I can’t sleep. My back gave out on me this week, so I’ve been in pain and that makes me super grumpy. Also it has given me the time to look at my channels for updates on what is going on in the World. I am even more grumpier than ever. The holiday rental across the road from me this Sunday night are having a party, how I wish I could have fun and forget the dire situation we are all in…

I do have moments, where I forget and find some joy, but, here in Madeira, we have a double whammy of woe. We are all keeping an eye on the raging Volcano that has erupted in the Canaries. WE are not so worried about what way the wind blows, but a fault line that the island has, where scientists some 5 or more years ago, predicted a catastrophic event should she blow. If Las Palmas erupted, part of the island would break off and tons of rock would fall into the sea, this would create a tidal wave that would engulf the entire Atlantic basin, reaching the shores of America and the UK, with a very large Tsunami. So, the current data that first came out over this a couple of weeks ago, as 3 weeks ago she blew. Was that if the island did rupture, from the previous predictions (which were many years into the future, but has happened now)..the wave that would hit our island would be at least 300 metres high. My house sits at 197 meters above sea level…so I am hoping that it comes in the night, whilst I am asleep. It will take some 20 minutes from the Canaries to get here, so there will be no warning. However, should that happen, anyone else in the Atlantic belt will get a warning, and it will be case that if you live along the coastal line…run for the hills!

That Volcano today has just lost its cone to one side and has increased in intensity, lava is flowing into the sea and putting pressure on the sea plate that surrounds the island. It’s a wait and see game, as there is no guarantee or scientific theory that confirms the worst. Nature will let us know!

And yet again I have thought about my next episode in my blog as my mind has been whirring over the last few days and in my head I set out what I wanted to write, and yet, here I am..late at night not actually writing it. Or maybe I will…

I wanted to write about the flaws with our current reasoning of pushing the world and its people to stupendous, unscientific and tyrannical heights. I learned today and I double checked it, that as of the 21st December the UK is planning to take the country into the trend of Vaccine passports. It’s all there on their .gov website if you don’t believe me. Go look, as everything they do is always in plain sight. From that date, any business that has participated in the program, will not be able to accept an unvaccinated person from that date OR accept a self exemption from the government website. I then looked at how one goes about it. Given that I have a reason for wanting one myself, I looked at the requirements. To apply – bypasses my own GP and if my application is refused on a medical basis to be exempt, there is NO APPEAL.

So, not only are they making it incredibly difficult to get a legitimate exemption from having the jab, they bypass your GP and the application is made directly with the government. A health condition, that if they deem unjustified can be rejected and without an appeal. It’s like going to court to fight a case that you have already been told you won’t win, as the verdict has already been decided. Where and who make these rules? And how dare anyone dictate to me or you or your kids on what and where we can go, based on our medical status? because that is what this is! And I cannot understand how anyone, jabbed or not – condones this in 2021.

Earlier in the week I had dinner at my local restaurant Dos Amigos, with a friend who has an extended stay and with a holiday guest who was leaving the next day. He was going back to Germany and telling us that he would be going back to have his Jabs. As a digital nomad that has been travelling during this time, who has not been ill, told me, when I asked why…said his nurse friends had said it was all ok. He, shrugged off the idea that there was any deviant plan, and looked forward to travelling with more ease, going home to get his clot shot to be able to free up more travel without restrictions in the future. The daughter of the restaurant owner joined us in conversation, she has had her jabs, and told us of the side effects she endured, brushing it off as normal…when I mentioned about a future passport and the fact that little old me, would be banned from spending my money in her restaurant in the future, she was convinced that I had gone crazy, that it would never happen in Madeira. Mainland Portugal has already implemented the passport in a part scheme ,which I wrote about in a previous blog. So, unless she means..personally I can eat there (in a back room out of sight) I really don’t think the vast majority really understand what is to come.

And actually most people have absolutely no idea.

Most people who I have spoken to..unless they are like me, have no idea about what is happening in Australia, Canada or France for example. Most people have no idea about the demonstrations against vaccine passports in other countries that have been a tireless effort every single week since it was instigated.Most people have no idea what a vaccine passport actually means, and if they do and have been jabbed, dont care, as they will just carry on life as normal and have no regard for the people who can’t.

People in all walks of professions are being sacked because they won’t comply with a mandatory vaccine that has been released on an emergency authorisation, that has no long term trials and data and more importantly if harmed won’t get compensation. The drug manufacturers are not liable in this situation and people who do get harmed are just tossed off as collateral damage. All Governments that implement this don’t care…why isn’t anyone standing up and saying to them, and screaming to them that if you mandate this for my job and I get harmed….YOU ARE LIABLE!

And I get bloody angry when I talk about this with people that think I am nuts because I believe that this all leads to a bigger agenda….I didn’t at first, as I love people and really have a hard time believing that some are just no good…but as the weeks go by and logic and reason fly out the window at warp speed over this…I cannot conclude anything else. We are being led by diktats and sociopathic narcissists that have an agenda to put the world where they want it…and the bodies that get harmed are collateral damage…and they don’t care.

Don’t tell me that Blowjob Boris hasn’t read the stats that since he gave the go ahead to jab kids from the age of 12 in schools a few weeks ago that the numbers go off the charts with 60% of the males in that age group have already showed signs of Myocartidis. Several kids have died, but it doesn’t hit MSM news. Parents have been blocked by social media to get their stories out. And what a lot of people who just look at MSM don’t know is that many of those schools have been served with desist orders. The trouble with everything right now, is that news doesn’t get into the news, when it doesn’t fit the narrative and somehow things gets pushed to oneside and the law will not get involved.

But hail the one outfit that gets all the media attention and is taken seriously, Insulate Britain, cos they superglue their hands to the M25 and that gets the front-page, headlines and radio talking.

Do you get yet, that we are living in a fucked up world?

But let us go back to the vaccine crap. They dished it out earlier this year as it became available. Under an EUA…which it still is. Trials continue till 2023. It was supposed to be and advertised as, something for the elderly and the vulnerable…as most people who were not in that bracket could survive (as the stats suggested and actually haven’t changed since then). It was downgraded in the UK last year as a flu like illness that was not life threatening. Once the roll out to the elderly and vulnerable had been conducted we were all promised a life, to return to normal. Back in 2019 if you remember the Government were advising that people over the age of 50 would need to shield…..before they had a vaccine. This would be for many months and we were asked to do this to protect our own health. We were ASKED to lock ourselves down to protect OUR own health. And then it changed. We didn’t need to do this. Then the vaccine came out, and anyone over 60 would be protected. And another promise of how life for everyone else would go back to normal. (Now the rhetoric has changed ….no one shields for their own health, one must have a vaccine to protect everyone else, to save granny!)

They jabbed them, then offered more to the lower age groups….still keeping the public locked down…then the age group came down again, and no one went back to normal life.

And then, in the UK at least, mask mandates were lifted in June, but the pressure of the younger generation to be excluded from clubs and large gatherings without a vaccine were implemented. They got a taste of freedom to have it withdrawn. It was never ever mentioned about young people getting this, when we were promised freedom for the elderly and vulnerable, now from the age of 12 is the carrot which is going to fall to the age of 5. On the government website I read that Pregnant women can get an exemption until the baby is born then get vaccinated after….and have exemption until that point with the passport. (I nearly wrote proposed passport, it is not proposed, it’s a given or they wouldn’t have given pregnant women an automatic exemption if they choose).

How the hell did we get to this point? How the hell did we let our elected governments dictate this to us and we allow this? How the hell is everyone lapping this bullshit up and complying with something that goes against every human right that our ancestors fought for?

More importantly..why do people follow rules that are not law. Government is elected, is supposed to work for you, they do not have the right to mandate rules to you. Nor are they supposed to change our laws WITHOUT our MP’s who are elected to serve US…how did WALES manage to pass the vaccine mandate when the deciding vote couldn’t get onto Zoom and there be no revote because of a technical glitch….that is WroNG, so wrong…yet we continue to allow this?

And for all those provaxxers that call me selfish and refuse to participate in a health program that is for ‘the greater good’…..there is no health problem that needs me, to take a vaccine to protect YOU. If I want to do it, it will be to protect ME. Sorry, but that is just how it is and always has been. I am healthy….I dont have Covid or the Flu or a cold…..and I dont need to prove it either. But if YOU are vaccinated then the whole point of YOU being vaccinated is to be around ME and not catch anything. You took your jab, to be safe and the government told you, that you would be if you took it. But now you are listening to the government again and they are telling you after you took your jab, that I am unclean and therefore, you are no longer safe, despite your vaccine status around me…..and if you aren’t asking questions about that right now, and all the rest I wrote in my blogs or tonight, then you are lost. In the history of vaccines, when have you ever been given one, to be protected, then told not to put yourself next to someone who hasn’t had one!

The Vaccine passport has nothing to do with health. Based on YOU being vaccinated, WHY I am a problem to you if I serf the same shop as you….Was it a problem BEFORE vaccines?

The unvaxxed in society has not been the cause of the continued lockdowns in some countries, or the continued mask wearing or social distancing. In madeira we are still being forced to wear the nappy in the street, in supermarkets, shopping centres, bars and restaurants. Despite an 80% vaccination rate. We still have a curfew. The numbers of new cases today was 8. No one has died in months….the last was over 75 years old. I have heard on the grapevine of many people here who are seriously ill, having had the jab and are now suffering. But they are unimportant as the daily infection toll is the highlight.

I recently joined Twitter against my better judgement, and I follow several prominent people on it…Dr Robert Malone is just one…he was the inventor of the mRNA vaccines and is now against where we/our world is going with this.

But I leave you with another prominent Doctor who has been through the mill on her alternative data on the situation. She was given a voice back in the beginning but got dropped very early on when she questioned the narrative..she tweeted this:

“Dr Claire Craig: Your right to bodily autonomy is all that stops someone richer and more powerful than you demanding your kidney to save their life.

It is a fundamental right that overrides their right to even life itself.

It needs defending and it is worth fighting for.”

And this is why I write my blog, despite the loss of friends and new gained enemies. We need to defend our body autonomy, because if we lose that..Dr Claire Craig is right…You will no longer have a say over YOU. If you are jabbed you already belong to that pharmaceutical company that you consented to be jabbed with. The vaxxed have no rights now. They are included in their patents that were filed years before this pandemic was orchestrated. And if you are reading this because you know me and came to scoff ( I have a lot of people in my life that scoff) go look it up.

Nothing is hidden, there is no conspiracy theory.