If you are like me, you will have seen some shocking interviews, videos and images about the Vaccines. So many professionals, doctors, immunologists screaming about the dangers, whistleblowers suddenly telling us their stories. Peer reviewed studies that are now presenting a huge amount of problems with the toxicity of the spike proteins, and the damage they are seeing on a micro cellular level (in the public domain for anyone to research) are being conducted that have some very damning evidence, that clearly states that these mRNA jabs are bloody dangerous.

Hydra (an organism/parasite) that is an immortal life form, that can replicate over and over, has been found in ALL of the vaccines, Graphene Oxide and a myriad of disturbing nano delivery particles and other metallic substances that should not be in them. They alone cause damage to the human body if injected into it.

The shrouds of secrecy with the pharma companies and their ‘secret’ ingredients should be the first alarm, but the patents to what is being found in them, is even more disturbing. The potential of what the combined ingredients can do later on is really very frightening. From the patents that cover the current Covid 19 PLandemic, shows that this was already predicted or planned. Who patents that Spike protein in 2012 and the vaccines for them over the following years? How did they know back then about Covid 19 in the now?

And now we can understand why, from the very beginning, that doctors, scientists and very knowledgeable distinguished people got censored. They already knew the risks, they already knew this was wrong and tried to warn us. They were silenced, vilified and labelled as conspiracy nuts. But the war is raging right now, as these people are still shouting as loudly as they can, in whatever way they can. The problem is, the awake are listening, because we know where to find our information. The asleep sheep, have no idea what is really going on, as they sit in front of their TV and take in what’s being fed to them in the government controlled propaganda psyop.

I keep mentioning in my posts about what is happening in other countries and in particular the totalitarian state that Australia has become. I know I am not alone when I get angry that a government can have the power to dictate to its people and force them to have a medical procedure in order to work or have their freedom back. A medical procedure that doesn’t even have a full licence to be on the market, a medical procedure that is still in a controlled study(on the public)….a medical procedure that has no long term data to pass any safety study, as the study is right now and forever into the future. A medical product that if it maims or kills, having been blackmailed into having it…means that you are on your own as no one accepts liability for any harm. This is obscene and totally barbaric, to take the freedom of choice away for anyone who does not want to participate in a study and then ostracise them, for having a bloody brain in the middle of all this bullshit. The message being sent out, is take it or else…oh and by the way if you are paralysed or die, who gives a fuck! Your government don’t!

So why are there so many sheep out there that still cannot see this? Has that jab mushed their brains of logic and reasoning already? Maybe they are already in conditioning mode with the little various (and dangerous) particles floating around their blood stream that are now getting up to mischief? I am aghast that any normal rational human being that got hypnotised into having the 2 jabs already ARE NOT questioning the need now for a booster shot…the jabs haven’t even been around for a year and yet people are willing to roll up their sleeves and poison themselves again….blindly believing the BS that now says, you will be safe if you have this one….they kinda forgot they were supposed to be safe with the last ones. And already being warned that they should expect more boosters soon!

Israel are on their forth.

Jacinda what ever the fuck her name is, (I call her scary poppins) from NewZealand was interviewed yesterday and through her teeth she openly admitted that the passport would create a two tier system. And although they had a very high uptake on the clotshot, she wanted to increase it and the passport was another nudge. Her reason, she said was, because she believed it kept the jabbed safe by giving them the confidence of being able to go about their lives in a vaccinated society. Anyone who agrees with this is brain dead. How is it giving people confidence when they have now been told that their two jabs that promised them freedom doesn’t work, get a booster and another and shop with confidence with the other brain dead amongst them. It is a fact. this so called vaccine doesn’t stop anyone catching it or passing it on….so, where is the confidence exactly? When they catch the ‘virus’ their immune systems will be so fucked by that point, that businesses will fold, who followed the new rules….and they have won again. They are going to destroy our economy one way or another and get rid of us by any means. She along with Australia have been building quarantine camps and have openly stated that those who refuse to participate in this grand plan of feeling confident to go out by being jabbed with poison, meanwhile, the unhypnotised, very cautious bunch, pure bloods will get thrown into prison.

And our crime is? For being diligent, researching and making an INFORMED decision.

And this is the problem I have with everything I see. Governments all over the world singing from the same hymn sheet, enacting their tyranny at will. Already the UK and blowjob are lining up the idea for this winter. They want to change our society and it no longer is about health. Do you think for one moment with the levels of coercion and blackmail to get everyone jabbed, those who still resist will be able to go off and create their own non compliant society of becoming self sufficient and living in Kum by Yah land?

No way will they want that! It is dissent and non compliance and we know stuff that make us the way we are. We are a danger to their fabric of the society they want. Human rights have already been trashed, the future is looking very bleak and there is no where to run to or hide.

And although I feel optimistic when a new whistle blower with their shocking portrayal of what is going on behind the scenes should make a World of Difference or at least a fucking huge dent in what is going on, or a very well respected activist has to leave his country as they started to come for him (Max Igan). Or the many doctors, scientists and professionals that have had their teeth into the data, the research and their knowledge…and new discoveries (don’t forget this is still in trials). This all should have stopped this dead in its tracks.

Other vaccines with less deadly affects than this were stopped in the past….how come they are not now?

But the problem has been right from the start, suppression of information. And that should alarm everybody, even the jabbed. In the UK the crazy Insulate Britain group can get media coverage when they super glue their hands to the M25, get interviewed on TV and radio and bring their cause, misguided as it is into the forefront of discussion, yet the demonstrations that have been going on with thousands upon thousands of demonstrators EVERY SINGLE WEEK, AROUND THE WORLD fighting for FREEDOM. Doesn’t even get a mention.

But the reason for my blog this evening, was to hi light the atrocities of what is really going on in every day life, for the man on the ground…some are waking up and only now. And what has woken them up is – the human loss; tragedy that is being caused by the vaccines. Another part of the agenda that is being given no debate, no merit, no voice, no solution, no interest, no JUSTICE.

Someone posted this tonight which attracted 131 comments so far…..

“I just wanted to ask if anyone knew any one who has suddenly died out of the blue lately? A friend of mine has just died suddenly she was in good health and no underlying issues she died in bed in her sleep . There is going to be an autopsy as it was so sudden . The only thing was that i could think was that she had been double vexed . Another friend also said she knew a couple of other people who had also died suddenly (both double vexed) and just now my brother said he also had just heard about three others friends of his wife’s mother who had also suddenly died . Its very alarming, wondered if any one of you had had this experience? Sorry to be alarming , but it is pretty shocking.”

And the replies to this were (edited as I can’t copy them all)!

  • Yes! We went to the funeral of our friend week last Weds…63 and although had heart probs was on warfarin..his sister told me he had thickened blood that caused major clot on brain…they had to turn off life support within a few days of huge brain bleed…just a week before he was working hard and had been out with my chap and other friends in fine spirits!! Broke my heart! And yes dble done!
  • I was at the funeral yesterday of a friend – he was 31 yrs old, very fit, died in his sleep. Totally unexpected and shocking. Post-mortem report – toxicology negative, cause of death ‘inconclusive’. Vaxxed. He had been in army reserves and apparently a couple of similar cases in his regiment/ platoon/ batallion/ whatever the word is. So so very sad.
  • my brother, double jabbed, 3 wks ago, went to bed and didnt wake up ! 54 yrs old.
  • At funeral I mentioned above, someone told me she had felt very unwell after vx; checked oxygen sats and only 71 – normal is 95 +. She felt quickly better once given oxygen. I wonder if this is what’s happening to these sad cases of people dying in their sleep – their oxygen levels just fall so low and they just drift away
  • Happened to a friend’s mum a couple of weeks ago. Died in her sleep – autopsy said blood clot on the brain. I don’t know her v status but from knowing the family – I would say most likely double v…d. So shocking and heartbreaking for the family – she was very young at heart and healthy, aged 69. It won’t be reported to the yellow card system either as they do not see the link.
  • I know of six people who have recently died all had been double jabbed. It must wake people up soon, how many sudden deaths in healthy people before the public realise that the jab is a death sentence.
  • A young girl 17-18yrs old recently had just had a baby who died in her sleep in my town. I didn’t know her personally but it was on the local newspaper. Only other people I have heard of dying suddenly in their sleep or having a heart attack with no health issues but double vaxxed is people u r reading in the newspapers via fb. Is so sad.
  • My friends 18-year-old daughter was ill for weeks post-j@b: it was touch-and-go… bleeding under her toenails… hospital said it was Tonsillitis! (As if!) Luckily she’s pulled through..
  • The same happened to my ex co-worker. Died suddenly in his sleep…and double vaxx…37 years old… apparently heart failure but what caused well I think we know what…
  • I personally know 3 and one baby and heard of more “sudden” deaths it’s shocking when are people going to connect all this .. so many people jabbed being so ill 
  • Yes a friends mother died in her sleep suddenly too!!!!
  • I’m a hairdresser, know of 4 people this has happened to..all doubled up, passed away suddenly, 3 in their sleep 😞 I’m sure all due to “heart problems”.
  • This will never be addressed by the public until the media starts telling the truth ..the only people that are hearing about these sad deaths is us because we are the only ones on the sites that are publishing it and the vaxed don’t hear about all the deaths …so sad and worrying the world we live in 
  • Yes my mum had 4 friends in north wales that suddenly died after being double poked but they did have underlying health issues however non that anyone would expect sudden death and so many people who live so close to Rachel in a period of 2 months
  • Yes l do healthy 23 year old , recently go 2nd shot..found dead in swimming pool last week suffered a heart attack .
  • Not forgetting the recent spate of children sudden deaths.. Vaguely reported.. 
  • My old school friend fit n healthy postman died of a heart attack.. my nephews friend in her 20’s died from blood clots. My uncle 84 fit n healthy n still had a part time job was found at home n had suffered a stroke n was later put on end of life due to contracting pneumonia.. a lady I cared for survived cv died 3 days after jib no 1
  • I was at the funeral yesterday of a friend – he was 31 yrs old, very fit, died in his sleep. Totally unexpected and shocking. Post-mortem report – toxicology negative, cause of death ‘inconclusive’. Vaxxed. He had been in army reserves and apparently a couple of similar cases in his regiment/ platoon/ batallion/ whatever the word is. So so very sad.
  • That is a lot. Did you know as many dying over the last 18/9 months from C19?
  • I have also experienced the same. A very good friend died only just recently and suddenly. I’d only spoken to her 2 or 3 wks before (she in London and me in Finland) and she was well, happy and excited to soon be moving into their new home. The next thing I notice on her partner’s page are many massages of condolence….I couldn’t figure it out, but I didn’t have a very good feeling. Sure enough I got the confirmation that she’d just passed away from a blood clot in the lung. Total disbelief. I know she’d had both jabs.

I could have posted so many more responses, and that is one post tonight, there have been so many others in the last few months. Yet, before the Vaccine came out, I never saw posts like this on people losing loved ones from the actual ‘Covid’….

The human loss right now, clearly outweighs what the threat that we were and still are being led to believe about a Virus.

And yet, I also have a loss, my Uncle died a few weeks ago, suddenly, from a stroke. A massive one that came out the blue and killed his brain stem. He was a fit healthy 60+ year old, active man, that built things, climbed on rooves and fixed them. Ran a homestead with horses, was active and fit. And he was double jabbed. My aunty was out visiting a friend that day when he collapsed. She was visiting a friend who had lost her husband suddenly a few weeks prior. My immediate anger of blame was you know what. Yet, I can’t express this to them as they all think I am nuts and a tin foil hat wearer. And because of that, I have not been able to reach out to my aunty since his passing. And I feel like a bag of shit because of this. I simply have no words of comfort to give her, impeded by what I know. And I hate myself for not being able to give her some form of spoken support. I’m angry.

This entire saga has divided us all in so many unspeakable ways, that our humanity is being dragged through a blender so that we accept a new way of thinking, social order and disregard the sanctity of human life and what it stands for.

What are we we doing to our future generations? It’s unthinkable. But it’s happening.

So, are our governments just plain ignorant by pushing and pedalling a drug and making it a mandated part of life, regardless of the lack of trials its been through….are they consciously covering up the hideous human loss and damage?

Why now the big shove and push for this? Is it to satisfy those elderly cronies that are in their 90’s that one last rush of power before the pop off? And don’t care what legacy they leave behind, as long as they see their plans reach fruition before they die?

Or have we all been so intoxicated with the crap and chemicals over the years put into our food and water, that naturally we have gone stark raving mad and those who can actuate power over us have caused this deluded state of the world?

Am I nuts?

I want us to go back to 2018, where everyone we knew didn’t die of clots, heart attacks and in their sleep all of a sudden. I want to go back to that blissful yet stressful time of actually planning ahead, because there was a future. A future that had a path I was following. I want to go back to that time where friends were actually friends, and weren’t divided and nasty because of the two opposing ends of the belief scale, Brexit was nothing compared to this. I want to go back to that time, where you had a point of view and debate was fun! All we now have become is a race of doom and gloom, a future that is threatened by dictatorship of something none of us want to be in. Disbelief at how our democracy has suddenly crumbled, freedom of choice has been stripped and to complain about it is wrong.To suddenly become very aware of politics and how corrupt they truly are. I want my my ignorance back!

But my gut is screaming, got to keep fighting this. I don’t how else to do it other than on this platform of my blog. And if you are reading this and identify with some of the stuff I write here, then maybe pass it along to a friend, who may find their confusion needs to be confirmed and supported. We are not alone.

The power is with the people….and we have to stop complying with the future ridiculous and deadly mandates. WE have to say NO!…and MEAN IT!

or ….Do we roll over and give in?