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My new Giant Hibiscus in Flower

I have been a little naughty and haven’t updated my blog as I haven’t really done very much that is interesting in the last couple of days. So why the heading….50 shades of Madeira?

I thought it quite apt as I have just finished reading the first of the 50 shades trilogy and then thought I might write here about one of my blind dating experiences as a result of being on those dreadful chat websites. But my experiences are so far flung from 50 shades, that now I might save writing about it to another day and focus on the book I have just read instead.

A friend of mine lent it to me a couple of weeks ago, and after spending the first two evenings and getting about a quarter into the book, I was on the verge of giving up as there was absolutely no sex in it whatsoever! And I was starting to believe all the bad reviews it had received. However, my friend told me to persevere with a couple more pages, where upon she hinted that it would get ever so slightly better. So that night I picked up the book again and two pages in, the story exploded into a very hot steamy packed triathlon that I didn’t think humanly possible…and I simply couldn’t put the book down!

BUT, it wasn’t that the pages were filled with erotica that made me read on, it was the story and the first quarter of the book was very deftly spent on building upon our main character, our protagonist and heroine. Once we had got to know Anastasia intimately, her budding romance with the obviously perverted Christian made it more believable and I couldn’t resist following her, identifying with her and her thoughts and how she handled this man and the growing fear of becoming a submissive.

When I got to the end of the book, I was really rooting for her, in that I wanted her to be able to change this man into what she wanted him to be, and we were given little hints all the way through that maybe SHE could and that he wasn’t so broken or beyond the love of a good woman. The ending came as an expected shock and now I am really restless whilst I try and find a way of getting my hands on the second book, as I want to know what happens next!!!!

Quite frankly I think the hype is well deserved, as it is a bold novel and doesn’t hold back, yes the prose could have been tightened up with some good editing, but does that really matter if it is a blockbuster, sold millions of copies and more importantly enjoyed by so many who have read it? Chatting amongst the friends here who have all read the book, ALL enjoyed it, and not joking when they say they don’t want their husbands to read it! And I don’t think that is because they are ashamed about reading literature that is usually branded in the bracket of erotica reserved just for men, but rather the fact that if their men read it, it might give them ideas about new DIY skills and renewed uses for duct tape and cable ties!

So, on that note, glad I am still single for now, but will be saving a few ideas from the book, for my next relationship LOL

Anyone got a copy of 50 shades darker they can lend me??