About MOI!

Taken at the Jubilee Garden Party at the Holy Trinity (English Church)

About Me

I am a 40 something blonde, living on Madeira (part of Portugal, a small island approx 300 miles off the coast of Africa, in the middle of the Atlantic…. for those of you who have no idea where it is)!

I am currently single, and this is a blog about my mundane life as a Brit living in a foreign country. I am not new to the island as this has been my home since 1999, I moved here as a single mother with my two children, who have since returned to the UK, all grown up and ready to face the big bad world and all that is in it, by themselves! I miss them and they miss me. We are always on the phone, Facebook or Face-time, catching up and they visit very often which keeps us all very close.

I used to run and own an island based newspaper and I still keep the website current. I am involved in an organisation that provides the local expatriate community with a social outlet and I am in the process of writing 3 books. I run a writing group, write articles for magazines on occasion (when I am motivated) and dabble in web design for private and small businesses. I also run a small holiday let apartment, which keeps me from getting bored, providing me with instant company when it is let out. I have met so many interesting people from all over the world through my rental and this reminds me that there is life out there, beyond the small island I live on.

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