You cannot turn on the news with out hearing that word “Anti-vaxxer’. Personally I find it distasteful and bias. It decompartmentalises a type of human being, a new one that has been born out of the BS that is still meddling in our lives today. But what does it actually mean?

I thought to be anti-vax, was a person who had children and refused to have them jabbed with all the childhood inoculations. That they brought up their children themselves and schooled them from home, taught nature and age old homeopathic remedies, and ridiculed any technological social conscript of today. And were most likely Vegan!

And there in a paragraph I had summed up and boxed up and typed an individual into an image, and that’s what I actually thought an anti-vaxxer was. I forgot to mention that they also taught guitar and sang Kum by Yah around a fire pit…amongst other most natural things.

Right now, I would love to be one of those!

And there I said it…”one of those”….I put them in a box…and that to me is an anti-vaxxer. However, I don’t disagree with that way of life at all, nor do I think that their choices are wrong or antisocial. I believe everyone has a choice and in doing so, can choose any life path they please. After all, is that not what we are supposed to do on this planet? and…… That choice is called FREEDOM.

But now, I am classed as an anti-vaxxer. And it gets my goat, as I really am not. I had all my childhood jabs and came through them relatively unscathed (until I reached the age of 19, when it seems they don’t agree with me anymore). So I am a little hesitant based on some ugly life threatening situations with them since then.

But regardless of my reasons, I am still classed as Anti-Vax now. And it is insulting to anyone who is hesitant over the latest coerced set of so called vaccines, rushed onto the market, under an EUA that are a brand new technology, having never been tested on humans before. And we have every reason to be hesitant as there is no long term data to back them up and the pharmaceutical companies have been given a get out jail free card if they fuck up.

When these ‘Vaccines’ were first released, and governments hailed them as the saviour to beating Covid, that would put everyone back into living life normally, I find it so hard to believe that for the most who had them are still, some 19 months later, damning us who haven’t yet had one…saying we are risking their health? Because they are still trussed up in masks, told to social distance and have to still participate in the unreliable tests…nothing has changed for them in reality, so no wonder they are angry.

But I am still called an anti-vaxxer and in reality my life is no different to theirs currently, because Madeira has not yet implemented the passport. This could become reality within the next two weeks, now the flower festival is under way. We have been told that in the next week and a half we will get an announcement, of whether the conditions change and downgrade or not. Funny thing is, I have noticed in the daily reporting of Covid cases as to how they are increasing. 14 new cases today, what will they be tomorrow, or next week after the procession is out the way? Will there be a sharp increase, so they can blame that for not relaxing the rules? They won’t be relaxing the rules, and it’s all very convenient.

And that last paragraph will feed the pro-vaxxer, because that was conspiracy theory and they can’t possibly believe that our governments would cook the books and lie to the people. Already there was a debate on the fact that tickets were 30 euros a pop to sit on a seat to watch the procession, but the tourist board didn’t tell the buyer – until they made their purchase, that even though double vaxxed, they would still have to take a LF test to put their bum on that paid seat and sit there in the blazing heat with a mask on. No wonder they are so cranky at us. Then the photos appeared on Facebook this evening with our President, his wife and kid, sitting in the bleachers without a face nappy, whilst everyone else stuck to the rule.

But let’s come back to me, I already have health issues, so I am not keen on taking that chance of taking a shot in my arm that is a brand new technology with no long term data and a whole heap of unknowns. I have weighed up my chances from the plethora of info available now about the virus and what it COULD do to me, or NOT. And that is based on the chances of me actually catching it too. There are several prophylactic treatments out there, and drugs given in early infection that can help. Then I look at what the Vaccine could do. And I look at what it actually isn’t doing for most people now! To be fair I was already biased at the beginning. Because I could see through this charade of a pandemic and how so quickly two weeks to flatten the curve, turning into a mass tyrannical retraction of peoples rights to get a needle into everyone’s arm. The horrendous back lash of injuries and death are just collateral damage in this bid to save humanity over a virus that STILL HAS a 99.98% survival rate.

And I question THE VACCINE… should never have been called that. It does not inoculate one from the disease and if you go look up Vaccine and Inoculation, the entire internet and dictionary database has been rewritten this year ,and the new meaning is to justify vaccination. Go look it up in a paper version and then compare what it now means on the twaternet.

Isn’t it amazing when you get into an argument with a pro-vaxxer, how their every argument is literally based on the above Meme. I don’t need to go into each one of their reasons as it’s a waste of time. And they just don’t hear or get that all their reasoning was based on years of trials, studies and peer reveiwed papers that allowed them to safely be given anaesthetic during surgery or morphine to help with severe pain. OR had the measles jab. For some reason they believe that the mRNA new Covid Vaccines have had the exact same trials and because the government told them they are safe, we are stupid to believe that they are not.

And clearly they are not safe. More and more evidence is coming out, and being suppressed. It was announced in the news yesterday (and not MSM as they tell you fuck all with what is going on in the world)..that over 1 million Israelis will lose their green Covid certification if they now don’t have the booster. So their first two vaccines haven’t worked? Already Blowjob in the UK is talking about the Booster shot…….what a fucking fuck up. How anyone is still buying into this shit is beyond me.

I won’t even mention about the falsified fuel crisis in the UK and now no Christmas, even Fauci who is still being interviewed in America (why is he still free)? Said that it’s too early to say.

But, why am I an anti-vaxxer and I will tell you, that if that is what you want to label me with? I couldn’t give a shit. I am damn proud to remain a pureblood and intend on staying that way. That is MY CHOICE and no one elses. No government has the right to tell me, what I put into my body, that is mine, not theirs. It is rape to mandate this.

And I don’t know what to call it other than that. Because what they want to do with us is is far worse. These so called Vaccines have far more concerning ingredients in them, than they are letting on. And I will link some sites at the end of this blog, so you can decide for yourself what credibility you give it, in your own personal remit. Regardless of my own health situation, I would still not sign up for the vaccination, so my health is a mute point in all of this, but it does offer another argument in regard to those like me who SHOULD not be forced, coerced or encouraged to have it….and then what happens to those within the two tier society that is happening already around the world over this?

And maybe in my next blog I will talk about what happens if you need a blood transfusion or a heart or kidney transplant? Where do we stand on that?

Those who entered into this unknown contract are fucked. They are. And if they feel any remorse and want to fix it, then they need to stand with us. They now need to put their lives on the line to save humanity, because what our governments are doing is wiping us out. And that is the real agenda behind this.

Go look at this: A group of German Pathologists did a conference with the Corona Virus Committee and took all four vials of the Corona Virus Vaccines available in Europe under the microscope.They found parasites, metal objects and Graphine Oxide in them. They also looked at 8 bodies under autopsy who died after being given the Corona Virus Vaccine. It is over 2 hours long, but worth watching:

Project Veritas has been collecting data from whistle blowers within the Pharma industry.

Habeus Corpus is a group headed by Judge Rui Fonseca in Portugal and has issued court actions for Crimes against humanity.

Dr Reiner Fuellmich heads the German Corona Virus Committee and is working on bringing froward a Nuremberg 2 trial. He has made public over 100 testimonies from eminent scientists, epidemiologists, virologists ect to build a class action suit globally.

Max Igan gives up to date news in Australia and is a voice of reason

The Stu Peters Show and Doctor Jane Ruby, seem to bring medical stuff to light which you can research for yourself.

But regardless of any thing above, I already made a choice. And no one in the world has the right to question me on it. How is it, that now, we as individuals are being herded into a collective, where we must think of others, before ourselves? If it doesn’t start with you. you cannot look after or out for anyone else. We are being programmed to be unselfish. Selfish is not a BAD thing. You need to look after number one first, if that fires on all four cylinders then you are good to go. if you are the matriarch/patriarch then that is your number one priority in this world and more so right now!