So I am just going to say it. How many of you are smelling Bullshit here?

Just a week ago a small story appeared on my Sky News app about 3 cases of Monkey Pox in the UK. The story was about two guys bringing it back from West Africa. No major concern as there is usually around 6 cases of it in the UK a year and it is a very mild viral disease. No need to panic as this one is not deadly and no more uncomfortable than a dose of chicken pox.

Yesterday, the cases had risen to 9 in the UK, two cases directly related, the others a mystery and then Portugal posted a news snippet about 20 suspected cases there. A similar story of two people coming back from West Africa.

Today, Sky news wrote about it again, telling the reader that this viral disease is usually transmitted by men who sleep with men. It originates from Nigeria. The article was so biased and poorly written that it wreaked of desperation to get words on a page designed to give alarm and then retract it down to no need to worry – with a caveat of no one should presume that this is a sexually transmitted disease among men! I got very angry at the lack of evidence in its claims that debunked its claims at the end of the article. I wanted to post the article here, but it has now been replaced with another less ridiculous choice of words. Sky News do this often…and usually at the beginning of something that becomes news worthy, I see these as lead tasters that gamble on the fear factor of the reader, who goes back to read again to get another version of the same story that is less offensive and fear mongering. And then a day or two later they do this all over again and up it a notch more. Let’s see if they do it with this.

And tonight there is a big rumble all over the net and twitter and again on the news about this mysterious sudden outbreak of Monkey Pox which on UK news said cases have popped up now in Spain and Portugal, Italy, Canada and USA.

And all I can think is…how bloody convenient.

And why?

At the end of this month a pre-treaty will be signed by the Uk and other countries (not sure if all 194 countries at this point) will effectively be a ‘try before you buy’ pact with WHO (World Health Organisation). This will give them powers that over ride all said countries in a pandemic situation. This gives them a one size fits all approach and complete control over any health situation that they decide on. They love the Chinese model and have congratulated them on their zero Covid stance….this is very worrying! Bill Gates is also one of their biggest financial contributors.

I read today that because of this outbreak, a small pox vaccine is being dusted off and taken off the storage shelf to be put into arms of those who are close to the infected Monkey pox sufferers as apparently its a similar virus and this will help. The last time it was used was back in the 70’s.

There is already a vaccine that is being fast tracked for this particular virus and Bill Gates had already predicted a Pox virus of some sort being the next global threat. This self made doctor of all viruses and predictor of pandemics is ahead of the game again.

I just read now, that Faucci delivered 100M dollars of NIAD funds to a company called Bavarian Nordic to create a Monkey Pox vaccine. The US Government apparently today purchased orders of 13 million Monkey Pox vaccines. And coincidently another Monkey Pox vaccine was approved by the FDA in 2019.

I’d never heard of Monkey Pox until earlier this week.

Let’s see where this one will lead…what hype and traction it will gain.

But for me, this stinks. I am actually disappointed that it isn’t Marburg yet!