I put Sky News on this evening, for the first time in months. It lasted all of 5 minutes. I watched in that short space of time, three different presenters explain graphs of hospital intakes, death figures, and increased pressure on the NHS. From my own research and other resources that I follow, this attempt at blatantly using figures to inflate something that cannot be inflated was sickening.

Do they not realise that the longer they keep this scare mongering up whilst patting themselves on their backs by quoting the vaxxed numbers, the two don’t correlate? But their excuse for their graph rise, is the lack of masks, people becoming complacent about hand sanitising and that people have some of their freedoms back to socialise…..all bad in the scheme of things leading up to winter….warning that another lock down will be the key to keep everything under control.

But, let’s go back to last winter when we were all in a lock down. That didn’t curb the infections. And then the miracle was forthcoming with a vaccine. Something that got emergency use authorisation because the ‘pandemic’ was ‘so bad’. Rigorous testing was bypassed with a tiny trial and then launched onto the population with efficacy promises. Other promises came with it, that once the elderly and compromised portion of the public were given the new jabs, we could all go back to normal.

The global post and promises shifted a few times and a year later, when according to the UK government 80% of the population are vaccinated and in Madeira 83% are also….we are being warned (or primed) for more restrictions to come our way for this coming winter.

Now, we have a huge push for a booster shot, because the two previous shots are not enough to see everyone through the winter! Everyone’s lives are still being restricted to varying degrees, depending on which country you live in, but it is the same world wide. We all got conned and Lied to! We are still being lied to, as they try and justify their graphs and numbers of Covid illness, hospitalisations and deaths. Today it was quoted on the news that we have a 14 times increase in the infection rate compared to this time last year. But I don’t get that, because if 80% are vaccinated, then how can we have a 14 times increase in infection? Does the fucking thing work or not?

And if you look at the stats what is even more alarming is the huge numbers of the vaccinated that are in hospital and now account for the vast majority of Covid deaths. Yet, MSM are still pushing this notion that it is the unvaccinated that are causing the problem.

These vaccines were supposed to be ‘safe’ as well as effective..sadly neither statement is true as the number of people becoming seriously ill from having the jab and enduring life threatening conditions when they were perfectly healthy before they got the shot….the internet is filled with videos and pleas from families and individuals who are suffering massive health problems and tragic losses of life…..and yet no one sees this on MSM…not a single story. They started to jab kids at school over the last few weeks and last week 2 kids mysteriously died during half term, from the same school. Both got jabbed the week before. Nothing about this on the news or the many other ‘odd short illnesses’ where kids and adults have suddenly dropped dead or died in their sleep. Reports of Athletes who have had sudden heart attacks… and a few days back a concert in America where it was reported that 8 kids died…what was not reported was that 11 youngsters had heart attacks at that concert…the number of dead is now thought to be 22. This event was open to only double jabbed with passports or showing a negative test..we can all do the math.

So, where is the safety with these shots? And why as they have agreed that kids from the age of 5 and up can now be jabbed would they add an ingredient into their shots to guard against heart attacks? The sad part in this is that those parents that are willingly offering up their kids to this big pharma cult experiment, have no idea what is being injected into their kids.

As to efficacy…the so-called vaccine is supposed to be 95% effective. But effective against what? Ah, well as Blowjob explained yesterday as he was visiting a vaccination centre..it doesn’t stop transmission, nor does it stop a vaccinated person from getting Covid…and that is why you MUST get the booster! OK, so we are now being told that the vaccines wane…and the booster is needed in less than a year of two ‘safe and effective vaccines’ that didn’t protect the person as originally promised. The provaxxers are still bleating about how it stops death or being hospitalised, yet the majority of cases that are in hospital now are the vaxxed! How the hell can anyone not see through this excruciatingly obvious cock up?

And yet the war rages on, the fear about the upcoming ‘dark’ winter ahead…more possible lock downs, vaccine passports and more destruction to our limping and fragile economy. And now we have the added extra doom and gloom of climate change and the crisis our world leaders would have us believe we are in.

It’s almost as if, the Covid con has lost impetus and they have switched to something a little more transparent as the ‘climate’ argument is not as easy or one to prove against the new coming tyranny on that, over a Covid fake pandemic, where vaccines have failed miserably. As those powers and world leaders jetted off in their carbon spewing modes of transport and yet again shat on our doorstep with their flagrant lack of complying to the rules they set upon us….there will be those who will follow this new cult with the same vehemence as they did over Covid.

I can’t help but laugh at some of the claims that have been made over the last week at Cop26….about this bid on becoming carbon net zero…..when right now we have a bloody volcano in the Canary islands spewing that shit out into the atmosphere for the last month, Etna is doing the same and actually there are quite a few of them that have erupted around the world recently…more than usual.

What will they do about the natural force of nature that is supposedly poisoning our planet with something that has been the life blood and brings about change climatically for thousands of years? Will they stick a wedge of graphine oxide in the volcanoes mouth and bung it up?

Which brings me to a book I read that was recommended to me when I was writing another (unfinished novel) that somehow ties again into what is going on now….I wonder if I’m psychic!

The book is called ” The World without us” by Alan Weisman. It is the theory of the Author about what would happen to the planet if humans suddenly ceased to exist over night. The damage we have done to it and how over time it would heal. He talks about what we have created and how many years it takes the earth to digest. nuclear power plants and what would happen when no one is there to man them, rubber tyres and how an enzyme will eventually find its way to rotting it into the soil. Plants species and how they will over run other countries that they were introduced to and what would happen to our domestic pets. Recycling and how to unbuild your house. It was probably the most enlightening and thought provoking book I have ever read in my life and made me see our planet in a totally different light. I also have faith in our planet that in whatever we do to it, it has its own ecological antibiotic…yes we are going through a climate change, but its very natural! I am not poo pooing the idea that we should not be aware and take some responsibility ourselves, but the industry needs to change as well. It won’t whilst they make money and profits. I do my bit to recycle….and there is a lot to recycle! Portugal announced the other day the ban on single use plastics for sale…yet I still see coffee companies selling their one pod coffee shot for their expensive machines….hipocrasy is everywhere and no one will ever tie it down to what is needed…if it actually is.

But I digress…

As we are now in November and the clocks have changed, we still have shorts and T-shirt weather in Madeira, although the evenings are darker earlier and are chillier…wonderful sunset tonight! And yet the doom and gloom of the news over the last few days has sparked a few reactions from the expat and local community…who are advocating for us to lock down again and close our airport. This came about on an island news thread where Covid numbers of infections reached 51 that day…a break down showed that it was mainly from community infection and not from the thousands of tourists that are now once again flying to our shores. Throughout this entire ‘pandemic’ we have so far had 12 thousand cases (PCR or LFT) positives, not backed up by a doctor for the majority…on an island of just under 250,000 people that have millions of visitors a year. The average age of death here is 85….and we’ve only had a handful in the last 19 months. We are now being geared up for curfew again…possible passport access to life and hiked up prices of fuel.

A cruise ship was cancelled for docking yesterday as it was retained in quarantine in the canaries due to an outbreak of Covid on board…a ship that only has fully vaccinated passengers.

Why are we still talking about vaccination? It doesn’t do what the label says it does. The vaccinated have made no gains over this disease and most certainly should not have any privileges over someone who decided not to be jabbed. It would seem from this tilter of the experiment that natural immunity out trumps that of a needle…and to agree to go get a booster after this failed falsified bullshit we have been subjected to…is just amounting to sticking a new plaster over an old wound.

Today in the UK, thousands of care home workers lost their jobs, because they failed to comply to the forced bullshittery. They have my admiration for standing up and being true to themselves. They were the heroes that worked throughout the last 19 months and cared for the elderly and infirm….now they have been shat on.

We live in a unpleasant world of hypocrisy, injustice and deceit…I hope that for every good person out there that sees it for what it is, will join me in an intention. To bring the evil fuckers who are exploiting humanity for self gain down. So, that we can bring some harmony back into our lives again and get the cogs working in a world that we don’t want to change….transhumanism, the internet of things, Meta Universe and vaccines to cure everything using Mrna technology…..I dont want any of that….I grew up in the 70’s and still like to go hug a tree!