I really have no idea where I am going to start on this Blog post as there is so much to cover about what has come to light over the last couple of weeks. And my silence here has been because I am still trying to process what is going on and decide how I feel about it. And as I write this, I feel betrayed. I feel fucking angry too. But, the betrayal thing I suppose is more about disappointment, an incredulous amazement at the lack of anarchy …because with everything that has been thrown at us over the last couple of months/years, there absolutely should be some form of anarchy by now!

And for many reasons.

But let’s start with the biggest elephant in the room first! THE VACCINES!

This is the subject that no one is talking about in the MSM which is incredibly spurious considering the latest Pfizer data dump that got released earlier this week. If you read my Blog and also keep up to date with such serious matters then may be you too share my frustrations in that NO ONE is talking about this, no one is debating the data, no one is asking questions as to how this injectable became the magic juice that was to save the planet, having failed miserably in the trials. The data that was ordered by a judge to be released last month over being held back from public eyes for 75 years as requested by Pfizer…this data is now in the public domain, is shocking reading and stuff that nightmares are made of because our Governments went ahead with this experimental set of MRNA concoctions KNOWING that this stuff was far from safe, had a seriously low level of efficacy and needed several more years of controlled studies to really understand the new technology before releasing it to the market. Our Governments that coerced, blackmailed and out right LIED about this, to get it into everyone’s arms literally forced those who received it to become a lab rat. As for this thing called ‘informed consent’ that was bereft of important information, that had it been given properly….the uptake would have been practically non existent! If you were offered a drug that had not been through the rigorous trials that usually take from 8-15 years, was a brand new technology classed as ‘gene therapy’, all the animals died in the studies and the side effects were 8 and a half pages long..would you roll up your sleeve? OH WOOPS silly me, we did this already and a staggering portion of the population blindly participated in the experiment. Although some gave in to it under duress because the push and misinformation was so incredible, that blackmail worked to get people jabbed up. Sadly most still see Governments as saviours in a pandemic that conveniently ignores the statistical 99.98% survival rate because they look after us, they are supposed to look after us, they are elected by US to do just THAT. BUT….

They lied.

And because they did, the future of the human race is quite possibly teetering on the edge of distinction.

Read that above line again.

Am I over reacting? I fucking hope so. But, with the onslaught of data dumps that have been released to us by a judge that had the good human decent gene to actually compel this sharing, so that we could actually see what ‘the science‘ is all about, with its warts and all..should have by now created a pandemic of very angry vaccine recipients (from those that are still alive and well) and looking at some form of retribution from the makers and their Governments who out right lied over the ‘safe and effective’ injectable and its promise of putting the world back to normal.

For those of us who didn’t roll up our sleeves, we were labeled as the dirty disease infested spreaders that were selfish and were wrong to advocate for freedom of speech, body autonomy and personal choice. Yet, we are still alive. Fit and healthy. If we caught Covid, we had it mildly and once…..we are not worrying about strokes or heart attacks and sudden death…that will be a natural predisposition and explainable if it happens to one of us…yet there is an explosion of those very health problems that is now occurring in unprecedented numbers, over a very short window, among the previously healthy and is being normalised. And that is happening in the vaccinated.

The latest data dump from Pfizer has now circulated and been torn apart at the most inconvenient time when we are now seeing young children and sporadic cases of hepatitis popping up all over the world. Of course MSM are refusing to link this with the jabs, because some of the kids haven’t had the jab. So, we must not allow ourselves to apportion this new trend of a serious health threat among those infected children and link it to that. Yet the cases are exploding this year which is NOT NORMAL. Some of those kids were breast fed…their mothers were vaccinated. From what I have read….All those children have vaccinated parents.

Is there a link maybe?

And, untimely as it is, it corresponds to the latest Pfizer dump on Pregnant Women, who were excluded from the human trials of their new Covid Vaccine. In the 40+thousand volunteers of that human trial, there were a number of women who became pregnant during the trial and most were excluded. But for the ones that remained pregnant in that trial (and I am not quoting numbers as I don’t have the exact figures by my side(but from memory around 27)) but the point would still be the same if I had them on hand to quote… as only one of those women gave birth. All the rest lost their babies preterm. (in their animal trials prior to human trials, the animal study produced reproductive problems so Pfizer did not proceed to trialing pregnant mothers, the data that came from the incidentals was just that. So, there was no trial for the Covid Vaccine on pregnant women…yet Governments and their own health authorities decided the Covid jabs were safe and effective for pregnant women WITHOUT TRIAL DATA. The onslaught of coercion to get jabbed was then directed at them, and the mantra included pregnant women in the ‘it is SAFE and EFFECTIVE’ label, with no data or studies to back it up). Are you angry yet?

What also came out in this round of data was that Pfizer published their efficacy at combatting Covid 19 (or Sars Cov2) at some 12% and not the percentage that the rest of the world got told when rolling up their sleeves to save humanity. And that that efficacy waned within one week to a shocking 1%!

Its really hard not to get angry over this when the previous data dumps revealed a shocking list that was 8 pages long of ADE’s, that the spike protein that everyone who took a shot of is toxic, that this is gene therapy and will alter DNA and now those who are jabbed are walking around creating a permanent soup of stuff in their bodies that cannot be reversed. Let’s not mention the number of previously fit and healthy people with no prior health markers who have keeled over with heart attacks, strokes, blood clots or having their limbs cut off….just look at the athletes that in the last year have suddenly expired from their sport either checking out ‘permanently’ or retiring.

How many people do you know in your circle now have myocarditis, pericarditis, reawakened cancer, strokes, clots or can’t walk or just died suddenly? Last year we were all saying, we knew no one who had died of Covid, by Christmas everyone was dropping like flies with it (and thankfully not dying), now people are dropping like flies of some very serious health conditions they never had before and yet…it has nothing to do with the vaccines.

But let’s go back to the statement I made above about the threat to our humanity. Because if we are looking at future prospects – which is looking more likely at a forcibly extinct situation from a nuclear war (which I can’t help but feel is super convenient right now). We could be facing huge human losses at an alarming rate (that a nuclear war would take care of and cover up BTW)…Did our governments and Scientists get it all wrong?…their approach to something that turned out to be nothing more deadly than a yearly flu, and their over reaction to it has created an economic collapse of mammoth proportions that we are facing and will feel the negative affects of for years to come. And now this fuck up of catastrophic proportions can be shifted and blamed on a war nobody wants (except the inept leaders that ineptly dealt with this so called pandemic). Or was it deliberate?

Scientist, immunologist and international vaccine expert Gerte Vandem Bossche delivered a series of requests with Governments and health institutions to discuss and debate about vaccinating the population at the start of the pandemic. He was ignored and like many others who are qualified to deliver an alternative view point on ‘the science’ was refused a platform with those powers that decided for us how we would be steered through it. His stark warnings based on his research and extensive knowledge on viruses and vaccines were shut down and only people like us (the conspiracy theorists and tin foil hat wearers) were the only audience that would and could listen. He said right at the beginning that it was a massive mistake to vaccinate populations in the middle of a pandemic. It would destroy any realistic mission of reaching herd immunity and force the virus to continue to mutate instead of taking its natural course of fizzling out, as natural herd immunity would be achieved had we left it well alone. There have been pandemics all throughout the history of human existence and at no other time has there been a massive medical intervention like now to stop one. Humans have always survived. The human body has a wonderful immune system that learns and adapts when it faces new threats. In a pandemic it is usually the survival of the fittest until herd immunity kicks in. But with this one, we have messed around with nature and the natural evolution of this particular virus. An intervention too early may have been the biggest mistake to human kind the World has ever seen.

Vandem Bossche has surfaced again with another warning, his previous ones were bang on, so I take notice when he makes an appearance, which isn’t often. And he believes that we are far from over and done with the virus. With the arrival of the milder form of Omicron, it mutated to becoming more infectious than the previous variants such as Delta. Those who have been vaccinated are now finding that they can catch Covid more than once, because the jabs have altered the way in which T cell immunity and natural immunity have been over ridden. So, in layman’s terms their vaccinated bodies cannot respond in the same way when exposed to a new variant compared to someone who isn’t vaccinated, but caught the virus naturally. With each variant the pattern of this virus is getting more and more infectious. He believes that everyone has now been exposed to it. The unvaccinated are getting their natural boosters by being continually exposed and the immune system is doing exactly as it was designed by nature to deal with it. That doesn’t mean, we are not capable of getting symptoms again, but they would be minor or unnoticeable as the body fights off the invaders.

And because herd immunity hasn’t been reached because the vaccine does not stop transmission, or succumbing to the illness, the virus is going to continue to mutate and the danger now is that it will continue to become even more infectious and pick off those whose bodies cannot resist the newer strains because their immune systems have been altered and compromised by the vaccines. To get the Jizz of the science behind this it is better to listen to the interview yourself, where he explains it far better than I can. The link is here

If he is right about this, and I find no reason to disbelieve his theory, this could potentially turn into a catastrophic scenario where there will be huge human losses on a scale that has never happened in the entire history of human existence. And it could be sooner than we anticipate. And I think that the Fauci’s and Gate’s and all their buddies know exactly how this will pan out but will continue to spew out their misinformation, lies and mis-directions. Let’s not forget, our Governments are also complicit in this mass genocide…playing with peoples lives in the gamble of the biggest human experiment the World has ever seen. Which, if Bossche is right, will end up as the biggest human failure the World has ever seen.

Quite simply, my anger, disappointment and disbelief that more people aren’t standing up and screaming from the roof tops at the insane injustice of this all is driving me insane. Had I gone and lined up to get the jabs myself (which was never an option for me and never will be either) but let’s say I had, and then found out about the trials, discovered that I had not been properly informed to give my consent, caught Covid and now discovering that my body had been altered in such a way that I would not be protected from any future variants and I had a very high chance of now becoming seriously ill or worse dropping dead…I would be looking into buying a series of weapons and going on a rampage down at my local parliament building and taking out every single politician that advocated for the jabs. I would have nothing to lose, except the satisfaction of taking a few of those evil bastards out along with me.

I’m actually surprised no one has picked off a few of them already!

But there is some light to this and that is in those who have not been vaccinated. The odds are now firmly in their favour and will be the ones who have to carry the burden of the coming onslaught of human losses. They are the ones that will be moving into the future and hopefully one that has not been dictated to in the deprivation of freedoms, technocracy and Big Brother. Maybe this is the turning point in this worldly mess we are in, where we will win and those who have been planning on control will disappear into their bunkers for the rest of their miserable lives.

This barmy place that the World has suddenly become (or maybe it always was, but I never noticed until Covid hit), seems to be getting more unstable and at an alarming pace. I have never had to fear about my freedom like this before, or worry about the future like I am now. I have never felt so strongly over social injustices that we have been subjected to recently or cave in to threats and go along with the sheep because I am not used to being told what to do or how to behave. I have never worried about airing my point of view or ever been censored for having one like I have been in the last couple of years.

And I am angry that governments are now going to police the internet and decide what can be posted there and cancel anyone who they deem to represent misinformation. Who decides what is misinformation? Will my Blog get taken down, when the thought police decide that what I write is wrong and therefore a danger to everyone else? I feel like I am back at school and being monitored and educated as to how to become a fully functioning adult all over again, because now, we are not functioning or behaving how they would like us to. What happened to making a decision for yourself? To read other peoples perspectives on subjects, so that you the reader can decide for yourself what you beleive or don’t. Will they be banning and burning books as well, and rewriting history so that no one can ever be offended again?

And I am deeply concerned about the World Health Organisation with its new proposed Pandemic treaty that all our countries appear to be signing up for and agreeing to. Not one government that is entering into this has asked their people of their own countries if this is the right move for them to be a part of it. Our leaders are effectively handing over our freedoms to the WHO so that they will control and override those countries who are part of the treaty if they declare another health emergency or pandemic. This would mean that the WHO would take over control making decisions about our health and could force medical treatments and vaccines in the future. You didn’t sign up for this, but your government did and if they decide to tackle an emergency in Shanghai fashion in the future, no one has the power to stop it, nor do you have a choice on any medical treatment they decide to dish out. Your right to choose to take this current vaccine or not to for Covid – would be forced on you in the future. We will have lost more freedoms than we did this time around and body autonomy will cease to exist. This is a very grim prospect and I hope this treaty never sees the light of day. I almost wish the apocalypse would hurry up, so that it can’t.

As I am writing this I have realised that I am feeling powerless, and my frustrations stem from this. Writing my Blog is my therapy but it isn’t enough, because I want to see change. The injustice of others making decisions about our futures that we don’t agree with, is a frightening reality as we see more and more of how we once enjoyed our lives being picked apart. Democracy evaporating and being replaced with a together think tank of a forced community that has to abandon individualism for the greater good of everyone else, controlled and dictated to by our elected officials who have decided for us that things are going to change. Our children and grandchildren are being manipulated into this new inclusive future, where the ethics we live by now are being gradually phased out. Our younger generations are being desensitised, so they won’t retaliate in the future as they meld into the New World Order.

So, maybe a nuclear war will solve the problem. Then no one need worry about anything ever again. Or Bossches theory comes into play and throws the World into chaos. And if that doesn’t happen, then maybe the impending global famine will wipe out the need for the WHO to take over control. Whatever happens we need an apocalypse of some kind to wake people up, so that we can halt the process of where our leaders are trying to take us. If that happens, I hope the ones that pick up the peaces will take stock of all of the mistakes we have made in this life and build a better future that changes the direction we are heading in now……… That, to me, would be the light at the end of the tunnel. I hope I am a surviver to participate in building a freer, more spiritual and caring future where we can go back to our humble roots, and build happy societies that has no place for corrupt, sociopathic and wealthy individuals who are striving to govern and control our every move like they are today!