Short post tonight..been out to dinner (which is now a rare occurrence, but friends (ex hubby’s cousin and wife made a last minute vacation and surprised me with..we are here, are you free!).

And a lot happened today in the news that was great fodder (or not for my dinner pals, but they have known me for years and yawn when I get into ranty mode)…because in my 30 minute car journey from the point of the island I live in to get to town to meet them, I had ‘Talk Radio’ on in the car. And as I reached Funchal, Blow job made a speech. Before I left, those wankery idiots that run the gluberment were screeching for his resignation, now that he, his wife and slippery Sunak had been issued fines for breaking lock down rules. Sturgeon and Starmer were demanding it……the chatter was to get a get together in the house of commons and issue a vote of no confidence and order the potato in a wig to leave. And although I was dancing around at lunchtime delighted by the news that he had been fined and now this was the final push that was going to get rid of this bumbling idiot that embarked on the most embarrassing kiss arsing visit to Ukraine the other the middle of a (what we are led to believe a war zone) in a blue suit complete with tie, taking photos and licking Zalensky’s arse. Watching that photo shoot, propaganda piece of shit was so amateur, that I cant take anyone seriously now who thinks he went there, promised to provide more lethal weapons for his cause and people think that is great. Not one of them are addressing the fact that there is a faction within that country who are operating outside of the humanitarian rules, using their own people as shields and deliberately sabotaging the situation.

But I digress, because no what matter what I think or how I judge or see in my own view about that, there is a point at which we must cantor what is true and what is right. And that is this: A leader of a country that set a precedence of rules and law for their country…and then totally disregarded it themselves.

We are taught and led by example.

But when a rule maker flouts their own rules and it is made public and further more caught out….then the honourable thing in this situation is to bow out. Go. Fuck off.

But instead of that, we get a statement that cut the program of a ‘he’s paid his fine’, he still didn’t think he broke his own law’ he was busy on his birthday, others made him break the law because they wanted to wish him a happy birthday, and he will still continue to commit to the plan to build back better and see Putin to his ruin.

I nearly crashed my car.

A few weeks ago I reached my 53rd birthday. `I have never in my life been interested in politics and I am ashamed that in the last 23 years of living in Madeira, I quite happily had my head in the sand and ignored all the World shit now I was on an island. I am aghast at my chosen ignorance for all those years and naivety, because as long as I made my world go round, I didn’t much care or notice how the world actually worked. And it wasn’t until Covid and the so many wrongs with that, that made me sit up and take notice and all of a sudden and then I had a rude awakening and a lot of catching up to do.

And part of that waking up is when you have lived 53 years of your life and for that most part taking decisions on a day to day on your own merit…after your parents who controlled that part until you left the nest. For a large part of us our parents are still there that are in the wings and will come when summoned, often seeing before you do that they are needed and will step in and help. For those that don’t have parents around, is that now what the government are there for, to ensure that society functions and within the realms there are certain entities that provide help, support and credit to those who need it?

But 51 years into my life suddenly the government (in Madeira as well) became our parents and it didn’t matter what age you were…we were told to behave like children, we were shut down, curfewed, told to wear muzzles and act like we already had the virus. Weren’t allowed to socialise and were basically grounded – For being a threat to everyone else. Yet we got a lame excuse today from the man that stood by the corrupt and very wrong advisers with SAGE, went against the pandemic plan that had been written and advised by previous governments, pushed a dodgy life altering and in some huge cases deadly medicine, spending shit loads of public money on dodgy PPE gear, spending shit loads of money on a daft app, printed money to make it work, destroyed the economy…….took us into war with Russia and kiss licking anything that makes him look grand. He had a birthday and has justified having a few friends around for 10 minutes, paying his 50 quid fine and we should all go away and forget about it.

But deliver the English people his commitment to strengthen the economy (How? we are facing a global famine…has he mentioned that yet?) and defeat Putin (yes, let him poke the bear, spend more money we dont have by sending more weapons to kill more people), that end up on eBay where the Nazi Azov’s trade in our weapons for cash. What a fucking muppet.

And he has the ordacity to still not go.

There seriously is no hope left. When you have an American president that can’t articulate a sentence in public. You have a dictator in Canada that even when shunned and openly castigated at the MEP Conference goes back home and tightens up the tyranny. Australia is screaming for unvaxxed blood because 95% of their population is jabbed and dropping like flies…you have people starving in Shanghai where they are forced to cull their own dogs and cats because they fear that their pets are vectors of disease and then we have a debate on the anatomy of a woman…where no one can decide that the female species has a place in this fucked up world. At 53 years old, I am wondering if I am on the right planet.

What the fuck happened!

But ultimately, we are being led into somewhere where most of us would not choose to go to by choice. We are being herded like cattle to go there, albeit a few of us, saying wake the fuck up..please, wake the FUKC UP. Just because in your country you dont have to wear a muzzle, means life is back to normal….it aint. I live on an island where we still have to and the bullshit is still ongoing.

But the muzzle is the mute point now in the scheme of things along with the damning Pfizer reports that are flowing out with the most incredibly shocking stuff…that even a tin foil hat wearer is shocked by (and we cant be that, after all we knew about this stuff because we did our research and we were right)! Its keeps on giving. But this is going to be irrelevant now as the world faces a much larger problem.And that won’t be the next pandemic of Marburg or Vaids. It’s the food shortages and despite the war(s) one can forget the infringement of parental/governmental curfews in the past, as they will lose their impetus as we embark on a whole new memory future of what is to come.

Biden spoke about a World wide famine last week and that got no airtime or discussion after he announced it. Brits have accepted there are no longer free range eggs in the UK. Blow job will not resign now….he is far too up the Ukraines missing aresehole and needs that when the shit hits the fan over food shortages in UK….helped by the ban oil fanatics that have conveniently been devoid of any wrong doing or moved on by the Police. I don’t like the word Theatre, but it describes the very version of what we are living in so well.

So, should blow job go? Yes he should.But would any replacement be any better? NO

Better the devil you know….and to now totally ignore any of it.

This is the time to take and make your own community and make your own rules. Because the ones that lead us currently have no conscience and are not an example to be led by. And refuse to leave.

The world has gone to shit.

There is no stopping it now.

How you live through this is up to you.