Over the last 2 years, I have been banging on to everyone about impending food shortages. I spoke to my children, my parents and friends who all thought I was crazy. While I was ‘stuck’ in the UK for 6 months last year, I stocked up on pasta, rice, lentils and tins and when I left, gave it to my family members. When I was in the Uk in November last year (and got stuck again as I caught Covid) I purchased a food dehydrator and bought one for my sister. I had hoped that by using this there – inspired them to look into the future that I could see. I brought mine back to Madeira in the end as it wasn’t going to get used (they still thought I was crazy), but my sister has been using hers…so at least I inspired someone in the family!

So it is no surprise to me, that Governments around the World are now talking about food shortages. Of course they are now conveniently blaming this on the Russia/Ukraine situation. And this is another one of their blatant lies. We were already heading for shortages as the food supply chain had already been compromised with the radical Covid measures. Harsh Lock downs that went on for months, ridiculous new rules that made no sense, small and medium businesses going bust. The cogs were shut down in the enormous machine that makes the world as we know it go round. And now, some of them are broken and beyond repair. In that first year of the Covid madness, I was already reading about how farmers were struggling. Lockdowns meant no land workers to pick crops, farmers were being paid to destroy them. Milk was being dumped and new crops were not being planted. By year two, I read that we were on the reserves of supplies, because of the catastrophic effect of the previous year. Already the damage had been done and the inevitable ensuing food shortages were going to come. But when I spoke about this, yet again I was deemed as a conspiracy theorist, doom monger, tin foil hat wearer that was talking shit. So I shut up!

Now, I did catch Covid and haven’t told this part in my Blog, because when I got back to Madeira, I was struggling to write anything. So to recap, I caught the Flu at the end of November. I was really ill with it for 3 weeks and because it went to my chest, I struggled with my blood oxygen levels and had the most horrendous cough. I was given 3 courses of antibiotics and my doctor was convinced I had Covid, even though the tests came back negative. I stayed for Christmas as there was no point in coming home and of course I loved that extra time with my family. But on New Years Eve, I wasn’t feeling so great. On New Years Day, I went out for a meal with my son, daughter in law and grandchildren, we had a few drinks and got a cab home. The following day I woke up with the worst hangover I’d ever experienced. My head felt like it was going to burst out of my brain and my eyes hurt to be open. I stayed in bed to sleep it off, but by the afternoon I started to wonder if it really was a hangover. It didn’t feel like a Lyme relapse either, so I took a test and instantly it came up as positive. There was no waiting for half an hour as it went directly to the double line. My son and daughter in law freaked out. So I took two more tests from two totally different boxes and all did the same. The family cog had now stopped working as my kids employers now refused them to go to work because of me, and we were all confined to the house for the next 10 days. I felt awful having brought the virus into their home and then infecting them. But for what it was, and for one day I got the cough and thought my lungs were going to exit out of my mouth, I was done with it in 4 days. My bout of flu was a million times worse than my experience of catching Covid. Incidentally my son had to take a PCR test for work and although he was well, that came back positive, he eventually had mild symptoms and when my daughter in law eventually tested positive (7 days after us) she just had a weird metallic taste in her mouth. So all in all, our experience of this super deadly, scary, rebranded flu left us wondering why they shut the entire world down for this! My grandkids continued with their schooling as normal and no one was any the wiser!

But, on day 7 I ventured out to the supermarket and couldn’t help but observe the colossal space, the workings of it, the people that shopped, stocked and made that cog work. And all the time, all I could think about was the awful prospect of this safe space to buy groceries and sundries, would eventually become a place of panic, disorder and chaos when the shelves eventually start to become empty. I could literally see it in my head as I walked around picking up a few supplies. The area in which my Son lives is very built up, surrounded by housing estates and the town he lives in spralls into the next one and so on. He lives on the Coast. It is packed with houses and people, supermarkets, superstores and industrial spaces. Built up with little green spaces, it is affluent and packed shoulder to shoulder with people. When those supermarket shelves start to thin, there is literally no where to go to for supplies. Modern houses are built shoulder to shoulder with postage stamp size gardens. I can’t recall ever driving past any allotments and the only green spaces are the parks. I can’t help but worry (actually I am terrified) about what my kids will do when the food really does start to run out and the supermarket becomes that place of dangerous life threatening panic when people realise far too late. (Only this time you can forget the Bog roll, because no one can eat that)!

Those who panic are the first to die.

Yes, this is a morbid blog post…but I need to write it, because it is coming. An apocalypse was always on the cards, but hungry people can be more dangerous than a zombie. Food is the ultimate weapon. Take that away from the people and you have a real war. Hunger will bring out the ugly in most, as the instinct for survival kicks in. If you live in a city and the shelves at your local supermarket are bare, what do you do? Most will stick their last pound into the gas tank and travel to the suburbs, but when those shelves are also empty? What happens then? It is theorised that most people have about one weeks worth of food in their fridges and on their shelves at any given time. Having an abundance of food stuffs, daily fresh produce and supersized supermarkets stocked to the hilt, getting absolutely anything one could want has made us dependant, lazy and blasé about where it comes from or how it gets there. It wasn’t like this during WW2 and we are heading back to that era with what is to come.

And you are reading this, probably with a little scepticism, thinking I am panicking about something that Governements wouldn’t possibly allow. Because they look after us, after all isn’t that what we elected them to do? Yet our governments, took our freedoms away on a false and over reacted to pandemic. Shoved needles into people arms threatening them with their jobs, lack of travel with something that was highly experimental, that has now been proven to be incredibly dangerous. They killed more people over their policies and rules than the virus ever did and have now taken us into a war. They are spending our hard earned money on sending weapons to kill more people, printing more money to pay for it, focussing more on climate change and forcing us to go along with it by making more rules on a something we never had a say in. Changing our human rights and taking away our freedom of speech. They have decided that biological men and women are a fairy tale, that our species is going to become transgender and acceptable as norm, same as white people now have no identity because it is all about colour inclusion. You can go to the pub now and have a plough person lunch!

What the Fuckety fuck fuck went wrong with us?

Where is Government sorting out the fucking food crisis?

That ship sailed long ago. Only no one saw it, but for the conspiracy theorist, tin foil hat, doom sayers. I caught on late in life, but I now get it and I decided back in 2019 that I needed to look after me, my family and those close to me wherever I was. And all I could see was that Government (whatever country you are in) are not incompetant, even if it appears so. This has been by design, a plan and I am now more convinced than ever…I had doubts, but now I don’t.

So, while you are side tracked by the war, the newly growing stats of rising Covid cases, people now declaring that they have caught Covid for a third time (because we can’t possibly have natural immunity), advice and push for the 4th booster (because you didn’t damn well die with the previous three), but the stress of upcoming food shortages will kill a few more with heart attacks and strokes which is nothing to do with the jab….food shortages are imminent and if you don’t want a heart attack, then you’d better start prepping NOW!

Avian flu is now apparently at epidemic proportions…PCR testing used to slay massive flocks of birds and has now created a European egg shortage. Free range hens no longer exist in the UK. Swine flu is now the latest crisis and pigs all over the world are being slaughtered. Grains and wheat are not being exported from the countries we get our supplies from, Hungary is the latest country to ban exports. Ukraine is of course the biggest exporter and now the war has halted that avenue. You would think that Europe would be wanting to bring it to an end very quickly instead of consistently poking the bear to keep it going! But that’s ok as they have another plan, to feed us insects.

But before we get there, we have to go through the plan that has already been laid out, and it won’t be so dissimilar to how it worked during World War 2. My theory is this: Biden has already warned the Americans of the impending food shortages. Anyone who has been following the alternative strings of non MSM will also be up to speed and will have taken steps to avoid the panic (it’s called prepping BTW). Blow job will make one of his speeches in the coming weeks, blaming the war and people will go out and panic buy. He will then step up with a plan “to build back better” and that will be some kind of food voucher. This is effectively a soft approach to rationing. It makes me cringe when Sunak recently did his budget and previously gave everyone a ‘voucher’ to use for the council tax..that would be repaid later on. This is to dumb everyone into the use of credit. Instead of just slashing the ruddy tax, they keep it and you are permanently in debt. But supposedly grateful for the ‘help’. But note, not one government around the world has advised anyone to make any space they have to start growing their own food. Use your windowsill or repurpose your garden to get growing. Instead we are being told that growing stuff is dangerous and god forbid you use a seed you saved from that pepper you just cut for your salad….that is a no no! There is no community push, to get together and create a world in which to survive on that level. Everything is being directed to ‘THEM’ and tow their line and you will be ok.

Having already destroyed community spirit, divided families, upended friendships because of Covid, having already divided society, means that togetherness in love and war has already been broken down and achieved. It is now time for our rotton governments and leaders to suddenly care and make it all better. AM I CYNICAL? no! I’m a realist.

And hey presto, the digital pass enters, yet again. It was tested with Covid…and whilst most look at it as a failure, it most certainly wasn’t. Because so many sheep blindly and happily complied when they feared the virus, thinking they were safe having been injected with an experimental concoction and thought they had their lives back….for a very short period of time, before it fell apart. But. That test worked. It also succeeded in more community division and has implanted an idea that is simplistic and certainly when food gets short, they will happily log in to their already prepared passport to get their food allowance, because the new fear is to starve!

And it is that passport that will become the new way to shop for basics. World War 2 didn’t have the digital age we have now, as paper is obsolete and prone to falsifying easily. How many of you drove a car with a photocopied car tax disk in the 80’s when the colour printer came out? I did!

With the digital age comes a tightened up way to get around things, that most of us are flummoxed by. It’s getting to the point now that one cannot flout the rules by skirting around them. With Digital passes and ID’s we are locked into a system, one that controls us and what we do. Follows our moves and has no anonymity. Take food away and you are forced to join that system. You give consent when you want to eat. What choice will you have, when the supermarket shelves run dry?

But now is the time to start mending those broken relationships driven by the divide over Covid. We need each other, we need community and we need to start looking at the art of feeding ourselves and becoming more self sufficient. Turn that postage stamp garden into a field of potatoes and encourage your neighbour to turn theirs into a chicken coop. Get people together and work out how, you are going to ride through this WITHOUT a hand out from the upper rotten powers who are forcing you into this. They got us into this mess…but they aint gonna get us out!

If we want to stop this progression to the digital transhumism internet of all things, come digital ID, social credit score, come ‘you will own nothing and be happy’ come moneyless society…..now they take the food away, this is the time to say NO. We have to go back to basics and learn to support ourselves. The more we do that, the less we need for Government. Who needs an electric car, when you have all the abundance you need at home.

And if you haven’t already…start PREPPING NOW!