Short post tonight (or rant) sister sent me this earlier this evening as something she was involved in on a post on facebook. This stuff is depressing. It is also what ‘we’ as unjabbed are treated like now. What a fantastic society we live in where, political correctness has become something that means we cannot say anything to offend anybody. Yet on this subject, we can! I really don’t understand this new terminology of WOKE, but maybe this is a classic example of that.After all, does this not fall into the same category of calling a man hole a person hole, a pregnant person over a pregnant woman, that people do not have to have cervixes to be female….I want to reincarnate myself to 20 years before now, cos this society is completely broken.

So, I answered my sister with my suggestion of a retort to the post : “This is the reply I would send that sad bitch. Half the antivax knobs as you describe that are already vaccinated are against a medical apartheid passport. Their jab status doesn’t mean they are on one side or it be a waste of time to them. If we want to move forward and live our lives to the fullest, then go live it. Nothing stops you and most certainly an unvaccinated person doesn’t stop you from doing that. Just because you got a jab, doesn’t mean I should get one. I am more scared of you than YOU SHOULD BE OF ME! The other half of the twats are either needle phobic or just plain stupid….but actually you are plain stupid to even write this sentence. You are jabbed right? You did as you were told. You did your bit for humanity. Who the fuck are you to question anyone else who in your eyes didn’t? Many of us plain stupid ones are not stupid at all. We have taken our decision very heavily and weighed up the pros, the cons and the information and evidence and based our decision on that. And my dear, that is our GOD GIVEN RIGHT OF CHOICE. No,… jabs will not become the norm. You – who cast out the unvaxxed as unclean is something that we will have to adjust to as the norm. But, we are the ones who will remain with our health… yours and mind you’re own damned business!

And the point of this is, that line I wrote, which that bitch will never see, and if she did, would not even make her consider for a moment that there is an alternative, just as savvy point of view as hers. ““but the sad reality is that line….”No,… jabs will not become the norm. You – who cast out the unvaxxed as unclean is something that we will have to adjust to as the norm.”

Well. I am not happy with that! If someone got vaccinated and now fears the unvaxxed, then they need to stay home! They can lock themselves down and continue their life in fear. WE…the unvaccinated and healthy and now VERY healthy portion of the population need to get on out there and live life! “““we really need to stop being oppressed by the ‘guilt’ that we are selfish and do not think of others when that task to us, is an unconscionable unrealistic and unsafe (because we did the research) threat to our own humanity. Quite simply, if you are vaxxed and are scared of the normal world, then fuck off and stay home. Let the brave go live life and get the show back on the road. You vaxxed useless and pathetic humans have no place in this is not yours. How dare you cast me out of something that is OURS!

OMG I am now fearing my comment there as WOKE…..will I get arrested?