And now for my rant. My line has been crossed.

I am aghast at the lack of anger among the worlds population over what is going on…I am aghast at the lack of action from the population over what is going on. I am aghast that most people do not see what is going on. I am aghast that if they do, no one is doing anything about it.

I am bloody fucking angry that people are NOT bloody fucking angry at what is going on.

I am in the UK and in the last 24 hours the British Government have just had another well orchestrated leak dumped into the media about their mismanagement and mass flout of the ethics, rules and tyranny they imposed on the public whilst they laughed and partied the night away….Instead of the fat, crazy haired womble resigning this evening he dared to extend the news this evening to declare war on the public using the moronic excuse to now dish out passports and threatening to make them mandatory.

We knew it was coming, but how dare he try and do that today!

If any one from this point onwards, participates, complies or advocates this – is a war criminal…will be a willing participant in crimes against humanity and is not welcome at my dinner table.

I cant write this blog tonight as I am so incensed by the bare faced cheek and shock that our government think we are still so stupid to believe that the new scarient is so deadly as to warrant the passport and more restrictions. We watch the news and we listen to what the other scientists say…Omicron is no more harmful than a common cold…yet Twat face Blowjob thinks he can lock us all down again, force us into masks and implement a QR freedom code to live life…because he says its too dangerous to live life normally unless you have been jabbed. Is he not aware of what is going on in Canada and Australia? Would he not be condemning their countries for flouting democracy and governments imposing their will over the tyrannical measures that country has taken currently?

Ask yourself, why hasn’t he?

The monthly Marches and non violent demonstrations haven’t worked in the bid to stop this…we need action, we need to go to war with our governments and take back what they are stealing from us. The lying fucking wanker at number 10 needs to be dragged out of there and publicly hung. The people all around the world need to take out their rotten apples too…..we are at war.

UK has now fallen. Which country is next?