I’ve not been well. I caught Covid and I survived. It’s a flu. Our world has been obliterated and become a dystopian forever nightmare, because of a flu. I am even more aghast now I’ve actually had it.

Mind you, having flouted as many rules as I could get away with over the last 2 years, it has taken 2 years to finally catch it myself. This just confirms the mass hysteria that has been brought about by evil people who are still insisting on creating as much fear and damage to our lives…perpetuated now by the convenient and new non deadly Moronic Strain. How people are still believing in all of this bullshit is frustrating to understand…because I just don’t understand it.

So what is it like to get Covid? well, the one thing I can agree on is, it is unpleasant. I can also see how easy it is to spread, given that when I came down with it, I thought I had the super cold at first, that has been doing its rounds and I thought I caught that cold off my son. I also did a lateral flow test to make sure that I wasn’t coming down with the so called deadly disease, which came back negative and so, I didn’t worry too much about putting myself in to my own quarantine. After all, no one is scared of catching a cold. But the day I came down with it, my father and step mother did too. As we were all huddled up in the living room, identifying with each other at how unwell we felt, whilst monging in front of the TV with our lemsips, we all had completely different symptoms. My dad immediately had the cough which he couldn’t stop, my step mother was just achy with the chills and I could not stop sneezing..the kind that ruptures your ribs and muscles and spews out the germs everywhere. So, we laid around for about a week, eating our vitamins, taking lemsip and sleeping when we could, because night time was the worst…at the end of that week I had a day where I started to feel better, so went down to my son’s for the weekend to see my grandkids, we had dinner out that night, and then the following day I was floored and took root on their sofa. My throat was so swollen and sore, my ears felt as if there was a start of an ear infection, my taste and smell changed (I didn’t lose it, but it was very subdued and an odd sensation and difficult to describe)..but it was the mucus, the over production of it that just flowed to the point I felt like I was drowning in it. I had zero energy and wanted to be sick.

I stayed for 5 days before going back to my parents house and when I got home, my dad was still suffering with exhaustion, the rampant cough and sloping off to bed several times a day…..my symptoms got worse and my watch alerted me to my blood oxygen levels dropping to 90-92% and even though I was able to breath, I wasn’t getting the oxygen and that is the most unpleasant feeling of all. By now I was convinced that it must be Covid, and I had done two more lateral flow tests that came back negative. By the Wednesday I had contacted my doctor as I now knew I had a bacterial infection on top of everything else. My mucus was green and bloody, my throat was raw and swollen and I felt utterly dreadful. Also I now had the dreaded cough. I needed antibiotics.

In the UK we have a method now where you use an online form to get an appointment and it’s called ‘Ask my GP’, so I filled in the request form and outlined my symptoms and declared it was a super cold, now in need of antibiotics as the lateral flow tests were negative. I got a reply. Telling me that I needed to do a PCR test, because the lateral flow test is not designed to give a positive result if you do it with symptoms. Those tests are only designed to pick up asymptomatic infection…in other words only use those if you feel well! I was told a large portion of people in our areas with similar symptoms were coming up negative on the LFT’s but testing positive on PCR. Once I had a result they could discuss treatment options with me. So I was rebutted and told to go away until my test results came back.

I ordered the test online and had it sent to home as I was not up to venturing out to a walk in place. And when it arrived I swabbed my cheek and sent it back. By Thursday evening I was climbing the walls and rang the surgery begging for a prescription. The receptionist again told me, I should wait for the result to come back and call again the following day…my response to her was I hope I don’t suffocate to death during the night!

By Friday lunchtime and with still no test result in sight I was panicking about the approaching weekend, my sister brought her asthma inhaler down to me to see if it would help with my breathing, which it did. I reeled off an angry ‘Ask my GP’ request again, stating how I was being denied any treatment based on the lack of a test result and that I was now facing the weekend and what would be my next option, hospital? I was desperate. Within the hour a doctor called me, apologising profusely and we did an assessment over the phone. He agreed that the symptoms I was having were classic Covid and that I now had a bacterial infection on top of the viral infection. He prescribed me antibiotics and an inhaler, and to call 111 if my symptoms worsened over the weekend. I asked him what the treatment would then be once my result came back and he said there isn’t any, its a matter of time, but at least we are resolving the bacterial part of the illness! He also explained about the lateral flow tests and how they were ‘misunderstood’ that only PCR was the way to test for the infection. My test result came back on the Sunday…and it was negative! (which wasn’t surprising as I didn’t do it properly anyway)!

During that week, my daughter and son in law were also sick, they had travelled back up to Scotland after the family party. They went away for the weekend with friends, and although feeling poorly took lateral flow tests that were negative, so continued with their travel plans. On my advice they went to a walk in and got a PCR test and the following day, their results came back Positive, their friends have now caught the virus!

My sister and nephew who flew over for the family get together also fell ill when they returned to the states…they were told the complete opposite about the LFT tests and because they are negative, do not believe they have it. Yet, we all were together at the same time and then fell ill in the same time line…and now a different set of beliefs on what each of us had, based on tests that are not reliable anyway. Small little disagreements now as to whether we are over reacting and calling it Covid when it was a cold or a simple flu.

Also, this did not discriminate on who caught it…based on being jabbed. I am unjabbed (also have late stage Lyme Disease, so I do have an underlying condition), my dad has been triple jabbed and my step mother double jabbed. She got away very lightly. My daughter is unjabbed like me, her husband jabbed and he was sicker than she was. My American sister is also jabbed and so is my 5 year old nephew, yet they returned home taking it with them. We were all ill and some of us had a totally different set of symptoms. My daughter like me, thought we had a very bad cold to start with and a week into that suddenly it hit.

But for me having had flu, at varying stages of my life, the drowning in mucus and the difficulty in getting enough oxygen when breathing was something I have not experienced before and that was very unpleasant. It’s been 3 weeks since I came down with this and although on the mend am still experiencing the coughing fits, extra mucus production and fatigue. It’s doing the rounds with others I know…and no one so far has been hospitalised.

But for me and some of the other members of my family, we are now relieved to have had it, as this for us means we have natural immunity…the best kind. My daughter’s other grandad asked her if now she would see sense to go and get vaccinated….I am so proud of her as she replied, erm, the complete opposite, why would I need it now?!

I got asked the other day if I had the Moronic strain…..I have no idea and I don’t care either, as it really doesn’t matter. You either catch this thing or you don’t. And if you do, you hunker down, take the over the counter medications to relieve your symptoms and then only call on medical assistance if you need it. This massive assumption and fear that to catch this is instant death..is ridiculous. It is a flu, but the fear of catching it has gripped the world and created mass hysteria over something that still has a 99.98% chance of survival, that still kill on average the over 80 year olds and upwards, (those with comorbidities)…even with the mass campaigns, bribes, coercion and fear tactics and staggering numbers of the jabbed…haven’t changed those statistics. The numbers have not improved.

And two years in, we are being denied our freedoms, unable to travel, told to keep testing, mandated to wear face nappies and now have a health passport to participate in anything that is remotely fun. We are now being pushed into boosters to save lives and protect everyone else. Kids are being jabbed as young as 5 to save grannies life. Yet the stats haven’t changed….99.98% survival rate, 80+ with other conditions are the average age of death. How the fuck did we get to this?

Last night, Alburquerque, the dictator in Madeira has now threatened to fine people for not wearing their face nappy in the street. To go look at the Christmas lights in Funchal, parts of it are cordoned off so that only those with a health passport and a negative test can have have access go see them. France have now decided that no one from the UK vaccinated or not can enter their country. In wales on Boxing day all Nightclubs are being forced to close. In Norway they have banned alcohol sales and in Canada citizens are being denied access to groceries unless they are double jabbed. In India it is now coming out at the alarming situation of the rise in heart attacks and blood clots…

Dr Robert Malone, the inventor of MRNA vaccines has put out a statement to the world asking every parent to understand the severe risks of vaccinating their children before they allow their 5 year old to have a jab that is irreversible. This is being censored. There are demands from all over the world to revoke the vaccination program as the numbers of adverse reactions and deaths are at critical levels….all being ignored.

And whilst our wanky Womble dictator in the UK refuses to answer to the parties at downing street during the lockdowns he demanded…has now thrown everyone who has any other illness under the bus. Doctors are now to stop seeing patients and concentrate on getting the Boosters done by January. And for everyone of those idiots who line up to get it have just potentially killed another human being, by not having their cancer treatment or life saving medication because they weren’t seen by a doctor when they get ill. A booster jab is far more important than any thing else.

I write my blogs in disbelief that I am writing them most of the time, as the surreal reality of a majority of the human race have completely lost the plot. That I am selfish for wanting to look after my own health and make my own decisions about it. But to me, the selfishness is those who believe that they must rush to save their own lives first and kick the really ill people to the curb so they don’t become ill themselves….and will do the same when it comes to their 4th, 5th and 10th booster. And after all of those still believe that an unjabbed person is still the problem, to them! That governments around the world are responsible for the upcoming surge of truly tragic losses of life…the inevitable expectation of the body bags that will be lining up as promised when this hysterical bullshit was launched on the world. But the body bags won’t be filled with dead Covid victims…they will be occupied by the vaccinated, the cancers that have robbed people of their lives and a myriad of other health conditions that didn’t get treated because of this farce.

They have blood on their hands and the only way to stop this now is to stop listening to their crap, to stop complying to their bullshit mandates, to stop believing that the flu will kill you, to stop being scared of breaking the rules. To stop being a sheep because it is easier to be one. To stop believing that if you do everything you are told, we can go back to normal. How has that worked for you so far?

It’s time to take back your life and take control of it and defy the nutters who are trying to ruin it. If everyone did that, we would stamp this out by Christmas. But sadly no one has the guts to say no.

Everyone believes that there will be another lockdown as soon as Christmas is over….how many will comply to this one and allow their businesses to be be taken away and ruined for good? What is it going to take for people to get mad and see through the psychological abuse that has been forced upon everyone for 24 long months. When are people going to realise as each country imposes the exact same tyranny that it is coming for us too? That tyranny already presented itself with the passports being passed in parliament last week…..

Once those bodies bags start lining up, it will be too late.