Mr Global Covets all.

And this is where I have a problem. As someone who is a resident on this planet, I am quite akin to the idea of being a guest here and not owning anything. On the promise and agreement that I could live my life how I wanted and enjoy the fruits of the planet and exchanges with other like minded souls. This would be a Utopia. But I live in an era of time where we do not have that kind of freedom. We want to preserve our futures, via our children and theirs and so on. So we have been taught through generations of land ownership to protect our future generations by handing this down to them. This current ideal wants to take that all away. If they take it away from us in this generation then where is the guarantee that you own nothing and be happy whilst being tied to an organisation that controls this….something always has to control this. Dictate what you can and can’t do within new constraints of that life and new law. And we are on that cuff. These 80 years plus Mr Globals have had this in their sights and manipulated this for years. They wont live to see their outcomes of the commitments they made to bring about this, so what is their point?

We are in serous trouble right now. Not only has the code set about that gave us rights and freedoms with the Nuremberg laws, but the holy human ascribed values of the 10 commandments are being flouted too. The two main laws of existing in society are being torn a part and no one bats an eyelid.

So in conclusion, we see each country follow the other in more dictatorial measures, stacked up like a deck of cards. Each one is folding and in the same format. UK just changed the rules of entry again. I would need to do a PCR test to get in, book a day two and day 8 test AND quarantine for 10 days to enter. The country is supposedly 80% vaccinated and yet I now need to jump through even more hoops and costs to go home. Yet not even a year ago, nothing like this was in place before people were vaccinated. I just cannot comprehend the reasoning behind the new rules or that fact that people still don’t see what is truly going on.

I am getting to the point where I will be flouting one the 10 commandments. Can you guess which one?