I was going to touch on the subject of PCR tests today, but something else caught my attention earlier, so I thought I would include it in my post. Hence my title. Is it an elaborate hoax? Does Covid 19 actually exist…..as I keep reading that this virus has not been proven to actually exist; as no one has been able to grow this in a petri dish. I am not a scientist, so I have no idea what would be involved, but we do know that for the PCR test to deliver a positive result, most of this was conditioned on a guess standard with the help of a computer filling in the missing parts of the predicted sequence of the virus. This worries me, as we already know that the PCR testing is massively flawed and has a high probability of producing false positives. Just think of all those people who were wrongly diagnosed – had nothing wrong with them, sat at home, self isolated and shat themselves, because they thought they might die. What worries me more, is the fact that even though the tests have been proven to be ineffective at diagnosing this (and it doesn’t help when the cycles are ramped up to high levels, which finds the minutest strand of anything) and yet governments around the world ignore this and still seem fixated on the mass testing regime. In the UK most of my family have received letters from the NHS asking them to participate in a study and have a test. Actually the NHS are harassing people with their letters and texts practically begging them to go in and have one.

I think it was in October when the North of the country conducted a PCR screening test and asked people to participate in the ‘experiment’ and on the news we saw thousands of willing participants lining up like cattle for miles to have one. Were they so bored, that having a cotton swab rammed up ones nose and down ones throat was the highlight of their month? Or was the fear factor so great that people genuinely wanted to know if they had Covid or not, because now our government have falsely claimed that 1 in 3 people have Coronavirus (note the language) and could be spreading it asymptomatically. Well if that were true, then statistically one or a couple of my family members would have infected us all with it by now. If not me, technically I should be the ‘super spreader’ seeing as I have taken 9 flights this year, been from one end of the country to ‘tother and kissed and hugged everyone who would allow it! (and I don’t wear a muzzle). And now you have probably guessed, none of us have had it. In fact, I still don’t know anyone personally who has. Oh, but I/we did have a cold end of October, but that doesn’t count.

I had to have the nasty test to enable me to get back home to Madeira when I went back in November. I booked one privately and sat in a car park in Guilford of a private clinic near a portable tent. The PPE geared lady although pleasant and very young had to perform my test through my open car window. It was pissing with rain that day and she waved the swab about a bit in the wet air before attempting to shove it down my throat. I couldn’t stop gagging, so she disappeared for ages to go find a tongue spatula. When she came back she waved another new swab around in the rain a bit more, before attempting to poke me with it. The spatula was useless so I grabbed it from her hand and did it myself. The nasal bit was the most unpleasant part and really quite painful. They insert it into the sinus cavity, which can be incredibly dangerous if not done at the correct angle. There have been reports of breaking the fine lining of the brain and leaking cerebral fluid through the nose, so yes, I was very worried about having that done. It is barbaric. And something I wish I never had consented to, as for someone who has never had a nosebleed in my life, I now get them frequently from my left nostril.

But this leads me into another little story about another test. This one was done on my father back in early January. Also in Guildford, but at an outlet of the hospital. He had to have it 24 hours before undergoing a small procedure at the hospital the following day, and I went with him. I expected quite a queue for it as it was a public testing centre as the private place I had attended was quiet, it was quiet there also. A very different picture to what they portray the testing centres to be on TV! As my parents are very warm people, we have the ability to be light hearted about the most solemn of things, we drove into and sat under the tent, in the car, whilst the woman performing his test was head to foot in her PPE gear. (I noted at the waste and immense use of plastic that is being used as for each car and person, new PPE is put on and the other tossed into a waste bin.) The woman who was doing his test was very friendly and I asked if she wouldn’t mind me filming my dads experience. She said no problem and out came my phone as I had hoped to record his face of horror when that swab went up his nose. But this time, she only swabbed around the inside of his nostrils and I asked why she hadn’t stuck it into the sinus cavity. She replied that this was the new procedure and they didn’t need to do that anymore. We drove away and I felt cheated. Why did I have to go through the pain and now they have changed the test procedure that is really not that unpleasant. I had always wondered why they had to stick that thing so far up your nose anyway as that didn’t make sense. If you have virus particles it would be found in the throat without the need to swab the nose. And the fine hairs which line the nostril filter dirt and virus particles anyway…that is what the amazing human body designed the nose to do. (My suspicions are that this is where they collect DNA).

But this story has a dark side and I have no idea why, or how ‘they’ did it. We left the drive through test centre and whilst I replayed the video of my dads nicer test experience and discussing it, the phone rang. My mum who was sitting in the back seat had been called by one of the hospital staff and was asked if we could delete my video and not share it anywhere. My dad quipped that it was already on facebook. Mum said, it’s my daughters phone, I’ll ask her and see what I can do. We joked on the way home about the ridiculous request and I had planned to stick it on facebook later on that day. Well. I didn’t as I forgot. I didn’t have footage of my dad writhing in the discomfort as I had planned. Two days later, I was talking to my daughter in law and went to show her, but the video had gone…the first and last frame of the video was still on my phone but the filmed content in the middle had vanished. Only a couple of days ago as I was recounting this story to my sister, I went to my phone to show her and now those two frames have vanished too. So where did it go, I didn’t delete it and no one else has access to my phone. My number is not registered here as it is my Portuguese number, so how is that possible? But I can’t help but think, I had been censored. And that is a frightening thought, that someone can actually infiltrate your phone from a distance and a hospital would actually do it. But why? There was nothing on it that was derogatory or showed them in a bad light. I didn’t even have the tester’s face on film, even though she consented. It was deleted remotely, because the photos I took before and after the video footage still remain.

But despite the known flaws of the PCR test and the fact that it isn’t designed to pick up on viruses…and in case you didn’t know, the man who invented the test mysteriously died last year, after claiming it should not be used on mass for testing Covid 19….why are we still using it? Why has it become the motivation of proof to not have the virus but to be healthy? Is that just not arse about face? That the next time I go home, when an airline will actually fly to my island at some unknown point in the future, I will have to endure 3 tests this time, to prove that I am not infected. I have to prove I am healthy! I will have to pay for a private test again, to be allowed on the plane, then get tested on arrival at the airport, then go home and self isolate for 7 to 10 days before having a third test to be allowed out to go about my life. And a year on, it does seem a bit of an over reaction to something that has not had body bags lined up in the streets, the zombie apocalypse didn’t come. I don’t know anyone who has had it, I know many who think they did before it became franchised by the MSM pre March…I don’t personally know anyone who has died. And I am glad I don’t. That a year on we now have more facts and figures on this. And the facts are that MOST people survive catching it. Fact 99.6% who catch it, have mild symptoms. 0.4% are either serious or critical. Why do we need a vaccine then?

But if you look at the figures I left you with yesterday, we have 7.8 billion people living on this planet and yesterday 107 million of those worldwide were infected. These are the figures for the year. And of those 2.2 million deaths from Covid. And we know that of those 2.2 million, we could reduce that total if you dug into every individual death that was wrongly recorded as a Covid one. You don’t have to be great at math, but it really isn’t that huge for something that we are supposedly experiencing and calling a pandemic.

But what caught my eye earlier and I will end with here…a little food for thought.

If we were in a real pandemic, would we…..

  1. Hear the constant wailing of ambulances day and night
  2. Undertakers would be rushed off their feet and backed up. This year is a normal year for them
  3. Cemeteries and graveyards would have a space problem and be overwhelmed. They would be a hive of activity with mourners.
  4. Statistically this years death rate falls within the normal range
  5. Flu cases dropped to the lowest levels recorded
  6. The first lock down didn’t work
  7. The second lock down didn’t work either, so why was it repeated a third time?
  8. Why are the British Government only taking advise from one source (SAGE) and ignoring the many other and more qualified, experienced experts who have spent years studying viruses and pandemics. Why have they been silenced, censored and discretited?
  9. Why are the hospitals so quiet? Why were the Nightingale hospitals which were built specifically to cope with the over ride of Covid patients dismantled before the winter set in?
  10. Why are there thousands of nurses out of work?
  11. Why did Governments all over the World stock pile PCR tests in 2018 a year before Covid 19 was discovered?
  12. If Covid 19 is so dangerous and contagious then why do we see discarded masks littered in our roads and countrysides?
  13. If Covid 19 were truly a Global Pandemic then why are there so many differing rules between countries?
  14. If Covid doesn’t affect kids, why are the schools closed and why would we even consider Vaccinating them against it?

I offer the question again, have we over reacted to a new not so deadly flu outbreak as a race…..or is this a hoax?