Why has this not been pulled off the market?

To date, these Covid vaccines have caused more injury and death combined, over all the vaccines that have been administered in the last 30 years. And that’s World wide.

Yet, if I say that to a sheep, they dismiss this bit of information as untrue. As another attempt and forcing conspiracy theory on them. Because if they feel ok, it isn’t true.

But the fact remains, people who thought they were doing the right thing, by following their governments recommendations have had their lives totally changed….that’s if they are the lucky ones, who didn’t suddenly drop dead. Which incidentally is one the side affects listed in the Jab material. You would know this when you gave informed consent to having yours. But for those fortunate to survive death have been seriously maimed and for life. Most have no recourse of action as the issuing drug they received has a get out of jail free card and cannot be held liable for any damages caused. The government want those to jump through hoops to receive paltry one off payouts…they rarely give, as the onus is on the aggrieved to prove that they were harmed by the vaccination.

Find a doctor that will openly admit that their patient was directly harmed by the Covid Vaccine…..they are being manipulated and coerced too…..none of this works if you don’t get the ones that are higher up the scale on board.

And even if you are only a viewer of MSM, do you not wonder about the increased amounts of strokes and heart attacks that have actually got as far as being reported in the news? The number of people who are now dying from a new condition called a ‘short illness’ and youngsters dying in their sleep or dropping dead. Is it a coincidence that this year we have all these unusual fates of death, amongst people that mostly had no previous health problems? But no one dares accredit this to the latest drugs on the market that are being shoved down everyones throats and into their arms to have?

I mentioned in my previous Blog about how Blowjob was at a vaccine centre, speaking on the news, now telling everyone that the two marvellous jabs that were supposed to protect everyone, once they got them, now doesn’t and a booster needs to top the immunity up. The immunity to what? His language use is hilarious as is his hair….it’s a marvellous vaccine and even more spiffing is the booster. Oh and Dame Esther Ransom said that all unvaccinated should be left at home to die..they don’t deserve any treatment.

Someone somewhere said this and it fits the point: And this is off the top of my head paraphrasing: So you want me to take a jab to protect you, to protect you against something you can still catch or pass on. So I am protecting you but you as also protected could give me the virus even though I am protected as well. So I have to get protected to protect you against something neither of us are protected against.

Does that not sum up the fucked up way of the world we live in right now?

But this is serious, because there are now millions out there, that never caught Covid, never had the chance to see if their immune systems would put them into the 99.98% of survivalists, who did as they were told. Or were so scared shitless by their governments lined up on the promise that all would be fine once they had the jab. For those, that jab has cost them their health, their livelihoods, their entire future. They can’t take it back. And no one is there to financially assist in their futures, having caused the harm. The internet is filled with harmed people. MSM ignore and sensor them.

Go look through the news if you can be bothered and see how many small news snippets you find of perfectly healthy people now suddenly suffering heart attacks (lots of athletes are ending their careers if they haven’t already died). Strokes, blood clots, sudden death, seizures, spasms, myocarditis, pleural effusions, confusion in the elderly…..the list is endless!

As the research is ongoing, because everyone who participated in the vaccine program is in a trial…it has now been found that the spike protein, is toxic. That the immune system has been so tampered with, by the nefarious ingredients of the jabs, that the booster now being vehemently pushed ensures that you have an immune system for the next few months, until you need the next one! And I am not talking shit here. There are so many studies out there that are so alarming in the Jekyll and Hyde, Dr Mengele style of experimentations going on, that I am just so frustrated that most is not looking at this stuff. To even mention this is dismissed as misinformation.

The whistleblowers are now coming out, they have nothing to lose as their jobs are compromised and the government has shat on them. There is going to be a lot of ugly truths coming out in the next few months. MSM will be directed to ignore them, but the dissent and voices will get heard.

Can you imagine what would happen, if we could get the MSM to report on the real truths instead of the propaganda they have been directed to pump out? Can you imagine what would happen if people really started to realise they have been mislead, forced to take a drug in their arm that was toxic and that their futures were reliant on how their own bodies would cope with the toxic substances they had been injected with. Can you imagine the disorder of society if there was a sudden realisation that they had been poisoned under a government directive? Sounds alarmingly over the top, doesn’t it.

But this is what this is……

And I am watching this anailhation of our human species being called an antivaxxer, danger to society. An influencer that is touting misinformation. Soon my words will put me in jail as freedom of speech will be a crime. To think differently and not follow a government sanctioned narrative will be seen a domestic terrorism. I’ll be in jail.

And for me, it really is quite unrealistic in that we celebrate remembrance this week, and remember all those soldiers who fought our wars and gave us our freedoms. They had to dodge bullets in those days, those bullets are now needles.

And Piers Morgan on Twitter wrote today:’ Imagine being scared of having a safe, well regulated, 4 second vaccine shot, when previous generations braved gunshots for years on end to save us all from tyranny?’

I dont think Piers Morgan gets the point of freedom or tyranny. Freedom, is a right to choose. A right that each one of us has over our own bodies. Tyranny is when you give that final right away, because once you do that, no-one is ever free. Where is the proof that these shots are safe, well regulated and that getting a 4 second shot is a fight for freedom against tyranny? The man is deluded and has no idea what our ancestors did for humanity and its future. He absolutely has no argument in this when he expects me to.. So you want me to take a jab to protect you, to protect you against something you can still catch or pass on. So I am protecting you but you as also protected could give me the virus even though I am protected as well. So I have to get protected to protect you against something neither of us are protected against.

He had Covid and bleated about how rotten it was, but how wonderful it was having the jab, because he didn’t die. He might well be happy with that as he is an over weight slob and the same age as me……Having had Covid he now has antibodies…natural immunity,,,yet went and got the booster shot.

Look at how many world leaders supposedly caught Covid, before the jabs were even brought out and survived…now pushing a jab telling you it will stop you from hospitalisation and death…yet they didn’t die. That’s a shame in the now grand scheme of things.

I am rambling…because my point of tonights Blog was about the amount of lives that have not been saved by getting a jab against Covid, but one of lives being ruined by being told that they would be saving humanity by doing as their government said. And despite how I feel about the stupidity of people rolling up their sleeves and offering their arms for this, those who were dealt the crap card are the heroes and should be also remembered in this week of remembrance. Despite the fact that this is a trial and the powers that be are ignoring this, those harmed people need to be brought into the forefront this week. For they entered a war they had no idea they were going into and are the casualties of it. We need to acknowledge them. They NEED to be acknowledged!

It was announced today that Austria is now going to embark on a lock down, for the unvaccinated. Netherlands are also returning to a partial lockdown.Blowjob said tonight that it was not unexpected and that UK would likely follow the other countries. So how do you all jabbed up people feel now? You got your freedoms back didn’t you?

You are no different to me.

And let’s see what bullshit tomorrow will bring as Cop26 didn’t reach a conclusion today!