I’ve been thinking about a lot of stuff over the last couple of days…and hearing today that Javid the new wankcock has just made it real for all the NHS workers about their bodies and their own personal autonomy…or rather, how they don’t have one now. How fucked we now are. Because, if one is still asleep, they have truly no idea what this means. This isn’t about health…because if it was, that life saving, protecting granny jab, would be mandated and NOW….and NOT in April next year!

Are we in a pandemic? Does health and infections and spreads through one.. wait till next year? Those wonderful people that had to put up with the bullshittery of the last 19 months, who worked throughout and unjabbed, had to reuse PPE, stayed in accommodation away from their families (at the time when little was known about this virus), did everything to keep themselves, their patients and their families safe…have now been shat on. There is no other word for it..other than that. How can this be right? They are now being told they are good to work right now and up until April, unjabbed and throughout the coming winter, where, as we know, it’s the season of respiratory illnesses…yet in April their day to end their careers will come to a finality. And in April suddenly the virus is of most importance, Covid had a word with the health minister and said he was going to retire for the winter, but resume back in April. Government got a heads up.

Yet care homes are hanging by a thread this week, they didn’t get the Covid holiday and heads up that April was when it would resurface again to become a massive life threatening headache to everyone that has contact with people. I still can’t wrap my head around the logic of all of this, can you?

Back in December this year, the UK launched their campaign on Covid vaccinations….and I remind everyone, issued under an emergency authorisation (they are still an EUA and under trial)…two jabs were the prerequisite and promise of life going back to normal for EVERYONE as long as the elderly and the at risk portion of society were taken care of….10 months in, two jabs later and now a booster shot and life is not back to normal….now we are seeing mandated jabs in professions and passports to have freedom. The jabs have not yet been licensed! Yet we are being led by vaccination as the key to normality and most are still buying into this bullshit! Where are peoples brains??????

Masks do not work and are highly ineffective…there are countless studies on this and countless more on their harms to health (that outweigh the viability of wearing one in this current ‘pandemic’ – which has been downgraded to Endemic BTW).

Social distancing, plastic visors at check outs in shops and supermarkets have now been deemed a waste of time,

PCR and Lateral flow tests are faulty and will be ditched by the end of the year because of this.

Spreading a disease without symptoms is a falsehood and not one study shows that anyone has caught a virus from someone else who looks fit and healthy and is a so called asymptomatic carrier.

The vaccines do not stop anyone catching the virus or passing it on. Their viral load is the same (if infected) as an unvaccinated person.

(look up what Vaccine means in a paper version of a dictionary, the term has been changed to fit the current situation).

I did a post a few days ago, about the ‘vaccine’ and does it work or not. But let’s look at the latest topic now that government have decided to force this medical procedure in its people…or they get to lose their jobs!

What is Vaccine Hesitancy?

This is a huge subject and only something that is relevant to me. I would love to engage further with my readers, so if you have something I haven’t mentioned that needs a shoutout, do put it in a comment below.

I see Vaccine hesitancy in many forms:

  • Is there a need to have one? If you look at the statistics from the start of the ‘pandemic’ the average age of death from Covid is in the 80’s group. Despite the vaccination program this age range hasn’t changed.
  • Given that most people now are aware that there is a 99.98% survival rate when one catches the virus, most who are not in their later years of life do not feel that this is a concern.
  • For those that have already survived the virus, have natural immunity and do not feel the need to become vaccinated with something they have already encountered. They have their own natural immunity, which studies show are more useful against resisting the virus again.
  • The question over the 6 month rate of antibody resistance by scientists, that doesn’t stack up against the coercion to get the shots despite having had the virus already. To weigh up their assertion of short term immunity against a jab that now offers no longer term immunity.
  • Coercive tactics that dictate what (un licensed, experimental drug) is required as a prerequisite to maintaining employment, when no previous requirement was needed when the shit hit the fan. Or no previous requisite was needed to continue to work, with out being at risk of catching the Virus or in the future.
  • That a high proportion of society will statistically not catch the virus!
  • Many have allergies and are fearful of having a vaccination because of the health implication
  • The number of adverse reactions that are being reported amongst a previously healthy population. The risk of having an adverse reaction outweighing the risk to catching Covid.
  • The vaccines are still in trials which conclude in 2023…which is still not the time allotted to vaccines being released on the market.
  • The unknowns of future health regarding a new type of vaccine that has never been tested on humans before now. No long term data as there isn’t any.
  • The growing reports, information and data coming to light about what is actually in the vaccines.
  • The reports that the spike proteins injected with the vaccines are now known as toxic substances
  • The controversial blackmail from government insisting they are safe and effective, whilst all the data and info coming out now, shows a very different story to the one being portrayed.

Does anyone work in the health care sector that reads my blog and can share some insights into their journey (anonymously)?

But lets get back to the comment I made earlier ‘How fucked we now are. Because, if one is still asleep, they have truly no idea what this means. This isn’t about health…because if it was, that life saving, protecting granny jab, would be mandated and NOW….and NOT in April next year!’ Where is the ethic, logic and reason in what is going on right now?

We are fucked. Government has made it very clear now that whatever they dictate is not about health. This entire debacle over the NHS has just proved it.

Fucked -is body autonomy …when once the majority give that to our government, we have lost all freedom.

We are being side tracked by getting angry over this, whilst they work on other things that we won’t notice. Cop26 is another shimmy to avert our attention.They dont hide anything for all is in plain sight. The banks are in cahoots over a digital currency, which will be decided…then launched to us as the only way to proceed. While our attention is diverted to the injustices of our basic human rights, they strip away our freedoms under the belt with our money, our businesses and our own powers as free (to a degree) individuals….this is being eroded at an alarming rate and most people are not noticing. What are our world leaders going to dictate to our lives when Cop26 concludes?

Most people think I’m an idiot. Selfish, because I won’t protect granny.. and now talk a lot of rubbish. This saddens me…those who had faith in me when they needed it, now turn their backs. We are in this together, no matter our point of view.

I dont know what the future holds, but I will tell you this….I am NOT investing money into my own future right now, because there is no future vision. And as an empath, this is very troubling. My gut screams everyday because the world has gone so wrong. (I am despairing at the lack of insight from most people who just do not see what is going on and they will become the victims of the tragedy that is to come. This is why I am troubled, why I write my blog, because at 52 years old (yes I know my blog title says 40 something, but I’ve been writing it for years)…I have to say, that as a person that can see ahead and has done for most of my life, I am flummoxed, as I dont see a clear vision in forward time. I’m stuck. There is a cloud I cant see through. People need to wake up.

I don’t have a religion, but I would like to refer to a biblical memory of a story that was something we studied at school. And yes I went to a Catholic school and was taught by some lovely nuns (who would be turning in their graves right now at the pagan path I follow (which incedently predates catholicism and church of England, but might save that for another blog)!….and its about Moses leading the path of the Jews. God parted the sea, so they had safe passage. We have no one, no moses leading the way, because there are some of us needing safe passage. We will need it as we will not go to where our leaders are taking us. And unless there is a massive change in our society of brainwashed, headfucked and sheep…..they will lead us to our doom. My gut is screaming to resist this path!

Whilst we have a voice, which they hate…they will never realise that we did it for us and them! What does freedom mean to you? Because maybe that word doesn’t mean the same for everyone. Maybe that is why the majority seem to accept a path they happily follow without question….I dunno, I am trying to make sense of a fucked up world. I still need to fight.