I will try and make this a shorter post tonight.

What is a journalist?

Definition: Journalism is the production and distribution of reports on current events based on facts and supported with proof or evidence.The word journalism applies to the occupation, as well as collaborative media who gather and publish information based on facts and supported with proof or evidence.

I was thinking about this again today…it’s been like rubbing that spot for months that is so sore and never heals…because when I do watch MS TV and check the news daily..something is missing and it has been for the last couple of years. There doesn’t seem to be any story that has two sides now.

Have you not noticed how our media don’t present the ‘little’ stories anymore..usually upbeat and quirky. Of interest and researched by a journalist who got a sniff of a small pocket of interesting news, researched it. Then presented it?

Have you not noticed how, any story seems to be a simple relaying of ‘something’ that has no research or substance, now be reported and that it is given with no alternative narrative?

Have you noticed that any massive topic in the last two years (and we are living in one massive one right now) that no journalist has debated anything any person who has been interviewed on TV has been grilled or quizzed…like they used to?

Have you noticed that there has been no journalistic investigation into what government says or about adverse reactions with the jabs, or that there are no images/footage from the UK or the many other countries that have been demonstrating against vaccine passports for months and every week?

Have you seen any of the footage of the police battering people in those demonstrations, splaying plastic bullets into crowds and knocking old ladies over and spraying them in the face with mace?

Have you seen any doctor, immunologist or other professional being interviewed on TV that is against the current agenda over this ‘Pandemic’ that suggests that we are actually not in one?

Did you know that there have been demonstrations all around the world for MONTHS , the UK has a ‘stand in the park’ every Sunday ….other countries have various groups that meet to show their solidarity against what is currently going on….has the news reported this?

Do you know who Dr Peter McCullough is? Have you heard of Dr Mike Yeadon, Dr Clare Craig, Dr Robert Malone, Dr Carrie Madje. Dr Dalores Cahill… Do you know who Reiner Fuellmich is or Judge Rui of Habeas Corpus? I could mention so many more experts that have been vocal right from the start..yet, none of them have been given any main stream time of day. No regular main stream Media outlet will touch them…(apart from Dr Clare Craig, who was the one and only statistical person that went through all the data bumph at the beginning….then got dropped from the spot light when her predictions were correct every time, but Ferguson gets the prime time ands never predicted anything correctly from the the start. Not one of his mathematical predictions has been right, yet the government choose him to model their actions on…..if they followed Dr Clare Craig….we would now be getting on with our lives, end of.

There was a light to start with in TALK Radio…. Julia Hartley Brewer really got her teeth into everything at the start, but then got jabbed and dumbed down her rhetoric for real journalism. I still like and listen to her as she rips into the MP’s, but she holds back, at the Vaccine subject as it is clearly a NO GO topic to debate. Mike Graham does the same…when someone comes on to speak…and goes off on one about it, there is a clam up and restraint to further debate on the topic. Talk Radio got taken down months ago when the Vaccine got rolled out and the debates were unlimited and very controversial….they came back within 24 hours, with new outlet channels, much bigger and brighter, but in your face avoiding the real topics that everyone wants to talk about. They artfully skirt around the real pulsating concerns, they have become good at avoiding no go issues with diplomacy…they’ve been bought. The vaccines are OFF TOPIC!

When I got stranded in the UK from last December; on my trips up and down the motorway the only radio station I could get on my Ford Fiesta car radio, was Radio 2 and I enjoyed that trip listening to Jeremy Vine. He also seemed to be the voice of reason and encouraged good debate, but then he changed, clammed up and all of a sudden switched to the other side. He has now become a target to the ‘resistance’ for a comment he made recently about forcing people to be jabbed. This was out of context…but he switched sides. And listening to a person that in the early days, seemed completely ‘switched on’ became over night an advocate of pushing a pandemic and questioning anyone who disagreed. He was clearly bought too.

I still follow Julia Hartley Brewer on Twitter, and I get the sense from there that actually what she says and does on Radio is a totally different take on her actual beliefs on what is going on. She can get an MP on her show and pull them apart, but when it gets down to the nitty gritty, she lets them off, then finishes that part on Twitter.

Journalism now does not mean what it once did. There seems to be restrictions on where one can report and what one can talk to the public about.

If we had Alex Jones or Stu Peters hosting their shows on Talk Radio or Radio 2…I do believe that the majority of the sheep would have woken up and there would be a mass onslaught of heads rolling in Government… a little interview with Max Igan would have sorted out the Police. Dr Clare Craig would have relieved everyone from the panic of the numbers and stats on catching said disease, Dr Robert Malone, the inventor of mRNA vaccines would have reinforced their unknown long term effects and advise heavily against children getting jabbed, he would not be working on a safer jab for the Indians now . We would then have Dr Peter McCullough advising those who did CHOOSE to take the vaccine (against his advice) about their then ensuing heart problems and Dr Dalores Cahill would be advertising her non jabbed flights for those who don’t believe the bullshit. Dr Reiner Fuellmich would not be heard of as there wouldn’t be any one whistleblowing against the current tyranny, and no law suit of Nuremberg 2 would be on the table. Dr Mike Yeadon would still be doing his consultancy and staying in his safe zone away from the public eye. Dr Carrie Madje wouldn’t even be looking into the links of health versus trans humanism in the the real time of today, having put the vaccines under the microscope.

And yet these people are now very famous.

They are not on main stream TV.

There are many more I have not named. And there are loads, worthy of a mention in this blog post this evening.

But the point is this…there are some great journalists out there that have a nose for what is going on. But those people are not following that instinct that got them to the place they are in today. They are NOT reporting on what matters, taking a story and exploring both sides. They seem to be ‘restricted’ from doing the very job they love and signed up for. I used to own a newspaper and although it was a happy constant promotional piece for the island I lived on, there were occasions when I could have printed damning stuff, that went against the grain of what my newspaper was about…a tourist information and business promoting sheet. As the Editor/owner of that publication I had carte blanche over what went in it and fit the criteria of how we perceived our island to be presented. That is no different to town news or stories presented to the bigger newspapers..they too have an audience and have to fit their stories that will work well to their reader.

Real journalism doest work anymore, because if it did, we wouldn’t be in the middle of a war right now and seriously standing up against our leaders over the next set of impositions they are letting us know about for the foreseeable winter months. A real journalist would be criticising this and then bring other people to the table to search and debate the up coming set of mandates that all news stations would want to cover. Normally.

What we get now is a person that reads off an auto-queue on screen, that same dialogue is shared with the other news stations. Those manicured people didn’t write what they present or have a journalistic opinion..they never researched the story they now portray to the people. Their autocue is their parapet and have no problem reading it out to the millions watching.

Journalism is dead…it doest exist anymore. No Editor wants to take the risk of publicising anything now that doesn’t fit government narrative. Go look up Anna Brees…a very brave lady that said fuck you to being told what she could say and what she couldn’t…she is a journalist and now doing own her thing. But her stories are not being heard on MSM now. She doesn’t fit, her research is something no one wants to touch, yet her version of the now is worth listening to. MSM block what they dont think needs hearing.

All those outcasts I mentioned earlier are the people that need to be heard on MSM….they have an alternate voice to the one we have been subjected to for the last 20 months….they have been silenced from MS media. Any journalist worth its salt right now would be begging for an interview with them….but none of those are knocking on their doors.

Earlier in the year, one famous journalist got suspended from her breakfast show, for breaking the Covid rules on her birthday. She would really attack anyone on her show that was against lock downs and masks, the hypocrisy of her actions led her into the spotlight, she slunk away for a few weeks, then returned to her job. She continues to parrot the narrative which is completely devoid of any journalistic research.

It has become a standard for the news outlets to cherry pick what the public gets to see and hear, and those that report it go home, and seem to sleep at night. They get paid whatever and don’t have to worry about the millions who are losing their jobs over the current set of vaccine mandates. None of the main stream media journalists have spoken up and out, showed any proper research to back up what they spew out. All they have now become is a part of complicit government misinformation propaganda machine.

We are living in 1984!