I was thinking today, about the value of a human life. And how it comes down to perception. If you have a diamond ring or a gold coin, it has a value that changes according to the market. It’s a commodity that can either gain in value or not, depending on the abundance of all things economically. Now I am just a normal regular ant in the army of the ant farm, so what do I know? But, things of value do go up and down in price, currencies (when we weren’t all in the Euro), oil, gas and the stuff that runs our cars. All rise and fall in price with inflation. Now food, fertiliser, bog roll and normal everyday needs that we have taken for granted will most likely become unaffordable to most….maybe that diamond ring will become a negotiating chip in the not too distant future to buy a few bags of flour, when the stuff runs out!

So, we are all worrying about what the future holds for us, as we are being repeatedly told on MSM that the war in the Ukraine is damaging the World supply of stuff. And because the demand is so great, the price is rising and is continuing to rise. But what I really don’t understand is how one country can be blamed for all the incoming doom we are supposed to face, especially as the last two years have disrupted supplies, economic growth, and basically stalled a machine that tinkered along so that we got all the stuff that dreams were made of, if you could afford it, and if you couldn’t, the credit line allowed one to live beyond their means…and indefinitely.

But we are being told, that the machine is grinding to a halt. The mechanics (government are doing their maintenance and flying all over the place to secure new parts to get the very old system cranked up and working again). Boris was in Saudi today, negotiating a new oil deal.

There is so much talk about a New World Order, One World government, Cashless Society and an integrated Global ID system that would take us into the arms of the Chinese Social Credit Score system…the ‘YOU WILL OWN NOTHING, BUT BE HAPPY’ rhetoric and ‘the new normal’, complete with trans humanism and a chip implant. Oh I forgot, the mass plan from WEF (World Economic Forum) of a depopulation agenda, because there are far too many useless eaters walking and shitting on planet earth.

Oh, and I forgot Climate change. But thats a chat to have in another 10 years time.

But what are YOU worth? How do we value us? I am not talking about what you have achieved through your lifetime or the wealth you have or have not accumulated to make you have the life you live. But what makes one life worth more than another? Is it social standing? Is it politics and being in charge of an ant hill..is it wealth or a standing in community? Where do we value what life means… are we acceptable collateral damage in a war for example, over saving someone in it, from being captured, tortured and then possibly murdered because of who they are….?

‘All pigs are equal, but some pigs are more equal than others.’

But I suppose what I am trying to articulate is, from my rambling thoughts of looking at a broken world that for some reason worked, reasonably well until Covid hit…that the other side of the above abomination is this thing called a ‘Spiritual Awakening’…and that is a roller coaster of ugliness that most perceive as this hippy dippy love and light stuff, where those who are awakened do yoga, are at one with themselves, chant, bong the sound bowl, meditate into a higher consciousness, sing Kum by Ya and hug trees. I can tell you, it aint any of that…its a fucking hard road to go down, to realise that you as a person has absolutely no value at all in that grand scheme of a New World Order, or for that matter the nicely oiled cog you once rode as a fuckwit that had no real clue about life. Ensconsed in a cushy false comfort zone of gadgets and things. Being completely ignorant to how that cog your on works, and never ever conceive a thought that it could at some point break down. Waking up to the ugly world that we actually live in where a diamond ring or a gold coin (or even a bag of flour in the future) could actually be the death of you, to someone else that covets what you have to make their world continue. This is now the real potential world in which we live….waking up to this is depressing and once you start to see it, no matter how much you try, one cannot unsee it.

But I do need to ask the question….why is a Ukranian life worth more than an Afgan life or that of a person from Libya or any other country that is still undergoing a war? Why has the collaborative effort of the EU accelerated and expedited en masse to extract those people from a war zone some two weeks in its infancy?

Who decided that they should be the people that should be saved..what was the criteria in which made that decision? Why are the public in the UK being asked to give up their spare rooms to house a refugee…this is a first, what makes this situation so special?

How does a refugee on a dinghy making that life threatening trip across the channel be a different type of person to help…that our government houses in hotels without asking us to give them a home. Is their life worth any less? And what about our homeless, veterans and the hordes of displaced in our own streets that were never offered this…is their life worth less?

But it’s ok to skip over all of those that have got problems, didn’t get a break or weren’t worthy of help or came from another country that has no value to treat those of no value with no value.

So, does this mean that we rate a human life according to the country they come from and that right now the scale has Ukraine as Number one on the list to be told that its ok to help your fellow neighbour cos they are on that one, but if you are from Russia, there is no hope at all…they won’t get put up in a fancy hotel unless they travel here in a dingy and pretend to be from anywhere else but there.

Hypocrisy doesn’t just extend to the government….normal people have it too. And the value of life is not only subjective as to the country of favour but also akin to the predjudice of the current narrative. So in short, You and me have no value other than that of the diamond ring or gold coin. We are a commodity that is marketed in the economy of things. We may find our peace in our own reflection at times through individual enlightenment, but until we form a unity and fight for individual autonomy….we will never ascend to a flying ant.

But maybe some of us were never designed to fly………