I’ve not been very well over the last couple of days….had a little blip with my Lyme, so back on the doxy and been in bed suffering. That said, having Chronic Lyme, means I have to watch my health and if I over do it, I pay the price. I was watching a video yesterday whilst confined to bed about the bad suffering of ‘Long Covid’ victims and the documentary followed two women who were moaning about the after effects of being ill and now suffering the long term effects from it. I’m sorry to anyone who reads this, who is supposedly suffering now from ‘Long Covid’ but I did laugh, because go get Lyme Disease..or better still get it, not get diagnosed and treated and then suffer with ‘Long Lyme’. Half of those symptoms that were mentioned in that program were not a patch on what I suffer as someone who is diagnosed with Chronic Lyme Disease, a condition for which there is no cure. For the last two days, I’ve not been able to walk, climbing the stairs to go to the bathroom or get a drink is utterly exhausting, my legs don’t want to work, my knees are so swollen that it hurts to move them. My neck glands are like rocks, so drinking and eating is no fun and then the fatigue, brain fog and desire to move at all is very debilitating. Everything hurts, even my teeth. But for me, this is something I have learned to live with, because it is a part of getting a nasty disease. Lyme is bacterial, and can affect the heart, which so far has not attacked mine. But, I also know that I will be fine next week, as my bacterial overload is being managed by doxycycline. And I have heaps of it for emergency cases like now.

The point being, even though I did laugh at this documentary yesterday about ‘Long Covid’- part of that was in disgust at the shear crap of how everything is now centered around a virus. There are no documentaries being made about the poor victims of cancer, who never got diagnosed in the last 19 months, or about other serious diseases that were left untreated. No documentaries on the extortionate rate of suicides during this time frame or more more importantly about the Covid Vaccine deaths and the adverse reactions to it. Having Lyme is not nice, but compared to the more serious health related problems that have occurred because of this mental and diabolical focus on a virus…that STILL HAS a mere 99.9% + survival rate if you catch it, no one focuses on the more important morbidity that will come from this. And that makes me angry.

Ok, so I’m not feeling well at the moment, which has made me think in another direction. If I had cancer, that was life threatening right now, I would be freaking out at what is going on, I would be fearing for my life and the treatment being denied me, because the focus is still on Convid. This word seems to trump any other health condition as the worst one to ever get in your life, (ok there is a jab you can get that is still being forced down your throat, but any other disease is well below this particular danger)…..and this is the problem, Covid is rammed down everyones throat as the worst ever virus to catch….and yet so many people still believe it. We have had 19 months of complete bullshit, mis direction, out right lies, none sensical restrictions….and mask wearing…and yet people still believe in this BS. The fear of dying from this has become insane, and yet, the vast majority of the population in whatever country they live in, will never come into that danger zone or even catching it! Cancer, heart disease, diabetes and other life threatening, REAL LIFE THREATENING DISEASES are now downgraded, to….they no longer matter illnesses.

I went out last week for dinner, a rare venturing, given that I have resigned from my social position of running an expat community, after being vilified, personally attacked and mocked (and threatened) because I didn’t agree with the current narrative. It was a birthday celebration of a close friend and our table of 9 was a lovely cultural mix of Brits, Germans and Swedes. We are all like minded, even though half the table had been vaccinated. I sat next to a lovely couple from Germany, I got talking with them, when it was clear that they were in the same space as me, with all that is going on. It was such a freedom to be able to talk openly about what was is going on and share links to the various alternative media outlets that we gain most of our real information from. But what was most interesting, was the discussion about travelling between countries. My new friend who sat next to me, told me, how she didn’t submit to any of the rules, hugged and kissed everyone and met privately behind closed doors throughout the lock downs, and now has antibodies. She has never been ill, but has natural immunity. Her husband doesn’t have those antibodies, yet they both did the same. He has not been ill either….so why is natural immunity so dismissed right now, when it really does have merit of protection. (and against a somewhat sketchy outline of a virus, that still is modelled on a computer and has still not been isolated)…but whatever this is, because if it is a flu that has been rebranded, this lady got tested for antibodies, because she didn’t want the jab. She has them. And for me, this was the most wonderful news I have heard in 19 months and just proves that people can handle viruses, create antibodies naturally and those who want to intervene on a medical level and poo poo this, can fuck right off!

And I go there because having studied Anatomy and Physiology some 20 plus years ago to a nurses degree, to become a holistic therapist (Kinesiology, Massage and Clinical Aromatherapy, amid a dabbling in other therapies too) I do have an understanding of the human body and we did also study certain diseases. Not many people know my holistic back ground, because when I moved to Madeira, it morphed into other areas so that I could earn a living. One of those morphs went on to run and own a tourist newspaper…I did timeshare for a bit before I fell into the newspaper business and my latest evolvement was property, holiday rentals which morphed into property renovations. A far distant place to the one thing I wanted to do. Which I hope will do full circle as now I feel is the time to take everything I have and morph it back to the holistic area. Problem I now have is this: With the impending scheme of Covid Passports making it a condition to travel next year (and for anyone who missed it, The PCR test will only be valid until the end of this year, because they are withdrawing it now it has been proven unworthy). I will be restricted as to who can enter my holiday space. Worst still, in order to have anyone stay in my holiday space, will no doubt make me, be part of the societal bullshit plan in order to conduct my business. So, I am faced with the reality, that even though I don’t work for anybody, I will be forced to retain my own business by being jabbed. well, that for me, is not happening. If anyone who is reading this right now, is like me and wants to travel, come to my place where you will be welcomed if you are not jabbed and don’t believe in the bullshit! But do it before the end of the year!

And this is the head fuck. Because I have just said. My door is open until the end of the year, because we all know that from that point it is going to get harder for anyone who has not been forced into the passport. Without the health passport, people like us WILL NOT BE ABLE TO TRAVEL.

My blood boils while I write this. Because that is an exact example of the bullshit we are being subjected to. A deadly virus can be held off until the end of the year. A Pcr test that has already been deemed useless, will still be the standard of travel until a given date…a virus is date given…OMG when will the sheep wake up?

And the UK government yesterday in Parliament made the vote (and go look it up on You tube as they laughed and mocked and put it through in such a disgusting and flippant manner) extended the Corona Virus measures for another 6 months. I am not surprised as over the last few weeks the fear porn about the winter months and cases on the rise have been the headlines amid the new panic over climate change as well.

And that is another bone of contention with our neighbouring la Palma volcano spewing carbon crap into the atmosphere. Is that little girl (I now have a complete name block …blame it on the Lyme!) who advocates this nonsense of net zero along with blow job, yet all these volcanoes are doing their damnedest to to undermine their efforts? What will they do about that? Give it a jab and declare them all safe from exploding? Because that is the analogy of these people who govern us is…..and it’s bullshit.

I went off on one there..sorry. BUT. There is no common sense or public sense of stability out there. WE have our own thoughts on how we have to interpret the bullshit. WE know the media is corrupt and spews out the BS…This morning, I woke up to a string of head lines on Sky News:

“We can’t blow it now: Covid cases could hit 100,000 a day – but England won’t move to plan B yet” my take on this is, who modelled that figure? Was it the delightful Fergusson – who has never got any of the models right so far, and why are they still using him? How is this news thread possible when 80% of the population have been vaccinated. Where is the the threat of cases, surely the immunisation would not create this number of infections. Plan B? Is the vaccine passport…..date given 21st December, now they are prepping the public for an earlier release. There is no conspiracy theory..they always let you know, what is to come.

“Uk strikes deals for two antiviral drugs to help combat COVID surge this Winter” I just want to ask all of those people that got vaccinated earlier this year what they think about this headline. Because, the government have been praising everyone who got double jabbed and then openly praised the high volume of double jabbed. So, how come they need to do a deal on antiviral drugs for this winter? Surely the double jabbed are immune? `we already have two very cheap and effective antivirals on the market, yet they did a 1.2billion deal on a new drug called Molnupiravir, but still needs to be approved by an American regulator.

The other drug is called Ritonavir which is an older medication widely used in combination treatments for HIV infection. This is very alarming. Why would the UK government follow this path when Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine have been proven safe and effective? Now bequeathing shit loads of public funds to drugs that haven’t been tested yet. The former, Ritonavir by Pfizer!

Does anyone else not question this bit of madness?

And I daren’t even post the links about the nasty additives that are not listed on the Vaccine leaflets (and all you people here know exactly what I an talking bout)…and if you don’t, then I suggest to any new person who has ventured by my blog, go look at some of the stuff that circulates Brand New Tube, Oddysee, UK Column News. Use Duck Go Go as a search engine, listen to what Dr Mucholuch says, the inventer of mRNA Dr Robert Malone, and a whole host of others I have mentioned throughout this Blog.

I want to ask you, if you are reading this because you still want to scoff, even though in your heart you know there is something not right…Did you see any one die in the street? Do you see a member of your family or friend succumb and lose their life completely because of the virus with no other indications that contributed to their sad passing? How many people of public merit do you know that died…would there not be more than you can list? Why are there no hazard waste bins for your masks? Why does the news constituently pump out infection figures…that do not have any correlation to death rates, yet make you think they do? Why are you still living in fear? WHY?

How is it, that something called Covid is anymore dangerous than me going out into my garden and getting bitten by a tick? My garden is far more dangerous than me ever catching bloody Covid. I am proof of that! And the fear, of catching anything as I have seen lately is far less dangerous than any bug that carried bacteria or person that carries a virus. If we really think we are in mortal danger, then its simple. I won’t tend my garden and you don’t come in contact with another human being ever.

Both scenarios are undoable, unless you want to become a super safe hermit with no life. All life is about risk. It’d about taking personal responsibility and judging the given risks. Covid has such a small risk of being deadly, it defies all logic to make it a deadly pandemic. And that my friends, is the real deal. The hyped up crap about YOUR safety is Bullshit. Go catch it and let your body do the rest.

But to give up your freedom for this, is an abomination. And this is the real pandemic. Humans have existed and survived for millennia and WITHOUT science to intervene for the continued future of mankind. That alone, should make you think about the now.

My pagan inner me, is telling me, to stay whole and not fight….just stay whole. For me, that means stepping out of the life I know, and adapting to being one with nature. My problem with that is…with what this BS is and all who own it, will they allow people like me to exist and maintain a pureblood life in the future? DO WE HAVE TO GO AND HIDE?