It’s been 3 months since I last wrote (or ranted to be more honest), I have just not had the energy to share my thoughts as the world continues to descend into some form of deranged, woke, propaganda stage with a massive dose of Hypocrisy. If anyone is still sane after the last 2 years, then you can’t be human! I keep being told that we should be grateful for living through and witnessing the biggest change the World is going through…..really? I am not grateful at all, censorship is getting worse and those who are in power over us muggles are rewriting laws, stamping on our fundamental human rights and changing everything we thought was normal.

I am back in Madeira, and still forced to wear a face nappy in shops, restaurants, bars and the supermarket. Only next week will we be allowed to breath fresh air without wearing one outdoors. I still see people standing alone at bus stops wearing one, driving their cars alone and walking along empty streets…the brainwashed here, will never give them up. Already people are moaning about relaxing the rules for wearing them outside. But I do see more and more Madeirans waking up,(mainly because they are fed up and see other countries without restrictions) even so, it is encouraging…but its not enough as no one here dares stand up to the government. When I have to go out (shopping) I wear a piece of mesh, it has little diamanté’s on the front, you can see me smile, can hear me talk while I gloat at the fact that I can actually breath, whilst abiding to the rules of a face covering, but no one said what it had to consist of. I get funny looks as people stare at it, trying to work out what type of mask it is….and I gloat back. It also has its perk of repelling anyone from coming near me with it on. I don’t want to talk to anybody whilst I am in such a bad mood and resentful at our forced muzzling, venturing out to be amongst sheep.

A lot has happened in 3 months since I wrote something, and all now old news, forgotten, dumbed down; now we have a new propaganda theme to keep everyone in fear. A new thing to blame on future food shortages, steep fuel rises and increasing inflation. Covid is old news- the latest cult is now the conflict in Ukraine and Russia. We seemed to have leapt out of one pot of ridiculousness and straight in to another and at such a convenient time. Whilst the Covid narrative was severely compromised, it had to be replaced with something with a little more punch, like a war.

In a mere matter of a few weeks, Covid no longer dominates the news. Blow job and his party gate situation has been forgotten and Pfizer released the first part of their reports, which they tried to bury for 75 years. The first instalment of many is so damning that with 8 and a half pages of severe and life threatening adverse reactions and clear proof that the trials were not conducted properly, along with the known dangers and falsified efficacy of the vaccines, governments around the World have committed democide with their mandates, coercion and blackmail into getting everyone jabbed. Not one single MSM outlet has touched it, no one is asking any questions, the War in Ukraine is getting ALL the attention now.

Apart from…a small snippet in the news yesterday warning about a new scariant. A rise in infections all of a sudden and China locking down a city today. It almost seems like MSM time this, so that when the masses are so absorbed in the new fear (war) and new threats to health (nuclear or bio labs) the subliminal patterns of suggestion are there in the back ground. But the messaging also changes to suit the given threat, fuel costs are rising because of the war, food prices will rise and there will be shortages, because of the war, cyber attacks are more likely, because of the war. The economy will collapse and inflation will rise, because of the war. Do they think we are stupid and have forgotten those same threats and causes were only a few weeks ago being blamed on Covid? I remember over a year ago reading about how farmers were being paid to destroy their crops. That lockdowns meant there was not enough labour to go pick the crops, that we would be facing food shortages later on as we were already using stockpiles from the time before Covid became the hot topic. The fuel hikes had already started before the Russian invasion.

But what gets me is the virtue signalling. And before I get slated by anyone who reads this and is publicly showing their support for Ukraine by adopting the colours of their flags on their profiles, donating money to the millions of go fund me’s, and slams anybody who doesn’t support them, then don’t bother reading any further. You are virtue signalling, and are taking sides on an argument that has nothing to do with you. You have been told by your government who to support and brainwashed into believing only one side of a very complicated and ugly story about a country. Don’t get me wrong, I am against war of any kind, but there are so many other countries around the World that are at war. No one bats an eyelash over those, we didn’t react to all the others, like we have this one. The others have just slipped into forgotten land.

And as I don’t know enough about the history and foibles over the spats between Russia or the Ukraine, I won’t take a side. I also won’t call Putin mad either, as I don’t know him. And if I were to take a side, I would want to have both sides of the argument presented to me. We can’t have that as anything out of Russia is censored, MSM skew anything he says that they allow to be presented on the news and the narrative yet again is spewed out in one direction….to take a side of the Ukraine. I find it very suspicious of what we are being fed in the way of news, seeing fake footage on TV, regurgitated images of previous wars designed to gain sympathy from the public over this one, and the mentality of ‘poking the bear’ all very worriesome.

In short, after the last 2 years of lies, falsehoods, broken promises and outright propaganda over Covid, I do not believe anything I see in the news or on the current MSM channels. If they can lie back then, what makes you think they are presenting the truth now?

Hypocrisy is once again at the forefront, and no one questions it. I watched the House of Commons a few days ago which was bursting at the seams on the day that Zelensky did his shakespearean video address that got a standing ovation and labelled him as a new ‘Churchill’. I was gobsmacked and very angry as the day before an MP was addressing the assembly over the Pfizer report, the plight of the thousands of Vaccine injured and deaths and the lack of financial support for those whose lives had been ruined. The House of Commons was practically empty, his address fell on deaf ears and boos replaced the cheers that were to come the following day. Trudeau met with the Queen…..that to me, after what he did to the truckers in freezing their bank accounts and anyone else’s who supported them, Taking the millions from Go fund me and other fund raisers to cut their financial support…a movement that were fighting for freedom and democracy ….a slap in the face. These people will only support freedom and democracy if it suits their agenda. They have no idea or interest in real people….us, the muggles.

And now we have the UK government offering a monthly payment of 350 quid as a thank you to anyone willing to offer up their spare bedroom to a displaced Ukrainian. Not only have they pledged millions of tax payers money to pay for that side of the war, sending weapons to help in the fight and allow a flood of people from there into the UK…where is all the money coming from? And why didn’t they do this for all those poor souls in Afghanistan recently when the Taliban took over the country and all the others that are still at war now. And how is this going to work…have all those people who only a month ago who still shunned and vilified the unvaccinated suddenly find it ok to share their home with someone who isn’t? According to the stats, the Ukraines have only 35% of the population vaccinated. The entry rules of testing have been dropped specifically for them, and now the sheep will forget their fear of the unvaccinated because the government will tell them to do so.

Only Yesterday someone posted about a Russian Oligarch on Facebook, as the story was about this guy arriving in Madeira on his super yacht. The vitriolic comments about this person and how he should be strung up and slain along with his luxury toy should be confiscated was utterly abhorrent. The level of hate towards someone they didn’t know, who had money and was of a certain nationality, gave them the right to slew out hate speech. Much the same as I got when I aired my opinion about Covid two years ago! I made the mistake of saying I felt sorry for the guy, and one chap in caps wrote a scathing reply at my stupidity.

But it does and should make you think about our countries that are imposing these types of sanctions on specific targets because of where they are from. Yes, there is a war, but to me, it seems a bit fruitless imposing sanctions on folk just because they are associated. I know the trolls will try to educate me about their connections and supposed wealth brought about by money laundering etc but ignore all of that, see past that, because I see through this in another way. Our governments are ganging up on one country and trying to destroy it from the inside. By cutting them off from the outside, censoring them, companies with drawing their services in the country itself, freezing bank accounts and assets to anyone who isn’t in that country and halting the flow of money into and out of via the banks…who is it that suffers? The normal, everyday people suffer…the government doesn’t. It wasn’t so long ago when we were in a lock down and banned from seeing family, friends, loved ones in hospitals and homes. Having a few friends round for a drink was a crime along with sitting on a park bench with someone who was not in your circle…yet the people that ran our country had parties, were able to have affairs, drink after work in their own pub that stayed open while all of ours were forced to shut. We were forced to comply with their rules, they took our lives away, put us under house arrest and destroyed our businesses…..yet all those in government carried on as usual and do not seem to have suffered the same losses that we have. And this is what will happen in Russia. Do our governments care about us? Of course not…..they were complicit in the execution of the biggest fraud on humanity, are responsible for the deaths of the elderly who were murdered with Madazolam in the care homes, denying life saving, cheap medication for the treatment of Covid and blackmailing the public into getting an untested experimental shot that has now been proven to be the opposite of Safe or effective…not to mention the mass in crease in suicides and people who will die from the lack of health care, screening, treatments and more jab related problems. We have been run and controlled by a bunch of psychopaths and even more alarmingly are now in control of pushing us into a full blown war!

Can I opt out of this please?

Is there anywhere in the World I can run to where I can just live a simple life, with out the bullshit, wokery, corruption and a body of people telling me how I must think, speak and behave? Somewhere that has human beings that don’t turn nasty on you when you don’t agree, that conversation is a delight discussing different opinions, that end in a deeper friendship and understanding. A place where everyone’s voice counts…a real democracy.

But I am dreaming because now I am in my early 50’s I now get it. It is a fallacy that we are free, that when we are born we have a right to freedom. We don’t, we never did. And when our governments took our freedoms away with lockdowns, we complied. We moaned about it. We even did demonstrations every week, there were rally’s and convoys…but no one listened. No government gave in and did what the people wanted. We are not free and what small vestiges of what we consider freedom are being ripped from us while this war averts our attention.

If Trudeau can get away with siphoning and blocking money from a freedom support group, freeze bank accounts to those who ask for their freedoms back….if Europe can impose sanctions by confiscating rich mens toys, Netflix cancelling viewing and big name companies refusing to serve Russian people burgers and coke…then we are easy pickings as the little man for when we next decide to disagree with a sanction brought about on us in the future…. all in the name of the greater good.

I truly feel sorry for the Russian people, as well as the Ukrainians. They are both collateral losses in a war that is not just about guns and bombs. I feel sorry for us all, who have a voice and can’t be heard. That see a way in which our governments have failed us and have done for years….a corrupt and flawed system that has us all by the balls with no where to run to and no alternative if we want out.

Is this a great time to be alive? fuck no….I would rather be an Egyptian lugging a 10 ton lump of rock up into a pyramid than be witness to the next stage of fuckwittery our governments are up to with the World….it’s going to hell in a basket and there is nothing we can do to stop it!