VRBO talking to me about their debt with me.

Aren’t ‘they’ ramping it up a notch or four… I hear the news and this week think I am living in an alternate world where it has become something to take the piss out of. So my ears and eyes have been subjected to this:

  • SADS (Sudden Adult Death Syndrome) which has become the fashionable way to die, as clots, strokes and heart attacks are all due to climate change which is old news and now doctors are baffled as to why perfectly healthy young un’s are suddenly dropping dead. They all have one thing in common. Yet STILL no one is looking at the obvious.
  • Monkey Pox is having its name changed and will probably get a new pronoun as well, seeing as we are all being pushed toward being inclusive and able to identify as anything we want. Now, as Monkey Pox is offensive to a group of people in another country we must change its name. Funny how this bout of that virus never originated from the African depths that have no problem with it normally. MSM also forget to mention where it popped up all of a sudden, because of course that would raise too many suspicions and prove more of the conspiracy nutters to actually be sane. (for those that don’t know, two large LGBT events in Europe).
  • 10,000 cattle suddenly expired over night in the USA, and blamed on climate change, it was too hot for them, so they all keeled over at the same time and pegged it. Yet the temperature that night was exactly the same as it always has been for the last 15 years…funny that.
  • Then a few days later thousands of sheep also dropped dead over night. Didn’t get the low down on that one but I guess the blame is the same, conspiracy theories not allowed.
  • A massive coal train got derailed and spilled its contents all over the place that will take weeks to clear up and will cause more fuel shortages to add to the dichotomy. And a few more livestock and food storage warehouses suddenly burnt down too.
  • Australia are having blackouts and residents are told to keep the lights off for a couple of hours each night as they head into winter. Blamed on old refineries suddenly not coping with all the extra Australians wanting to power their homes.
  • Canadians have had their internet censored with a new law, that will deprive them of content if not deemed Canadian. They will be locked out of global content that Trudeau decides as unworthy and their content may be blocked from reaching our shores.
  • China’s economy is also taking a dump and when several people decided to venture to their nearest bank to take out their cash, their health passports turned red and they were refused access. Many haven’t had access to their own money for more than 6 months. Imagine that! And yet that will never happen to us as we enter a…
  • CBDC – (Central Banking Digital Currency) which is already set up and to launch apparently by mid next year. And ALL CASH WILL BE GONE. (Which is now very easy to imagine as our Governments have effectively made it worthless with printing trillions over the excuse of Covid and now the Russia/Ukraine conflict. A severe recession and Global Famine, as further ingredients to ramp up the chaos….Their answer to everyones woes by this point, if you haven’t yet got on with it and pegged it from the jab, those who are left will be begging for some sort of life after, and then take your pick on whatever futuristic dystopian film you’ve ever watched. It’s already here…we are just going through the transition phase.
  • And that’s if Russia hasn’t released its Nuclear Weapon called ‘Satan 11’ (I kid you not) that they apparently are threatening to launch and aim at the UK by the end of the year.
  • Meanwhile Blow job made two announcements this week. He signed a paper to end production and sales of combustible engines by the year 2030 in this bid to become ‘Net Zero’. Most people think of their cars. But what about the tractors that farm the land, that supply our food? And aeroplanes and travel, not just for holidays but to visit family and loved ones that live across the pond. The army and their artillery, ships that move supplies…the list is endless. And yet in 8 years we are supposed to find the reality that all that can be shifted over to a solar panel and a battery pack? Or are we going to be making yet more changes to our lives that WE didn’t agree with?
  • And his second announcement which came today was the new facility and DEAL he has done with pharmaceutical giant (which it wasn’t two years ago, but still) Moderna. Throwing more tax payers coffers at a new build somewhere in the UK to house an MRNA production centre so that we can actually say we produce something. Forget energy….we must have more vaccines that are grown on home soil and which will be a new scientific testing site for anyone who wants to be a guinea pig. I just keep thinking that by the time this place has been built will there be anyone left!
  • And then we have the new Polio mutterings of an outbreak, in which it was found in Londons’ sewage and made headline news on Sky News today. But no one is to worry yet, as the likelihood is that some foreigner came here having just been orally vaccinated with live virus, had a poo and it entered the water supply, but if it gets bad, everyone will need a new vaccine to protect them from this annoying vaccine escaped virus.
  • A new Bug factory is being built so that Brits and also in India, can ditch the meat for the new future protein source which will be made from locusts, cockroaches and Beetles.
  • And a patent to alter chickens genetic code has been applied for so that hens can be genetically modified to kill male offspring before they hatch. Assuming that the egg industry will still be allowed to continue as a protein source, hatcheries have the annoying job of culling off the male chicks before maturity as they have no financial purpose to the industry. So to save time and money it would be super helpful if the chickens are injected with a host of diseases into their DNA so that when they pop out a male egg it won’t be born. I can’t see anything going wrong with that! And once that is approved – as it probably will, where and what animal will they find it useful for next?
  • But the ultimate betrayal has to be to our children as Biden has gleefully been promoting the Covid jab from the 6 month olds and up. MHRA are about to allow the same in the UK. Everyone seems to have forgotten that Covid was downgraded to a Flu status in 2019, the average age of death from it was 82 and is now 86 and the vast majority of kids now have natural immunity. The thousands of jabbed kids to save one from hospital…the odds are so ‘out there’ and yet its being pushed so vehemently and there is still no long term data to know truly what the repercussions could be for them in the future. And then there are the GROWING number of cases of vaccine injuries…….but the government still says, it’s super safe and effective, and you will be a saint for saving granny.
  • Which brings me to the only one bit of good news this week, in that finally SOMEONE in the UK has been told they qualify for the Vaccine Injury payout from the Government. Not that the poultry sum of 120,000 quid will ever compensate the young lady who lost her young husband which denied them both of a future. And a dinosaur payment scheme that hasn’t changed in 15 years or accounted for inflation that will go nowhere with the rate at which things are rising anyway. But at least it has been acknowledged and my hope is that EVERYONE who took the clot shot gets their payment as well. After all it’s the very least any government can do for forcing, blackmailing, cajoling and hypnotising people into getting a medical procedure that is EXPERIMENTAL.

It has become really hard to imagine what the future is going to be like, when subjected to so much doom and gloom, that if you take notice – is a cascading of events that will ultimately become a lot worse. There is no stopping this, as the destruction is already on that path of no return. I get frustrated with people who just don’t see it. I really wonder if my tourists who have this year not rallied around the island as they have in years before this, but opted for staying around the pads I rent instead, sitting and watching the sunsets, eating alfresco and just lapping up the energy. I wonder if they need this last memory as they know that when they go back home, it might be the last one abroad they have. Do they switch off here, knowing that when they go back, they have the problem of heating their homes this coming winter or paying more money to put fuel in their cars…that maybe they know their days are numbered, so the holiday is the final reflection and escape they have before bracing the reality of things to come? Is there a ‘gut’ consensus that every human has (but most are not in tune with it)?

Or are they frivolous and naive to the world around them…99% of my guests are jabbed, I have yet to have a like minded discussion with one, that is on the same page as me.

Or….am I the odd one out? Am I wrong: worse still, am I just a conspiracy theorist, tin foil hat wearing crazy person?

I read yesterday a line that hit home; 1% of the population are critical thinkers , 9% think they can think and 90% of the rest would rather die than think.

But, where is the world heading now, when you can mutilate a 12 year old who decides they are the wrong gender and perform surgery to make them happy to be a different sex. In my day, I wanted a boys bike and got the chopper I dreamed of, but that didn’t make me want to become an actual boy. And now the Police in the UK are flouncing around in a fleet of rainbow painted squad cars to show their inclusivity to a small part of the population that feel the need to be accepted. Pop stars wear sparkly strap on’s at kids concerts and gang raping is now acceptable as you can’t colour code, or identify a peodophile by the fact that they are from another country. Telling a joke as a famous comedian on stage did this week, can get you ‘under an enquiry’ with the Police when a member of the audience gets offended and makes a complaint. You are not allowed to identify a person as coloured they must be called Black so as not to offend and ex-footballer Gary Linika (cant spell his damn name, but you know who I mean) has just come out as Black today. Boris is now jumping onto the bullying problem again.

I’m confused.

Not sexually, because I know exactly who I am. I have white skin and am not making myself feel victim to having that colour either. I am an adult and have a brain and also like the part of my life where I am in control of it. But for how long? I grew up in the 70’s and don’t have issues as to how I should think or feel about any part of that life I grew up in. Nor do I have any problem with anyone else who thinks differently to me because of their own experiences and challenges they faced when walking their own path of life. But shove the way I am supposed to think, feel, and behave down my throat, we then have a problem.

Because it now seems that everything is being shoved down our throats and we are being told like children on how to think, behave and feel. We are not allowed to offend anyone, for any reason, and if you are offended you are being told that you can tittle-tattle and then society will sort the injustice out for you, forging a new bug bear to add to the growing list of offensives. Whatever has happened to freedom of thought, point of view and in general being a normal functioning human being that is unique and different to everyone else? Why is that now all of a sudden a huge societal problem?

Why? We are being primed….psyoped into a new human conditioning that will delete our two genders and confuse the fuck out of everyone, creating more mental health issues and undermining any family value left in the society that we knew of from yesteryear. Gearing us up for genetic modification, where there will be no gender, not unlike the chicken patent that gets rid of the gender of zero financial benefit. I’m too old to be modified, but my Grandchildren aren’t.

And I am festering in my musings of the last two years where we had a pandemic and by accounts now the visual mask wearing insanity has been dropped for a few months, and despite that nothing has got any better, we haven’t recovered and gone back to normal like everyone wanted, its just got worse. We have been bombarded with Brexit prior to the plandemic and then conveniently the huge issue of climate change. All metered out one after the other allowing no one to catch a breath in-between. The excuse to now change everything and push it toward a new agenda/direction, whilst confusing and obfuscating everything else. The new normal isn’t here yet as round one was launched of the New Normal that we are heading into. I, like a lot of others don’t want to transition into where we are heading, we don’t feel that the inequality of the old system was that bad. We don’t agree with the mantra of ‘Build back better’, because what is clear about that is me and you won’t be any better off.

Did any of us get consulted in the new plans for the future that our governments have now told us they are working on to better our futures? It seems to me that they have taken the reins we elected them to have and are running away with them. Planning and spending our money on future visions that were not part of what we elected them for to start with. It is accelerating out of control, it has accelerated out of OUR control now.

Question is, where do you see a future for you and your family 6 months from now? My problem is, I can’t see beyond the next few weeks to make any long term plans, and that is a head fuck in itself.

So what will it take, to stand up to what is becoming an oppression to our values, our rights and our futures? Is the rest of the World still asleep, so that the 10% of us go insane whilst we watch the rest of humanity blindly walk into the devils pit?

I’m not religious, but sometimes the bible has those expressions that mirror the human dilemma. And I think it has got some stuff wrong. Such as ‘The meek will inherit the Earth’…..because if that is true, then we are all fucked. As we cannot rely on the overly submissive, quiet and the compliant to get us out of this mess and change the tyranny, totalitarian and dystopian path we are heading toward.

Readers, I hope you are prepping and hunkering down, for a long and deliberately drawn out war with more elsewhere brewing. Bringing your own values back into your home and leaving the bullshit on your doorstep where it belongs. Where pronouns and rainbows are the only things that remain on a computer screen, and family and close friends are the only inclusive energy you need, inside your own four walls of your castle. Stand fast and firm to all who want to enter it. Defend your honour and be who you are. No one. No government has the power to take that from you.