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Guest area to enjoy a tipple in the balmy afternoon on the patio

This is my first proper entry to my new blog, and today my ramblings are about my rental apartment and new guests.

I have just got rid of the most unassuming and boring couple this morning. Quite relieved that they have gone now, as there was no rapport between us and not through the lack of trying on my part! Every time I spoke to the woman she just stared at me with a blank face, so in the end, I gave up trying.

So it was a changeover for me today, which I hate as I only have a few hours to turn the apartment around and make clean and fresh so that the new guests can move straight in. Very stressful! It didn’t help either that we had our first few drops of rain today, so my washing didn’t do its usual couple of hours dry and my (mental) routine has been hampered by this small uneventful fact.

Dead on six, my newbies arrived and it was so refreshing to be greeted in English by my new German couple, with warm handshakes and making friends immediately with my two dogs. 15 minutes in and they are straight round with their payment and a nice surprise of chocolates. I like them already!

They have 8 days with me, so I hope they enjoy their time here. After they leave I have the place back to myself for a few weeks, which will be nice, so I can have my music and Tv back on LOUD, but I will miss the money!